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 twisty's Aggro-Gator

 Not A Bot: Yeah, well they take advantage of sweatshop labor so it all kind of washes out.
 KingTrebek: Wow. Pure evil.
 dobbiesdoogs: and i thought i was psychotic for eating the ears off first
 Scoo: Nougat the entire site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure
 sparename: "You wascawwy aywien"
Image 256887   07-11-18 6:26pm   Views: 132299   Uploaded by    twisty
 tib gubb: unhand me!
 addend: "Get your hand off my house!"
 Spazstatic: :D
Image 255319   07-02-18 12:03pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 Wooden Spoon: Taking the bup to the new IHOB
 Warrax: *bump
 Fiveninety: should be bup stos
 sparename: Yup, the bup stops here
Image 254635   06-27-18 7:45pm     Uploaded by    twisty
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Image 253559   06-20-18 11:58pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 a robot: Christopher is like 45 years old now
 Spazstatic: I thought this was an office "going away" card except for the mom and dad part, and yellow text.
 Knice: @Not A Bot wat
 Not A Bot: Life was grand before the ESRB.
Image 251738   06-08-18 11:26pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 redmonkey3: @Peter Pantsless - one bag each of apples and beef jerky; they were easy
 Mad Collager:
 DrinkMixMan: "Yep, that's me. I bet you're wondering how I got in this situation..."
 Mad Collager: You came to the WRONG neih-borhood, motherf...!
 Peter Pantsless: My girlfriend...and my best friend!? How could you?
Image 250668   06-02-18 1:37pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 Robespierre: Joint custody
 TurkeyVulture: No Seseme, all street.
 Teechur: We get, you v... uh... yeah, whatever you're doing.
Image 250302   05-31-18 07:47am     Uploaded by    twisty
 Scoo: I remember this HyperCard stack!
 DrNinjaman: M-M-M-Max Headroom!
Image 249246   05-24-18 9:41pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 VeeKay: *Exasperated 'pfft' of humour*
 ThoughtlessGentleman: i love handies. but seriously they invaded? isnt that a little strong?
 Musician: So, just what all is involved in the field of cattle artificial insemination?
 Whatever: Obviously checking out the options in strip clubs, adult bookstores, and other places that pay better and are cooler than McDonalds.
Image 248087   05-18-18 12:03pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 itskando: ** flow
 itskando: She let his hatred for through her
 Callahan: @dangerkeith3000 I will probably never do it but I find your suggestion helpful, thanks.
 dangerkeith3000: Remember to squeeze at the sides of the neck to hamper blood flow, yet allow free passage of air thru the larynx.
 barfolomew: David Carradine: apparently a millennial.
 Micro Jackson: Yeah that is so 2016
 hajjpodge: I only engage in mutual choking.
Image 247643   05-15-18 11:40am     Uploaded by    twisty
 Telkwa: Diggin' that sweet Air Con.
Image 247245   05-13-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 savvoy: The fields of Lilliputia
 gulpeg: I love the rolling English countryside.
 Korrok: Korrok approves.
 Micro Jackson: Guess them stones do not roll much
Image 241680   04-09-18 12:37pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 Wooden Spoon: @dobbiesdoogs: same
 grizzly: @dobbiesdoogs tweek
 San DoDo: Trust fall exercise, never again
 Robespierre: Levitation IS freaky.
 Ulillillia: Why do cats show off their soft bellies if they don't want us to touch them :(
 sparename: Ultimate carpet slug
 tib gubb: the fearsome predator lies in waiting
 dobbiesdoogs: time to go to sleep...shit, i started thinking about how easy it could have been that none of this ever existed...just a few thousand miles closer to the sun, thinner atmosphere, weaker magnetic field, and all that means no trees, no birds, no dinosaurs, no pyramids, no lovely autumn days, no honda civics or calvin and hobbes comics, no wizard of oz or dairy queen, and oh god it's all an accident we're all just a big cosmic accident riding around on a rock and it could all end tomorrow by an errant gamma ray or an ill-advised tweet or who knows what and then it's going to be oblivion forever and ever and no one will ever know any of this was ever here or that i was ever here so am i really actually here and fuck fuck fuck
Image 241387   04-07-18 4:58pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 Dresdenkeogh: Doggo take the handlebars
 Warrax: Dog is my copilot.
 VeeKay: *Nods* Man's best friend
Image 241170   04-06-18 09:40am     Uploaded by    twisty
 Mr. Shine: Ha ha, woo!
 Shay: Hulk Hogan did it better.
 Derp Herpigan: Will Smill Smith.
Image 240590   04-02-18 8:07pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 Kaviri: Donut really want to Hurts me?
 Fursona: Hurts Yes Donut
 BavidDowie: Is hurts donut a chain?
 Mr. Shine: *still no
Image 240268   03-31-18 8:58pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 Greifer: they look hard to swallow
 Dr. Bathroom: Best part of the Fun Dip, in my opinion.
 tib gubb: consequences? what are those?
 BavidDowie: Valentine's Fun-Dip?
 bug: Are those suppositories?
Image 239063   03-24-18 2:54pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 Wooden Spoon: Fun fact, in Novascotia Canada Polish jokes are Newfoundlander jokes
 DrNinjaman: Should be a loop for maximum recycling efficiency.
 Uncle Phil: Why is the toilet leg hairy?
 VoR: Paper cuts ensue
 fatman: Not only barf-worthy gross but also bad design.
 dangerkeith3000: It needs a Pusher-Upper to get into the dark crevasses. Otherwise, ok.
 when so: This is how you get rolls of recycled toilet paper
 Knice: Comfortable but shitty mileage.
Image 238984   03-24-18 01:07am     Uploaded by    twisty
 well duh: Unfortunately, this happens regularly with large horned or antlered animals; reindeer are especially susceptible.
 carpwoman: Oh, come on.
 XLY: lucky guy
 lolnotrly: What the fuck is this real?
 Not A Bot: Still less nonsensical than colours for terrorism.
 Robespierre: Said he wasn't into butting heads...
 tib gubb: you got your ingrown nails, then you got this. yikes.
 Scoo: Username/upload combo!
 raditzu: product of evolution... yet not so intelligent design
 Greifer: EVOLUTION!
 champeen: Sad :-(
Image 238024   03-18-18 07:40am     Uploaded by    twisty
 Ironass: Huh, strange practice of naming food at work. Yesterday I had a tuna salad sandwich named Steve.
 Knice: @Ulillillia Well, I do ... sometimes.
 UltraBeverly: Black stainless steel bad at hiding passive-aggressive taped on messages: not good my friend.
 wordjones: Lunch. It is for the weak.
 Ulillillia: @Knice No one comes between a man and his corn.
 jochenau: @Knice It sounds like they might not need any more practice than they already have.
 Knice: Some harassment training might be in order.
Image 237813   03-16-18 11:47pm     Uploaded by    twisty
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