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 VoR's Aggro-Gator

 VoR: Lol
 Knice: @addend You know it ;-)
 addend: Happy Birthday! Bet there's a "This is BAD" sticker hiding somewhere.
 kornisjon: Happy daydrinking!
 Mad Collager: @Knice Happy Birthday! I never saw a better username! You are awesome!
 Teechur: Happy birthday! I hope that's a magnet and not a sticker! You ROCK that RAD!
 Himesama: Oh my! *covers eyes with hands then proceeds to peek through them*
 ignatz: @Knice Congrations ya young whispernapper you!
 a robot: @Knice You're my hero! This is amazing. You're amazing. This is why I love our Spaceship :D :D :D
 Air Biscuit: Happy birthday, hope someone gets you an awesome corn cake.
 Annoying Vegan : @Mexico Dont you mean corngratulations?
 White Rice: Knice...wait, what? Anyway, happy birthday old man (with only a 10 year difference, so I'll be there soon enough...freaking time going around moving in a linear fashion)
 carpwoman: And happy birthday.
 carpwoman: BWWWHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! OK now THIS is why I come here.
 winwolf: Happy Birthday! @Knice
 Side Boob: @WTF If I was in that kind of shape, you'd all get the Full Monty on my birthday :P
 WTF: Almost wearing his birthday suit too!
 Side Boob: Happy birthday!
 Ulillillia: @grizzly You're in luck, I know an adult who just turned 43 today!
 grizzly: I need an adult!
 Mexico: @Knice Congradulations!
 Nope: @Knice wait you need to be celebrating something for day drinking? Shit...
 Nope: @Knice wait you need to be celebrating something for day drinking? Shit...
 Ihminen: :D
 Knice: A recent re-post inspired this tribute to #88403. Your corn-lovin' Spacefriend is 43 today. Celebrating with some day-drinkin'. Cheers to the raddest community ever. :-)
Image 209381   10-14-17 3:31pm     Uploaded by    Knice
 Science: @carpwoman: I disagree - they're all great
 a robot: @becca User @Catcat has commented as recently as....uh....TODAY #209281
 carpwoman: @Sage - I'm uh, a professional. So to speak.
 becca: @a robot i reposted it because i don't see the OP on the site anymore
 Sage: @carpwoman Yay, I'm not the only one who thinks that way!
 trelyate: now this is how you celebrate purple day
 Air Biscuit: @a robot @Knice maybe @catcat s wife created an account?
 carpwoman: Still rad. More than a handful is wasted.
 Knice: @a robot I radded the original because, well original. This one not so much.
 VoR: classic rad Tits
 Cami: NSFWife in the room.
 ChubbyBuddy: i believe in a woman's right to control her own body which also includes posting photos of it on the internet for strangers to look at, fully understanding that, by simple law of averages, some of those strangers will be weird creeps, without also erroneously assigning the same motivations to the non-creeps. you do you boo
 when so: I guess @a robot has SSD
 when so: Is this from @catcat, or is this an original?
 a robot: #88403 would like to speak to you
 grizzly: #209164
 OldKentuckyShark: this is exceptionally RAD
 Cami: Imagebot let us down. I have nothing against breasts. If there is one part of a human body that only does good it's breasts...except that woman on youtube who crushes stuff with hers...but anyway...Imagebot, come on!
Image 209199   10-13-17 4:54pm     Uploaded by    becca
 Dr Awkward: Is that Drew from Married to the Sea, etc...?
 trelyate: how indigenous of you
 a sedated moose: I've missed these.
 Air Biscuit: @Sadbot also happy canadian thanksgiving.
 kazzy94: Well, I found the new name I'll refer to my penis as.
 Sadbot: Happy Ol' Cum Bus Day, everyone
Image 208464   10-09-17 10:26pm     Uploaded by    Side Boob
 WaffleIron: @VoR Frunk Mandrel stores wurst to pay hell's fee
 VoR: @WaffleIron
 VoR: Hunk handle isn't for wrist in shell sea
 WaffleIron: @VoR Skunk channel is my florist I shall see.
