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 whatever's Aggro-Gator

 whiplash: This is a great work of art, gnome what I'm saying?
 Butcherboy: I don't have the gnome-enclature to describe this
 fanny: it's art, apparently?
Image 163176   02-19-17 3:47pm   Views: 3809   Uploaded by    Whatever
 SunWukong: Best. Valentine. Ever.
Image 163162   02-19-17 2:09pm   Views: 5759   Uploaded by    Whatever
 whiplash: You can peek thru her thigh gap to see the road ahead, assuming she lifts up her dress.
 Lestrange: @Ulillillia Beautiful song
 Ulillillia: Here I go again on my own
 Mr. Shine: Interesting hood ornament, but seems impractical for highway driving
Image 163158   02-19-17 1:54pm   Views: 5631   Uploaded by    Whatever
 Shay: And this right here is the former shell of myself.
 SomeOtherCanadian: @Derp Herpigan @Sandor "He looks right shattered!" Is the UK translation for that joke
 Lestrange: Went to the pub with Bazza and the lads. He got smashed!
 Sandor: @Derp Herpigan I'm falling to pieces
 Derp Herpigan: I'm literally cracking up right now.
Image 163154   02-19-17 1:26pm   Views: 5553   Uploaded by    Whatever
 whiplash: Only available in red.
 Mad Collager: Now available as a flying, Chinese knockoff!
 Scoo: Firerad
 tritium: Somewhere beyond the boundaries of fiction, Sam and Max are drooling.
 SomeOtherCanadian: "Fire" is my new favourite prefix, apparently.
Image 163134   02-19-17 10:47am   Views: 7723   Uploaded by    Whatever
 Cami: Attack the city in winter? No. We wait until spring weakens their defences.
Image 163127   02-19-17 09:47am   Views: 8122   Uploaded by    Whatever
 SomeCanadian: *Inside
 SomeOtherCanadian: They're fucking serious about that sentiment
 ClockworkJackalope: Put it aside, for this is a silly place
Image 163118   02-19-17 08:26am   Views: 8916   Uploaded by    Whatever
 Ulillillia: "I have a Whopper for you tonight"
 Dresdenkeogh: @Wet farts yes, but you put this one in your butt first
 kinggheedra: I get the whip, but why are you using a scalp massager for a sex thing?
 Wet farts: Isn't that the thing from #162155 ?
Image 162810   02-17-17 4:26pm   Views: 60078   Uploaded by    Whatever
Image EPH   02-17-17 3:32pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
 TurdFerguson: Chuck E. Cheese band looking a bit more metal.
 scribbs: I'm kinda wishing I had a furry glam-rock fetish right now.
 sparename: "Rory, Rory, tell us a story"
 whiplash: Ban ana Splits reboot gets great.
 Robespierre: Fast and bulbous
 annterland: Do you want furries? Because that's how you get furries.
 tokyopig: exactly what comes to mind listening to captain beefheart
 ch: "C'mon everyone, let's --" [FX: extended completely canny valley vomiting in audience]
Image 161744   02-12-17 01:26am     Uploaded by    Whatever
 Ronick: You'll pay for the binoculars but youll only need a scope
 Bast Relief: Ya tryin' ta watch some birds, pal?
 Wookiee: Do it and I'll shit on ya head!
 addend: See gull.
Image 161743   02-12-17 01:09am     Uploaded by    Whatever
Image EMW   02-11-17 11:16pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
Image EMU   02-11-17 11:16pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
 Wookiee: Helicarrier fleet after the budget cuts.
 scribbs: # I'm on a bridge to nowhere... #
 Beef Supreme: Your bridges and elevated highways are little more than Legos.
 Robespierre: But I AM afraid. VERY afraid.
Image 161364   02-10-17 12:54pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
 Warrax: Internet photographers heard there was something that looked like a dick.
 Lestrange: Another effing pidgie. Still looking for a nine tails.
 carpwoman: Oh! Snowy Owl! What a find!
 tokyopig: While out birdwatching we suddenly came across the illusive giant flying mirror. This is probably the biggest one I've ever caught on film.
 Lestrange: Alas t'is late but I have a glass of wine
Image 161318   02-09-17 8:03pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
Image ELH   02-09-17 7:16pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
 sparename: Just like my ill-proportioned farm toys when 'quacky' was bigger then 'mooey'
 Python77: I really wish I knew the story behind this. To someone, somewhere, this makes perfect sense.
 whiplash: William Tell was nothing compared to me! I'll shoot that apple off my son's head with this rocket-propelled grenade!
 WaffleIron: Team fortress really sucked in the 1700's
 Greek Fire: @tritium I don't have anything to say, but feel I should show up anyway.
 tritium: From the series "Kaiju of the Byzantine Empire."
Image 160938   02-07-17 8:31pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
 Spazstatic: They found the remains of a kitten in his throat.
 Micro Jackson: My precious!
 Kohapi: When you try for that coin, it vomits on your finger.
 A duck: Even in death I still lust for material wealth.
 Scoo: When you push so hard while poopin' your eyes bug out
 Knice: Everything is better with dootly eyes.
Image 160841   02-07-17 10:31am     Uploaded by    Whatever
 scribbs: "Harold had personal-space issues."
 Suburbanmom: SO confusing
Image 160408   02-05-17 12:09pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
Image EHO   02-04-17 10:52pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
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