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 Yurishiro's Aggro-Gator

 Not A Bot: my lesbianism was just reconfirmed
 VeeKay: Just eat it!
Image 238082   03-18-18 4:26pm   Views: 82793   Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 Robespierre: Eartha Kitt is back too!
 Christina: Not so close as #237705.
Image 237715   03-16-18 11:47am   Views: 139137   Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 Robespierre: Badass
 Micro Jackson: Fabulous
 barfolomew: Am I expected to want to have sex with the cat?
 Christina: "I are a pin-up!"
Image 237705   03-16-18 10:26am   Views: 135668   Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 karmakat: @Yurishiro she is ADORABLE, would go great with my Husky.
 Yurishiro: @karmakat she's sleeping in my lap in this moment, I have to enjoy it now, she's 3 months old and getting so bigger every day. Soon she'll hold me!
 Yurishiro: @karmakat her!!
 karmakat: aw, I would love to hold him.
Image 237037   03-12-18 11:26am     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 XLY: @wolfpk I sure hope so
 Wooden Spoon: @gumble: Arrr you serious?
 Teechur: @gumble Is it September 19th already?
 Ulillillia: @gumble I just downloaded Photoshop
 Dresdenkeogh: @wolfpk it's just to make you wonder
 gumble: Happy Inernational Talk Like A Pirate Day Y'all
 thecraftywolf: but if someone wanted to be ms marvel?
 dangerkeith3000: I'm wonder woman!
 Micro Jackson: I wonder..........
 wolfpk: Is the one just left of center flipping everyone off?
Image 236366   03-08-18 11:47am     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 glenalec: Our videography teacher is named Mike. When I have to go find him I wander around the building calling "Mike check. Mike Check. Is Mike in here?"
 Micro Jackson: He got some positive feedback
 petepuma: Dad school for dads
 charlemagne: this is going to be a long three hours
 Greifer: ba-da-dush
 Ulillillia: Mikerophone
Image 236345   03-08-18 08:26am     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 Mad Collager: @Yurishiro That's a catchy name. Maybe they should start a hotel chain or something.
 Robespierre: Their Satanic Majesties' Request
 Yurishiro: @Wooden Spoon it's known as the 'devil tree' so I'd say you're in good company.
 Wooden Spoon: No one else finds this terrifying?
 Shay: Have you seen my woody duckie?
 wolfpk: I am Groot
 when so: tree-hugger
 glenalec: Git orf! I'm not your Ent-wife!
Image 236227   03-07-18 3:47pm     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 Mr Bleak: @glenalec Unfortunately, that's an EAN-13 barcode, which can only hold digits (13 of 'em) holding the ISBN for a book: "GCSE Mathematics" by Richard Parsons. So there isn't any way you can encode the text into the actual barcode. (I can bore for Britain on barcodes)
 Greifer: Same
 Robespierre: I thought barcodes were crafted in foundries.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: no escape.
 glenalec: It would even be funny if that is what the barcode actually decoded to.
Image 236210   03-07-18 1:47pm     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 dangerkeith3000: @Beef Supreme Your sister and I were born the same year.
 Beef Supreme: My sister often asks rhetorically when she'll get a break from the parenting BS. She hates hearing the answer: "May 2032, when you're 51."
 Dr Awkward: My mom has previously shared this on her facebook page
 tib gubb: never have children. 420 nuke the whales
Image 236032   03-06-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 Not A Bot: Worst part of dorm showers is the wall pubes
 Robespierre: No, no, no, it's Lee Yin-fu, fer chrissakes
 dangerkeith3000: Dressed up as his girlfriend
 a robot: The soccer only belongs to one boy
 Yam: English boys call it football
Image 236029   03-06-18 12:26pm     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 carpwoman: @Robespierre - Ooooo. Bad.
 glenalec: Ewwww. I wouldn't fight that just on principle!
