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238531  Yurishiro: Ooooooooh SNAP

238527  Yurishiro: These 'what if' reenactments are getting out of hand.

238528  Yurishiro: Lebensmude

238529  Yurishiro: No this is a waste of trees.

238530  Yurishiro: Ahhh, the primitive homo sapiens.

238527  wolfpk: Looks like "The Legends of Tomorrow" have screwed up the time line again!

238535  Not A Bot: My anaconda actually has an upper limit. I failed to previously mention that in the rap song and that's my bad.

238530  funny in the wall: @virtualman probably, pigs are too smart and poop too much. but yeah, they are awesome

238527  TurkeyVulture: SCA is throwing a wider net.

238527  Skaalar: @Ihminen I was gonna go Civilization, but yours fits better.

238523  barfolomew: What? WHAT?

238511  Yam: You got any games on your phone?

238496  a robot: You know that's just going to go right through you!

238525  funny in the wall: one of them bovine jonis no doubt

238517  a robot: Seems legit

238520  a robot: I don't know what's happening here but it's really cute and that's what's important

238523  BavidDowie: Here Is Harold, King of England

238533  Korrok: Aw yeah....

238428  Yurishiro: @hajjpodge more like the same D face

238526  Yurishiro: ok copy paste but who's the evil one?! [creepy violin]

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238373 glenalec: That's just bats!

238370 Greifer: battlecat on the floor

238352 glenalec: That's what e.coli said

238410 Yurishiro: @Dick Inspector COMBO

238354 glenalec: Actually, I assume it is so you can 'feel the softness' and then reseal them and return them to the shelf contaminated with whatever was on your unwashed-for-days fingers.

238395 mrdiron: The Ethernets is growing!

238462 Yurishiro: SHUT UP

238382 ping: @antipatterns "Also I suspect you've read Chomsky?" Ashamed to say that I haven't but I've always found him interesting and erudite when interviewed. The random firings of my brain lead me to John Clees speaking Italian and Russian in A Fish Called Wanda.…

238501 funny in the wall: watch out, my dad is a narcissist

238328 Yam: @Felicity I feel like theyre all kind of Ethan Suplee looking.

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 Jennerator: Veruca Insalt
 Ulillillia: Another Willy Wonka remake?
 LaeMi: They won't notice his disturbing rash.
 San DoDo: Only if they consent
 Nothing: Flack thf colon bund?
Image 140975   10-29-16   Uploaded by    ignatz
 fanny: now show us the BAD version :) !
 Jennerator: Rad for matching frames
 ping: A fistful of RADs.
 Nope: Shameful wall painting situation... Thats why you do several layers of tape on your ceiling!
 Peter Pantsless: "OH YEAH!" *smashes through everyone's monitors*
Image 140974   10-29-16   Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 MasterTwig: Evolution does not work that way!
 VoR: @Janston Thats the sea, lol
 Janston: How many watermarks are enough?
Image 140973   10-29-16   Uploaded by    Dominus Umbrae
 Hiddentigerma: I am everywhere and nowhere and dead and never conceived. Welcome to life.
 Jennerator: @Psymon Curses you win yet again!
 Psymon: @Jennerator I copied the spelling from a quick google search, it automatically deleted the o with the Umlaut
 hurr: now you are thinking in portals
 Uncle Phil: Dual slit experiment gone wrong.
 Jennerator: Psymon beat me but I demand half credit for correct spelling =P
 Jennerator: Schrodinger's sign
 Psymon: Schrdinger's Consul
 ch: i'm ... i'm two people? can i meet me? or is it like a restraining order, i have to be 500 feet away from me at all times?
 Racetalker1320: Proof positive we live in the Matrix
 Ulillillia: @guest I know kung fu
 guest: whoa O.O
Image 140972   10-29-16   Uploaded by    Starry Lemon
 Xeno: That shirt would go well with my red Solo cup track pants with the white waistband.
 Psymon: Excellent Halloween costume
 Warrax: I c u p
Image 140971   10-29-16   Uploaded by    Bernie 2016
 tib gubb: "yes, i am very familiar with what is rad and what is bad"
 SpaceCow: "Can we talk about your taxes, Phil?"
 fanny: @Scoo cute pupper! yeah i tried to put them on the cat, that did not end well, so i put them on the baby :)
 Gracieboo: No luck with my dog.
 ping: @Scoo You got a *dog* in your aggro-swag? Awesome.
 Whatever: A seeing eye dog
 Scoo: @Warrax @Ulillillia I had about 3/4ths of a second to take this shot; there was no way I could get the glasses /and/ the Rad sticker in play
 Warrax: I need to try this with one of my dogs. No way they'd sit still like that though.
 Ulillillia: Can't find the This is Rad sticker
Image 140970   10-29-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Hiddentigerma: Well. I like accordions so sure. im in.
 dobbiesdoogs: @Warrax i think that's the closest to the truth anyone has ever gotten
 a robot: @Warrax *bong rip* WHOAAAA
 Lestrange: 'Weird'
 Mr. Shine: Hell freaking yes!
 Warrax: What if, like, Al is normal, and it's the rest of the world that's weird?
 Ulillillia: Starring Kenny G
Image 140969   10-29-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
 FatTigerWoods: I takes mine straight to the head
 Mr. Shine: This OB/GYN is trying too hard to be edgy
 Warrax: Well if you need medicine down there, then yea.
 Firm Buttocks: I found this badge at a graveside
 Ulillillia: New Trump slogan
 WaffleIron: Well, you are what you eat, and I can recommend a dose.
Image 140968   10-29-16   Uploaded by    cakefizzle
 Hiddentigerma: Is the name of my autobiography.
 Urn BooUrn: Oh, God, why?!
 Lestrange: Modern life innit though?
Image 140967   10-29-16   Uploaded by    Jotun
 140bpm: Lol @Peter Pantsless...
 Scoo: @WaffleIron Finn here is a rescue too. My best guess is Blue Heeler / Border Collie mix.
 WaffleIron: Just noticed the freckles on the hindquarters, your dog looks like mine! Any idea what breed(s)? My lara is a rescue, so I know nothing.
 a robot: @Scoo I'm gonna be on the lookout for your dog now! And if I see you walking this dog I'll....pretend I know nothing and quietly walk past without making eye contact, probably
 Warrax: They're all rad dogs, Brent.
 Knice: Hmm, how about Borkfo-Gator?
 Peter Pantsless: "I can't comment? B-but what did I say? I'm a good dog!"
 tib gubb: aggro doggles
 WaffleIron: Doggo-gator
Image 140966   10-29-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
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