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rabbits are tasty and good exercise



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 wolfpk's Aggro-Gator

 redrex: hahahahah @Robespierre
 dangerkeith3000: @Shay Full House originally aired on Fridays from September 1987 to August 1991, which spanned the show's first four seasons, and later became the flagship program of ABC's newly launched TGIF block in September 1989. - Wikipedia
 Shay: @dangerkeith3000 I don't remember Full House airing on Fridays.
 Robespierre: Fabulous jpeg artifacts here, @Stom Premben
 Bu7Z: @Shay agent dale cooper?
 dangerkeith3000: Where's Full House?
 Shay: I remember when it was Family Matters, Step By Step, Perfect Strangers, and Hangin' With Mr. Cooper.
 Bu7Z: TFITWE. Thank fuck it's the weekend.
Image 202028   09-07-17 12:46pm     Uploaded by    Stom Premben
 Ted Hebert: In Soviet Russia, tv watches you!
 Bill Rye: "in other news, get me a beer, already"
 some guy : Russia? Russia.
 WaffleIron: Wait till after 10 when the pornos come on!
Image 201726   09-05-17 9:31pm     Uploaded by    Catcat
 Mr Bleak: @taxKilla I'm hoping you mean "by", not "to"...
 Mr Bleak: Filigree Siberian Hamster. Only one in shop. Special price: only five pound.
 taxKilla: That rat isn't the only thing that can grow to three or four inches... Wink wink
 Borkf: Dominic, you...
 tib gubb: - battler of the nightman
 Nopetology: @ignatz Heh- maybe somebody's girlfriend is smelly?
 ignatz: @Nopetology Rats!
 ignatz: I smell a rat..
 Nopetology: Is your girlfriend a rat?
Image 198811   08-22-17 02:27am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Mad Collager: Soooo, let me get this straight: It's a bad thing to protect an electrical appliance from boiling water?
 WTF: This bar of soap is high maintenance.
Image 198821   08-22-17 04:28am     Uploaded by    Jennysaurus
Image IMF   08-11-17 10:05am     Uploaded by    wolfpk
 Felicity: Rip Taylor has reincarnated as a puppy
Image 193279   07-25-17 02:54am     Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Rev80: Moments after Bobo sat in deep thought for hours, she managed to prove The Poincar conjecture without resorting to Ricci flows. Unfortunately, her work was later destroyed by her caretakers because it was written in her own feces..
 wolfpk: Hay baby
 Musician: I'm not reaching out to touch God because: evolution. Pbbffffffttt!
 piranharama: Draw me
 Robespierre: French, eh?
Image 185430   06-15-17 3:26pm     Uploaded by    inthenameofDT
 El hefe: Glad to see Tom & Jerry are going back to their roots
 ch: you dirty rat ... i'll get you you ... you dirty rat
 Teechur: Has anyone ever actually seen a mousehole shaped like this? I've only ever seen one like this in movies and cartoons.
 VoR: Or two hefty bits of cheese to block the barrels resulting in a backfire.
 VoR: You know that mouse has a Ubend pipe to return shot to sender
 Prostata: yep. he's a mouser
 Shay: Awwww, kitty's reenacting the scene from Evil Dead 2 where Ash is waiting for his hand to come out of the hole.
 scribbs: For the cat who doesn't like to play with is prey.
Image 183195   06-04-17 10:31am     Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Dreforian: @SomeCanadian Earth: Fuck this particular part of the sky!
 Bu7Z: Dammit tesla, switch it off! It's causing havoc again!
 antipatterns: good area for time travelers
 SomeCanadian: God: Fuck this particular area.
 wolfpk: Lighting can't strike the same place twice, so it will just fry the whole area to make sure it doesn't miss.
 Teechur: Thanks, Quaid!
 scribbs: Sometimes electrons just gotta have some fun.
Image 182974   06-03-17 06:07am     Uploaded by    goldman sachs
 sparename: Golden Milk Chocolate Eggs
 wolfpk: I liked how it looks like it lands right on the cows ass.
