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 SomeCanadian's Aggro-Gator

 Peter Pantsless: @White Rice I still remember when I learned about nachos. Always hated gym class
 White Rice: @Sheikhjahbooty don't worry, everyone knows about Nachos (and nachos bel grande) so your comment is fully realized, and a bit funnier for the switch.
 Sheikhjahbooty: Lol, I got word-replaced, but I hope everyone can guess what word for erections starts with B.
 Sheikhjahbooty: @ignatz Those are B cups. B for nachoss.
 Prostata: also: lol dongs
 ignatz: @Nope OK how about: Is that a double D cup?
 annterland: They aren't trying very hard anymore
 Warrax: Excuse me, my dicks are up here.
 Nope: @ignatz bit of a stretch but I'll allow it
 ignatz: Nobody dicktits what I wear..
Image 162995   02-18-17 4:03pm   Views: 32046   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 Chest Rockwell: I remember when this was acceptable. It motivated you to not be a dumbass.
 Lestrange: Those kids are in school at ten to six. Weird.
 Skaalar: "Am I out of touch? No it's the children who are wrong."
Image 162771   02-17-17 12:31pm   Views: 62181   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 ChubbyBuddy: that question has never been anwsered in the affirmative, even when asked of clowns
 deeeeeeeez: 19 things flights attendants wish you knew..
 Scoo: But is it Literature?
Image 162580   02-16-17 1:31pm   Views: 107868   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 Science: In this rare image, you can see the cheetah's periscope. This allows the big cat to remain crouched, hidden in tall grass, while still keeping its prey in view.
 zennoo: its impossible to go wrong with feline images
 Kohapi: He has to time his run so that he hits the dangling wire doing 88 mph just as the lightning hits the Clock Tower.
 VoR: He's easy to see.
 Ulillillia: He's easy to spot.
 Snake Jesus: Wow, wildcats do the question mark tail too.
 Scoo: Swiggity Swooty
Image 162563   02-16-17 11:26am   Views: 89059   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 Sadbot: @Yam Thank you! That's what it's called!
 Yam: @Sadbot Thank god you kept it off the balalaika
 Peter Pantsless: Why don't you just go all out and throw a bear and some vodka in there, too?
 Sadbot: Aw, I've got honey all over my baklava balaclava
Image 162562   02-16-17 11:09am   Views: 94168   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 Zampano: I can't believe you have your brother the old "spicy taco"
 ch: This is the first taco out of the bag how are you already one bite into your taco when I haven't even taken the second taco out of the bag which is your taco which you have in your hand which also has a bite out of it also why are we eating Taco Bell good christ
 square44: what kind of burger is this? it's all sideways and crunchy
 Bast Relief: Maybe the anti-malware marriage people were just trying to save us from this kind of marital bullshit.
 Bu7Z: I asked you to get some food, what the fuck is this?
Image 162272   02-14-17 9:03pm   Views: 186181   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 Science: "Wait - did I really waste $200 for this goofy photo?"
 tokyopig: At home with the modeling artist behind the explosions used in mighty number nine.
 BavidDowie: Book-it all-time high-score.
 ch: After a life of hard work I finally have all the pepperoni. Yet I still feel like I have a slightly-elevated risk for bowel cancer inside.
 Zampano: yo dawg, i heard you like pepperoni
 whiplash: Odd, I've got a sudden craving for Chinese food. But I can't afford a new wardrobe and home decor!
 MasterTwig: This is me tonight.
 NoRagrets: Happy singles awareness day!
 Knice: Happy V-day. (V for Vascular Disease)
Image 162215   02-14-17 3:47pm   Views: 146005   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 tokyopig: Racist, stupid ghosts!
 Higdec: "In designer sheets no less"
 tib gubb: triggered
 ChubbyBuddy: ssh its ok if we do it thru the hole in the sheet
 TwoChewbaccas: If you haven't seen Beetlejuice, do yourself a favor and check it out. If you have seen it, watch it again. Holds up.
Image 161572   02-11-17 03:26am     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
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Image 161557   02-11-17 01:03am     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 werterland: I almost joined the US Air Force when I was around 18. I backed out because I didn't want to get rid of my piercings. I still wonder if I made the right decision.
 Robespierre: They've just realized that their lives, as they knew them to be, have just ended.
 WTF: When you have diarrhea and find out the bus has no toilet for the two hour drive.
 Scoo: The Bluebird of Unhappiness
 Whatever: Another quality flight on Southern Air.
 hearsegirl: Beast thought that showing off his guns on the first day would be a good way to assert dominance. Beast has been educated by the d.i. that his assumption was incorrect. the cadet behind him is satisfied but smart enough to conceal it. the cadet next to him is shellshocked.
 msmstud: Obviously fake; there's an air conditioner.
 Winterneuro: "Lighten up, Francis!"
 grizzly: Beast just realized that he made a terrible mistake.
 Meow: This looks fun...
 Knice: I'm getting an 'on my way to Basic Training' vibe. *flashback-induced shudder*
 sparename: Needs a nun with a guitar
Image 161231   02-09-17 11:26am     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 drtofu: I had fresh bittermelon juice once. It sure cleared my head and I felt super healthy afterwards. Try it!
 tokyopig: Bitter Gourd Man Drink. ... I have never seen this sold anywhere in Tokyo, even in the pan-asian food markets we go to for more esoteric stuff, but there it is, this exact photo on wikipedia. Might need to find an okinawa-stuff store.
