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 werterland's Aggro-Gator

 Dr Awkward: "Mr. B. Nana was a wonderful student." Reference for ba.nana.
Image 270117   10-01-18 5:03pm     Uploaded by    werterland
 aoaoaoao: Im somewhere else right now!
 werterland: @guest @White Rice Okay, glad I'm not going crazy haha. (And now that I have a chance - RAD for da motha fuckin share z0ne!)
 guest: @White Rice @werterland it was for sure hidden but it has risen
 White Rice: @werterland it's not dead, just looking a bit sleepy. Give it some time.
 werterland: What the hell? How did da motha fuckin share z0ne get bad-voted to death?!
 Cami: Altered States of America.
 piranharama: Yeah man, the rest of the world is terrible. Can assure you there's no freedom in Australia.
 SomeCanadian: Doot tempt me.
 Catcat: The skelepatriots of post AHCA USA
Image 190556   07-11-17 12:31pm     Uploaded by    guest
 Borkf: Aww yiss, motherfuckin' breadcrumbs!
 DrinkMixMan: Aw, man, I meant to buy Beard Crumbs!
 magicmormon: @Scoo All the way, baby.
 Scoo: I'm more of a Kikkoman Panko man, myself
 Shay: BTW, she's cheating on you with Harry Crumb.
 Warrax: Shes thinkin bout thos crumbs.
Image 189413   07-05-17 4:54pm     Uploaded by    werterland
 raditzu: Go for the THROAT!
 werterland: I;m thinkin about thos Beans
 grizzly: @grizzly besides #189015
 grizzly: Well, this wins the most cutest thing today.
Image 189007   07-03-17 4:26pm     Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Mr Bleak: The last panel is true: I have known may women who while menstruating were not attacked by bears.
 Skaalar: @Science They also have highest ratio of being overly smug and evil.
 Science: @Skinr: True facts about Pandas - They aren't bears.
 a robot: @ignatz A few years ago I was hiking above Boulder and my friend goes "there's a bear" and I laughed it off and he stopped and said "NO, THERE'S A MOTHERFUCKING BEAR" and I looked and it was probably like 30 feet away from us. It just stared at us for a minute and then walked away. My mind is still blown from that encounter.
 gorilla: I once met a bear in the woods when I was a bite - sized chunk - I ran like fuck until I couldn't breathe..
 Skinr: I think pandas are cuddlier, at least when they're cubs
Image 188018   06-28-17 4:22pm     Uploaded by    communist
 original og: @werterland you are quite correct.. I don't even use twitter, so don't know why I said that. Instagram indeed
 werterland: Minor correction: his Instagram is pantspants, his Twitter is @pants
 werterland: @Dr Awkward I was just coming here to share this info! Here's his website:
 Stom Premben: This is one of my favorite webcomics that I follow on social media: "pantspants" is his twitter handle, and it's hilariously disturbing
 ChubbyBuddy: nvm i found some cold cuts in my bra
 ChubbyBuddy: my pockets were already full of chili and now its ruined thanks jerk
 Cami: This is why I can't ride the subway anymore.
Image 186336   06-20-17 02:26am     Uploaded by    werterland
 werterland: @fanny It looks like after work tomorrow, I'm having a road trip!
 fanny: @werterland :) in front of Recess Coffee in the 'cuse! i was going to check later today to see if more people took the aggro-gator tabs! maybe we'll get some new space friends this way :)
 werterland: Holy hell, @fanny, where exactly is this so I can visit it and take a picture with it?!
 Mr. Shine: #184399 is where this train started
 Knice: Holy shit, this one's achieving an All Things Serve the Beam status! :-D
 Teechur: Hahaha! How much farther can this go? Are there any Aggro-nauts on the ISS?
 Peter Pantsless: Great, now we have to physically visit this location and put tick marks on the RAD sticker!
 bug: *Calls number* "RAD" *hangs up*
 Nopetology: Now I have. :)
 WaffleIron: Oh my god yes.
