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 Skaalar's Aggro-Gator

 athiest: i remember the first time i saw this
 Alkavarion: Christians had to even go as far as to try to swipe Jagganath.
 etc: Lurp durp durp
 questionable: so churches are actively trying to attract Pokemon GO players now? okay
 msmstud: Christduck, I choose jew!
 Christina: Duckeidolia.
 Teechur: Church of the Chickafarians?
Image 118855   07-13-16 06:45am     Uploaded by    Mr. Lizard
 WaffleIron: @Skaalar I knew the nobility always had our best interests at heart!
 Skaalar: @WaffleIron Why do you think the English nobility used to hunt the shit out of foxes? They were protecting the citizenry from trouser theft!
 WaffleIron: Time to call in the hounds, the hunt is afoot!
 crudites: My point stands that sleeping to fox attack warrents poopy pants and not social media!
 Borkf: @White Rice @crudites Indeed, most phones have a camera shortcut from the lock screen. On my Nexus 5X there are a couple of ways to do it.
 White Rice: @crudites it's possible (with iPhones, at least) to access the camera from the lock screen, without unlocking anything (just can't access existing pictures from it). Later uploaded it to whatever "put caption on picture" thing they're using. Plus, how do we know what pocket the phone was in? I keep mine in a front pocket.
 Sadbot: I agree with the fox, chavs get out of London
 questionable: fukken binrat fox tuggin at yer yarbles, innit
 Amy Housewine: He's stealing trousers (pants if you must) to get empirical evidence about how his fox friends would wear them.
 Turts: "Oh...oops...I thought you were dead."
 rand0: dawwwwwww
 A duck: @crudites: The kind of person who would do this is the kind of person that would have Snapchat on their first screen. Also, TouchID
 Ouroborus: @crudites Wild Animal, yes, but soooooo damn cute.
 crudites: So you got out your phone from your back pocket, entered the pin code, unlocking the screen, scrolled to find the camera app and aimed and took a a picture. That's what anyone would do if a wild animal had a grip on them.
 Mr. Butt: Is that fox dragging you out of the EU?
 SomeCanadian: YOU WOT M8?!?
Image 116316   06-30-16 2:54pm     Uploaded by    hat thrab
 CastleBravo: She needs to spend a night at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place. Or, you know, five.
 hajjpodge: On all levels except physical, I am a cheese pizza.
 werterland: I want to pizza party with this woman!
 questionable: we get it, you eat pizza
 morrissey: I'm in love.
 Knice: You keep still because you think that maybe his visual acuity is based on movement like T-Rex - he'll lose you if you don't move. But no, not Velocipizza. You stare at him, and he just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the side...
Image 115690   06-27-16 2:26pm     Uploaded by    tankadillo
 msmstud: LOL. I need to review this data.
 msmstud: LOL. I need to review this data.
 hurr: yay germany! not even on the fucking sicko list this time woohoo!
 Relp: Thanks, Trudeau
 harpooneer: Proud to be an American
 hex0: They have that Gadget cult in Russia too so I'm not too surprised
 Noremak: But is it gay MLP porn or is it straight MLP porn?
 SomeCanadian: What @Knice said.
 questionable: make America great again
 Slowpoke: The high figure for Belarus is because of ONE GUY that keeps searching for "Celestia Gang Rape" over and over and over.
 Mexico: Well, things are terrible in Eastern Europe right now.
 rand0: @Slowpoke hey sounds good, let me know when you figure it out
 Slowpoke: @rand0 You used "ponycloppers"... I'm not sure what to say about that!
 Knice: A "worldwide average" exists. THAT'S the problem.
 Mr. Butt: Good username/upload combo.
 rand0: That's not illustrating what kind of ponycloppers these people are, it's illustrating which countries know how to search for porn and which ones don't.
Image 108958   05-27-16 09:26am     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 WaffleIron: Orange is the new black is based on a turn of the century comedy featuring this woman.
 Agamemnon Triforce: Comes with shovel and cow.
 A duck: Not very nice to nail a sign to that woman's head.
 Tom Nob: she knows her beagle boys will spring her within the hour.
 Albatross: She looks solid
Image 107307   05-20-16 1:09pm     Uploaded by    IrwinGarden
 The Frito Bandito: Wow you guys really switched gears here. Usually everyone is up in arms and mashing the bad button at just the hint of Butthorn.
 shitshow: (explodes into flames)
 Slamajama: But when you die alone, you will be eaten by all your cats.
 trelyate: Don't worry, you'll always have Mac n' cheese
 WTF: I really hope the poster is the real Beth Evans!
 John Blender: this speaks to me
 jayjay: "You forgot to take your prozac again, dum-dum"
 Poop van Pants: @WTF The Great Buttzoo! !
