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 Spazstatic's Aggro-Gator

 trelyate: that's not his leg!
 tib gubb: could we please not
 Spazstatic: This. This is my fetish.
 redmonkey3: @Yurishiro - i'd settle for long visit: half city half country
 Yurishiro: I want to live in Japan so bad.
 Demon Universe: Chimeras cousin is a little... different.
 glenalec: Everybody's got a Wolf-giraffe-white-body-suit-thing, waiting in the bushes of love.
Image 248958   05-23-18 04:07am   Views: 115109   Uploaded by    Porbo Mellus
 Felicity: I need some chuggets for my schmeebs
 Sadbot: Fartparty USA, m'lords and ladies!
 dangerkeith3000: I try not to lick the daily slimer.
 DrNinjaman: Baby, I'm going to sine your pitty on the runny kine.
 glenalec: @Peter Pantsless - Yes, at least a third of them make sort-of sense.
 Peter Pantsless: It's kind of embarrassing how many of these I actually like
 glenalec: Rub my nubs from end to end.
Image 248755   05-21-18 11:11pm   Views: 156623   Uploaded by    TheFrogMan
 Skaalar: Yeah, I checked it out... Surprisingly hot read.
 redmonkey3: @Yurishiro - could make you verrry more attractive to then
 Yurishiro: I'm an officer of the law! release me!
Image 232763   02-16-18 02:47am     Uploaded by    Spazstatic
 Mr Bleak: Or ... metric measures. No contest, really.
 Spazstatic: @barfolomew Oooooh, yeah. Now that I think about it, I think I misunderstood it the first time I saw it too.
 barfolomew: @Spazstatic oh I misunderstood the plus. That makes sense!
 Spazstatic: @barfolomew Maybe I'm not following but looking at google and wolfram alpha, this looks correct. 1 cup equals 48 teaspoons or 16 tablespoons, therefore 1 tablespoon is 3 teaspoons, and so 1/3 cup would be 1 teaspoon + 5 tablespoons and 2/3 cup would be twice that, 2 teaspoons + 10 tablespoons.
 Skaalar: Im gonna save this and promptly forget about t.
 barfolomew: The ratios of teaspoon:1/3-cup and 2/3-cup are off.
 UltraBeverly: Fuck you, Edward Tufte!
 nerdhulk: This summons the pre-metric Satan.
 The Dog Dies: Confusing. Too spatial
 Teechur: @mexican But the memes! The MEEEMES! Why would they lie?
 mexican: @Teechur By using metric.
 Not A Bot: Early cherubim ideas for 40K were kinda lazy.
 Teechur: And yet we made it to the moon.
 Sadbot: This makes me want 44ml of whiskey
 El hefe:
 Ulillillia: Dividing by ten makes too much sense
 ignatz: gonna take this with a pinch of salt..
 Amy Housewine: Mug = bit bigger than a cup.
 Side Boob: This makes so much more sense than the metric system! *cries*
 logan: The Tree of a Measured Life
Image 232093   02-12-18 12:26pm     Uploaded by    Spazstatic
 Spazstatic: Saw this in a Scott Manley video and wanted to share.
 Teechur: And use random capital letters. Let's not forget those.
 Demon Universe: The Internet is being a little too sociopolitical this week. Is this really what the Olympics want from us?
Image 232041   02-12-18 02:26am     Uploaded by    Spazstatic
 Ulillillia: @glenalec In the 21st century they're still a thing. :(
 male anon: Grammar Pirates, because before the 20th century Nazis weren't a thing.
Image 229684   01-29-18 8:59pm     Uploaded by    qazwsx
 VeeKay: Happy children are the best children.
 a robot: Kids are ok, occasionally
 Mr. Shine: Apropos
Image 229276   01-27-18 2:59pm     Uploaded by    Punt Numbles
 Prostata: Dragon spews donkey sauce. Roll to save vs sickness or 3D6 damage
 barfolomew: Uh... jinx. Sorry.
 Not A Bot: It could be worse... She could be dressing it up for a pageant...
 Mr. Shine: I'd play it.
 Diogenes: "Your spell of Mozzarella Missile fizzles into harmless smoke as it strikes the Fier Dragons hide. It has immunity to marinara, remember?"
 melted plastic: Ah, The ol' Basic-Set.
Image 229288   01-27-18 4:26pm     Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 jochenau: Linguistics is the science of discovering patterns and rules we have zero conscious awareness of, yet use and manipulate effortlessly every day as we communicate.
 Skaalar: Hmm. Gonna save this for reference.
 Aufziehvogel: Ich wuesste wirklich gerne, ob es auch eine deutsche Version dieser Regel (und dieses Buches) gibt.