 VoR: @WaffleIron Funk flannel from a tourist of Talsi
 WaffleIron: @VoR Drunk mana from the forest of boozy
 VoR: @WaffleIron pig cabana whilst firing an uzi
 WaffleIron: @VoR Big Kahuna in a Jacuzzi
 VoR: @WaffleIron
 VoR: Dishy cat tuna dating a floozie
 WaffleIron: @VoR : fishy kahlua making me woozy
 VoR: @WaffleIron Plushie hit job saving m' Susie.
 WaffleIron: @VoR : tushie hijab tiramisu
 VoR: @WaffleIron sushi scarab mirror in view
 WaffleIron: @VoR : Mushy scab filler for who?
 VoR: @WaffleIron Nuski flab killer kazoo
 WaffleIron: @VoR Husky stab, kalamazoo
 VoR: @WaffleIron crusty crab, two ply for poo
 WaffleIron: @VoR Trusy tag, reply for you.
 VoR: @WaffleIron Musty bag, coloured blue.
 WaffleIron: @VoR : Lusty wag in the crew
 VoR: @WaffleIron
 VoR: Busty stag in the zoo
 WaffleIron: @VoR : rusty 'stang for two
 VoR: @WaffleIron humpy gang and brew
 WaffleIron: @VoR : Stumpy kangaroo
 VoR: @WaffleIron flumpy flew
 WaffleIron: @VoR : swampy stew
 VoR: @WaffleIron Trendy flu
 WaffleIron: @VoR : Cindyloo Who
 VoR: @WaffleIron och aye the noo
 WaffleIron: @VoR : Spank in the Loo
 VoR: @WaffleIron Rank good goo
 WaffleIron: @VoR : dank tutu
 VoR: @WaffleIron
 VoR: Frank foo-foo
 WaffleIron: @VoR : New frou-frou
 VoR: @WaffleIron Moo Too
 WaffleIron: @VoR : mow tow
 VoR: @WaffleIron Flow moto
 WaffleIron: @VoR : slow jato
 VoR: @WaffleIron Throw tomato
 WaffleIron: @VoR slow potato
 VoR: @WaffleIron dough pro
 WaffleIron: @VoR : Faux toe
 VoR: @WaffleIron lo woe
 WaffleIron: @VoR : Bo Know
 VoR: @WaffleIron Hoe Foe
 WaffleIron: @VoR : Fo sho!
 VoR: Oh no
 VoR: @WaffleIron lashing sad
 VoR: @WaffleIron lashing sad
 WaffleIron: @VoR : gnashing pad
 VoR: @WaffleIron Rashing lad
 WaffleIron: @VoR : Smashing Mad
 VoR: @WaffleIron Flashing Chad
 WaffleIron: @VoR Dashing Cad
 VoR: @WaffleIron Massing Wad
 WaffleIron: @VoR Passing Fad.
 VoR: @WaffleIron coughing Dad?
 WaffleIron: @VoR : Coffee Rad?
 VoR: @WaffleIron copy bad.
 WaffleIron: Spite rad!
 Annoying Vegan : I believe there is a salve for that
 sirgallium: That's some jazzy shit
 sirgallium: That's some jazzy shit
 Mommmma: What. The. Crap??????
 Yurishiro: @Yurishiro sorry grammar police.
 Yurishiro: Did we just pooped our conjoined intestines?
 a robot: Seriously, where do these images come from? Why do they exist? What was going through the creator's mind? There are a lot of images similar to this that keep getting posted and every time I just want to scream "WHYYY??"
 Prostata: this porn is weird
Image 207530   10-05-17 05:26am     Uploaded by    greenbean
 Bubo: Oh, this exposes grave family issues...
 Catcat: Oh, he's good, he's good.
 ChubbyBuddy: after calming himself, dad blows his nose, causing a collapsible bouquet to pop out of one ear
 ChubbyBuddy: dad begins to weep in his disappointment and pulls several interconnected multicolored handkerchiefs from his sleeve to wipe away his tears. through choking sobs, he exclaims "you never forgave me for sawing your mother in half"
Image 208895   10-12-17 01:47am     Uploaded by    Backhand
 Ulillillia: *cat stares in mirror*
 addend: Don't need pills for that.
