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 Ulillillia's Aggro-Gator

 antipatterns: Radical Catholic Juggalo Communist Flurries are the vanguard of the revolution
 BavidDowie: Welcome to Rut-Inn
 Winterneuro: @Wooden Spoon Teaching sociology of deviance
 Wooden Spoon: @Winterneuro: where does one get a job teaching about Furries?
 Nothing: Cute!
 Prostata: it cracks me up how much time furries and bronies spend trying to convince people it's not all about being a fetish.
 Winterneuro: Im not a furry, just teach about them. Sex, while part of the culture, aint the focus. But its the sex parts that give them a bad name. You want to be grossed out by grown men on costumes? Try visiting a Brony convention.
 itskando: We're pro-buns too.
 Amy Housewine: "Yes, we have a reservation for the honeymoon suite'"
Image 234252   02-24-18 12:47pm   Views: 27605   Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Wooden Spoon: Louis CK quote in a less repugnant package.
 Sadbot: @antipatterns Communes communes communes! ACKK!
 Felicity: What?
 fanny: @fanny haha nope i guess we can say that one
 fanny: @fanny or cunt?
 fanny: @jochenau yeah we can't say beautiful people either
 antipatterns: I like Anarcho-Primitivist Cathy
 jochenau: @jochenau A switcherino even purples cannot defy? 'TIS MADNESS
 jochenau: These comics do not show appropriate respect for the Mother of Cathy.
 Shay: ACK!!!!
 Amy Housewine: Does your girlfriend like candles and kindness? There's every chance that she might, yes.
 Robespierre: Chatty Cathy's too chatty.
Image 233737   02-21-18 3:31pm   Views: 110872   Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 glenalec: It's more a trend than a certainty.
 a robot: I LIKE......CATHYHORN!
 WTF: Russian bots influencing the 2018 election.
 Yurishiro: half of them OD anyway
 Zukero: I have to disagree. I know a few counterexamples. Although most of them are ending up poor.
Image 233657   02-21-18 02:26am   Views: 113885   Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Yurishiro: MYY LEEEEG
 Mr. Shine: "Death from above!!"
 bug: The first rule of Cat Fight Club is not to talk about Cat Fight Club.
 Side Boob: Kung Fu Hustle
Image 233589   02-20-18 6:54pm   Views: 132833   Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 barfolomew: Oh, I don't know how, but we majorly fucked up somewhere.
 Mr. Shine: *carefully puts down open tuna can, backs away."
 ignatz: I, for one, will be in favour of our new cat overlords
 ignatz: Are we being softened up for some kind of major cat takeover or something?
Image 233588   02-20-18 6:47pm   Views: 139527   Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Aaron Spacemuseum: Rad for this @Christina
 sparenamelaptopdied: Are they all related, perchance?
 Ulillillia: Won't you take me down, to BILL DOOR town
 Christina: Is it Aoshima?
 DrNinjaman: #233369 left the faucet on
 karmakat: did the fishers came back yet?
 Yurishiro: "All aboard the friendly spaceship!"
 Yurishiro: Internet dock is pretty busy today
 barfolomew: In this town, a glass of water is never allowed to remain upright.
 Peter Pantsless: Ah, dang, my aunt left her door open again
 ignatz: Gonna need more stockings..
Image 233517   02-20-18 10:26am   Views: 134997   Uploaded by    Ulillillia
No one else has dared to comment. Will you?
Image 233478   02-20-18 02:26am   Views: 137865   Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Felicity: @teletub The pants look nineties. Plus it has a pleasingly non-Photoshop look
 a robot: Nice modesty hair strands
 deeeeeeeez: Taaaaaaake on meeeeeee....
 teletub: How old is this?
 sparename: A-Ha
 ignatz: Pepperoni! Thank you my love..
 glenalec: vv Would be mine too, but I can't paint/draw for nix!
 glenalec: Every Deviant Art poster's dream.
Image 233403   02-19-18 6:03pm   Views: 164975   Uploaded by    au bon pain
 savvoy: One of things things is not like the others
 El hefe: The Scottish did it first Norway
 sparename: It's too, too, cold for this
 Warrax: No more I love yous.
 Robespierre: Shuffling Off to Buffalo ... in February, no less
 zrj235: let it go
 fanny: Frozen 2 looks pretty awesome
Image 233049   02-17-18 6:36pm     Uploaded by    Colbo Mundus
 carpwoman: Hi pretty kitteh.
 Mr. Shine: Enhance, enhance,
 a robot: Is this your cat @Ulillillia? This looks like a nice kitty :3
Image 232972   02-17-18 08:47am     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 a sedated moose: HI BETH! MISSED YOU!
 WTF: Scaredyhorn
Image 232941   02-17-18 02:26am     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Amy Housewine: I like the 80s hip-hop arm-fold in the first panel.
