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233459  Felicity: Blep

233463  Felicity: Justified Ancients of Mu

233465  Felicity: Well, corporate centrist Democrats, sure

233435  glenalec: It must be leg day.

233472  Felicity: Whenever I start to get on top of my depression, fear rushes in to fill its place

233443  glenalec: Only you can stop. Dammit! You had ONE job!

233454  glenalec: I have more than that in my store room. @Psymon - mine are sorted roughly by voltage - we use them for powering student artworks.

233457  glenalec: Stop it! Or you'll go blind!

233365  Defiance: @mrwiffler what do you mean

233469  Butcherboy: And they cut down the woods of birnam woods and moved them up dunsidane hill. Macbeth never knew what hit him

233431  tokyopig: @antipatterns I was gonna say get cheaper whiskey.

233432  tokyopig: panel 4 should have been just one guy bowing while in the phone tbh

233434  tokyopig: and they say the left can't meme.

233443  tokyopig: Foggy The Bear.

233462  Skaalar: The honey must flooooooow.

233462  Skaalar: Is that... Wormsign?

233462  tokyopig: bullying target sighted, commence bullying subroutine

233465  Sadbot: welcome to the struggalo

233462  a robot: Oh, bother.

233441  addend: You'll be the toast of the party.

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233418 Kaviri: *his

233372 Sadbot: @Side Boob Good on you, we're probably outliers, but every truck-driving, gun-fetishizing coworker I've had lives this here pictured life of "it's not who you are, it's what you can spend". Their standards of masculinity are totems, things to be bought, signifiers. Mustaches and cigars, guns and sex dolls. Strip that away and they're just scared little boys afraid that the world is moving past their violent, anti-social bullshit.

233267 jazzjunkie: There's a truck like that in my town, except it's all about China's mistreatment of Tibet.

233349 Whatever: Pretty old data if The Colbert Report is listed.

233364 a robot: @jochenau *chef kiss* Flawless!

