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 Spazstatic's Aggro-Gator

 Spazstatic: Don't* phone also wanted "bye" instead of "byte", but I caught that one.
 Spazstatic: Some be such a basic byte.
 Jabberwikket: Hey, get that guy that mastered the blockchain maybe he can help
 dangerous dave: You have died of dysentery.
 WaffleIron: No worries, the operating system is in ROM.
 tib gubb: ooh, snap
 dobbiesdoogs: oh no, my floppy!
Image 193033   07-23-17 9:44pm   Views: 24279   Uploaded by    doindabs
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Image 192834   07-22-17 9:09pm   Views: 54493   Uploaded by    god666
 Mr Bleak: I never knew baby Rhino were that cute!
 Spazstatic: #189736
 Spazstatic: Mafia!
 Scoo: Asshole of the Month
 RiderFan: Jim Carrey did it better.
Image 190019   07-08-17 5:44pm     Uploaded by    seahawks
 Peter Pantsless: "Hello, world!"
 Vinochet: Mom, can I go out and play with Billy?
 copunter: sounded like it was coming from the barn... now it sounds like it's out here. weird
 Spazstatic: I remember Mafia!
 ottorongo: ooh! a pushmepullme!
 sparename: "Sod childbirth - I think I left the oven on..."
 WTF: Organic life is gross!
 Aemuli: You wanna buy some weed?
 San DoDo: Sup
 ChubbyBuddy: my upstairs neighbor is a huge asshole
 duckfarts: Ace Ventura?
 NoRagrets: Quaid!
 Mr. Butt: Start the reactor
 Meow: peekaboo
 Scoo: OH HAI!
 Knice: Hide-and-seek master, right there.
Image 189736   07-07-17 07:37am     Uploaded by    genius
 Mad Collager: @DrinkMixMan I'd be worried if you said, "Yum yum yum".
 DrinkMixMan: @Mad Collager Yuk yuk yuk
 Mad Collager: @Teechur I suppos that's a good idea.
 Teechur: Have you tried a laxative?
Image 189857   07-07-17 8:41pm     Uploaded by    Slug Wind
 dangerkeith3000: Grab 'em by the p**** .....(cat)
Image 187767   06-27-17 10:47am     Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Liar tuck: @Sage indeed
 Robespierre: Youth indoctrination ... into WHAT? The Scarfolk skin cult?
 kornisjon: If I could go anywhere it time, it would be Scarfolk, July 4-6, 1978.
 Shay: I could definitely see these band names popping up again for a music fest this summer.
 scribbs: Strangely Normal is my dancin' name.
 Sage: Colonel Shrimp Phantom... is my dancing name.
 fanny: I read "arrogant sandwiches" as "aggronaut sandwiches"
 Scoo: These remind me of all the band names Chris Pratt's character goes through in Parks and Recreation
Image 187228   06-24-17 4:26pm     Uploaded by    Mr Shifty
 El hefe: How Ed Wood did it
 dangerkeith3000: The truth is out there.
 responsibleadult: I want to believe.
 Felicity: UFO caught on tape
 Knice: The Friendly Spaceship before Patreon.
Image 186978   06-23-17 10:37am     Uploaded by    AFanOfSprite
 Micro Jackson: I seen some shit
 Knice: Post-Traumatic Stress Disborkfer
Image 186997   06-23-17 1:08pm     Uploaded by    trees
 SpaceCow: "I'll get you Gadget. Next time!"
 a robot: WHY I OUGHTA....
 tib gubb: this kibble, it is missing that certain something. i want the person responsible for this kibble to have a very bad night...
 piranharama: "L'mao."
 Ihminen: *meows in an italian accent*
Image 186330   06-20-17 01:37am     Uploaded by    Callahan
 gary: Lordi
 Mr. Shine: Ugh, I read this in his voice.
 Beef Supreme: RIP Oderous.
 Sandor: Goofcake the Mighty?
 Off Topic: "Let me get this straight here, Mr. Mouse. You want to divorce your wife because she's 'overly silly'?" "No, I said she was F#cking Goofy!"
Image 184182   06-09-17 07:31am     Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Science: Set phasers to "Awwww"
 redmonkey3: Kitters!
