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 sorghum's Aggro-Gator

 OldKentuckyShark: Never would have happened if it was a coke sniffing dog
 Yurishiro: Then let him play stupid government agency
 wolfpk: That look say "what, do you think I'm stupid!?"
 Shay: That will do pupper...that will do.
 Felicity: Aw, those eyes
 Christina: I would do the same.
 Scoo: They're all good dogs, Bourne
 VoR: ..Rover found explosives last week. ... *sobs*
 Mr. Butt: Same.
Image 243336   04-19-18 1:40pm   Views: 54554   Uploaded by    sorghum
 when so: Everything ends the peaceful is willing to, the geography that I stands compares you superior!
 Donut: You cannot touch us, human! WE HAVE THE HIGH GROUND!
Image 243123   04-18-18 04:47am   Views: 83475   Uploaded by    sorghum
 kodiakjojo: A Purrito
 dangerkeith3000: Kitty burrito.
Image 242566   04-14-18 7:58pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Psymon: Tuckered out after a long day of destruction
Image 242109   04-12-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 a robot: It might be more comfortable to wear a shirt under your overalls, but you do you.
 Telkwa: Homelessness sucks. but a dog helps.
 Nope: Seems like a good day, she gonna get a wicked burn tho.
Image 240199   03-31-18 12:37pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Urn BooUrn: The Lesser North American Anklebiter, an ambush predator, well camouflaged in it's natural habitat.
 glenalec: An empty closet?
Image 239740   03-28-18 5:03pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 carpwoman: Such a cute nope.
 VeeKay: Mistakes were made.
Image 239720   03-28-18 2:40pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Robespierre: Heeeeere comes Uncle Joe, he's a'movin' kinda slow at the Junction...
 WotGives: I feel dirtier for radding this than i did radding #238875.
Image 238946   03-23-18 8:40pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Christina: They grow so fast...
 wolfpk: I think his ears grew the most
 itskando: 12 months: Blastoise
Image 238892   03-23-18 2:03pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Dick Inspector: They did this at my alma mater at the first rain of the season, but with fewer clothes.
 VeeKay: Furiously googling 'diagnostic criteria for ants in the pants'.
 glenalec: Does your boyfriend like to cross-dress?
 FabricMan: Hope he can breathe in that thing
 Robespierre: (bagpipes playing)
 wolfpk: You can tell the guy who has a "decency clause" on his scholarship.
Image 238548   03-21-18 12:11pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 PushyWebsite: Jamaica Plain, more like Jamaica Fancy!
 Felicity: Is small slightly bigger than medium or does it just look that way?
 barfolomew: Every year around Thanksgiving, jp licks makes "will turkey" flavor ice cream. It's amazing. It tastes just like bourbon.
 White Rice: @FabricMan there are some good non-dairy frozen treats out there; Id give it a chance.
 FabricMan: "Dairy free ice cream?" :(
 Ulillillia: Gimme large Licks
 White Rice: Yeah, gimme a trash sized one.
 Sandor: I love me some Boston ice cream.
Image 236897   03-11-18 3:07pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 XLY: i got fired for yawning at this
 kornisjon: Fuck. I caught it.
 DrNinjaman: Gotta catch it at patient zero
 well duh: Credit? (Jake Likes Onions IIRC, or something like that)
 Yurishiro: One punch man is getting super weird
Image 236655   03-10-18 02:03am     Uploaded by    sorghum
 glenalec: @Annoying Vegan - Even better: A GIANT unicorn frappe FROM SPAAAAAAAAACE!!
 Annoying Vegan : Is this one of those unicorn frappes?
 Flarmie: "The Gay Agenda" is now interplanetary.
 Peach: Look at the size of that jawbreaker!
Image 234339   02-24-18 10:07pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 fanny: i betcha they're damp
 Side Boob: Creepy...
 Sadbot: This is definitely not my Jam
 Peter Pantsless: Well this is obviously somebody's fetish
Image 233456   02-19-18 11:40pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Mr. Shine: KK Slider is cool, man.
 Side Boob: Fucking furries
 Bohab: Kk stalker?
 Captain Marsupial: Cruella! Come at me, bitch! (Wait, is that speciesist?)
Image 233273   02-18-18 11:11pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 t48: I showed you my Dik Dik. Please respond.
 charlemagne: answer my riddle
 Felicity: Veninite
 BavidDowie: Is it impossibly old or impossibly young? Is it a deer or a hamster? Why does it eat romaine lettuce? Is that a puppy crate? These are life's mysteries.
 Dr Awkward: Deard on point
Image 232550   02-14-18 10:45pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
Image 232001   02-11-18 9:41pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Annoying Vegan : I love little grey doggo chin hairs!
 Yurishiro: How to romanticly french Kiss your doggo
 Side Boob: Assisted boop
Image 231959   02-11-18 5:08pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 Skaalar: @fanny dang it
 Skaalar: Naw, you just have spectacular taste
 fanny: @Skaalar lol I thought it was just me!
 Skaalar: Beast was way hotter as a Beast. Seriously, screw being a prince.
 when so: @Felicity more of a creative artistic interpretation that will rejuvenate old classics
 Felicity: Disney getting lazy about the live-action remakes
 Peter Pantsless: Every movie needs this treatment
Image 231650   02-09-18 9:04pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
 tib gubb: why is reddit leaking into spaceship?
 Mr. Butt: @a robot This is why we're friends.
 a robot: All I can contribute here is the opinion that Pentatonix are fucking awful
 Shay: What meme?
 Dr Awkward: Those words make no sense to me.
Image 231236   02-07-18 3:41pm     Uploaded by    sorghum
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