233327 Mr. Shine: @fanny Urine IS sterile when fresh, after all.

233237 Felicity: How about just dont donate things if they dont belong to you?

233318 Otterman: @UltraBeverly Now gimme my social security!

233335 Mr. Shine: Now look at your man, now back to me.

233370 Kaviri: Thank you for contacting bad dragon support center, how can I help you today?

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 Shay: Now if it was Morgan Freeman paired up with Gary Busey, this would have won an Oscar for Best Picture.
 grizzly: I got my "Get to the whopper!" Shirt.
 Minx: He's going for coffee with a few bucks to spend.
 msmstud: First two were epic-awesome. Total primo testosterone-fests.
 funny in the wall: wasn't there another one coming out soon?
 VoR: City break and steak
Image 161235   02-09-17   Uploaded by    Pront Remp
 A duck: Don't you dare try an SBD in here, lady.
 petepuma: Ma-NOSE the Hands of Fate
 Micro Jackson: Who nose?
 WTF: She's the physical manifestation of Halls vapor action.
 Ulillillia: This Dristan commercial is weird.
 chhumphrey: Weird take on the concept of picking your nose.
 whiplash: Cynthia worked in the spare parts warehouse at Mt. Rushmore.
 smusher: Shh! The walls have... ok never mind.
 hearsegirl: it's nostrils all the way down...
 WTF: The original "Scent of a Woman" was a lot different than the Pacino remake.
 a robot: Behold, the wall upon which I grow my giant noses!
Image 161234   02-09-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 slurms: Unexpected profit in the poster boards at the corner store pharmacy. They also enjoyed a momentary uptick in black and white film, lamb skin condoms, and facial hair.
 Mr. Shine: @WTF Poor lad, he's in denial. Perhaps a romp down at the YMCA, do you gay fellows still do that?
 lecj07: @TurkeyVulture Thank you!
 Micro Jackson: It's a trap!
 XLY: When is this from? Houston just voted last year to keep workplace discrimination against LGBTQ+ (H.E.R.O. prop) a state regulated legal issue rather than dealing with it at a city level like most other cities with a similar size population.
 SomeCanadian: "I LOVE MY DEAD GAY SON!"
 Minx: Wish these guys were in Montana...
 tib gubb: reverse psychology
 TurkeyVulture: Better, but how about " I'm proud of my son who is gay but that shouldn't have to be the defining point of his entire identity he also loves to cook and is finishing his internship in an architectural firm.
 msmstud: @WTF -- Nice work.
 hearsegirl: love these people.
 WTF: But Dad I keep telling you I'm not gay!
 Meow: Too sweet to make a joke about.
Image 161233   02-09-17   Uploaded by    lebron
 CastleBravo: @Hosebag Not like there is a NON-weird one.
 Hosebag: This Die Antwoord video is weird.
 Wookiee: We couldn't find the bathroom. I had to piss like a, well, you know...
 Wookiee: We couldn't find the bathroom. I had to piss like a, well, you know...
 Robespierre: Uh where did the ladder go? Oh well time to die I guess
 A duck: "The nuclear arms race is like two people standing in a room full of gasoline, arguing over who has more matches."
 Micro Jackson: More water, please
 Shay: This porn is interesting, but still weird.
 Mad Collager: Honey, drink some water. You you look like you may be horse.
 Scoo: I actually bought one of those horse head masks. I don't really know what to do with it; it scares the shit out of my dog and I'm assuming it looks as douchey on me as it does on other people.
 whiplash: God is punishing us for our cross-species marriage!
 Minx: Everything is fine. It's all good, we're all good.
Image 161232   02-09-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Suburbanmom: Beast looks like he is considering that he was just molested at camp...
 werterland: I almost joined the US Air Force when I was around 18. I backed out because I didn't want to get rid of my piercings. I still wonder if I made the right decision.
 Robespierre: They've just realized that their lives, as they knew them to be, have just ended.
 WTF: When you have diarrhea and find out the bus has no toilet for the two hour drive.
 Scoo: The Bluebird of Unhappiness
 Whatever: Another quality flight on Southern Air.
 hearsegirl: Beast thought that showing off his guns on the first day would be a good way to assert dominance. Beast has been educated by the d.i. that his assumption was incorrect. the cadet behind him is satisfied but smart enough to conceal it. the cadet next to him is shellshocked.
 msmstud: Obviously fake; there's an air conditioner.
 Winterneuro: "Lighten up, Francis!"
 grizzly: Beast just realized that he made a terrible mistake.
 Meow: This looks fun...
 Knice: I'm getting an 'on my way to Basic Training' vibe. *flashback-induced shudder*
 sparename: Needs a nun with a guitar
Image 161231   02-09-17   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 addend: His wife chuckled at this, too, but deep inside, she knew. :(
 Scoo: I love you, fortune cookie slip!
 msmstud: But it doesn't say what kind of love. Oh dear.
Image 161230   02-09-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Ulillillia: Right swipe.
 SomeCanadian: @petepuma Or really, just about anyone with retinas.
 Mad Collager: The Trump administration introduces its new "alternate camo".
 Scoo: Stunner Bodysuit
 unoplank: fabulous camo
 Meow: Welcome to your technicolor nightmare
 whiplash: "I call it 'reverse camo'--the animals are so stunned that they just stand there and stare, and then I shoots them!"
 a robot: @Zukero Perfect camo if he was inside the picture below this one though
 petepuma: how not to get shot by hunters
 Zukero: Inefficient camo.
Image 161229   02-09-17   Uploaded by    celebgate
 hearsegirl: @Baby Jesus okay?
 Baby Jesus: @hearsegirl i lolled irl at this
 XLY: fossilized unicorn jizz
 Spazstatic: This effect appears around you when you level up past purple.
 hearsegirl: i love dichroic glass. this is especially nice.
 sparename: @CapitalismMeow Knobbled for extra discomfort
 CapitalismMeow: It's a cosmic butt plug
Image 161228   02-09-17   Uploaded by    cakefizzle
 Minx: @Mark As Read Tank Girl the comic book, the art is very similar and it looks so crazy, like the comics.
 Mark As Read: @Minx what do you mean
 Minx: This belongs in Tank Girl.
 Meow: The instruction manual for Q-bert is way too confusing
 Mexico: How can I fight the Prog Wizard at my current level of rock?
Image 161227   02-09-17   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 Snake Jesus: I think something is wrong with your camera.
 sparename: This is not how Lytro works
Image 161226   02-09-17   Uploaded by    McMuff
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