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 whatever's Aggro-Gator

 Hosebag: Share a coke with croco.
 Amy Housewine: New @LuxusLurch-brand beverage holder.
 sparename: @WaffleIron Cokeadile?
 WaffleIron: Soda-Gator is a socially progressive can holder.
Image 181745   05-28-17 12:31pm   Views: 32278   Uploaded by    Whatever
 tritium: @SoyUnPerdedor Sign of an art expert: impaired vision.
 Ihminen: definetly doesn't moonlight as a pirate
 a robot: The eyepatch really ties the outfit together
 SoyUnPerdedor: He seems like a trustworthy and honest art dealer
Image 181728   05-28-17 10:26am   Views: 35386   Uploaded by    Whatever
 Felicity: Because of time zones
 Niels Bohr: @Amy Housewine I laughed til tears came to my eyes.
 enfanta: And you plow backwards!
 Wooden Spoon: Drop bears
 Annoying Vegan : Shouldn't the land of tomorrow have a self-driving tractor?
 Amy Housewine: "Onward, my mischevious-looking snaggle-toothed steed!"
 Sage: And spiders. And snakes. And sharks. And koalas. And kangaroos. And probably other things that will kill you.
 fanny: "Where the horses are drunk and the leaves are pink"
Image 181722   05-28-17 09:31am   Views: 35844   Uploaded by    Whatever
 Whatever: @trelyate Yes, that's the drug-smuggling pigeon, probably getting booked at the police station...
 werterland: I have so many questions about this story. How did the smugglers know the bird would go to the right person? How did the cops know which pigeon to catch? How did they know there would be a pigeon carrying drugs? Actually, I guess that's all the questions.
 trelyate: is that the pigeon that was carrying ecstasy in its little backpack?
 scribbs: "Oh, don't get me wrong, that bird can code. But his TPS reports are abysmal."
 CrystallineEntity: The IRS would like to remind you to submit your taxes before the Pigeon Uprising. Any and all tax forms submitted after will not be handled due to lack of competent employees.
Image 181547   05-27-17 12:31pm   Views: 61749   Uploaded by    Whatever
Image HIA   05-17-17 10:52pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
 Teechur: "...stops and backs frequently" reminds me that the senior prom was last night.
 Derp Herpigan: You know, I am more satisfied with the trash pickup now that you mention it.
 dobbiesdoogs: that sounds like a threat
Image 178678   05-12-17 9:54pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
Image HGC   05-12-17 9:44pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
Image HGB   05-12-17 9:36pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
 Amy Housewine: Cousin of Steamprawnk.
 duckfarts: runs on a clarified butter hydraulic system
 Mr. Shine: We were at the beach/ Everybody had matching towels/ Somebody went under a dock/ And there they saw a clock/ It wasn't a clock!/ It was a clock lobster!/ Clock Lobster!
 Warrax: Mechatidepooler. No longer harmless
 Dan Tagonistic: We can rebuild him..
 Nopetology: This mechanizes the lobster
Image 178100   05-09-17 9:03pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
 wolfpk: @ch The only place I saw a story on it is my local paper. I will see if they have an online archives, but they are pretty pathetic so they might not.
 ch: @wolfpk cite, please ... would like to read the whole thing ...
 wolfpk: True story: A local liquor store has a Macaw for a mascot. They keep it in a cage towards the back of the store. One night, about three years ago, the burglar alarm went off. When the cops got there the front door had been broken out. The cops saw blood and followed it right to the macaws cage. When they looked in the macaw was still there, holding a severed finger. They found the would be robber at the Hospital. At first he lied and said he slipped with a knife. He only confessed when they told him they might be able to reattach it.
 el jefe: When i was younger, one of the local garden centers kept an African Grey that was "for sale" but mostly an attraction. MAAAAN that thing loved toddler fingers.
 Amy Housewine: Hueh hueh hueh
 Hosebag: This is an EX-Parrot.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: yeah you can only handle your own bird as you see fit if you try to "handle" this bird he gonna put your eye out.
Image 177644   05-07-17 1:09pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
 Skaalar: Wenk.
 LKoroton: Guano white
 BavidDowie: On this site, in 1797, nothing of import occurred.
Image 177629   05-07-17 11:26am     Uploaded by    Whatever
 BavidDowie: stop staring at me, swan!
 duckfarts: please don't doxx me and my wife
 duckfarts: @Mexico that's what julie gets for getting the organic grass fed lemonade
 Mexico: After drinking her lemonade, Julie dove into the pool and began to float. Suddenly, she felt light, and as she opened her eyes, she could see her arms changing into swan wings. Julie screamed, but an inflatable beak had sprouted where her mouth was. It had to be Elise's work; she was always poised for the chance to remove Julie from the picture. Julie could do nothing to save herself from transforming into an inflatable swan. Elise sat on top of Julie and laughed. "Now that you're like this, your boyfriend is mine!"
Image 176959   05-03-17 7:47pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
 SpaceCow: Unlike the zeppelin, the monocycle doesn't seem to get love from the steam/diesel punk crowd.
 Mr. Shine: I want one!
 Mr. Shine: I want one!
 sparename: "Death from a hub (cap)"
Image 176522   05-01-17 2:31pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
 dangerkeith3000: got a few dingleberries there, pal...
 chhumphrey: I'll take two
 itskando: This is rad. Immature and positively perfect
 dangerous dave: Because office life isn't spirit-crushing enough already.
Image 176502   05-01-17 12:09pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
 addend: Tea is loose.
 itskando: Opa Geiger-Style
 itskando: Beauty and the Teast. Girl and the Earl.
 Noremak: That new game, Prey, is looking pretty good.
 msmstud: Just another post-tea-time hallucination at a Lewis Carroll tea party.
 Mr. Butt: Later, TeaLords!
 NoRagrets: @Sheikhjahbooty At first glance I expected spider legs or fingers.
 Sheikhjahbooty: Live action Beauty and the Beast really captured the horror of being attacked by furniture.
Image 176480   05-01-17 09:09am     Uploaded by    Whatever
Image GXY   05-01-17 08:16am     Uploaded by    Whatever
Image GUX   04-27-17 12:30pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
Image GRL   04-23-17 09:54am     Uploaded by    Whatever
 Wet farts: Meep meep!
 VoR: Something changed in the matrix
 Scoo: The first time I saw one of these in real life, I was shocked by how small they are. Cartoons had conditioned me to expect something much larger. Coyote-size, at least.
 jochenau: Radrunners
Image 174969   04-23-17 07:31am     Uploaded by    Whatever
Image GRE   04-22-17 11:07pm     Uploaded by    Whatever
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