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 tib gubb

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 tib gubb's Aggro-Gator

 Science: Wingless bat
 LKoroton: Domesticated chupacabra
 Yam: Keanureeveswhoa.gif
 tib gubb: copilot with enhanced sonic distinguishers
Image 265353   09-02-18 07:46am     Uploaded by    drhenry
 Rev80: Unfortunately, the lady behind him could totally smell what the Rock was cooking...
 Ihminen: Now someone upload this so it can have this and the white watermark both there
 Ulillillia: Always wondered what happened to the little green guy on the watermark.
 cenecia: I'm sorry sir, guns are not permitted on Splash Mountain.
 professorpig: who's that dude in the back?
 Micro Jackson: The slide into mediocrity continues
 wolfpk: Rad for roids
 Knice: Rad for the watermark.
Image 185421   06-15-17 2:31pm     Uploaded by    tib gubb
 Dresdenkeogh: @mrwiffler this porn is pretty fly
 Headoftheclass: Unfortunately, I've seen bikers do this. I mean, having sex on a motorcycle while screaming down the highway at 75 mph, not having sex on my car.
 tib gubb: + for attitude
 mrwiffler: Fly porn. Awesome!
Image 145189   11-19-16 04:07am     Uploaded by    Brain
 crudites: What's a motherfucker gonna do, he's samoan.
 Janston: I didn't choose the corporate life, the corporate life chose me.
 Firm Buttocks: You still wouldn't argue with him
 Kohapi: The Rock ate what the Rock's cookin.
 Hydraxion: The Rock, back when he was but a pebble
 VoR: Aw yiss, photo taking time...
Image 120022   07-19-16 07:06am     Uploaded by    redpeepee
 questionable: congrats on a joke review that's actually less funny than the movie
 hapi papi: Seems legit.
Image 114221   06-20-16 08:37am     Uploaded by    violentwrath
 Pineapple: @Kohapi I never got why people set those things just anywhere and handle them like they didn't just slosh around a filthy toilet
 ssignature: if you're brave enough
 Frank herbert: Oh shit.
 Kohapi: I.......wouldn't touch that.
Image 113998   06-19-16 02:37am     Uploaded by    GoodSir
 jem: I feel bloated
 Micro Jackson: Enough with the "puffin'" jokes, already!
 SomeCanadian: @shitshow LoL, I was about to go for that joke too.
 duckfarts: bird and his waifu
 shitshow: so I squawks to Mabel, I squawks..
 Peter Pantsless: "So, sports, right?" "Correct. Sports."
 Wet farts: IMPOSTER!
 A duck: "So then I was all, and then she was all, and then he was all, OMG you know what I mean so anyway then I was all..."
 willowsprite: You're not my real mom!
Image 113582   06-17-16 12:47pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 Jeannie C: I've always had trouble knowing what to say, but this cheat sheet should help.
 thratchen: if you read the result of each checkbox in turn, it tells a sad story.
 Flabbergahst: All the checkboxes is mine!
 Air Biscuit: Language
 Warezlock: Fuck the dandy at the top of the pic with the plastic pants?
 MassDefect: Fuck me?
 Dr. Bathroom: @duckfarts FUCK AND DIE... Is a metaphor for life.
 xylophone: I rode your girlfriend, too
 ThatGuy: What the fuck and the horse you rode in on.
 duckfarts: i think you need a separate card for the horse; it's only polite
 duckfarts: FUCK AND DIE
 Nope: Fuck me, the man, and die
Image 95946   04-06-16 11:00pm     Uploaded by    annterland
 Skaalar: Fancy pigeon contests are secretly hilarious
 trumpet: roly loly @Xeno
 Micro Jackson: Ah yisssssssssss
 StuporFly: Ugh... more unrealist body images for chicks to have to deal with.
 Frank herbert: LaFerrari 360 modena
 Xeno: @dobbiesdoogs And playoff legs.
 dobbiesdoogs: real birds have curves
Image 95949   04-06-16 11:09pm     Uploaded by    Jaunty Shrimp
 Fugative: you have perked my interest and i would like to sign up for your newsletter
 steve: Way too much effort for a dollar bill.
 Catcat: not much money, so it seems
Image 95988   04-07-16 03:37am     Uploaded by    superfudge
 CrustyDusty: This never would have happened if they had unleashed the AGGRO-GATOR instead.
 SomeCanadian: Credit the author. Perry Bible Fellowship rocks.
 Coolguy: Good dog
Image 84210   02-17-16 10:00am     Uploaded by    tib gubb
 tiffany: i didn't think it was that bad.
Image 78365   01-22-16 10:03pm     Uploaded by    tib gubb
 jadensmith: And vaccines, you forgot vaccines.
 HermwoodLitmajor: Well yeah, but I mean you could say that about anything
 heck: Not Oregon Trail
 Meow: Walker Texas Ranger got really preachy
Image 57706   10-07-15 4:17pm     Uploaded by    tib gubb
 mcnugglesworth: Oh, this brings back memories of my childhood and those "childrens" cartoons I probably shouldn't have been watching
 Science: He's TOAST-A-RIFIC!
 eider: Quick, man! Cling tenaciously to my buttocks!
 hosehorse: Powdered Toast Man!!! "Will evil never rest? I hope not!"
Image 57421   10-06-15 12:32pm     Uploaded by    tib gubb
 Skinr: macho, macho man
 eider: Poor Harold.
 TheFrogMan: Gettin Laid
Image 57190   10-04-15 5:58pm     Uploaded by    tib gubb
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