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 sorghum's Aggro-Gator

 El Barto: @Spazstatic :( oh dang, my heart. That is beautiful and so so sad.
 Spazstatic: @Peter Pantsless holy crap, we had a Maine Coon named Molly who was the sweetest thing (picture on my profile). She was around as long as I could remember, as much my family as my siblings or parents. She died about 6 years ago now. Very peacefully, laying in the tall grass under the apple trees getting pets from me. She was 17. Damn it I'm crying now.
 Mr. Shine: What do you mean my tail's in the OH SHI---
 Peter Pantsless: Growing up I had a kitty that looked just like that. I loved her even though she tried to kill me all the time. She and my mom were inseparable...:(...her name was Molly.
Image 227700   01-19-18 01:10am   Views: 37860   Uploaded by    sorghum
 Felicity: *figuratively
 ashton: @Ulillillia dying!
 wolfpk: The wind chill is currently -3 so, HELL YEAH!!
 Robespierre: @Ulillillia Aye; 'tis a meme from the Beyond.
 Ulillillia: How does this not kill you, and how do you regrow your skin after every shower?
 WTF: Me when I have a fever.
 Himesama: Me. I love burning showers.
Image 226952   01-15-18 07:32am     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Ulillillia: when u upload a tweet and it goes below 0
Image 226898   01-14-18 10:54pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Passive: Tacky joke
 Robespierre: Help, I'm A Rock!
 addend: Assist me! I am below a push-pin.
Image 226716   01-13-18 11:37pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Robespierre: @Teechur My favourite was always That's Inedible.
 Coach Teacher: And if something embarassing happened to you, some kid halfway around the world had no means through which to convince you to top yourself. Woooooooo, spoooooky.
 Teechur: @Ulillillia How about The Gong Show, That's Incredible, and Real People?
 well duh: @Ulillillia those old blooper shows were awesome as hell.
 VeeKay: Soooo.... Any thoughts on the net neutrality vote?
 sparename: Or Podge and Rodge, A Scare At Bedtime..
 Ulillillia: Hell, I remember when you had to go through Dick Clark and Ed McMahon.
 Robespierre: ... like a SWORD.
Image 226267   01-11-18 6:22pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Shay: I should've taken a left tern at Albuquerque.
 Sadpygmy: Bomp
 WTF: And all she was trying to do was catch a bus to Peoria.
 jochenau: When an accidental discovery reveals that the world is a darker, stranger place than you had previously thought.
 Robespierre: Some people know how to party, some people do not.
 dangerkeith3000: She soon regretted getting up at the 'crack' of dawn...
 VeeKay: At that moment Megan realised all chaps were assless, merely by being chaps.
 Sadbot: Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all, y'all!
 dangerkeith3000: The stars at night are big and bright *clap clap clap clap* deep in the Heart of Texas!
Image 226212   01-11-18 1:10pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 ignatz: It's all a front, he's a professional asshole
 jochenau: Apparently this guy has *four* children, which is...disturbing.
 DarkTeddy: Aggro :(
Image 225373   01-06-18 11:35pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 VeeKay: *oink*
 Mr. Butt: TurboRAD for Peppa Pig!
Image 225252   01-06-18 10:37am     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Robespierre: Spring Break is finally over.
 brian greene: gone with the wind must of been the extra pickles
 wolfpk: The fast food wars just turned ugly!
 charlemagne: this is how the world ends, this is how the world ends, not with a big mac but with a whopper
Image 222325   12-21-17 8:09pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Bubo: Presumably the koala could punctuate?
 Joseph: Not everything is cuter than me in a zoo. I'm pretty cute.
 Mad Collager: Oh God! What happens if I take my girlfriend to the rodeo?!?
 Shay: So it's a win-win situation.
 sparename: Pauline...
 Robespierre: When punctuation is outlawed, only outlaws will use punctuation.
 zoe: Looks like she took off with all the punctuation, too.
Image 222304   12-21-17 6:21pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 apoxia: This is just spiteful.
 addend: Say goodbye to your towels.
 wolfpk: @prius Don't underestimate them
 prius: Your cat's can't unroll it that way.
 JollyWell: Great joke aside, once you do finally decide to use it, the middle of the sheets will have less material blocking your fingers from... other material. Op needs to do an AMA after wiping
 Mumbles: Highest quality pixels.
 alex: supposed to be
Image 222173   12-21-17 12:08pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 WaffleIron: Celebrate uniform mediocrity.
 Micro Jackson: Hope those are lick'n'stick
 Cami: The Applebee's life chose me.
Image 221882   12-19-17 2:31pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 FireBreathingMarmot: Not merely *a* cube root, but the cube root of tree.
 sirgallium: The fuckin way she goes
 jochenau: The people who design these kinds of areas don't seem to understand how trees work. Let's plant trees really closely together under power lines and surround them with concrete that the roots will destroy!
 Rev80: Ummm.. your roots are showing
 Dr Awkward: @brutal it might be when you consider the underground part
 Yurishiro: Beautiful.
 DOW: Got Roots?...
 brutal: But... it's not a cube.
 Morpen Lungus: Comment
Image 221829   12-19-17 07:07am     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Robespierre: That was Then - when women couldn't get their teeth bleached annoyingly white, not even with UltraBrite.
 a robot: Humans identified.
 addend: Gold stripes on party cups? Classy.
 Nope: They seem nice
Image 221410   12-16-17 11:26pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 daver: Im dead @BavidDowie
 BavidDowie: SquareBear (tm)
 Robespierre: Bred by the Japanese for damage-free transport.
 Wooden Spoon: It's an adorable bear cube
 skunkrocker: Is this in the new Minecraft snapshot?
Image 220400   12-11-17 5:21pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Felicity: His other sportscar says PUBLISH
 Catcat: ...the thought.
 Whatever: Obviously a conservative looking forward to the end times
Image 219716   12-07-17 11:39pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 On Spec: @addend what do you mean!
 addend: Some lucky person will be leaving the meeting early.
 Ulillillia: This is nice.
 charlemagne: fetch the straws, it only wants one of us this time
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Something something Family Guy
Image 219574   12-07-17 08:26am     Uploaded by    sorghum
 aeroaero: Is he still being patriotic if he's Italian?
 male anon: The guy on the left looks like he's being blown by a giant.
Image 219364   12-06-17 03:47am     Uploaded by    sorghum
 fink: *Breathing intensifies*.
 kornisjon: My thoughts exactly, my good pug!
 duckfarts: @CompletelyJoking yeah, but hes probably spoiled already
 CompletelyJoking: Did anyone else notice the kid?
 GiveMePlus: Pugs are so derpy.
 Ulillillia: Oh Lord Jesus it's a donut!
 Cheesecake: Ariana Grande has really let herself go!
Image 218931   12-03-17 9:09pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Air Biscuit: Close enough. *eats anyway.
 mrmrmr: I don't wish to alarm you but your roast chicken appears to have some chompers in the middle there. I'd approach it with caution if I were you! ;-
 XLY: always reminds me of headcrabs from halflife
 zrj235: the predator will skin you alive and then tear off your skull and backbone. probably eat your organs too. but he leaves your soul alone.
 Clim Tinties: PROTIP: This is exactly why I take the time to truss my chickens... It also makes them cook more evenly...It also helps keeps the inside from drying out.
 electrode: What the fuck did you do to it? It looks horrible. Is it even cooked through?
Image 218581   12-01-17 11:06pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
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