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221665  karmakat: now find me shoes and GLOVES!

221604  trelyate: you're a kitty!

221671  karmakat: I am not aren't seeing me.

221689  tib gubb: this is the reality of net neutrality, people

221689  PenguinBartender: It's a ruse. While you're waiting the xenomorph sneaks in through the vent in your room to nibble on your cerebral cortex.

221697  confession: I think I speak for everyone when I say "Go buy a red ribbon for that cat now!"

221684  trelyate: RIP, Florida Man.

221689  sparename: Was going to ask what this would be in Teraquads aboard Voyager but Urban Dic tells me:- "Teraquad a synonym for 4 Terabytes commonly used by uneducated people who watch the show "Star Trek" far too often. Commonly used by people named James."

221693  boozer: Am I the only one that thinks that they should keep the chemical cleaning sponge and dish cleaning sponge further apart?

221673  Dan Tagonistic: I think I had this

221693  inthrees: *This bear will get really anal if you act like a child and don't wash your dish.*

221684  Minnesotan: nailed it

221674  karmakat: WHO turned off the light?

221677  karmakat: I am SO HUNGRY I WILL EAT THIS TABLE!

221683  ThoughtlessGentleman: its that trustworthy magical rhinoceros ive been hearing about!!!

221679  karmakat: who farted?

221680  karmakat: aw, so tiny.

221682  karmakat: to avoid spillage huh?

221690  yawgmoth: Straight to the brain

221615  Felicity: Alcohol Improv

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221610 Yurishiro: @Derp Herpigan ...yes I totally missed...

221576 Mr. Shine: @Colty Brumb Do they count the time spent unwrapping the little b@st@rds?

221638 Winterneuro: @Haute and sweaty hmmm. I do know the name, so no bet! :-)

221470 copunter: and that, friends, is the story of capitalism

221582 ignatz: You're either with us, or against us (GW Bush)

221517 wolfpk: Practical, but creepy

221535 wolfpk: Is this guy and uber patriot, or did he just get really drunk?

221622 Felicity: @No Ragrets @Uncle Phil I hate those new headlights that are as bright on the normal setting as high-beams, so then you flash your high-beams at the person, and then they turn on their high-beams and its twice as bad

221613 Mr. Shine: @bug I THINK mine is a porcelain-coated surgical steel core. It bridges a missing gap where a tooth shattered. Sha-doo-bee. Shattered.

221607 Cami: Acquisition Catalogue.

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 Yurishiro: @gary If I don't reply on #1, was I ever here?
 Ihminen: In the beginning...
 gary: If I don't write on #1, was I ever here?
 scribbs: I've never taken the time to look at #1. Today I did. I feel it was worth the effort.
 Amy Housewine: I've never been here before.
 cizhiresb: #grilledloinfriendly spaceshipburgerindex.php?=1
 cizhiresb: grilledloinfriendly spaceshipburger?=1
 Zampano: Here we go again
 Dresdenkeogh: Im involved
 guest: hi mom
 Frank herbert: 2nd annual pilgrimmage
 ch: i am here
 dobbiesdoogs: paaaaaaarp
 VoR: Image number #1 now in the top 50 images! Well done @Moonmoon.
 Christina: So, this site is about surprises and noise, isn't it?
 Trick Question: First! ...ah crap
 MaronaPossessed: "And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the first image post on friendly spaceship." *pictures flash and oos and aaas and stuff*
 WaffleIron: @VoR : I tried, but the website is crafty and wont serve up images below #1
 VoR: @WaffleIron No, keep going back.
 WaffleIron: Is this the april fools day joke?
 indolentia: i'm not sure why it feels like an accomplishment to comment on the first ever image, but here it is.
 Magma Safe: Spam spam spam spam
 Magma Safe: A fitting begin to the friendly spaceship. surprising but bad all at once
 luxbu: If you look in the distance, you can see the parallel AG where everyone is dressed like cowboys.
 Borkf: I cheated and skipped to the start :-(
 Trumpysucks: I came to the edge of the space ship, and I wept for there were no further images to Rad.
 Bone Loc: today is a day that will live in infamy
 Alastair: All Aggronauts must one day complete a pilgrimage to Image #1 On this day I complete mine.
 VoR: @Mattixvii Can't say I've seen it again...
 bizijosh: How old is this site anyway?
 www: it all started with a honk
 Pizza: This horn is weird.
 anonymous: Friendly spaceship powered by compressed air
 CrustyDusty: Oh, what's this? NO, WE MUST DIG DEEPER!
 trumpet: this will be an interesting study of the generations of AGers that come and go. bottom of the list are in the oldest posts,top ones on page 1
 NoRagrets: In between sleep, work and keeping up with the front page posts.......I've finally made it.
 Salvador Molly: I've reached the core of the spaceship!
 Mattixvii: How many times will we re upload this one?
 Throb: @Bubu that's what she said
 Frank herbert: kilroy was here
 imaginary gf: What, the end of the universe? I wan to go deeper!
 Throb: @SoyUnPerdedor don't leave dates. That's how they catch us.
 SoyUnPerdedor: Hahaha, it seems that I wasn't the only one who thought of looking up the first pic, I was here 01/23/16
 Throb: I want to do this to someone now
 Bolt Vanderhuge: same, @Warrax. I was debating a journey through the friendly spaceships from the beginning possibly. hence air horn door
 lebron: How bored was I to end up here?
 Solemn: Once upon a time...
 KnowLifer: Let's give this picture as many comments, as it deserves.
 mypasswordispassword: MY PASSWORD IS "password"
 San DoDo: vv wait, you're already here :)
 Lousy AI: "This should really crank my April Fool's shenannigans into high gear" he said to himself, securing the hockey mask. He lit the torch, igniting the machete blade. He reached out for the fire alarm, and prepared to enter Marlboro College history...
 bubbles: I'm number one!!!
 VoR: All this time I'd assume it would be a apple
 kittylitter: @BLOOD DEATH CHICKEN @Pizza @not i spy i have a soft spot for this. Felt a real sense of accomplishment when I joined last year and made it back to the very first image
 Pizza: @not i spy That's weird. It changed to the Last Supper when I viewed it earlier.
 not i spy: @Pizza looks like an airhorn to me bud
 Pizza: The fuck? This picture used to be an airhorn
 BLOOD DEATH CHICKEN: Oh the fucking irony, the first image on friendly spaceship is a fucking macro.
 tib gubb: is this the dark web?
 Alistar: classic
 H.Dresden: Everyone graffiti the first image comments!!!!
 nimbus: Come to Image #00001 if u want an ass kicking
 Pizza: The Big Honk. The birth of the Aggroniverse.
 WotGives: i was expecting a little more, to be honest
 frogbeatfrog: shut up JUST SHUT UP
 habbekratz: Kilroy was here.
 Sayuri: Quite the evil prank, that is.
 hoobleton: The genesis! The first gator!
 gulpeg: The birth of AG.
 Jesus: Try #2
 grid: #100000000
 grid: Hey, why doesn't the #1 link to image #1?
 grid: Honk honk, I'm #1
 sodamachine: I'm number one! I'M NUMBER ONE!!!
 whipwing: where's our mascot
 Big Piss: Number one
 ShamWOW: The birth of a dynasty
 Mostradanus: This is the first picture of this website...I foresee a great future for this website.
 parrotsnest: Best pic so far
 Sayuri: very clever. also first imaaaaaaage
 TyJaYo: I made it all the way back to image 1! Now I return to page 1 and try to get back to wherever it was I started.
Image 1       Score: 2475

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