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 Ulillillia's Aggro-Gator

 San DoDo: Well, I am on a highway, who's gonna get me there
 Lestrange: Been there.
 Scoo: Duckhorn, whoo-hoo
Image 155346   01-09-17 12:31pm     Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 ottorongo: jesus, too fat to be santa?
 whiplash: No presents next year for you, jerk!
 DrinkMixMan: Haha, got him
Image 154949   01-07-17 09:27am     Uploaded by    lizzz
 Jotun: @questionable I've been laughing at your comment for the past hour. good work
 hearsegirl: Where's that goddamned 9 3/4s? I'm going to kick his ass this time!
 Skaalar: @questionable If I could actually wake up hungry, I'd probably start too...
 ignatz: The Misery Line south to Morden
 whiplash: Off-duty Santa and elf.
 whiplash: Bigfoot sighting!
 questionable: looks like Gandalf's really been taking advantage of those second breakfasts
 SomeCanadian: Mind the Gap of Rohan.
 tritium: You shall not use an expired pass!
 gary: Mind the happy between the train and Mt Doom
 duckfarts: so you've hiked here from the shire and OH MY GOD YOUR FEET YOU MUST BE TIRED AS HELL
Image 154528   01-05-17 03:07am     Uploaded by    lizzz
 Frank herbert: Or a ad case of jaundice
 Frank herbert: Leggings match
 Ulillillia: Na na na, la la la
 Dresdenkeogh: Meseeks seeking seekmees
Image 154098   01-02-17 11:03pm     Uploaded by    Mr. Butt
 Dick Inspector: Is this Burning Man or something?
 Radstarboom: Ha HA! We photo-shopped Mrs. Santa Clause's nipples on Santa! Image-bot didn't catch it at all!
 whiplash: How do you like my candy-cane hammock?
 Ulillillia: Saving this for later
 Peach: #I caught Santa Claus Kissing Santa Claus, underneath the mistletoe last night#
 Lestrange: @WaffleIron Read your comment and felt compelled to rad.
 Lestrange: @WaffleIron Read your comment and felt compelled to rad.
 LaeMi: AustralianXmas.jpg
 WaffleIron: This is not my beautiful north pole.
Image 153548   12-31-16 03:49am     Uploaded by    myrealname
 Hiddentigerma: TUB CAKES BY TUB GIRL.
 a robot: A full bathtub? That's a fuck ton of bathtub cake.
 Scoo: I've been looking for a new recipe for urinal cakes
 tritium: Credit should go to Sean Tejaratchi, of LiarTownUSA.
 TFChicken: Wait til you see the toilet pie
 Peter Pantsless: @WaffleIron Talk about the Hershey squirts!
 Knice: TubCakes is my dancing name.
 WaffleIron: It's the toilet dessert series that scares me.
Image 153466   12-30-16 6:47pm     Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 a robot: This is RAD and this is SAD
 Dresdenkeogh: It's bad luck to open an umbrella inside, Gene.
Image 153217   12-29-16 2:47pm     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Peach: A uniquely bad-ass woman from start to finish.
 Teechur: @a robot @Peter Pantsless She was my wife's idol and my crush when we were kids. We both cried today.
 Peter Pantsless: @a robot Always one of my favorites. She was always so vibrant; even, no, especially recently. Got a great image in the pipe. Was glitched out (not rejected) earlier. Hopefully it'll take this time
 ClockworkJackalope: It was as if a million voices cried out...
 a robot: @Peter Pantsless I honestly cried when I heard the news today, and I really don't think I've EVER cried about a famous person's death before. She was very special.
 Peter Pantsless: This one hit me pretty hard. She was only 60, and she was JUST in a blockbuster movie (looked good in it, too). I guess we're getting old
Image 152909   12-27-16 10:54pm     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 ASTER: @Science Yeah, that's it.
 Entertainmentalist: The title of this album was somehow prophetic. :'(
 Science: @ASTER: What's the worst one? For me, it's "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time." Musically, it's the laziest song ever.
 Robespierre: @Jaunty Shrimp: Only the good ... oh, never mind.
 Lestrange: *2016 intensifies*
 SomeCanadian: I'll think of him every time I expose myself ina public restroom.
 a robot: I screamed "WHAT!!" at my phone yesterday when I read the news. Where's that 71-gallon box o' dicks we used to have laying around? I need to give it to 2016 again.
 ASTER: George Michael was cool enough that I still like him even after making the second worst Christmas song on Earth.
 Dreforian: Every Christmas is Last Christmas :(
 Scoo: Wake me up before you go-go :(
 DrinkMixMan: Wake me up before you ho-ho
 Jaunty Shrimp: Shock, sadness, tears. Too young.
Image 152608   12-26-16 2:03pm     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Aemuli: It's ok - I heard Santa say that work will set us free!
 Wet farts: Can we have off on Christmas? NO! NO! NO!
Image 151192   12-19-16 11:26am     Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 Bluetocracy: Ankh society got old a long time ago. There's no need to get upset about anything anymore. Why? because we're all fucked. So, why worry?
 Meow: Jesus Beth, even Silvia Plath cracked a smile every now and then
 trelyate: this is the butthorniest butthorn yet
 Warrax: Classic indeed.
