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 Uncle Phil

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 Uncle Phil's Aggro-Gator

 livelovebarf: Isn't the team really the Stateville Slammers?
 Mr. Shine: @Felicity After 13 hot dogs, he BECAME one!
 boomboomboom: But did he ever have to face off against the Super Shitters?
 Mr. Shine: This guy is freaking cool. I want his card.
 elmosco: Not enough Impact.
 boxboxbox: Bet he had fun at school..
Image 226082   01-10-18 7:03pm     Uploaded by    Uncle Phil
 zrj235: Look to your left. Look to your right. If you're standing between Michael and Franklin, then you're Trevor. Now smoke meth and steal a forklift.
 Not A Bot: sugar free, so you pay nothing
 sparenamelaptopdied: @Felicity My first 'proper' job was steam-cleaning trucks at age 16, usually just jetting-off caked oil and grime underneath old, knackered things for yearly inspections but sometimes we got to de-wax brand new ones... luxury coaches too, though we had to stop the muddy guard-dogs from trying to get into those
 huskyboy: @sparenamelaptopdied I bet brand-new, fresh-off-the-assembly-line garbage trucks are an amazing thing to behold
 zoe: Nice old cars in background
 sparenamelaptopdied: everything was new, once
 Bumbo Lungys: It is even in my favorite colour! I'll take it!
Image 226076   01-10-18 6:31pm     Uploaded by    Uncle Phil
No comments yet.
Image 226043   01-10-18 3:31pm     Uploaded by    Uncle Phil
 Borb Prembus: ... and you'll notice that they are downstairs from "LIsbon Counseling Associates,"a dvertising "licensed clinical social workers."
 DrinkMixMan: for more information please re-read the notice
 annterland: Don't be a narc
 drtofu: It's a tax registration sticker
 Science: @Teechur: You can! Just go into politics.
 Whatever: Brought to you by small government Republicans
 a sedated moose: Can confirm. This useless notice is real.
 Teechur: Why can't I be the guy who invented something useless that is illegal not to have?
 dobbiesdoogs: i have a migraine now
Image 128501   08-30-16 02:54am     Uploaded by    Uncle Phil
 KL1NGON: Let it go...
Image 113109   06-14-16 8:09pm     Uploaded by    Uncle Phil
 KickassHellyeah: pictured: why software developers hate marketers with a passion.
 Porm Munties: Ah yes, Yep, that's how I do it.
Image 88227   03-05-16 5:47pm     Uploaded by    Uncle Phil
 Coolguy: Technically ET was in the country illegally
 fridaynight: something trump
 Darkasnoon: Something something rednecks something something illegal aliens.
Image 88207   03-05-16 3:47pm     Uploaded by    Uncle Phil
 Niels Bohr: Caution: if you get stuck playing with a friend, two asians weighing 55kg Will befuddle you from behind
 Unicorn: @Angry Lobster Yeah, but not very well, if the two on the inside are any indication.
 redmonkey3: Sharpies change the world again...
 Air Biscuit: Hrnnnnng, arrrghhhh
 redmonkey3: Sharpies change the world again...
 Angry Lobster: Judgjing by their facial expressions, this operation involves buttsecks.
 CuriouSir: seriously? 4 people? I lift bags of flour by myself at work that are 20 kg, and those are nothing.
 duckfarts: @windmill78 looks like your friends are putting their junk in your box
 windmill78: 1. cut a hole in a box, 2. put your junk in that box, 3. get your friends to join in?
Image 87641   03-03-16 01:47am     Uploaded by    Uncle Phil
 Fishy: WILLLLL!!!!
 jon do: username / image combo
Image 75814   01-10-16 10:47pm     Uploaded by    Uncle Phil
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