 ASTER: Cows are just those big wall yokai.
 Mr. Whiskers: Worst pit of gold ever
Image 181029   05-24-17 10:31pm     Uploaded by    wolfpk
 LieutenantTofu: "what are you talking about? I'm perfectly comfortable like this."
 tib gubb: what's that neighbor cat up to now?
 Mr. Whiskers: Don't body shame that cat!
Image 179467   05-17-17 02:55am     Uploaded by    Brain
Image HGQ   05-15-17 5:43pm     Uploaded by    wolfpk
 waxymom: Uh huh @BavidDowie
 Annoying Vegan : *blows raspberry*
 KrazyKat: Or aspirations acheived.
 BavidDowie: inevitability
Image 176891   05-03-17 1:26pm     Uploaded by    Larry Xmas
Image GTR   04-26-17 08:53am     Uploaded by    wolfpk
 Meow: thats a weird dragon
 a sedated moose: Bubble Popkf.
Image 174062   04-18-17 1:03pm     Uploaded by    wolfpk
 dobbiesdoogs: poehorn
Image 172475   04-09-17 11:47pm     Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 Wooden Spoon: I had a friend who convinced his wife they should get a dog because walking it would help him lose weight. 6 months later I asked, "So are you getting thinner or is the dog getting fatter?" There was a long pause over the phone and then, "The dog is getting fatter."
 jochenau: @apoxia Aesthetically, I find blorbdogs/blorbcats adorable. But practically, it's definitely sad D:
 Fishy: We are all dog.
 hajjpodge: this dog is me and i am this dog
 apoxia: Some people think this kind of thing is cute. Not me.
 Dr Awkward: Is Sad. This dog probably eats the same fast food as it's owners.
 enfanta: No. No, no, no, no, no. I hope someone rescued that poor dog.
 piranharama: There Can Only Be One!
 Sadbot: @hearsegirl Probably someone in similar shape :(
 hearsegirl: this fucking PISSES me off. who would do this to their dog?
Image 172053   04-07-17 6:31pm     Uploaded by    FarmerWalk
 addend: Ask not for whom the bell toads.
 BavidDowie: Imma just chime in
 tib gubb: cool frog. is it friendly?
 savvoy: Traditionally, clock repairmen place tiny mice on top of the weights in the grandfather clocks when they adjust the works
Image 166059   03-06-17 9:31pm     Uploaded by    wolfpk
 Jabberwikket: Surprise Sneks ?
 Amy Housewine: I can imagine the editor shouting at the cover illustrator: "No! It was meant to be 'Sex can be fun', not 'Sneks cannot be fun'!"
 Knice: @Mr. Butt Ew, what a freak.
 San DoDo: Same?
 SomeCanadian: Metaphor attacks have tripled in the recent decade. @tritium
 SpaceCow: Sex can be fun? Now I've heard everything.
 wolfpk: Man's End Life
 wolfpk: Man's End Life
 tritium: @hearsegirl Important to look your best, even when you're being attacked by a sexually confusing metaphor.
 hearsegirl: this guy's hair is perfect. Must be a Dapper Dan Man.
 tokyopig: The editor messed up, its supposed to say "I'm teaching my kid to fight" and then "Dirty sex can be fun"
 Bast Relief: No seriously, it's actually kinda fun!
 Lestrange: Auntie Flo visiting?
Image 162154   02-14-17 08:26am     Uploaded by    Warrax
 Ulillillia: The origin of Catdog
 Zukero: @p-niiice like, tigers are such pussies ?
 whiplash: The dog-and-pony show was losing its appeal, so the animal trainer decided to step it up a notch.
 Beef Supreme: This dog is brave enough.
 Starky15: Puppers got bragging rights now
 Bast Relief: Well that's quite the show.
Image 159643   01-31-17 11:47pm     Uploaded by    wolfpk
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