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249431  Mr. Shine: *Ragged voice, weeping* POST IT AGAIN!!!!

249448  charlemagne: their children will never be able to retract their heads

249440  Mr. Shine: I've seen this exact thing several times with several different names. I no longer believe it ever happened.

249457  charlemagne: now eat his heart to gain his courage

249463  charlemagne: not too strong, or they will destroy and eat you to gain what is left of your courage

249456  ignatz: Wot evs

249460  tib gubb: still think the earth is round?

249460  dangerkeith3000: heeeeerreguuuuuuud!

249460  Yurishiro: Seems legit

249455  Amy Housewine: I was dragging behind in my reading, but I've tried to ketchup.

249442  antipatterns: Also Zizek needs to pull through so he can analyze these

249437  VoR: Three legged business man needs his coffee to take away!

249459  Yurishiro: What's up my knitta?!

249442  Bohab: Bojack is my spirit animal

249458  Yurishiro: Everything is a cactus if you're brave enough.

249442  antipatterns: 2 sad cartoon bois (don't be like these guys)

249444  Yurishiro: Touch down

249445  Yurishiro: Starvation of north korea.

249449  Yurishiro: Spray that shit

249365  Jabberwikket: @RiderFan, but its a Mann doing it....

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9. Scoo
10. jochenau

The top ten most commented-on images today:

249320 fanny: Who let the dogs out? who? who?

249351 Knice: Paging @carpwoman!

249189 lebron: wow @jochenau!!!

249228 VeeKay: @GoGo Robotto Objection!

249333 Jaunty Shrimp: You can take your hand out of my cold, dead gun.

249319 Felicity: Christina Superstar?

249275 PenguinBartender: Undo the bottom button, damnit.

249187 Passive: Mrs. Jones, are you trying to seduce me?

249324 Micro Jackson: 6 days old, and already four feet!

249173 jazzjunkie: She can't stop eating cats?

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 2. Side Boob: 6969 points
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 4. fanny: 4269 points
 5. WannaBee: 3756 points
 6. dangerkeith3000: 3614 points
 7. Annoying Vegan : 3536 points
 8. Not A Bot: 2860 points
 9. tina: 2461 points
10. Warrax: 1963 points
11. PlzPlzMe: 1820 points
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 agentorange: I agree with @Knice start with #73472. Then you'll have the energy to power this one.
 Knice: Goddamn it, I meant #73472.
 Knice: Start with #72110.
 Korrok: I think I saw an add for something like this on here a couple days ago.
 OMG: Corporate America Alegory
 Urchin: @Albatross If that last bit is true, then clearly Joan has never been on the internet before
 Albatross: I believe he is meant to be turning the rear wheel by shitting, and in either case the wheel would be turning backwards yes. I think it was drawn this way because it was more ergonomical. Also I don't think the artist ever considered anyone putting this much thought into it
 lizzz: Joan Cornella. Probably the most fucked up comics I've seen.
 gutwheat: Dr. Ovoid approves of @Good Bye 's comment.
 WaffleIron: This is for removing dingleberries, I saw it in an earlier post.
 Callahan: bae caught me sleeping
 Good Bye: Wouldn't that blood be going the otehr way unless they are riding it in reverse.
Image 72110   12-23-15   Uploaded by    salmiakki
Image 72109 is unbelievably bad (score -14) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by tacticaljay. We'll pray for you, tacticaljay.
 ghostly: sad owl is sad
 dark.elf.raya: Someone told him Deathly Hallows spoilers...
 VoR: I wish we had a way to check he was owl right
 XLY: Is this real? wtdf
 King Polly: "Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my rag-time gaaaalllllllllll...."
 HermwoodLitmajor: "I just don't get excited about Christmas like I used to"
 HermwoodLitmajor: I wish Friendly Spaceship showed the same pictures on my mobile phone that it does on my desktop PC
 Science: That is the saddest owl I have ever seen. And I've seen a lot of sad owls.
Image 72108   12-23-15   Uploaded by    prius
 Beef Supreme: Rumor has it that Lincoln loved to get sacked.
 Jennerator: Four score and seven seasons ago
 XLY: she get bandz tho!!!
 redpeepee: I know her ... she used to be @igetkrabztho. Wonder what happened?
 crudites: she dumb
 hurr: damn this hurt irl. i'm german so i shouldn't know more about your sports and politics than her right?
 Knice: Well, of course. The first elections were held before the AFL merged with the House of Commons, and were called The National Voterball Contest. In the first combined election, William Taft rushed for 250 executive orders to win MVP.
 a robot: Thank you, Internet, for preserving the idiotic ramblings of dumb people for all eternity.
 Good Bye: At least she gets bandz tho.
 grizzly: No comment yet.
Image 72107   12-23-15   Uploaded by    rubix1924
 Viles Davis: Velocitractor
 Good Bye: Mad Max FURRY road?
Image 72106   12-23-15   Uploaded by    carpwoman
 Flarmie: I would make a Charlie Sheen joke but he has HIV? Would I need to incorporate that somehow? If so, never mind. If not, Charlie Sheen joke.
 Good Bye: That is one sad owl... and I have seen a few sad owls.
 VoR: The eyes Chico.... they never lie
Image 72105   12-23-15   Uploaded by    craftjunk
 Jeannie C: @KnowLifer Yes, because everybody has doors to wall off the living room. Also, that would not work for me. My cat would be up there draped over the lateral branches, and the balls would be broken on the floor.
 5 Headed Snake God: @KnowLifer Yes, because clearly the solution is to put the tree in a closet or something.
 a robot: Cat looks mad that you've thwarted his plans
 KnowLifer: when you want to protect the tree from cat, but don't have any doors in whole house
Image 72104   12-23-15   Uploaded by    Catcat
 WaffleIron: I keep trying to unpause this video but it's not working
 Mr. Whiskers: Bro, do you even cop?
 Shay: Pursuing suspect on I-80...HOLY SHIT, FREE TACO DAY?!?!
 Good Bye: Between a rock and a... err the sky.
 Knice: Them Duke boys got away again.
Image 72103   12-23-15   Uploaded by    karpeles
 Jeannie C: If real, this was a Darwin moment.
 sundragon: See. This is what happens when kids aren't indoctroninated to a gun-culture from an early age!
 WaffleIron: Too often the "news" simply grabs the closest picture they can find that tangentially related to the article. It is very likely that the gun pictured is half a world away from these adventurous teens.
 hurr: oh ag can't handle my umlaut...well motorhead
 hurr: @Robespierre Motrhead? damn i like you
 realjon: allegedly
 HermwoodLitmajor: Correction, magazines
 celebgate: If you like to gamble / I tell you I'm your man / You win some, lose some, / It's all the same to me
 HermwoodLitmajor: This could work if there were also five empty clips
Image 72102   12-23-15   Uploaded by    gorilla
 funny in the wall: @WaffleIron, beware of space garbage. can't dodge it going light speed (or any speed for that matter).
 WaffleIron: at lightspeed time gets weird, and you may not die of some of the things you're thinking of. Unless you were thinking of collisions with microscopic pieces of dust - that would probably kill pretty quickly. Even at light speed, you'll die of any number of other things before you reach the nearest star. Also, as a space corpse, you run the risk of extraterrestrial necrophilia.
 Pizza: R.I.P. Laika
 Janston: Unknown quote because nobody in their right mind would take credit for something that trite.
 a robot: That's pretty nonsensical, even as shitty motivational plaques go
 VoR: Aim small, miss small.
Image 72101   12-23-15   Uploaded by    Sauce Packets
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