 Annoying Vegan : @FabricMan Two plastic knives?
 Side Boob: Step 1) Be a cop
 Amy Housewine: This is surely how to get away without murder.
 FabricMan: In panels 2 and 3, he's subconsciously pointing to the REAL way to get away with murder
Image 230648   02-04-18 07:37am     Uploaded by    horny horn
 tib gubb: just kidding. cats are nice. but they can be egregious assholes
 tib gubb: cats aren't nice
 FireBreathingMarmot: Funded by cats.
 dangerkeith3000: FAKE NEWS
 Side Boob: @Korrok BILL DOOR
 Korrok: Where did this come from.
 Robespierre: ... but they rarely show it.
 Zukero: Peer reviews conclude study is flawed with extreme confirmation bias.
 apoxia: Wow, they must have done a functional MRI study to have finally confirmed it. Nothing is real until some part of the brain "lights up".
 Amy Housewine: First three words need to be all-caps. Re-do immediately.
 Psymon: As long as you keep them well stocked with tuna
 Teechur: Hey! Charge your cat!
 Nope: They finally published my paper!
Image 230247   02-01-18 11:31pm     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Robespierre: Lose the dumb lyrics and this is way cool.
 tokyopig: Mfw she says she's got a pen, a pineapple, and an apple but no second pen.
 Ulillillia: Someone's cheetin'
 DrinkMixMan: Yeah, I get hella hungry for gazelles
Image 230069   01-31-18 11:40pm     Uploaded by    Rent A Dog
 Fiveninety: sometimes i wonder if certain stores get some kinda special deep discount on thermal paper
Image 229175   01-26-18 10:47pm     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Mr. Shine: I dig Beth and her blobs.
 Amy Housewine: Oh Beth. Will you ever win.
 BavidDowie: My lovely lady lumps
 Warrax: I'm honored to have witnessed this historic moment.
 addend: "...but I'm not sure."
 Beeble: Blobhorn.
Image 228996   01-25-18 10:54pm     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Whatever: I can see why they let the last one go
 DarkTeddy: Malevich when he hits up MS paint
 Mexico: Is graphic design your passion?
Image 227881   01-19-18 11:47pm     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Science: @funny in the wall: Couldn't say, though a few weeks without shouldn't be an issue, unless you ate like two pounds of cheese. If I had to take a pill to eat cheese, I would do it in a heartbeat. Cheese is wonderful.
 funny in the wall: @Science i might try it as an experiment. but if i have to take pills to eat something, i'd rather not eat it (or eat it rarely). Then again, people who don't eat meat for a few years get sick from the first time they eat it. Would you consider that intolerance?
 Science: @funny in the wall: I would say intolerance. Take one of those dairy pills prior to eating cheese and see if it changes anything.
 Spazstatic: @apoxia username/comment combo!
 funny in the wall: @sparenamelaptopdied I've done that and the results were inconclusive: the first couple of times there was accidental cheese in my food after 5-6 weeks of abstaining, I felt a bit ill. But after that, I could eat it occasionally and feel fine. And, as usual, chronic consumption seemed to give me some discomfort. Is that mild intolerance or just more cheese than a human being should consume? I can't say.
 Scoo: Get you a man whose colon smell you can tolerate
 apoxia: Can't breathe...too hilarious!
 glenalec: Can't drink soy milk these days for a similar reason :-/
 Robespierre: Open minded; I'll tell you hwut.
 Mr. Butt: They know.
 sparenamelaptopdied: Trying to avoid dairy at the mo to see if I have an intolerance, unfortunately this means that instead of butter or cheese I'm using a lot of mayo. Nice, egg-based mayo.. My colon is no bouquet of roses, I can tell ya!
Image 227214   01-16-18 4:03pm     Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Robespierre: "Chances arrrrre ... though I wear a silly grin ... whenever you come into vyoooooo..."
 ignatz: Everything is NOT better with googly eyes..
 Yurishiro: Bet it smells great in there
 addend: You can tell the cat is ashamed.
 Felicity: I want people to look at me with rapt attention while I stand around in a bathrobe holding a cat
 Felicity: @Shay He still has at least one fan
 White Rice: @Shay that may be true, but the fact that hes losing it & posting everything online (or through his kids posting for him) makes it all the more entertaining.
 Shay: The Iron Sheik is losing it.
Image 227054   01-15-18 7:23pm     Uploaded by    Uncle Larry
 glenalec: That's rather unethical, now I think of it. They are an endangered genetic population.
 bbbrandon: @glenalec Same here
 glenalec: @Scoo - but only the most deadpan ones
 Scoo: Also made from real Canadians!!
 addend: Dang, ruined her St. Patrick's Day.
Image 226901   01-14-18 11:05pm     Uploaded by    Unicorn
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