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 virtualman's Aggro-Gator

 VeeKay: The Demogorgon on his day off from the Upsidedown.
Image 216409   11-20-17 2:47pm   Views: 56208   Uploaded by    virtualman
 a robot: Robot music is best music
 zrj235: i don't care what anyone says, i still like dubstep
Image 216319   11-20-17 12:09pm   Views: 58358   Uploaded by    virtualman
 DrinkMixMan: Here's a piece of advice: give backhanded compliments to the widow to lower her self-esteem during the funeral, then she'll be easier to sleep with! #dicktips
 petepuma: unsubscribe
 Dr Awkward: Instructions unclear. Dick stuck in gravesite.
 grace: This my great friends Uncle, no joke. He told me about his uncle named dick he has the same last name about two years ago and a year ago I saw a photo of him on TFM. He's been making his way around the Internet. Pretty cool to see
Image 215651   11-16-17 1:54pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 raditzu: at least it's not "your"
 mrmrmr: What did you do?
Image 215500   11-15-17 5:38pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Amy Housewine: He went THATTAWAY
 Mr. Whiskers: Have you ever seen a portal?
 jazzjunkie: Laugh if you must, but my Google Glass augmented-reality bathroom finder app is a game changer!
 Catcat: @Mr Bleak I'd rather not go there, then.
 Mr Bleak: The Green Lantern is this way.
Image 214867   11-12-17 10:09am     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Side Boob: @Felicity Now I have Captain Chaos stuck in my head :P
 Felicity: Taking a break from the Cannonball Run?
 Mr. Whiskers: Small Penises Anonymous support meeting
 Hosebag: MOVE! Get as far away from there as you possibly can.
 Nope: One of these things is not like the other...
 BlarfyB: Looks like an infestation - better call the professionals.
Image 213629   11-05-17 7:31pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Dick Inspector: There's a liiiight, over at the Frankensteins' place...
Image 212071   10-28-17 2:31pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
Cmon. Leave a comment. Don't be afraid.
Image 210672   10-21-17 01:47am     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Amy Housewine: Instructions unclear, dog caught in trousers.
 dangerkeith3000: Mr. Peanutbutter!
 Ulillillia: I guess they wear them like that.
 donhomero: Do you mean the picture or your post?
 Mr. Lizard: HA! Dogs are funny....
Image 210352   10-19-17 1:58pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Dresdenkeogh: Yeah but it's supposed to distract you from the magical non contiguous vespa
Image 210185   10-18-17 4:58pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 LurkedMoar: Crummy cookie
 Wooden Spoon: The cranky cookie
 extraordinarywoman: Monday mornings
 flowers: It looks like a grumpy faced Sackboy
 Sydney: He knows he's moments away from being eaten ... I'd be grumpy too
 goldman sachs: "oh, bite me."
Image 209744   10-16-17 12:58pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Felicity: But the text is not centred vertically within the red square
 White Rice: I'm resisting taking a screenshot where this isn't centered, just to be a jerk. I won't, but the thought was there.
 NoRagrets: *moves pop up window slightly to the left*
 Side Boob: So is your mom
 WTF: LOL, this is me IRL!
 WaffleIron: Depends heavily on platform.
 when so: Nobody. Move.
Image 206989   10-02-17 2:21pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 addend: Everything from "Om" to Ohms.
 bug: My cakra isn't going to vibrate itself, honey.
 jazzjunkie: [citation needed]
Image 206591   09-30-17 1:03pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 blablabla: Someone please photoshop the post out of this picture... It looks like the giant cat is in a corral
 Felicity: @Wooden Spoon The Cat Ranch is what Marc Maron calls his house :-)
 zrj235: my faithful steed
 raditzu: Happy cat.
 Wooden Spoon: I've heard of a cat house and a chicken ranch, but never a cat ranch.
 matos: The angle that the cat is in relation to the back fence gives the illusion that the cat is giant! Took me a second.
 Colbo Mundus: Where do you live dude? If i Lived there I'd do what moe does whole DAMN DAY.
Image 206280   09-28-17 8:58pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Jabberwikket: Smoke carrots errday
 Cami: Boss eyed bunny.
 Peter Pantsless: Easderp bunny
 Flarmie: Before I scrolled down, it looked like someone was holding a finger up to the rabbit's mouth in a "hush" gesture. That made the image a lot creepier. I'm a little disappointed it's just a carrot.
 Borkf: I don't think that's a carrot.
 Sadbot: EATER BUNY?
 Ignatius: You never go full retard.
Image 205238   09-23-17 4:09pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Yurishiro: When it absolutely, positively has to get there overnight.
Image 203283   09-13-17 7:07pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Cami: It's just a quarter! Let it go, it's not worth it!
 Rat-Butt: Quick, hide under the cushion! My wife will never fine you there...
Image 201752   09-05-17 11:55pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 LancesLeftNut: FUPA is now a FLPA
 Robespierre: There IS no good caption for this one.
Image 199120   08-23-17 5:40pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 a robot: @Scoo I'm just gonna assume your name is Macaulay then. Now and forever.
 RainbowTornado: @Scoo I have no idea who these people are
 Scoo: I share one of my names with one of these guys
 Bu7Z: Some goose... @funny in the wall
 funny in the wall: I recognize the home alone kid but who's the other nozzle?
 Teechur: Ok, let's see who gets a tattoo of that last image and posts a picture of it.
Image 199017   08-23-17 03:38am     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Mr Bleak: You have wonder what happened that this was created for "next time". But not so much that I want pictures, thanks.
 addend: Poogo stick... or unstick, probably.
 piranharama: This would make the tentacle "walking" sound effect from Day of the Tentacle!
 Dr Awkward: This is what leads to a literal shit show
 Psymon: My taco bell bathroom
Image 198406   08-20-17 12:44pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
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