Image 185721   06-16-17 11:09pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 werterland: Update: the zoo has confirmed that the new baby is a son (and not to talk to him ever again).
 a spider plan: Dogs Of the Sea. Borkf!
 werterland: Not a stunning picture, I know, but I lolled at the "Don't talk to me or my son ever again" vibe when I saw it on the news (the sea lion at the zoo had a baby!).
Image 184888   06-12-17 8:09pm     Uploaded by    werterland
 Skaalar: Fine, they can keep it. But you're fishing out any "presents" they happen to leave behind.
 Ulillillia: @Mr. Butt Lizard in the Keurig is my favorite band.
 Scoo: Feels good, man
 Mr. Butt: Next...lizard in the Keurig?
Image 180545   05-22-17 5:47pm     Uploaded by    werterland
 Jaktai: John Doe
 Dick Inspector: Rumpled Foreskin.
 Scoo: Years ago there was an entry in the Fort Collins, CO phone book for "Amanda Butram"
 wolfpk: Thus one has scored a lot of people a lot of xp.
 kazzy94: Anita Bath
 El hefe: Hugh G. Rection
 Mr. Shine: Miles Long
 KnowLifer: Natt Mayname
 Side Boob: Anita Mantolove
 DrinkMixMan: Homer Sexual
 annterland: Lana Kane
 Warrax: Big McLargeHuge
 cenecia: Dixie Normus
 Bluetocracy: Span Kemaias
 Bluetocracy: This gets a rad just for the nostalgia
 FireBreathingMarmot: Heywood Jiblomi
 apoxia: Dick Head
 apoxia: I.P. Freely
 WaffleIron: I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt
 Sparkle Bucket: Tom Ato
 joxxuh: Dick Butkis
 Teechur: Katya Wakinov
 werterland: Mike Hunt
 TFChicken: Mike Hawk
 fanny: Yuri Nator
 wolfpk: Vladthe Impala
 Nothing: Bob Johnson
 Sadbot: I.C. Weiner
 Ulillillia: Nick Smith. Wait...I messed up.
 scribbs: Jim Nasium
 Scoo: Maya Buttreeks
 Knice: Tara Cokintew
 SomeCanadian: Lisa Newcar
 Shay: Iggy Knight
 BavidDowie: Anita Mann
 Mr. Whiskers: Connie Lingus
 a robot: Al Caholic
 Bartleby: Amanda Huggenkiss
 Scoo: Phillip McCrevise
 Mexico: Ollie Tabooger.
 Derp Herpigan: Hugh Jass.
 sparename: Phil McCavity
 Zampano: No seriously my name is Jack Mehoff
Image 178852   05-13-17 8:54pm     Uploaded by    buffalo
 Hosebag: I'm always a sucker for octopus puns.
 dangerous dave: @Nopetology On the day I die, I still won't have seen enough hentai.
 Nopetology: I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going
Image 177097   05-04-17 3:04pm     Uploaded by    Callahan
 On Spec: chris pratt is always funny.
 ChubbyBuddy: chr1s pratt 1s funn1er as a fat tub of sh1t
Image 176611   05-01-17 10:59pm     Uploaded by    blue shoes
 Spazstatic: How do I get to the feather-food up there?
 SpaceCow: "I'm drowning and I'm wet!
 itskando: Someone cronenberged that cat
 Sharkface: I got the eye of the tiger!
 a sedated moose: FROM HELL'S HEART, I MEW AT THEE!
 Amy Housewine: STAAHP
 Scoo: Something touched my paw! Something touched me!
Image 172932   04-12-17 12:47pm     Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Mr. Shine: I love scamphorn
 Sadbot: Mister Hayden is a walk-in cooler of assorted beverages in the desert that is webcomics
 Scoo: Where do you get your drugs? Asking for a friend...
Image 170942   04-01-17 8:26pm     Uploaded by    werterland
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Oh i see....its food with benefits.
