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 sparenamelaptopdied's Aggro-Gator

 Kaviri: You had *one* job.
 Robespierre: Whaddaya know ... guess that low bridge really was low.
 Donut: What happens when you try to fit a square peg down a round tunnel.
Image 226377   01-12-18 08:31am   Views: 149026   Uploaded by    sparenamelaptopdied
 Shay: You'll shoot yer eye out kid!
 Theimposter: With the cautery effect, he will survive as long as he turns it off while holding it still. Five movies of brain damaged or personality-altered Luke, go!
 Felicity: This is why they dont let you have a lightsabre in the RPG until you have higher stats
 Robespierre: What happens when you listen to Flanger at high volume? This is what happens when you listen to Flanger at high volume.
 Yurishiro: This lightsaber is really good for seeing lightsabers but not much else.
 illBilliam: My favorite scene
 Hyphae: Cuz we all got a chicken duck woman thing waiting for us
 Greifer: Obi is gonna take good care of that cat
 Relp: Obi Wan looks like "Let's see if he's stupid enough to ..."
 topcity: "There is another Skywalker..."
Image 225261   01-06-18 11:59am     Uploaded by    froggyfresh
 zrj235: @VoR The Magi were actually pretty cool. I don't believe in religion, but I'd have to agree with you on this one. Symbols have power.
 VoR: I actually take offence. I'm agnostic but this shows a lack of respect.
 kornisjon: For a moment I thought that this was an enormous sausage thing.
 VeeKay: Actual advertising materiel by Greggs, the best shop in Britain.
 Rev80: Holy Kolache!
 tib gubb: the holy sammich
Image 219202   12-05-17 09:47am     Uploaded by    sparenamelaptopdied
 glenalec: @Cami And so we lay ... in a baron waste ... Black Friday shopping began....
 Cami: Run to the Mall....Run for your lives....
Image 218653   12-02-17 11:09am     Uploaded by    sparenamelaptopdied
 Felicity: Boogahboogah!
 Not A Bot: Dafuq is that thing on the top right corner of the book?
 Sandor: Such a great movie.
 Aufziehvogel: Xmas with the Trumpz
 Niels Bohr: Mother? Is that you?
Image 218646   12-02-17 10:09am     Uploaded by    sparenamelaptopdied
Image JIU   11-24-17 4:25pm     Uploaded by    sparenamelaptopdied
 sparenamelaptopdied: @tehghost @Robespierre Sorry Lads, Crank Caverns near St Helens UK, took my kids on Sunday, this time my Daughter wasn't spooked by "mysterious noises" and actually went in. Lots of local legends - hidden altars, ghosties, bearded cannibal dwarves etc, all the usual..
 tehghost: @Robespierre Exactly
 Robespierre: Looks like Houghton Point, around Houghton Falls.
 Yurishiro: Tree:(opening arms) "wait wait wait hold on there's a cliff!"
Image 216367   11-20-17 09:31am     Uploaded by    sparenamelaptopdied
Image JHY   11-17-17 8:37pm     Uploaded by    sparenamelaptopdied
Image JHX   11-17-17 8:37pm     Uploaded by    sparenamelaptopdied
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