 Scoo: Oh, Bill Bryson, you rascal!
 apoxia: Yep I've read the book that is from. Very interesting.
Image 227660   01-18-18 9:10pm     Uploaded by    Muncharito Beanworld
 FireBreathingMarmot: tuner octopus
 SpaceCow: Octopus got themselves some sweet ground effects.
 pirate: Show us some ankle!
 Peter Pantsless: Everybody loves discopus!
 apoxia: Lovely
 Yurishiro: Humans cant be this graceful, only disgraceful.
 space: All dressed up, and nowhere to go but the bottom.
 sparenamelaptopdied: Fractopus
Image 227236   01-16-18 6:03pm     Uploaded by    Bagels
 john dough: "You will fall before my mighty potato blade forged in corn oil."
 Warren G Hardon: Its Tuesday
 Prostata: the epic battle is about to begin!
 Yurishiro: Sir Ronald Mc Donald
 Side Boob: Shits about to get real
 duckfarts: HEAVEN OR HELL
 Air Biscuit: Whos the buisness suit guy supposed to be?
 dangerkeith3000: Winner has to fight The Burger King
 Mr. Butt: From that banned issue of Judge Dredd.
 raditzu: Another typical day in Japan. Still, the idea is awesome. RAD AF.
 Ulillillia: Seven days
Image 223875   12-30-17 12:09pm     Uploaded by    sumo
 2Berries: M. E. T. H. O. D. Act
 Cami: He's worried about the "unsimulated" sex scene they're shooting next.
 ignatz: Knew I should have chosen med school..
 Not A Bot: Neither cats nor dogs like Ferengi
Image 223817   12-29-17 6:31pm     Uploaded by    Slug Wind
 Skaalar: This should have been part of that Queen music video: Dont Stop Me Now.
 a robot: This Power Rangers villain is RAD
 savvoy: That's the most metal thing I've seen all day
 White Rice: Now THATS a tiger tank.
 Ulillillia: Sweet fursuit
 youshall: This is the definition of rad
 a sedated moose: I don't know what's going on here, but it's pretty rad.
Image 223044   12-25-17 5:31pm     Uploaded by    flying sheep
 Sadbot: "Why do you follow people's directions when you could literally pick them up and throw them out the window?" -Jake Peralta,16 INT 14 CHA 6 WIS
 Scoo: Sir Terry
 a sedated moose: Great, now I need to start a new game so I can play through as Terry Crews instead.
Image 223048   12-25-17 5:54pm     Uploaded by    Skinr
 Prostata: diiiiiicks
 raditzu: This was made by a damn good artist. I'm in awe. Rad AF.
 BavidDowie: This is the type of person who fails a Rorschach.
 Greifer: Well i guess prior to drawing this you have to see it... this is some fucked up shit
 Ulillillia: I;m thinking about thos balls
 kazzy94: haha gross
Image 221943   12-19-17 8:07pm     Uploaded by    eurotrash
 Paint Chips: Well that sucks goats!
 Spazstatic: @redpeepee I just looked it up on Google Maps. There is an animal hospital with that phone number on Marbach Rd in San Antonio, Texas.
 duckfarts: is that a euphemism
 tib gubb: does the chupacabra know about this?
 Whatever: But theyre an endangered species
 redpeepee: San Antonio?
 Pikachu: "Here's my cat, Chupacabra, I've come to get her spayed for free like the sign says."
Image 218907   12-03-17 6:54pm     Uploaded by    greenbean
 Christina: Shingeki no Kyojin.
 Sage: It thinks it's scary! That's cute.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: the bearded multi appendaged horror? hes over in the garden center.
 Annoying Vegan : Happy Halloween!
Image 212604   10-31-17 11:26am     Uploaded by    Spazstatic
 Warren G Hardon: Might wanna get that Greyscale checked out.
 Christina: Some people can do magic with make-up.
 Not A Bot: so tumblr is ok with people exposing themselves to strangers?
 charlemagne: contact the clinic. quickly
 Knice: Holy shit that's awesome!
Image 212603   10-31-17 11:09am     Uploaded by    Spazstatic
 ThoughtlessGentleman: watch out ichabod!!!
Image 212597   10-31-17 10:26am     Uploaded by    Spazstatic
 male anon: Interesting. What kind of ink would they use for this effect? How quickly does it fade?
 hoobleton: Well I've now seen this image on four subs today.
 Side Boob: I really dislike tattoos, but this is really badass.
 jochenau: It's a clever idea and very well done but it's really friggin' creepy.
 addend: One weird trick - Tattoo removers hate her!
 NoRagrets: Thats badass.
 younglink: Damn, now I really want some uv ink.
Image 210420   10-19-17 7:54pm     Uploaded by    flying sheep
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