 Ihminen: "No one else has dared to comment. Will you?" *blush* oh I don't know
Image 208110   10-08-17 02:47am     Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Bernie 2016: @Warrax come on
 DangitBobby: Cats on ice
 Warrax: ...and Knice are cats!
 fanny: Super cute, made me smile :)
 Teechur: @Knice Doing a purrouette, no less!
 Mexico: Very @Knice!
 chhumphrey: I didn't know Puss in Boots had a northern cousin
 Knice: You've made my day. :-D
 Off Topic: Stick a RAD sticker on those skates.
 Ihminen: lol nice
Image 207135   10-03-17 06:26am     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Catcat: @ChubbyBuddy Bernie would have won.
 Robespierre: Heh. Welcome Aboard.
 Yurishiro: @Yurishiro oo
 Yurishiro: If this comment doesn't get a thousand +s, the Spaceship is broken.
 Spazstatic: @Ulillillia but your comment was before moonmoon commented and it's italicized. I could swear I've seen manually typed replies and then the person comments and it didn't italicize after the fact.
 Ulillillia: @Spazstatic It only sends a reply notification if the user has already commented on the image.
 Spazstatic: @Spazstatic oh, it's a @Moonmoon thing only. :(
 Spazstatic: @winwolf also, your @Moonmoon italicized, did it actually send a reply notification? Does this only work for @Moonmoon? Is it only your special power? Can I type @fanny and get a notification sent to her? (Sorry if it did!)
 Mr. Shine: This user just got the rainbow badge.
 ChubbyBuddy: am i in the twilight zone? they rigged it for bernie??
 VeeKay: What in the... I though the score was part of the image at first. (Narrator - "It wasn't").
 Knice: Sweet baby Jeebus, look at that score!
 Side Boob: That's a lot of RAD
 winwolf: I do love this image... So much going on there. I mean, the guy in the purple shades, he's clearly seen some shit. (Bernie?)
 Ulillillia: @winwolf I'm not sure but @Bernie 2016 will give you eternal gratitude
 winwolf: @Moonmoon Wow! Have I unlocked an unknown Purple Power?
 Derp Herpigan: 24375 points. Holy.....
 Moonmoon: @winwolf Your wish is our command.
 Ulillillia: We miss you, hissed the Rock Cats
 deeeeeeeez: "Why don't you have a seat over here..."
 winwolf: If this doesnt get a thousand RADs, the Spaceship is broken.
Image 206773   10-01-17 11:47am     Uploaded by    Bernie 2016
 Borkf: Hey everyone, I've not been on in a while because been painting my bedroom and... oh. Maybe next week.
 White Rice: @Hokie333 yeah, lots of that going on here (post removal & awkwardness). Best to remain a silent observer and avoid drawing any attention. Wait...crap.
 Hokie333: R.I.P. @Jennerator [well this is awkward, now that the comment got disappeared]
 A duck: Glad you two lost a shit load of points. Take your ironic homophobia elsewhere.
 Ulillillia: @San DoDo o/ I always feel like, My Butt is watching me o/
 San DoDo: Every now and then we get a wall of red text, that is how I know My Butt is watching me
 ChubbyBuddy: hey what happened to my salient and inoffensive contribution to the discourse? can't step on the landmine if no one buries it in the first place
 Robespierre: @Amy Housewine Numerous noobs over the God-knows-how-many-years I have wasted here haven't necessarily understood that a lot of time and effort has gone into making the Friendly Spaceship a no-troll zone. Nor have some of them grasped the concept that they are NOT going to be the one who's going to change the general tenor of civility that the MOD strives for, for the worse. A damn shame that they bother to waste their time here, actually - virtually the whole rest of the WebNets are a cesspool of a wide variety of insults and scum; if they want to, they can flame out there with the rest of the creepy creatures that are trolling each other.
 kinggheedra: We live in an age where a small, vocal minority is trying to make acceptable discourse more and more hostile towards groups they are trying to target. That's a reality of the world of today. Lines have to be drawn.
 Peach: In this instance I was not bothered, but I'm not all gay men, and I'm positive it would bother others (whether they are the majority or minority, I can't say. Does it matter? I also can't say). The mod is not going to budge, so I guess y'all gotta decide if it's really that important for you to be able to use this word on the spaceship.
