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237931  White Rice: @Himesama well, now you know what to do if you ever get in an argument worthy of petty annoyances & childish -revenge-

237928  Warrax: Pisa flavored ice cream? I dunno about that.

237921  Not A Bot: What can you do. Dare to be stupid.

237935  Warrax: Always am.

237936  White Rice: He just kept hearing things about hot flashes from his great-aunt, so he thought he was helping.

237874  drtofu: Behold, my cat-gun!

237876  drtofu: fucking duck

237936  Ulillillia: Good to know, I guess.

237934  mexican: Most obvious social engineering attempt I have ever seen.

237934  NashtasticVoyage: Wow, me too! I wonder if we've met. What's your mother's maiden name?

237934  Off Topic: A paved one.

237926  mrdiron: We've all been there

237941  Nope: Ha, pee stain

237942  Nope: Well its good she keeps them in a glass and not her vagina, might want to take it a bit easy on the blush though.

237914  Springbok: He's certainly not cowardly

237917  Springbok: Is that Satan in the bottom right shadows?

237932  charlemagne: the glass eyes make it look so lifelike

237907  charlemagne: that's it ruffles! keep it spinning

237879  Whatever: Uses natural gas I bet

237931  Himesama: I'm like comically stronger than my man.

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237737 Mr. Shine: @charlemagne I don't believe so. During Sealand's Civil War, the German government negotiated for the return of the only P.O.W., and paid a hefty fee for his release.

237727 glenalec: Well, if you can't control your vehicle properly....

237873 Ulillillia: The Olympics only they give out laptops instead of medals

237763 some guy : What am I supposed to be seeing here? What should I notice about this?? I could really use a graphic aide.

237696 hajjpodge: Kim Jong Un's side business.

237734 OldKentuckyShark: You're going to watch your favorite shows on the internet? You seem like a cheap ass...

237857 Mr. Shine: @glenalec classic Lassie.

237699 some guy : Windowlicky

237697 trelyate: "shit, I left my weed in the glove department"

