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rabbits are tasty and good exercise



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 wolfpk's Aggro-Gator

 BavidDowie: Remember when that high school girl got killed by the tiger she was posing with for senior pictures? I think it was in Kansas.
 PenguinBartender: SooooooooooooooooooooooooooodoIgetthatthumborwhat?
 Amy Housewine: Leaver her alone, @luxuslurch!
 dangerkeith3000: She's an Aggie. That explains a lot.
 Christina: This is the kind of image I come to this site for.
Image 261373   08-08-18 3:26pm   Views: 154325   Uploaded by    wolfpk
 addend: No, thanks. Shaved. And shaved.
 wolfpk: Oh, that type of lubricant! I was thinking that was a strange two in one.
 Sandor: Fuck this hairdo
 ChubbyBuddy: who the h*ck still has pubes in tyool 20i8
 VeeKay: Him "My pubic hair looks fabulous!"
 Hyphae: And it's also reusable!
 dangerkeith3000: Finally mom and son have something they can share.
 Annoying Vegan : Instructions unclear; pubes stuck to forehead.
 Robespierre: Rod the Mod lookin' odd here
 Felicity: Does that guy ever need a hair styling gel! The dry look went out years ago!
 Warrax: Recommend by 9/10 Rods.
Image 259268   07-26-18 2:58pm     Uploaded by    boomboomboom
 wolfpk: @Teechur No, veal
 Teechur: A baby bull is a bullet, right?
Image 255034   06-30-18 09:44am     Uploaded by    WaffleIron
 Dreforian: Should I look up what firtle means?
 Peach: @a robot Bum fluff actually refers to the sparse facial hair of adolescence (I just learned this), although gay panic would have been my first guess based on context clues. That whole "real men" thing can fuck right off, though.
 a robot: Wow, their website is a just a treasure trove of fragile masculinity. "For Real Men." "Not for girls." But also "Our range has not been designed for those partial to a spot of the old bum fluff," which does seem to be a bit of the old gay panic. Not a great look.
 Butcherboy: Ive bought some of this companys shave stuff before. All of their packaging is like this
 Mr. Butt: lmao i love when super cool companies talk just like they one of the boys
 tib gubb: you can sing to your soap, but it's not required
Image 250860   06-03-18 5:03pm     Uploaded by    propro
 2Berries: I see you've played knifey/spoonie before
 Dr Awkward: @NoRagrets Wow, this is why I don't have kids, because apparently I have a really weak Dad Joke game
 NoRagrets: @Dr Awkward check, mate
 Dr Awkward: I either don't know enough about chess or Australian restaurants to get this
 Sadbot: "I've got your king, c**t, now let's kill a 30 brick of VB"?
 Scoo: Stalemate
Image 250727   06-02-18 8:40pm     Uploaded by    CoffeeAndCigs
 cishet: I dont know about Jerry Seinfeld the person, but Jerry Seinfeld the character is sometimes too mean, so I wont feel bad that get burned here
 Warrax: I've never watched an episode of this show.
 Shay: I lllloooooatttthhhhheeeeee you.
 tib gubb: Jerry...
 WTF: Newman!
Image 249714   05-27-18 5:58pm     Uploaded by    kensin
 Mr Bleak: Ah! They found the Tesla roadster Musk sent up there. It got a bit lost, is all.
 Side Boob: @antipatterns No argument there.
 antipatterns: @Side Boob Still better than Disco
 wolfpk: @Felicity It is definitely a screen shot. There is no way a diorama could be that accurate. I compared it to the actual scene. It is season 2 episode 1. I have have every episode from every Star Trek.
 Side Boob: Voyager was pretty terrible. Still, voted RAD
 namename: I can t decide if this is a screenshot or a really high-quality diorama
 WTF: I love how Paris is all like "I know everything about cars, including how to fix and start these older models."
 barfolomew: Star Trek was notorious for its thrifty props. This was probably a quantum detangler or something.
 El hefe: We have also encountered a 20th century human named Biff Tannen
 dangerkeith3000: "I am reading a truckload of shit, Captain."
Image 247935   05-17-18 02:26am     Uploaded by    Chinese Buffet
 Mad Collager: Beauty of Alaska
 wolfpk: A good pic of #246157
 Hungy Dingus: Wheeeeeee
 TwoChewbaccas: Yo Fiddy! Hit that big-ass ramp!
 kate2point0: @jochenau ou est une route vers l'enfer ??
 jochenau: #' There's a lady who's sure / all that glitters is oil / and she's buying a speed ramp / to heaven '#
Image 246225   05-07-18 12:26pm     Uploaded by    wolfpk
 Starky15: Freki and Geri lookin for little Odin.
 Mr. Shine: Free-range woofs.
 funny in the wall: I will call him Cerbie
Image 245513   05-02-18 6:03pm     Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Mr Bleak: @wolfpk Crazy Fool! You know wolves can't count to three!
 Greifer: time for the holy handgranade of antiochia
 Side Boob: Look at the bones!
 wolfpk: Dumb wolf! You should have used the Holy Hand Grenade.
 a robot: @Urn BooUrn You tit! I soiled my armor I was so scared!