 Peach: My own thoughts on the matter have jumped back and forth between understanding that this joke probably wasn't meant to hurt and the fact that this word can really fucking sting sometimes, regardless of intent. The last time I heard it was in a room full of straight men. Someone played a song that used it 3 times, and I know no one meant to it be hurtful, but it was SO FREAKING UNCOMFORTABLE FOR ME.
 Cami: Maybe if you guys put it in quotes like the moderator does...
 Amy Housewine: First-time posters suddenly appearing in times of arguments about this sort of thing rarely sound convincing. Rarely, oh-so rarely.
 AGGRO-GATOR MOD: Anyone else want to come up with a great reason to use the word "fag" on Aggro-Gator? Keep it in this thread so I can track who needs their shit adjusted.
 AGGRO-GATOR MOD: Then you get -100,000 XP for trying to die on the hill of being able to use the word "fag" on Aggro-Gator, Pizza. Any more questions?
 VoR: @Pizza I used to be upset about how the dogs name in the dam busters was changed for the remake until I accepted that somethings are highly offence even if it was a true story. This is a US website and it seems to hold more offence there.
 Pizza: What if you're from the UK and you're talking about cigarettes?
 AGGRO-GATOR MOD: And just so the rest of you know, "I'm sorry you got offended" is not an apology. Top-ten going back at the top of the page once everyone sees this and remembers that hate speech isn't welcome here!
 Amy Housewine: I've been waiting for hours for that hedgehog to get out of the road so that I can drive on.
 Yurishiro: Yeah!! No mercy!
 Ulillillia: Uhhhh..."wood," huh huh huh
 AGGRO-GATOR MOD: It's not a suggestion box, folks, it's a reminder to keep your slurs in your pockets when you're on our site.
 NoRagrets: Man, I regret getting here late.
 Peach: I've refreshed this post so many times today, it's honestly embarrassing. What can I say? I am addicted to the drama! *continues snacking and refreshing*
 Flarmie: I actually thought of the controversial comment in question when I first saw this image, but then I thought "I don't think I should post that".
 Robespierre: There's no whining on the Spaceship.
 PissReagan: Came here from sticky, was not disappointed.
 AGGRO-GATOR MOD: Your XP is loose? That's probably what went wrong!
 Wet farts: Oh apparently apologizing makes you loose XP also.
 Wet farts: I love how my comment was deleted where I apologized and said I was just being silly and said was not meant to offend.
 AGGRO-GATOR MOD: An excuse to use the word "fag" on Aggro-Gator. Not acceptable. We can't control what you say elsewhere, but it's not acceptable here.
 ArchStanton: One little pig is out of luck.
 jazzjunkie: Turns out those sticks belong to Knecht Ruprecht
 Porm Munties: I get it. That is all.
 AGGRO-GATOR MOD: Congrats to @Wet farts on receiving -30,000 XP for the comment "What a bunch of fags"! Yes, we "get it"... but you're in the wrong place to be using slurs!
 Robespierre: Proto-porcupine
 Wet farts: What a bunch of fags
 zrj235: whats brown and sticky
 Nopetology: Fascist litterbugs
 VoR: Sticky situation
Image 205922   09-27-17 01:03am     Uploaded by    lebron
 Teechur: @Knice vvv
 Teechur: Thought of you when I saw this:…
 tib gubb: pretty freakin' rad.
 Knice: @fanny Yeah, but I don't want it gettin' all uppity-like. :-D
 hajjpodge: This is very Knice.
 fanny: @Knice wait wait wait... technical question here... you're left foot dominate, right? shouldn't THAT be your RAD foot??
 Annoying Vegan : Someone to the left of the first image is roasting corn.
 Niels Bohr: This is what peak performance looks like.
 Mr. Butt: hot DAMN!
 grizzly: Nice medal!
 fanny: looks pretty RAD to me!
 Mr. Shine: Gazelle-like movements!
 Knice: I let my colors show for this one. :-)
 Dan Tagonistic: My day has been made
 Peter Pantsless: Dat ass!