 LieutenantTofu: He looks nervous and I think he filled the cam with pee cause he's nervous
Image 161108   02-08-17 6:26pm     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 SomeCanadian: @p-niiice Is 'Reverse Viking' available? Can I switch user-names? That's a Rad name.
 SpaceCow: "I have to go, the ocean needs me."
 p-niiice: a reverse viking funeral, she's either a reverse viking or she she's a real viking and she died doing something unheroic and dastardly
 Jotun: Cheaper than a funeral.
 drtofu: It was a wake.
 Musician: Later shitlords
 Bast Relief: Florida's version of an Inuit tradition.
 annterland: ...and no one notices...
 wolfpk: Trust me, the insurance company won't suspect a thing.
 mwoody: Ariel's descendants return her to the sea.
 SunWukong: This kills the octogenarian.
 Shay: Oh don't mind her, grandma's looking for her sea legs.
Image 161097   02-08-17 5:26pm     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 Butcherboy: Ok try this one instead.…
 Alkavarion: Or is it a foofaraw?
 Butcherboy: Thanks! Now please enjoy the song…
 Musician: @Butcherboy You are right and here's more than you wanted to know
 Butcherboy: I also was under the impression that argy bargy was more about rancorous discourse
 Butcherboy: Argy Bargy is one of my favorite songs of all times
 Knice: We had an @arglebargle on the ol' Spaceship for quite a while.
Image 161090   02-08-17 4:47pm     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 Robespierre: Good times!
 Zampano: Classic Nickelodeon
 Shay: "Ehhhh, just use the stick with your wife cookies."
 slurms: bed.
 Donut: "Also, leave a bigger tip next time, you cheapskate."
 Mr. Shine: I'm nauseous, I'm nauseous
Image 160914   02-07-17 6:09pm     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 JohnCarcinogen: Ye olde Butthorne.
 WaffleIron: @Ulillillia : You seem to be right, "Rejected upload by WaffleIron on 2017-02-07 19:04:11 Reason: IMAGE BOT doesn't find this image to be interesting. Please pick another image to upload.". Mine even had a cat in it. Maybe If I colour it manually?
 Ulillillia: @WaffleIron I tried uploading a couple and they were rejected, I don't think Nancy's on Team Butthorn.
 jochenau: Anglerfishman disapproves.
 Headoftheclass: "RICHAAAAAAAARDS!"
 WaffleIron: @Ulillillia : Which reminds me, we've had too much imitation and not enough actual butthorn as of late.
 Ulillillia: Needs a little character labelled "anxiety."
 Peter Pantsless: "I got a huge butthorn, nbd."
Image 160909   02-07-17 5:47pm     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 Robespierre: Stop making sense
 Borkf: @Fancy Clown Down with this sort of thing
 Albatross: Now, I've noticed a tendency for this programme to get rather silly. Now I do my best to keep things moving along, but I'm not having things getting silly. Those two last sketches I did got very silly indeed, and that last one about the bed was even sillier. Now, nobody likes a good laugh more than I do... except perhaps my wife and some of her friends... oh yes and Captain Johnston. Come to think of it most people likes a good laugh more than I do. But that's beside the point. Now, let's have a good clean healthy outdoor sketch. Get some air into your lungs. Ten, nine, eight and all that.
 Shay: That's too bad, I'm registered with the Silly Party.
 Fancy Clown: Careful now.
 addend: No.
Image 160899   02-07-17 4:54pm     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 SpaceCow: There is, however, an out of order escalator.
 Robespierre: YES Hairway to Stephen
 Defiance: @winwolf rad for this
 winwolf: Party Time! Excellent! @a robot
 LieutenantTofu: Also freebird sucks
 Headoftheclass: @a robot Party on!
 trelyate: I remember seeing this movie when I was like 5-6, seeing the sign, not getting the reference, and assumed it meant if you died in the store you couldn't go to heaven
 Wet farts: How bout highway to hell?
 a robot: I am actually going to see Wayne's World in the theater TONIGHT! It's the 25th anniversary so there's a special re-release for two days only. I'm having a pretty shitty day at work but tonight will be EXCELLENT
 Amy Housewine: Deniiiieeed...
Image 160884   02-07-17 3:31pm     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 San DoDo: So much pun
 Murm Gungus: Saw this on The Worst Things For Sale just yesterday!
 Aemuli: One of my favorite sayings, so rad
 Mexico: I am the Asiago and the Oma, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.
 Off Topic: He died for our Kraft singles.
 Amy Housewine: No forgay Cheezus, hokay.
 Knice: Gouda Lord, people.
Image 160866   02-07-17 1:47pm     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 Peter Pantsless: Don't ever talk to me or my son again
 scribbs: Sit-on-my-face joke.
 yev: statler and waldorf aged well
 Kim: Go on, take a seat. Just a small one, even.
Image 160695   02-06-17 3:47pm     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 jazzjunkie: @Scoo moose bites kan be pretty nasti, too!
 whiplash: "Can I just hang out here for a few days? I had a horrible argument with my wife and she needs some time to cool off."
 EvilOtter: He's obviously Canadian and lost.
 Bu7Z: the moose is loose in the hoose!
 Gomi Day: "oh, good heavens. i'm sorry to have startled you. if you could show me to the door, i shall be on my way!"
 sparename: "# Moosey in the sky, With diamonds... # "
 Scoo: A moose once fell into my sister
Image 159984   02-02-17 7:31pm     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
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