 TurkeyVulture: Look at its chompers!
 Urn BooUrn: That Rabbb-bits got a MEAN streak a mile long.
 sparename: " # Who's afraid of the big bad bun? # "
Image 245528   05-02-18 7:45pm     Uploaded by    logan
 Flarmie: Thanks to the Internet, this image isn't all THAT weird to me.
 Jaunty Shrimp: It's cuz Elaine hogged them All!
 Not A Bot: That kid could be an asshole.
 wolfpk: @Mr. Butt Sea sponges reproduce both sexually and asexually. Squirrels are mammals so that should be obvious.
 Mr. Butt: Um, actually...both squirrels and sponges reproduce asexually, idiots.
 DrinkMixMan: Shoulda kept it in his squarepants
 Telkwa: Love finds a way.
 TrumpyTrump: That happens if you wear only bikini bottoms
 Knice: God-damn it, people.
 dobbiesdoogs: looks like he succeeded to me
Image 245172   04-30-18 4:47pm     Uploaded by    wolfpk
 Not A Bot: The hooves confuse me
 wolfpk: They just jumped on our backs. We could knock them off, but we're sheep. We just kinda go with the the flow and not raise objections.
 wolfpk: They just jumped on our backs. We could knock them off, but we're sheep. We just kinda go with the the flow and not raise objections.
 Murm Gungus: My attention is inexplicably drawn to that brown mouth-like thing to the left
 Ulillillia: Ewe are soft and warm.
 Bluetocracy: I guess cats are the latest sheep trendy accessory.
 Scoo: I think we're gonna need extra-strength Sheep Dip
Image 243138   04-18-18 08:26am     Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Micro Jackson: Make up your mind, already!
 Side Boob: You're not my supervisor!
 VeeKay: Lest the cold iron forever enter your soul
 wolfpk: * unless you record it and put it on YouTube so we can laugh at you.
 Warrax: ...or whatever. I'm a sign, not a cop.
 dangerkeith3000: @Not A Bot I think that's because he sat on the fence.
 sparename: or change girlfriends midstream
 Not A Bot: Amazing that everyone in their graduating class went on to be musicians except Axl Rose
 ignatz: Still undecided
 charmander: BUT IT'S SO FUCHSIA
Image 242976   04-17-18 08:47am     Uploaded by    WannaBee
 Kaviri: Burd Haus.
 Jason Steak: Illuminati confirmed.
 Warrax: I imagine I'd could sleep really well here.
 vape station: Meanwhile in Tobleronistan
 grizzly: @funny in the wall it looks like all drains empty right into the stream.
 funny in the wall: i'd live there. even if it made me have to pee all the time
 jochenau: Quick, to the Triangle Cave!
Image 240893   04-04-18 5:03pm     Uploaded by    Side Boob
 dobbiesdoogs: i like the idea of a superhero that flies around just yelling at people to stop fucking around
 DrNinjaman: Invest in index funds!
 Greifer: wanker
 Stumpwiz: To add to what @Shay has said, "You're not my supervisor!"
 Annoying Vegan : Careful, now
 wolfpk: Gallant as an adult. If course now I want to see Goofus standing with them on the tracks saying "the ladt one to jump is the loser!"
 Shay: Screw you Captain, you're not my dad or mom.
 Scoo: The most Canadian of heroes
Image 239057   03-24-18 2:03pm     Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 VeeKay: Shih Tzu puppy performs classic obedience move 'lie down boy'.
 Ulillillia: The cream of the crop.
Image 238861   03-23-18 09:26am     Uploaded by    wolfpk
 Robespierre: Noir deluxe
 wolfpk: I think I hear something coming my way #234943
 barfolomew: Crime is a disease on this city. What was once fine and beautiful has succumbed to the creeping canker of sin. I am the one who will SQUIRREL
Image 234942   02-28-18 09:10am     Uploaded by    DogsRGreat
 Peter Pantsless: Hey, this is supposed to be a safe-for-work site!
 carpwoman: huh. Looks fun. I should try that.
 VeeKay: You've been punked
 wolfpk: This is the greatest image on Aggro-Gator ever! (If you are having trouble getting the image just hit refresh until it appears)
 fanny: haha great one!
Image 234620   02-26-18 2:26pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Greifer: why not
 Mr. Shine: This gameshow is weird.
 kornisjon: Are you the only one who gets to make them dirty?
 a robot: When you gotta wash your genitals, you gotta wash your genitals!
 Mexico: He lives with his mom.
 Shay: Shitter was full!
Image 233259   02-18-18 9:54pm     Uploaded by    hapi papi
 ping: Damn... I just looked at the faded chickens in the background. Lost again.... aaaaand... to all players of 'the game' you just lost, because I just lost.
 wolfpk: @VoR The arrow doesn't point at them, and it says "this." My victory is intact!
 AceOfSpades: Hello darkness my old friend
 ping: I call that a solid win. Well played, @wolfpk.
 VoR: Chickens to the left and right! Didon't see them until later. Do I still win?
 Amy Housewine: You saw it while you were scribbling over it, liar. And now the chicken lives in your mind.
Image 231576   02-09-18 1:31pm     Uploaded by    wolfpk
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