Image 205346   09-24-17 03:26am     Uploaded by    Knice
 Chaski belly rub: Rad for KC Green
 VoR: @Borkf anustrumpet
 Mr. Shine: Classic Skate Butt.
 Dr Awkward: @Dr Awkward welp, that ain't it!
 Dr Awkward: Ahem: Butt
 Borkf: @VoR I think I've missed that one. And I guess I can't figure it out by posting g stuff either.
 Ulillillia: Skatecathy
 hajjpodge: I've been looking for this for forever.
 Sandor: That's a new switcharino to me
 Sandor: Cathy?
 Mr. Butt: @VoR We good.
 VoR: Are we all up to speed on who Cathy is?
 VoR: Cathy: ARRRGH my kryptonite!
Image 201790   09-06-17 06:26am     Uploaded by    Shay
 fanny: @Mr. Shine well congratulations? i've never seen that happen before! the air horns are my favorite part :)
 Mr. Shine: @fanny It wasn't. It was at 527 when it disappeared. This was an administrative reprimand.
 Felicity: Honorary rad
 fanny: aw, why was this beauty bad voted to hell?
 Mr. Shine: Well that was fun while it lasted.
 Not A Bot: Where can I get a shirt that makes it look like I've been stabbed?
 Hosebag: @Mr. Shine Don't take me TOO seriously. :) It's a great image by the way. The air horns make it.
 Mr. Shine: @Hosebag That's Weird Al, dude.
 Hosebag: Hey man, fuck that bot. And the horse it rode in on. But man, Tiny Tim? You had to go there?
 apoxia: I'm sold
 Amy Housewine: The air horns are a nice touch. They add an air of "NAAA NA-NA NAAAAAAAAAAAA" to proceedings.
 VoR: Woah. I'm not sure we should view this if was rejected. It feels so wrong. I'm not usually naughty. Oh my.
 Mr. Butt: My sausage, to whom I refer as Weird Al, is an all natural fidget spinner.
 Derp Herpigan: Well, it worked, didn't it?
 Mr. Shine: I got mad at a certain Bot of Images, and in a fit of pique, this happened. Enjoy.
Image 201462   09-04-17 3:47pm     Uploaded by    Mr. Shine
 Skaalar: @VoR I had champagne in mah Golden Grahams!
 VoR: Hey its Tony Harrison!
 Felicity: * never after a shower (within four hours) * never on a work night
 Warrax: Dat lithops ruschiorum subsp. nelii, which is stemless, perennial succulent plant, tho. Oh, and they flower right up through the butthole, too.
 Jrks: ...and that's how you make just a regular old Plumbus
 Ted Hebert: Wait, that isn't corn. This is why i get paid the medium bucks.
 Ted Hebert: I've seen enough porn to know that corn will need a shower.
 redmonkey3: I'll get the melted butter... for the popcorn, yee pervos
 Side Boob: Hehe, butts
Image 200998   09-02-17 04:26am     Uploaded by    hat thrab
 NoRagrets: @Mr. Butt damn, how did I not see it?!
 karmakat: What? it's all the SHIT with my poses.
 Mr. Butt: Vlad the Impala?
 Amy Housewine: Edward Longshanks.
 NoRagrets: Blahhhhhhhd the impaler?
Image 200816   09-01-17 08:26am     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Jaunty Shrimp: Coming outta retirement to rad dis
 fanny: @Knice :) I'm glad you like it! My husband went to a convention in DC way back in February and brought back some groceries he didn't eat including this Nice! butter so i've been sitting on this idea for a while, finally had the chance to do it :)
 Knice: @Robespierre I'm sure you've heard of SIDS? Well I've got GrIDS, Gradual Infant Death Syndrome. Shit's taking forever, man. :-/
 Robespierre: @Knice I thought you'd be dead by now!
 Knice: @fanny Still laughing about this. :-D
 a robot: I cannot possibly rad this nearly enough, because this needs to be radded like 15,000 times! Super love it @fanny!
 copunter: dedicated aggronauts, roaming the earth, turning BAD to RAD with their MINDS!!!1!
 Not A Bot: As the laughter leaves you, so does the last of your strength. Finally, you collapse into your chair. Like a domino.