 DrinkMixMan: Catpin Picard
 ASTER: Wake up, Jeremy Corbyn!! You did it!!
 dobbiesdoogs: the real reason professor x never left his wheelchair
 White Rice: @WaffleIron he hasn't aged in 30 years, we should be okay for a while yet.
 duckfarts: hell yeah, cats
 WaffleIron: Use your magical cat powers and make him less old; I can't bear a world without Patrick Stewart.
Image 184142   06-09-17 12:07pm     Uploaded by    blue shoes
 Jeannie C: Never turn your back on Mr. Biggles.
 Prostata: metal AF
 dangerous dave: You underestimate the powers of the dark sire.
 SomeCanadian: Satan Goat is always watching.
Image 179271   05-16-17 01:54am     Uploaded by    fanny
 Noremak: She's gotta big, crooked nose so she's a witch!
 WTF: "Do you find me sexy?" "I said DO YOU FIND ME SEXY!"
 BavidDowie: but...did she get better??
 Ulillillia: A frighten has been done
 wolfpk: Ok, I'm freaked out!
Image 179045   05-14-17 9:47pm     Uploaded by    Skinr
 piranharama: Freakin awwwwww
 Wet farts: The spaceship isn't supposed to make me cry.
 Fancy Clown: I cried a little
 Spazstatic: @Spazstatic #117179
 Spazstatic: This is SAD
 sparename: Is this a C&W record, yet?
 WaffleIron: The ghost in the machine.
 Zampano: That's actually cool.
Image 176688   05-02-17 11:47am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Dan Tagonistic: Bug out bag looking tight
 Bill Rye: Take me with you!!
 fakeusername: this is a very fancy box
Image 173600   04-15-17 10:54pm     Uploaded by    Spazstatic
 Unicorn: @cromerstu: you fools, what have you done
 old time cuck: a screenshot of an upload of a photo of printouts of memes. ugh my brain
 dangdang: Okay who is even still using iOS 6 FESS UP
 Ouroborus: This is aggrovating.
 Noremak: @cromerstu He called your bluff. Time to up your game.
 Knice: It puts the image on the screen or it gets the hose again.
 Exsanguinary: Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should
 Pizza: Stahp
 Wumph Morms: this is terrifyingly meta
Image 54600   09-19-15 06:40am     Uploaded by    WaffleIron
 Hokie333: I see baby rangoon.
 Zukero: I see nacho kid....
 dangerkeith3000: If you cut off a starfish's limb, it grows into a completely new baby
 a robot: Maggie Simpson wore it better
 Mr. Shine: No, this is Patrick.
 ASTER: Paper Mario live action movie lookin good.
 Niels Bohr: It's nice to occasionally see a human with rotational symmetry.
 thecraftywolf: "he'll be a star when he grows up" well my kid is a star now take that!
Image 171396   04-04-17 08:27am     Uploaded by    titular role
 isosceleswaffle: The monster Va'kuum can eat and yell at the same time.
 annterland: @Scoo LOL
 tib gubb: it's unplugged you jerks!
 funny in the wall: this is my favorite thing now
 Scoo: Nature abhors a vacuum
Image 170471   03-30-17 10:26am     Uploaded by    Mexico
 Dr Awkward:
 Niels Bohr:
 Niels Bohr:
 Mr. Butt:
 Wet farts:
 San DoDo:
 Mr. Shine:
 Bolt Vanderhuge:
 Bolt Vanderhuge:
 Jeannie C:
 Trick Question:
 Trick Question:
 Frank herbert:
 Peter Pantsless:
 Air Biscuit:
 Grandmas Ghost:
 Mr. Shine:
 Bountiful Tumescence:
 Bountiful Tumescence:
 Lil Buddy:
 Poop van Pants:
 Frank herbert:
 A Decent Fellow:
 Bountiful Tumescence:
 A duck:
 Darth Bater:
 Lump Flomple:
 an ass kicking:
 a robot:
 Lil Buddy:
 Jeannie C:
 Flulm Dampumple:
 Kool Aid Man:
 A duck:
 Last AGer:
 your nana:
 Urn BooUrn:
 Mr. Shine:
 5 Headed Snake God:
 El Barto:
 Drunk Orc:
 Soy Peso:
 Frank herbert:
 Lousy AI:
 San DoDo:
 Rent A Dog:
 Fruft Grongus:
 Stephen Milkmus:
 Grep Jelly:
 melted plastic:
Image 54484   09-18-15 3:00pm     Uploaded by    Muncharito Beanworld
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