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 Wet farts

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 Wet farts's Aggro-Gator

 ThoughtlessGentleman: now that ive seen this i know i dont wanna see all that hermit crab junk.
 Mr. Shine: This hermit crab shouldn't throw stones.
Image 202404   09-09-17 09:26am     Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 Spazstatic: Uh, you gave the most fucks. This was all because you cared about how boring the funeral was.
 Micro Jackson: My trip to Burning Man
Image 203421   09-14-17 1:31pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Mad Collager: Sooooo, it's okay to throw other people's?
 Yurishiro: WHY?!
 Felicity: Read in a Belfast accent
 Rev80: That wasn't LSD, It was PCP, square
 Spazstatic: @Shay that's hefty. Is it 50 pounds of coin or paper money? :D
 Robespierre: Fined fifty quid, and eight for the wee puddle.
 Prostata: poop - not even once
 funny in the wall: i feel like that's not really the acid's fault... maybe you should come to terms with your gross inner desires and find a forum for them
 tib gubb: sure. blame the acid.
 sparename: Chimping IRL
 Knice: *sadly puts down poo*
 Ulillillia: That's shitty.
 DrinkMixMan: or smell
 Meow: we've all been there
 Shay: Also a 50 pound fine.
 Himesama: NOW you tell me!
Image 203054   09-12-17 4:31pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Rat-Butt: This is why we can't have nice things...
 Mad Collager: This even makes abstinence appealing.
 Shay: Even the "Come To Daddy" Aphex Twin kids would be scared shitless.
 Yurishiro: Kin'ell!!
Image 202405   09-09-17 09:31am     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Otterman: Radded for otter
 DrinkMixMan: Try to run, try to slide, break on through to the otter side!
 tib gubb: this is otter silliness
Image 201043   09-02-17 12:26pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Zukero: yes.
Image 200419   08-30-17 08:32am     Uploaded by    Baby Jesus
 addend: Cool hat. WHERE'S THE LID?!
 Quackzy: Actually, she donates them to unsuspecting families out of the goodness of her heart. Charity is beautiful! @RiderFan
 RiderFan: She sells boxes of NOPE.
 WTF: You'll never believe what they found living in their Grandparent's garage.
 mrdiron: I never knew a bin of spiders was a thing, but now I know.
Image 199852   08-27-17 12:03pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Wet farts: @Niels Bohr @funny in the wall I took this right after a pretty awesome thunderstorm. And yes, it was insufferably humid that day even after the rain.
 funny in the wall: @Niels Bohr the end is nigh? i dunno, it's probably just insufferably humid in queens as it always is in the summer
 Niels Bohr: What does it mean?
 Donut: Double Rainbow at Citi Field? deGrom must be pitching again.
Image 197300   08-14-17 2:03pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Not A Bot: The UN has declared his beard a protected habitat.
Image 197264   08-14-17 09:26am     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 SomeCanadian: The only logical take-away. @Felicity
 grizzly: Fact.
 Felicity: Are foot fetishists attacking you? Try bottom falsies. Theyll distract everyone from your feet
Image 196920   08-12-17 2:47pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 BavidDowie: Finally finished that strawberry, I guess
 wolfpk: Mine!
 duckfarts: Slow White, noooooooooooo
 Aufziehvogel: Terrible tortoise
 Catcat: Apple lawyers intensify
 Teechur: Ambition.....
 Scoo: Turtle for scale
Image 196237   08-09-17 12:54pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Niels Bohr: @Sadbot rape and sexual assault should be mandatory death sentences. Maybe friendly spaceship isn't the place for this rant but all rapist should be hung by their necks until their feet stop kicking. The number of frat bros getting off easy is truly gross.
 addend: (Withholds spare change.)
 Flarmie: @Sadbot're happy and you're not a robot?
 Sadbot: @Skaalar Only cause "Vigalantewrathbot" was taken @Flarmie Do I not come off as sarcastic enough?
 Skaalar: @Sadbot Well, I understand your choice of username all of a sudden.
 Flarmie: @Sadbot Hmmm, seems to me that you would DISlike that...
 Sadbot: I like that there's been more effort put into this sting than all my friends' sexual assault cases, combined.