 Annoying Vegan : *pew pew pew! pew pew pew pew!*
 Mr. Butt: @fanny Hahaha, amazing! I didn't even notice :D
 fanny: @Robespierre :) aww it came out a little blurry but i also laser the Butter into Mr. Butt :)
 San DoDo: Ha ha, wut :D
 Knice: O SHIT I'M DYING!! It's been a while since I've giggled hard enough to sweat. :'-D
 Robespierre: If you think it's butter, but it's KNice ... then it's RAD!
Image 200708   08-31-17 6:26pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny Baby Fanny is apparently way more badass than we thought :D
 fanny: @Peter Pantsless my baby's been going straight for the eyes lately. she fights dirty :-/
 Peter Pantsless: @funny in the wall @fanny Would legit pay to see an infant aggronaut boxing match :P
 funny in the wall: thanks, everyone! the cuteness is almost worth the sleep loss
 funny in the wall: @fanny you're on!
 Mexico: Congratulations @funny in the wall!
 Zukero: How babby is rad.
 Side Boob: @funny in the wall Congrats!
 Knice: Awwe, what a sweetie! :-)
 Bu7Z: Well done @funny in the wall , you did something the best engineers in the world still can't do, and made an autonomous thinking machine!
 Ted Hebert: This comment thread is far too esoteric for me. Still voted rad... usually don't even vote, or wash my hair.
 Peter Pantsless: whoa @funny in the wall; congrats! I can't rad this enough! Love that cute li'l hand grabbing the RAD sticker. That's a born aggronaut, for sure :D!
 Zampano: always rad for a cute baby, since im a dad
 WTF: Hipster: "I've been into this site since the beginning." Baby: "Well, I've been into this site since MY beginning."
 fanny: oh my goodness that babby is RAD! (as rad as babby fanny? we'll have to have them duke it out to see ;)
 Scoo: Rad Babby is Rad!
 a robot: @funny in the wall Your babby is RAD :D
 Rat-Butt: Sorry, its not Rad
 Nope: Damn Millennials
Image 200356   08-29-17 10:31pm     Uploaded by    funny in the wall
 Felicity: Impressive coffee foam art
 Warrax: Nicer than my place. Can you do anything for a crabby hermit?
Image 199843   08-27-17 10:47am     Uploaded by    VoR
 Quackzy: What is this, new tool album?!
 Mr Shifty: Aye aye captain
 Ted Hebert: I think i'm in the wrong room. I was looking for the one with the hole i can stick my penis in. This is very much the opposite of that. Ah well, *zip*.
 Annoying Vegan : Peeper by the dozen
Image 199834   08-27-17 09:31am     Uploaded by    VoR
 Robespierre: I got sleep apnea from looking at this.
 hajjpodge: @VoR *heavy breathing*
 VoR: This is vlad .
Image 199792   08-27-17 01:10am     Uploaded by    Teh Simpson
 Robespierre: Outside Alliance, and not a single Renault Alliance in the whole stack. Why have they painted it, anyway? I rather like rust - chemical processes in ACTION.
 a robot: @Scoo Aw man, you should definitely check it out sometime. Even when there's not an eclipse, Carhenge is actually pretty damn cool
 a robot: I forgot to bring an official RAD sticker so I drew my own on a paper plate while we were waiting for the eclipse to start!
 Scoo: @a robot I was only about 5 miles southeast of there on Monday! I thought about trying to check it out in the afternoon but didn't want to mess with trying to get an Uber or whatever :(
 El Barto: @Borkf They live amongst us, hiding in plain sight. Fear no malice or weaponry or superior intelligence; the only thing that matters is if their genitals vibrate.
 Borkf: That's one realistically fleshy looking robot hand.
 Jeannie C: And from here, onward to the Corn Palace.
 Jeannie C: Carhenge: before the centerpiece is installed.
 Skinr: Firestonehenge, where the Datsuns dwell / Where the Bentleys drive, and they drive quite well
 Whatever: The ruins of the advanced school of valet parking I presume
 Knice: Hell yeah, it is. :-D
Image 199013   08-23-17 02:54am     Uploaded by    a robot
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