 SomeCanadian: @a robot I suppose unholy, earth-shattering diarrhea didn't make it past marketing as a benefit.
 a robot: Benefits: Microwavable. Drawbacks: Everything else.
 Scoo: Not to be confused with Rice-a-Toni, the San Diego Treat
 winwolf: Benefits should also include edible.
 Knice: I identify as Panburger. Seeking a partner with microwaveable benefits.
Image 170268   03-29-17 08:28am     Uploaded by    kswat
 Kim: Babies!!
 Amy Housewine: Longcat is... lengthy.
Image 169677   03-26-17 02:27am     Uploaded by    dingding
 ChubbyBuddy: what heck thru yonder window breaks
 apoxia: Clever
 Poncho: what the ck
 WaffleIron: I use far worse words than "hecking" when driving in Ontario.
 Peach: More importantly, who heck?
 Mr. Whiskers: That Saturn got cut off by an Oldsmobile. Guy in a Plymouth saw the whole thing.
 werterland: DISCLAIMER: I stole this picture from Twitter user @sistersome. Thought you all would like it. If you do, and you use Twitter, go give them a like!
Image 166796   03-10-17 7:09pm     Uploaded by    werterland
 carpwoman: @Knice - The first bite will.
 Knice: @carpwoman That won't stop me. :-)
 carpwoman: @Knice - Oh, they're awful.
 Knice: @carpwoman You have my interest! *makes note*
 carpwoman: @Knice - You should try what the English call "Twiglets." Pretzel-kind-of things that taste like beef flavored tree branches. They nailed the name for sure.
 werterland: @Knice I was terrified to try these ones (they list corn syrup as an ingredient for "beer"). It took me over a day to open the bag. I am very glad they taste nothing like beer. Just vaguely meat-flavored chips... @Warrax I liked the chicken and waffles chips!
 Warrax: @Knice If you try them with milk, as one would do with oreos, they taste like satan's own butthole. They're... arguably tolerable on their own, or if you choke them down with water. Then they just taste like swedish fish.
 Knice: @Warrax Holy cats! I hope I'm never hungry enough to think that a Swedish Fish Oreo sounds good. :-X
 Warrax: @Knice I saw the chicken and waffles flavor at the grocery store. I feel like a bit of a coward for not trying them, and I've had swedish fish oreos, but I don't usually eat lays anyway.
 karmakat: certified to make you burp and fart.
 AlexDeLarge: @Knice pretty much every lays novelty flavor to date fits that description.
 jochenau: Pitch a flavor? about french fry flavored Lays?
 Knice: I've tried these. I lived in Wisconsin for 17 years, so I felt duty-bound to give them a shot. (Ya dere hey, dontcha know) They have a sort of chemical 'these aren't regular tater chips' taste. Not all-the-way bad, but not any-of-the-way "Beer 'n Brat."
Image 165025   03-01-17 12:03pm     Uploaded by    werterland
 werterland: I am fascinated by and terrified of everything Boston Dynamics creates.
 Urn BooUrn: Is your girlfriend a cyborg?
 Beef Supreme: Know your enemy, folks.
 jochenau: That's neat but machines will never be a match for good ol' Binky.
 Teechur: Wait, when does Skynet become self-aware again?
 raditzu: @tritium Nightmare inducing*
 CastleBravo: @tritium *(a subsidiary of RobCo inc.)
 Dan Tagonistic: *electronic whinnying*
 tritium: Ooh, just-announced "Handle" by Boston Dynamics. Goes quick, is maneuverable over rough terrain, jumps, wields a machine gun with terrifying accuracy!
 WaffleIron: This is a cool robot.
Image 164835   02-28-17 12:03pm     Uploaded by    werterland
 thebiglutovsky: You'd have to be an asshole to do this, but I can see how it's possible.
 Lestrange: Mistakes, many mistakes, were made before we arrived at this point.
 Aemuli: I may have pulled the wrong lever.
Image 164083   02-24-17 11:31am     Uploaded by    werterland
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