 Peter Pantsless: The first time I saw the word "Butthorn" I immediately thought of the sad trumpet "wah-wah" thing.
 WTF: Butthorn has her own Great Gazoo.
 SunWukong: Yay! Butthorn!
Image 104490   05-09-16 1:09pm     Uploaded by    bethevans
 Agamemnon Triforce: Kraftwerk cleaned out their robot closet.
 ModelTRex: Yet more unrealistic body expectations for men.
 Warrax: Just waiting for the right box of dicks to come along.
 a robot: Seems to be a theme lately #103880
 Pizza: @fanny They're a bit big to be chips. But if you blend them they can be tomato ketchup. Or gravy stock if you boil them.
 fanny: how is this trash? how can anyone in their right mind throw these precious chip chips away??
Image 104008   05-07-16 3:51pm     Uploaded by    Chinese Buffet
Image ACV   04-28-16 2:25pm     Uploaded by    Skaalar
 Pizza: 01101111 01100111 01101100 01100001 01100110
 Pizza: @Knice Thank you
 Knice: @Pizza I applaud your tenacity.
 hnnngh: @Pizza Maybe that means don't post blatantly copyrighted material?
 SomeCanadian: Haha ol' spicy switcheroo still in effect
 Pizza: v It's Pornmoron. Happy now? Image bot doesn't allow watermarks/urls.
 Jalamunch Totorito: Cutting off the site/artist's name is Mega uncool. here comes a Badvote
Image 94271   03-31-16 06:17am     Uploaded by    Skaalar
 San DoDo: @nlx27 @anonymous @DonkeyPuncher @a robot @Blimpet @Micro Jackson @nlx27 @a sedated moose @Knice :)
 nlx27: also , who drew this? i like it
 anonymous: Please don't slut shame
 DonkeyPuncher: Stop making fun of Helen Keller
 a robot: Maybe you just wish you could be so popular.
 Blimpet: Why yes, it is true that people with good brushing habits are more popular.
 Micro Jackson: That's gotta be a good 12" from hand to cheek there
 nlx27: fuck. just stepped barefoot on a freshly painted flight of stairs
 a sedated moose: @Knice eyes are hard to draw.
 Knice: Her eyes are top of the line.
Image 94089   03-30-16 2:21pm     Uploaded by    Skaalar
 twenty4: @CrustyDusty Lolllll
 Skaalar: Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Trott of Hat Films
 CrustyDusty: New Basement Jaxx video?
 withak: shopped, wish it was real tho cause I'd hit that
 Gargoyle: The fabled Dorkfish!
 Gargoyle: The fabled Dorkfish!
 nlx27: Finally a new seaman for the new Dreamcast
 Zukero: Face swapping has already gone too far. No need to push further.
Image 94065   03-30-16 12:21pm     Uploaded by    Skaalar
 Canzandridas Joe: Let some wolves on the loose and that's a cool way of suiciding
 CuriouSir: my balls......ha! you all looked!
 Lestrange: Waste o bad food
 Borkf: @Pizza @Warezlock I'm listening...
 Warezlock: @Borkf @Pizza There's no way one person can possibly keep up and be a functional human......unless...we clone ourselves and join all the minds together into one AG processing entity.
 willowsprite: I never see all the images, cause you know, life and stuff. Now i won't see even more images. Oh well.
 Pizza: It's day 4, and I'm still searching for this one picture I swear was only posted yesterday. Rations are running low now. If I don't make it, tell my friends I love them.
 Headoftheclass: It's ok, man. Not everyone has what it takes to work at Taco Bell.
 Borkf: Damnit, I already struggle to get through posts from overnight. I guess I won't be productive at work for some time now.
 Cheeze: @a robot That would explain a lot...
 anonymous: The taco shells represent the friendly spaceship, the meat is the images, and the cheese is the comments. The lettuce and tomatoes are the RAD and BAD buttons. The juggler is Moon Moon.
 iwash: I thought my last picture went a lot faster, nice one
 Phum Munts: @a robot Only 9 hours? Hah! Get in line, sonny.
 kayjay: this is super racist.
 Dobly: @a robot Oh, HA, my heart jumped a sec when I saw "Your rank has slipped..." I thought maybe I I posted some Tay level drunken shitpost
 a robot: @Dobly For a brief period today, everyone was purple. Just as a tease.
 Dobly: On a related note I guess ill find some bullshit to post tonight
 Dobly: Probably not related, but how did my rank switch from purple to blue? Im like 5k points away from purple
 AdamBomb286: Hooray! More content to get me through the night at work.
 NoRagrets: Huzzah! I guess.
