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262393  Not A Bot: I'm pretty curious what that handwritten sign in the window says...

262380  Fiveninety: doesn't have "should've," "should of" and "should'em"

262391  Shay: So one advantage of tripping on acid is it rejuvenates your hair?

262384  Fiveninety: @Herm Cremombies i can't -- we only have plus here

262387  Magdra: J:man you're so full of shit your eyes are brown. C: so are yours

262235  Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262386  Robespierre: Image could use a red circle

262386  a sedated moose: Okay, why's everybody a random red name now?

262385  Robespierre: Needs a little adjustment in hue

262387  Robespierre: Dude's a reg'lar raconteur

262386  a sedated moose: Really?

262384  FabricMan: Whatever you do, don't send me large amounts of money!

262386  a sedated moose: eSam.

262385  FabricMan: After drinking blue Koolaid

262379  Robespierre: Install with the pointy end toward the front

262361  Robespierre: @Annoying Vegan Annoying yes, but I like it too.

262357  Robespierre: @Gold Morpumple Look to the left - Recent Comments - and our usernames appear there properly. Or at least as properly as our usernames can appear.

262385  WannaBee: All hail Hypnotoad.

262390  bigjim: Gotta love E! Youre the non-important minorities.

262384  trelyate: whatever you do, don't like this comment

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262338 Shay: This is some Tower of Babel shit going on 'ere.

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262235 Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262151 VeeKay: Husbands instagram just two pictures of his tractor

262157 Felicity: @raditzu Well, she is an Amazon...

262195 Felicity: 150 percent

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262230 Side Boob: @Mr. Shine Post a pic of her from the yearbook :P

262343 ChubbyBuddy: i lava what you've done w the place

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 Lamp Grombies: @a robot haha, the first and best troll of the internet, bloodninja
 Larbo Rempumbies: @WaffleIron - will Jack help also ?
 Mawn Flumopert: @SomeOtherCanadian I put on my robe and wizard hat
 Perbo Horpuble: Sorry man, cum's number is 555-6657 not 555-6675.
 Verb Flumumbies: Relax, don't do it
 Bulm Dampomple: If Jack helped you on the horse would you help Jack off the horse?
 Thoft Flupert: That's the fact, Jack.
 Porm Morpongus: Take off your pants and jacket
 Thirt Floble: you got this, man. Don't think about your mom. Or do... ( )
Image 191641   07-16-17   Uploaded by    Ging Albomple
 Thold Cremupert: @funny in the wall Nah, it's just Hebrew. Read it right to left.
 Varbo Plemupert: Dem people on da streetz!
 Hemp Flumongus: Can't tell if Lorde or Mayim Bialik or just J. Random Person.
 Dung Drumungus: @Sage @SomeOtherCanadian he appears to be speaking in tongues. to the exorcism mobile!
 Crurbo Morpopert: @SomeOtherCanadian What?
 Crimp Flupert: FA cinecs/obmoc daolpu emanresu
Image 191640   07-16-17   Uploaded by    Mingo Plemoble
 Dorm Horpongo: At what point is the stadium responsible for a double-dribble?
 Duple Flumoble: Charmin to the left of me, Angel Soft to the right, Here I am stuck in the middle with poo
 Jamp Flupert: Wipe technique level: Pro
 Huwn Horpumbies: ID: TP HQ #2 ETA TBD
Image 191639   07-16-17   Uploaded by    Hirbo Horpuble
 Durb Horpoble: @Teechur - call in the airstrike!
 Treng Flumupert: @Teechur and so it begins
 Trompo Horpungus: @AlexDeLarge a true environmentalist
 Jompo Albomple: @Ulillillia @Scoo I saw my first Halloween display of the year today.
 Roft Cremongus: @Ulillillia And Christmas shit
 Bungo Brongus: Humans: recognize the absurdity of existence but ignore the fact and still go to work every morning.
 Baple Grunumple: Humans: "there's still two months of summer, we must remove all the summer stuff from our stores and replace it with school supplies"
 Vorm Plemongus: ...then poop it out and eat the poop.
 Lurt Broble: Humans: "winter approaches, I must listen to Christmas music in late October and put on 10 lbs of "holiday" fat"
 Thort Rempungo: barfk
Image 191638   07-16-17   Uploaded by    Frople Brumbies
 Frild Rempumbies: I'm glad we replaced the light bulb with a heat lamp
 Flold Albongus: On second thought, using Barbie's dream house as our blueprint was I'll advised.
 Thart Flumumbies: Finally, a red light district for your very own house!
 Gorm Dampungus: More flat surfaces to have to dust and not fill up with random crap that is supposed to go someplace else.
 Bert Plemungus: Randomly generated house strikes again!
 Vert Morpopert: Keep your relationship warm after the initial fire has died down.
 Larm Flongus: Oh, hi guys! *runs up stairs into wall*
 Themp Cremomple: Redrum
 Vorb Horpopert: "Baby, I really feel like our relationship is in the red-zone"
Image 191637   07-16-17   Uploaded by    Vang Brumple
 Crarbo Plumbies: @Coolguy i would watch a show called Bug Battles
 Melm Cremombies: There's a time and a place for that sort of thing, and goddamn if this isn't it.
 Vampo Cremungus: #191641.
 Trempo Flumopert: @bug battles
 Leng Plemumple: wtf is going on outside?
 Hople Brumbies: Please stop euthanizing while I try to masturbate you
 Rang Flumopert: Who doesn't want to feel younger?
 Jung Morpoble: Harry, Harry, and Howard really hit a home run with this one. Masterful rhyme scheme with such a difficult setup of masturbation and euthanazia
 Vewn Plungo: I'm going to die doing what I love!
Image 191636   07-16-17   Uploaded by    Mango Cremuble
 Mamp Morpoble: @a robot - God they are an odd lot.
 Galm Dampungus: @carpwoman I guess those are some kind of futuristic Japanese cat food dispensers. Each cat has their own little compartment, here's a different angle…
 Lalm Flumungus: Meow Meow Revolution
 Crerb Cremongus: In the recording studio for the next Meow Mix commercial theme song.
 Fleple Flupert: This is from the training sequence in the next Andy Serkis starring blockbuster War of the Planet of the Cats: The Last Meow
 Purt Flungus: @carpwoman it's some setup that's supposed to keep their dad from eating their food.
 Trart Horpomple: What are they doing?
Image 191635   07-16-17   Uploaded by    Virbo Dampumple
 Gald Dampongus: very quert
 Bompo Plemopert: YW
 Crong Drumopert: Thank Thank Thank You You You!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank...
Image 191634   07-16-17   Uploaded by    Juwn Flumoble
 Pirm Cremomple: @Scoo all this tv hacking is making me thirsty; better order a tab.
 Jiple Rempungo: bout fucking time
 Dongo Drumumple: I only see Esk, Kuhtarl, and Pig-Up
 Lald Pluble: WE FOUND IT!
Image 191633   07-16-17   Uploaded by    Trimp Dampombies
 Trump Brungus: fuck you i won't do what you tell me!
 Murm Flumungus: @Air Biscuit :D
 Vurt Grungus: @Mr. Butt i want to go fast please
 Gald Grongus: So many pointy things.
 Gingo Drumumple: RAWWWRR!
 Fluld Plemumple: EGGS
 Thown Albungo: I'm always amazed at how tiny their paws are in relation to their bodies. So cute!
Image 191632   07-16-17   Uploaded by    Gald Grunombies
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