 Dr Awkward: The guy needs to learn how to cock block
 Robespierre: Haring's downfall
Image 236027   03-06-18 12:03pm     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 Not A Bot: asbestos killed him
 wolfpk: I am still waiting on "Space Balls 2, the Quest for More Money."
 barfolomew: How'd you get this picture of me?
 barfolomew: Raaaaaaad.
 tib gubb: owowoowooooooowww
 Greifer: lone star!
Image 235449   03-03-18 02:26am     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 glenalec: Nothing more to say, it's a total eclipse of the faith!
 GoGo Robotto: Pineapples, anyone?
 Scoo: Turn around, Bright Eyes
 hajjpodge: All hail Space Pope
 addend: *All chanting in Latin*
 Dr Awkward: OBEY
 fanny: sweet jesus it's too late in the evening for me to see stuff like this!
 DrNinjaman: The eyes...they follow you.
Image 235390   03-02-18 7:47pm     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 Warrax: Don't be such a racist, Ronny.
 hajjpodge: Appropriate reaction, Ronny.
 MasterTwig: That's kind of sad. Jesus sure doesn't consider him to be his best friend.
 WTF: But I thought the left hand was the sinister of the two.
Image 235348   03-02-18 3:31pm     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 Kaviri: No kid, the present is now.
 Side Boob: Life is unfair...
 GoGo Robotto: Old is now the future, man.
Image 235164   03-01-18 3:03pm     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 mexican: @GoGo Robotto Not an empty quote.
 Not A Bot: googly eyes, height of comedy
 funny in the wall: also, that guy is fucking skinny
 funny in the wall: that's technically "food". if you ate food you wouldn't have this problem
 GoGo Robotto: same.
Image 235161   03-01-18 2:47pm     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 well duh: @carpwoman saw a story on TV once where a sideline photog got run over by an NFL player, pounded the camera into the guy's face so bad the doc's decided to x-ray his head to check for broken bones. His facial bones were ok, but the film showed signs of a possible brain tumor, which it was, and caught early enough to be operable; saved the guy's life. A fluke? Yes. Still, the photog knew the risks.
 carpwoman: It's inSANE that photogs have to effing kneel at games so they aren't in the way of others. Leaves us open to all kinds of injury. I never knelt and thankfully never had too.
 carpwoman: @wolfpk - Sometimes we're just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm sure this is what I looked like when I got creamed by a WR. Good times. Couldn't walk for a week, but the cameras were OK.
 wolfpk: My opinion has always been, that if they want to be "right up in the action," then they have no one but themselves to blame when they get creamed.
Image 234963   02-28-18 12:26pm     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 DrNinjaman: Eyebrows of the North Star
 Felicity: @barfolomew They exist in an awesome universe where anime guys look like superhero wrestlers, and not triangle-chinned elves
 White Rice: @barfolomew listen, you dont question the head size of the guy who punched a tank to death (some kicks too, but mostly punching)
 dangerkeith3000: Playing around prison style.
 Prostata: looks like he already IS. With #234947
 Robespierre: @barfolomew The "Personal Trainers Hate This One Weird Trick" clickbait.
 barfolomew: Why are their heads smaller than their shoulders?
 Robespierre: Prognosis: Grim
Image 234952   02-28-18 10:47am     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 DrNinjaman: Auto-Atomic Wedgie!
 Felicity: Ungh!
 Butcherboy: Wheres her rad and bad stickers
 Dan Tagonistic: Shit your leg off
 charlemagne: frostbite strikes
 Robespierre: @ignatz Hell isn't sharp. Trust me on this.
 brian greene: would leave an awful stain if she fell
 ignatz: Yikes those skates must be sharp as hell!
Image 234949   02-28-18 10:26am     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 dobbiesdoogs: from acdootvision
 VeeKay: Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah ha ha ha!!!
 Micro Jackson: Where can I get this?
 glenalec: Perfection!
Image 234612   02-26-18 1:26pm     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
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