 CrustyDusty: @Scoo haha, have a + for Parry Gripp reference :D
 SurfNTurf: @Air Biscuit Me too, but apparently Parry Gripp doesn't. His song, not mine!
 Air Biscuit: @Scoo i put the cheese directly on the meat before anything else or it wont melt.
 CrustyDusty: @Scoo: I began to mis-read that as "it puts the cheese on the sauce or it gets the lettuce..." etc. etc. There might be something wrong with me.
 eradicator: Put the cheese on the sauce on the lettuce on the meat
 Anus: It's raining tacos from out of the sky, tacos no need to ask why, open your mouth and close your eyes, it's raining tacos!
 Warrax: Fuck you for fucking up those tacos. I mean, they don't look like good ones, but they're still tacos.
Image 92938   03-25-16 8:54pm     Uploaded by    Yam
 dingding: sausage for lunch again?
 redmonkey3: Always a proper little hard cooler with Huge biohazard emblems - often sealed by law enforcement or medical authorities against opening; guarantees expedited treatment & courtesy @ security, etc. - trust me...
 Pizza: Organ Transplant Human For
 tina: friendlyspaceship.jpg
 big h: @dobbiesdoogs 4. hope she doesn't try to literally transplant it
 Janston: Transplant Human For Organ
 Retromancer: helllooooo, new lunchbox.
 livelovebarf: @dobbiesdoogs
 durian: You made it rad
 dobbiesdoogs: 1. cut a hole in a cooler 2. put your junk in that cooler 3. make her open the cooler
Image 92935   03-25-16 8:44pm     Uploaded by    Lorm Bembo
 Mark As Read: @Skaalar Oh God, no. No, there isn't. I'm just Robespierre; that's good enough for me.
 Skaalar: @Robespierre 60!? Dang... Any chance you'd consider becoming the Grand Elder of the Friendly Spaceship? Or some sort of other title...
 Skaalar: @Borkf I'd have no problem getting one, I've been looking for an excuse to get another one for a year or so now...
 Stephen Milkmus: @Borkf Whew! Thanks for clarifying that. I was worried there for ... well, not really.
 Borkf: @Robespierre Oh, I meant @Skaalar , was just CCing you in.
 wampastompa: why would you do this
 soccer: @Borkf Not I. I've made it to 60 without any distinguishing ink markings on my body, and I think it's best to just keep it that way. Besides, my wife would effin' kill me...
 Borkf: @Robespierre @Skaalar Do we have the first Aggronaut brave enough to get a mascot tat?
 Otterman: Thanks!
 CuriouSir: what the actual lol?!
 Trumpysucks: Someone lost a bar bet.
 Micro Jackson: No regerts
 Knice: @Skaalar Full respect.
 grandma: @Borkf Regardless; challenge brought, and met.
 Skaalar: @Robespierre You dah real MVP :)
 Borkf: @Skaalar @Robespierre To be fair, it's a conversation piece.
 thrilhouse: Quit'cher bitchin', y'all - you lot demanded that @Skaalar prove that they actually have this tat ... and here it is. $50 and no regrets, @Skaalar? That's all that really matters; a Rad from me. Top work.
 Blimpet: It should have been a Pegasus
 annterland: Defender wins the challenge!
 Borkf: It is bad, but voting rad to keep it up there.
 misterjoe: what is Smurfette doing to Sarah Jessica Parker?!
 misterjoe: what is Smurfette doing to Sarah Jessica Parker?!
 doop: An example of common idiot plumage.
 willowsprite: Poor thing is trying to run away.
 Knice: #wifematerial
 a robot: But......why?
 Skaalar: For $50, no ragrets.
 Teh Simpson: That tattoo made me do a double-take (and that's not a euphemism).
 Warrax: Seriously regrettable tattoo. That unicorn's tail is all messed up.
Image 90892   03-17-16 12:00pm     Uploaded by    Skaalar
 CuriouSir: this makes me want to play american mcgees alice.
 MassDefect: @anonymous Same here lol. I had never heard that term before. For anyone else with the same question, it means to manipulate someone into questioning their own sanity.
 Anus: Cheshire cat is ilerminaty
 anonymous: TIL what gaslighting is
 Christina: She got mad because he told her she was.
 Angry Lobster: That fucking cat had it coming.
 Sadbot: I would read a retelling of Alice in Wonderland by Beaton
 duckfarts: Kate Beaton super-owns
Image 87888   03-04-16 03:17am     Uploaded by    Skaalar
 fling: Wait, where does Snow White fit into God's plan?
 Retromancer: Now tell me how I can save money by buying my auto insurance online.
Image 87797   03-03-16 6:47pm     Uploaded by    Skaalar
 iwash: Ronnie, Filyaw self with McNuggets. Me and this tiny cactus believe in you.
 hnnngh: @Skaalar Good, then I can avoid his comic like the plague.