237717 Wooden Spoon: @Dr Awkward: Starring Bennie Goodman

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 space: group b is the people you happen to agree with
 bug: I'm colorblind. Everyone's an asshole
 Poop van Pants: This is the most concise explanation of the 2016 Presidential race I've seen so far
 MassDefect: I think kfc's "percent assholes by amount of conversation" was more accurate.
 Catcat: In tumblr's case, the non-assholes are the brave souls tirelessly posting porn gifs
Image 84898   02-20-16   Uploaded by    Warrax
 Cami: Sunspots make their halos wonky.
 Anus: origins of the ole spicy brotherhood of rats
 Warrax: Gentlemen, you're probably wondering why I called you here. The truth is, I'm livin for given the devil his due. And I'm burnin, I'm burnin, I'm burnin for you.
 Bone Loc: yo, monks, Immolate you finish, but
 FatTigerWoods: Ah, yes, I see you gentlemen are on fire as well. Very good, sirs.
 Fullhouse: should have posted a cat
 Mr. Shine: . . . until the Fire Nation attacked.
 CrustyDusty: Sultan! We bring good news from the Healer, he has a treatment for this burning fungal infection plague!
 AdamBomb286: This actually is my true form.
 Catcat: Super sayan meeting
Image 84897   02-20-16   Uploaded by    Jesus
 Warrax: Behold! The fields in which I grow my fvcks. Cast thine eyes vpon it and see the west fovrty lies fallow this season.
 CrustyDusty: This is literally the entire plot of Pom Poko.
 TurkeyVulture: The inhabitants of this forest greatly fear a time the call the Coming of the Great Vacuum Cleaner.
 hurr: depends on how far this is zoomed in or out i guess @misterjoe
 Mr. Shine: Crazy how nature do that.
 CrustyDusty: Oops, missed a spot.
 AdamBomb286: If only there were some sort of fruit for scale.
 misterjoe: @hurr is it a farm or a missing carpet square
 hurr: ocd farmers
Image 84896   02-20-16   Uploaded by    mom
 Grandmas Ghost: Yeahhhhhh Seanbaby
 Warezlock: Do what you will, nothing can halt the inevitable heat death of the universe.
 a robot: @AdamBomb286 I was just about to ask if this was from Seanbaby. Thanks!
 CrustyDusty: Rad for Entropy. That's gonna be my new slogan... "For ENTROPY!"
 AdamBomb286: I have nothing but Rads for Seanbaby
 Catcat: @Borkf If you classic it enough times, the fear will go away, leaving radness in its place
 Borkf: Nihilism is so hot right now. Also, it seems to be popular to not totally understand what nihilism is, but make Facebook groups about nihilist image macros anyway.
Image 84895   02-20-16   Uploaded by    Dobly
 AdamBomb286: If only there were some sort of alternative to use instead of complaining.
 Jesus: hating on Internet explorer is like the most tedious thing in the world
 Dobly: Welp, if image macrofix dot com has more shitty images like this one, well lets just say my browser history just got a little better, folks
Image 84894   02-20-16   Uploaded by    avemaria
 Shay: Abe is not amused.
 Bro Bro: Good to see Wyatt Cenac getting work.
 Warezlock: @Agamemnon Triforce Too soon.
 a robot: I wash my ears with a rag on a stick
 Agamemnon Triforce: Don't forget the bullet hole!
 Amy Housewine: "Four score and seven ears ago..."
 AdamBomb286: The new American Gladiators looks pretty cool.
 misterjoe: Going to emancipate some ear wax
 MassDefect: *squeaken* *squeaken*
 KnowLifer: "mmmm"
Image 84893   02-20-16   Uploaded by    carpwoman
 Grandmas Ghost: Hello and welcome to standing up school
 AdaMan: What do you mean "Why aren't the mean wearing summer tunics?"
 carpwoman: *doink-
 tib gubb: hawkins, this is no time for a nap!
 Borm Pumpies: you had one job
 Air Biscuit: Hydration is a delicate balence in any formation. Too much and youre going to be standing around uncomfortably for hours needing to pee, too little and this happens.
 Mr. Shine: Fawkin' lightweight n00b! Somebody fetch me the Sharpie!
 AdamBomb286: Too much Beefeater
 charlemagne: falling out parade
 Catcat: Courtesy of the 'Found', the National Geographic archive of unpublished or maybe not popular enough images that can found on tumblr
 doindabs: OK, which asshole tripped me again?
 misterjoe: Don't lock your knees...
Image 84892   02-20-16   Uploaded by    Cheeze
 fridaynight: I have no idea what this is
 grizzly: @Mr. Shine and now I will be singing this all day.
 Robespierre: @Mr. Shine That's what I thought when I saw it!
 Mr. Shine: BAAAYYY-behhhh, Icompareyoutoakiss from a rose on the grave . . .
 windmill78: You rat! How could you give me the ol' spicy yoga?!
Image 84891   02-20-16   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 CrustyDusty: What the fuck? When *I* play with my nipples, they tell me it makes baby Jesus cry. But NUUUUU, it's fine for HIM...
 kate shutupton: Makest thou gaze
 Magma Safe: and two for flinching
 AdamBomb286: When mom makes you go to school but you still stupid.
 Borkf: Rad, but ruined by caption. WE GET IT.
Image 84890   02-20-16   Uploaded by    fakeplastic
 Austin: I have the most abstract nachos right now
 AdamBomb286: @hurr I think one is a guy with a Prince Valiant haircut.
 Catcat: I'm abstractly aroused
 hurr: so...i don't know what you guys see...but uh...i see lesbians but that might be my pervy mind
 Frank herbert: boobs!!!!!
 Ouroborus: Fun fact: This triggers someone.
Image 84889   02-20-16   Uploaded by    Robespierre
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