 Peach: Beth, if you're reading this, please let me get you high.
 Theta Zero: Wait, this isn't an edit?
 DrinkMixMan: Classic Beth
 Scoo: Sleeptighthorn
Image 150900   12-17-16 9:03pm     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Wookiee: There was some weird shit in old comic books.
 AverageJoe: Superman was Santa Claus all along? on second thought, that was the only reasonable explanation
 Scoo: @a robot We've tried nothing, and we're all out of ideas!
 Scoo: Supermasseur
 a robot: Also, is this the The University of Minnesota Spankalogical Protocol in action?
 a robot: See below image
Image 150329   12-14-16 11:26pm     Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
 petepuma: autorad
 Zukero: Looks like Rick Astley to me.
 jazzjunkie: @BILL DOOR Ah ha! Now I understand why you type in all caps :-D
 Peter Pantsless: Jeeze, back to back memorial images. This really has been a bad year
 a robot: @BILL DOOR We know you're not bad, but can't you take away someone we DISLIKE for once? There are still 17 days left of the year, you could still redeem 2016!
 Ulillillia: Show me that smile again
 Nope: RIP :(
Image 150318   12-14-16 10:26pm     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 msmstud: Uncanny.
 whiplash: Down the street from Discountt Ditche.
 Bluetocracy: It's missing Vallw and Vallx.
 Peter Pantsless: Discount English *ding*
Image 150302   12-14-16 8:54pm     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 addend: Open swim is over.
 TurkeyVulture: Whoa. Tiger Sharks.
 Lestrange: I always find less is more when it comes to tigers. Miedo al mximo!
 Cami: We're safe in the boat...why does that one have an auger?
 Cami: @Erebus We're gonna need a bigger laser pointer.
 Peach: @Erebus I'm sure there's a Syfy original movie in the works.
 SomeCanadian: Murder floof is pretty floof
 fanny: awe kitty i wish you weren't so bitey
 Erebus: Jaws would be 20% more awsome if it were like this.
 ignatz: Come on in, the water's lovely
Image 149584   12-11-16 08:07am     Uploaded by    Baby Jesus
 tib gubb: best advice i've gotten all day
 SpaceCow: "Love is known to the state of California to cause cancer in laboratory mice."
 Skaalar: I would need to the ability to fall in love first.
 Greek Fire: Now why would I lie?
 Beeble: Door knows what it's talking about.
 Hiddentigerma: So how am I supposed to waste my time?
 Sadbot: Ok, now what?
 SomeCanadian: And mind the gap.
 Ulillillia: Love cuts just like a knife, woo woo
Image 148777   12-07-16 05:47am     Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 SunWukong: I LIKE BUTTHORN!!!
 NoRagrets: @Knice I wear my AG shirt to work but I've only gotten one comment. They thought it was some obscure political reference to who I voted for president.
 DrinkMixMan: where can i get a butthorn t-shirt
 dobbiesdoogs: @duckfarts everything's gonna let you down
 tib gubb: Sometimes I too like to broadcast my fondness for thing.
 duckfarts: she's the beth around
 jochenau: I used to buy ThinkGeek shirts until I realized that they mostly invite comments from old ladies who don't understand what they mean.
 Theta Zero: You put a bunch of words it in like a real webcomic, too. Good job.
 Scoo: Thinghorn
 Knice: I have an AG pin on my skate bag & I'm waiting for someone to notice.
 Warrax: I have this same problem! It's like she reads my diary or something.
 guest: i dig your style beth. if you're out there
 Peach: Aggro-gator royalty, at this point.
 NoRagrets: Awww yiss. Mutha. Fuckin. Butthorn.
 fanny: @dobbiesdoogs haha i read that as shithorn and i was gonna say "aren't they all?"
 dobbiesdoogs: shirthorn
Image 149092   12-08-16 7:09pm     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 mrwiffler: A young T-1000.
 whiplash: In fact, if my car's speed drops below 50 miles per hour, a bomb will go off.
 illBilliam: Moving... always moving...
 Sadbot: I looked up report of the week, and apparently he does reviews of crappy out of his car
 Ulillillia: Here in my car, I feel safest of all
Image 146929   11-27-16 10:44pm     Uploaded by    aristocat
 Beef Supreme: Rad for Butthorn.
 Borkf: Fashionhorn
 a sedated moose: @Bluetocracy the 12 cats are MANDATORY.
 Mr. Butt: RIP in Peace, Beth
 grizzly: I was starting to worry that Beth had ended it all.
 RiderFan: To complete the atrocious fashion ensemble: leggings. *gags on vomit while writing that last word*
 Bluetocracy: I suppose the 12 cats don't count as accessories?
 jochenau: It probably sounds weird but I really like blankets. They're very soothing.
 Warrax: The Original and still the champion.
 Peach: This is pretty bleak, even for butthorn.
Image 147396   11-30-16 08:47am     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 AverageJoe: respect my fursona
 sparename: Just like Brighton Pier - there's no ballroom
 Ulillillia: Fake. No furry is that thin.
 Peter Pantsless: Lafcadio cleans up nicely
 Warrax: Being part lion really doesn't make up for the lack of an ACTION ZONE on those pants.
 Peach: Lee, the preferred brand of furries.
Image 147110   11-28-16 8:47pm     Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
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