Image 194060   07-29-17 12:09pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Wet farts: @WaffleIron I was kinda hoping for that lol. I saw this on Redbubble (artists sig in bottom right corner) and thought it would look good with Mascot on it. Unfortunately my photoshop skills are lacking.
 Robespierre: Enough aggro, already.
 unoplank: Like Ozzy said, Every bull has a horn
 Bu7Z: My aggr, orange.
 WaffleIron: Less than a day before it's a mascot sillouette with gently modified text.
Image 193904   07-28-17 08:31am     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Robespierre: ***Sa-NORE***
 Hosebag: No thanks, I'm doing war.
 bug: I know it's trademarked, but I'm still going to start using the term "fiddlefuck" from now on.
 addend: (Loses trigger discipline.)
Image 193540   07-26-17 1:31pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Robespierre: Eviler than most.
 Noremak: Dolan Extra Dark
 Spazstatic: This was no accident, it was a... [Zooms in] MURDER!
 piranharama: "I'm going in raw."
 Radstarboom: duck chompers
 Borkf: "Why has everyone heard about me? What is this word they're saying about me?!"
Image 193395   07-25-17 6:26pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Felicity: Oh! Okay! Okay! Neat! Neat! Neat! Okay! Okay! Neat! Okay! Neat! Okay!
 Cami: Upskirt creeper.
 Skinr: "Huh, so that's what spiders looks like. Maybe I should rethink my costume."
Image 193055   07-23-17 11:47pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Rev80: I just hope the person taking this picture had a label that reads "Dork" on their forehead
 Queen K: This is why you're not allowed to play with the label maker
 Felicity: Cats dont know theyre cats
 Mr Shifty: @Mr Shifty Oui
 Mr Shifty: @Mr Shifty Minou?
 Mr Shifty: Indubitably
 Prostata: your bunny looks funny
 Teechur: Well, that clears THAT up.
 a robot: Cat seems surprised by this news
 Ihminen: hmmmm is it a dog?
Image 192769   07-22-17 3:26pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Cami: A new twist on the classic spite gift
 Felicity: @Jennerator Yes. Even conservative humourist PJ ORourke admits in his book /Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad Haircut/ that if you judge a system by how well it serves the actual people, the Scandinavians have it right, with heavily-regulated, heavily-taxed capitalism.
 redmonkey3: @Sage - of course, Comrade / Comradette! We are super all inclusive
 Sage: @redmonkey3 I can do vocals! Can I join the band?
 redmonkey3: @Jennerator - dibs on "the Lenintentions" as band name!
 Fancy Clown: "Well? Come on!"
 Noremak: Marxit!
 Jennerator: @Nope I have no counter-argument, only nervous laughter and cheap laughs for a purple spaceship.
 Nope: @Jennerator That's fine until AI or some other unforseen tech wipes out half the jobs and you have millions unemployed
 Jennerator: @Nope Via violence which means recruiting people who are very good at violence who have a small Venn overlap with idealists so we start with good Lenintentions and end up with Stalin or Pol Pot. I've lately come to think that Bernie-style compassionately-regulated capitalism might be the right way.
 Sage: @Nope Seize all the food. Or find someone in the service industry and give them a big hug. That's kinda like seizing them. But less kidnap-y.
 tib gubb: @Nope very messily
 tib gubb: bop it
 Nope: How do you seize the means of production in a service based economy?
Image 192649   07-21-17 10:03pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
 petepuma: I'm glad we replaced the light bulb with a heat lamp
 Horatio: On second thought, using Barbie's dream house as our blueprint was I'll advised.
 Dr. Bathroom: Finally, a red light district for your very own house!
 Teechur: More flat surfaces to have to dust and not fill up with random crap that is supposed to go someplace else.
 Catcat: Randomly generated house strikes again!
 WTF: Keep your relationship warm after the initial fire has died down.
 Cami: Oh, hi guys! *runs up stairs into wall*
 LurkedMoar: Redrum
 SomeOtherCanadian: "Baby, I really feel like our relationship is in the red-zone"
Image 191637   07-16-17 8:59pm     Uploaded by    The Dog Dies
 ignatz: I get to live the rest of my life like a schnuck
 piranharama: Timothy: Wants to be gangsta but his mom won't let him.
 Scoo: You'll shoot your eye out, homes
Image 189985   07-08-17 2:31pm     Uploaded by    Wet farts
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