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 virtualman's Aggro-Gator

 Korrok: Kinky...
 waynelord: Looks extremely malnourished
Image 253496   06-20-18 4:12pm   Views: 51913   Uploaded by    virtualman
 Wooden Spoon: @Jaunty Shrimp: and Bringing Out The Dead
 Jaunty Shrimp: Vampire's Kiss is a goddamn masterpiece, change my mind
 Ihminen: look at this declaration of independence
 ChubbyBuddy: raising arizona
 Teechur: *Nicolback
 Side Boob: I can't argue that point.
Image 253137   06-18-18 01:54am   Views: 131267   Uploaded by    virtualman
 Hokie333: Christ, why don't you just circle the entire picture?!
 WannaBee: Are you a good witch?
 Slug Wind: [nazi flag in the background]"Calgon, take them ALL AWAY!"
Image 249147   05-24-18 08:37am     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Shay: This story is brought to you by:
 Dr Awkward: @Christina That's a shitty owner.
 Christina: That's a smart dog.
 Peter Pantsless: The weird thing is that he had his own bus pass
Image 248830   05-22-18 12:07pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Dresdenkeogh: @Yurishiro @fanny 345th pic is the star "Sol" collapsing into a singularity, sucking our solar system into its infinitely dense center. FOREVER
 spydermon: @fanny I could watch that, while listening to #it's the circle of life#
 fanny: @Yurishiro 4th pic dung beetle rolling poop away FOREVER-EVER-EVER
 Social Vegan: 3rd pic(poop) FOREVER-EVER
Image 248113   05-18-18 03:37am     Uploaded by    virtualman
 antipatterns: Just high quality meth, my friends
 lecj07: Superman is about to throw them all out.
 Dr Awkward: Geology rocks.
 DrNinjaman: Your mouth without braces, age 35
 Peter Pantsless: Big Rock Candy Mountains, interior
Image 247841   05-16-18 3:07pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Supermansbrother: Two Budweiser pics in a row is bad luck. Or good luck. Luck, at least.
 Zarathustra: Dude youre picking the air.
 Dr Awkward: @Shay By definition, I'd say that yes, the guy in this picture is the kid in this picture...
 barfolomew: Also a little nippy.
 ignatz: You're only really supposed to do that with a bottle of Jack..
 Shay: Kid from #246995
Image 246995   05-11-18 3:26pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Derp Herpigan: @Yam I just saw Fargo, and no he's really not.
 FabricMan: That's Angelina Jolie. Even the hottest supermodel in the universe looks a DMV clerk when not wearing makeup
 DrNinjaman: Girls with Steve Buscemi Eyes
 Shay: Why does that photo like it came from Steve Buscemi's yearbook when he joined the young Nazi Party?
 TurkeyVulture: Who is the one that's not Donnie?
 a robot: "exactly"
 funny in the wall: Oh, come on, Steve is attractive, but not THAT attractive
 Yam: Fun Fact: Steve Buscemi is fucking beautiful on the inside.
 ignatz: SB 4 AJ 4evs
Image 245849   05-04-18 6:58pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 SpaceCow: From Troll 2, the official cookbook.
Image 245259   05-01-18 03:37am     Uploaded by    virtualman
 bug: Check your white privilege, Luigi.
 Donut: Plumber advantage
 VoR: Alphabetical smetical
 Yam: There can be only one
Image 245137   04-30-18 12:07pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Sadpygmy: Preparing the sacrifice
 Kaviri: What the fuck is up with those shoes?
 Prostata: good luck, dude. You're gonna need it.
 Shay: This yoga mat is weird.
 WTF: @Scoo @savvoy Mormon prom porn?
 Scoo: @savvoy Mormon porn
 savvoy: Mormon prom?
Image 244374   04-25-18 7:46pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 XLY: wait for escort
 Kaviri: Fuck, you Sauce!
 TheTakeDown: Instructions unclear. Used sauce as dildo.
 Amy Housewine: Fuck you, sauce.
 a robot: Must be what they use to make levels 8 and above #106813
 twisty: The katakana say Pack You Sauce, which doesn t make much more sense
Image 243268   04-19-18 01:26am     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Korrok: No! You can't make me...
Image 242365   04-13-18 3:47pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 jayjay: True story
 lazySolver: miss my mitter :/
Image 241880   04-10-18 4:58pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 crazymothaofa: Buzzy Beetle IRL
 XLY: a mini-lavos taking a nap
 Shay: I'd throw a fireball at it, but the damn shell is immune to it.
 VeeKay: and I lived on rum, I tell you. Its been meat and drink, and man and wife, to me; and if Im not to have my rum now Im a poor old hulk on a lee shore,
 WannaBee: She*s going through her goth phase.
Image 241335   04-07-18 09:40am     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Robespierre: Folds easily for storage
 Capital: Kitty looks like he doesn't approve of the plot twist on a drama hes watching...
Image 241293   04-07-18 01:37am     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Robespierre: @Teechur More like "What Dai Phuc?"
 Teechur: @Robespierre Whom do dai phuc, I wonder?
 Not A Bot: Yellow text on white background
 Bluetocracy: Irony is a wonderful thing.
 tib gubb: government.png
 jazzjunkie: Beauty of Vietnam
 Robespierre: Dai Phuc! (Look in the mirror)
 barfolomew: What? They're wearing a helmet.
Image 240058   03-30-18 3:40pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Mr Bleak: One of the four funnels on Titanic was a fake: it wouldn't have smoked. I call photoshopped.
 Smorlacks: Niceberg
 Captain Marsupial: Ice, ice, baby
Image 238820   03-23-18 01:26am     Uploaded by    virtualman
 tib gubb: "you think it is i who am stuck in the cage. in reality, it is you who are stuck out of the cage."
 Teechur: They keep asking, and I know I'm a Good Boy, but they keep putting me in this cage anyway.
 dangerkeith3000: comin' outta my cage and i'll be doin' just fine...
Image 238162   03-19-18 01:54am     Uploaded by    virtualman
 Science: Many years ago, I was a regular at the local Taco Bell. A friend and I went to a store about an hour away and decided to stop at a Taco Bell near that store. It had just opened, and the training manager was the same guy from my local place, and by the time I had reached the counter, my order was ready. It was a little embarrassing.
 danny: @well duh Agree
 well duh: FFS why do people keep making these fucking things? They are neither smart, witty, clever, or any ironic counterpart thereof. WTF. *Shakes cane at kids on lawn*
 sparename: One Christmas I got in so much shit with the ex when the local booze-shop gave me a nice bottle of wine as a gift
Image 235715   03-04-18 4:31pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
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