 Skaalar: Ronnie filyaw incase anyone wonders
 Skaalar: Ronnie filyW
 Jesus: cat people are the worst
 hnnngh: Christ, I hate this neckbeard's comics.
Image 87745   03-03-16 2:47pm     Uploaded by    Skaalar
 WaffleIron: Butthorn got drawing lessons! Good for her!
 Skaalar: It's the rules on the chalkboard that get me every time .
 Retromancer: This is a weird esurance ad.
 PenguinBartender: link: nonadventures . com
 hnnngh: Tl;dr
 Pizza: I need to pay more attention in class.
 Tiramisu: Wonderella!
 Red: she's clearly some sort of princess, and they don't need adult skills
Image 87666   03-03-16 05:00am     Uploaded by    Skaalar
 Bone Loc: guys, don't argue on this site. if you want to argue, there's a place for that. it's called the internet
 frenk: Come on, guys. Let's all get along and move on.
 morakdais: The drahma, the drrraaaahhhhmmmaaaa
 grizzly: Can't we all just get along?
 static xyz: Can we let this die for today? Enough. You lot can all look forward to arguing this issue another day.
 ThatGuy: @Sharkface are you trying to be ironic?
 ThatGuy: @mypasswordispassword you have no idea what intellectual property rights are do you?
 Amy Housewine: Classic Flagbot.
 grimes: Lollllll reversal of fortune @hnnngh
 FLAG BOT: @hnnngh You have been flagged for threatening to flag another user.
 mypasswordispassword: It's not copyright infringement! They're in Australia. It's not enforceable except inside of their own country. It's certainly not enforceable in the United States, and all of this is beside the point that it's a free comic that is distributed freely without the author even signing their name. The intent is clear.
 Bumbo Lungys: @hnnngh There is a segment out there that firmly believes the maxim "copyright infringement is your best entertainment value"
 TaintJuice: Don't make the AG-mod pull this car over.
 Sadbot: Fine, all this arguing settles it, I'll buy another shirt from them
 hnnngh: @epitasis It's not an issue of whether we think it's a good or bad comic. It's that copyrighted material that draws revenue on another site is getting posted here without permission. I don't see what's so hard to understand about that.
 aoaoaoao: All this arguing and the damn comic isn't even funny. Should be called Color Butthorn
 epitasis: VOTE BAD AND MOVE ON IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT FOR SOME REASON. For crying out loud.
 hnnngh: @craftjunk Pointing out a legitimate concern is not being a 'hater'. You'll see anywhere else on this site that I'm jovial as can be. @craftjunk By the way, we're stating that it's a *copyrighted* comic that brings in revenue for another website. That's not opinion, it's a fact. Be huffy about it if you want.
 flowers: ... and the weirdening of the Friendly Spaceship continues apace.
 craftjunk: @Skaalar you have my vote to continue posting comics if you want. Ignore the haters. Not all of us here are like that.
 Sharkface: not everyone agrees with you @hnnngh @Warrax don't threaten to flag users because they don't agree with your OPINION! You should be flagged for that yourself!
 Skaalar: @hnnngh I truly didn't think about it at first, and I'm not trying to make waves. I won't post any more of these until I find out more about this. I only want to be fair to a comic that has brought me so much hilarity over the years.
 nimbus: nailed it
 hnnngh: @Warrax Frankly, I think we should start flagging the people who keep posting it. It's been brought up multiple times in a calm and polite matter and all we get is snarky responses in return.
 Skaalar: @Penultimate Grunongo That's actually a fair compromise, I can do that from now on.
 hnnngh: @Skaalar Well then, that should tell you not to post watermarked material belonging to someone else, don't ya think?
 Penultimate Grunongo: Well e eryone one knows Oglaf now. Mission complete, haha.
 Skaalar: @hnnngh the site won't allow me to post anything with a watermark or url, I've tried with a couple other comics and it tells me that's the reason they're rejected.
 Warrax: @mypasswordispassword that's not how copyright works...
 mypasswordispassword: also, @Agamemnon Triforce lol that sharing a webcomic on an image site is "stealing"... this is 2016
 Penultimate Grunongo: @Skaalar Most of us seem to know Oglaf, but I think it would be cool to include the name or author credit in the image. Or maybe just say it in the first comment. I think Oglaf us under Creative Commons, so you're fine as long as it's not monetized, but if you want, you could always just ask the author.
 mypasswordispassword: no one is going to sue @AGGRO-GATOR MOD for a user posting a webcomic on his site, @Warrax that's ridiculous. Oglaf isn't even in America so they couldn't do it even if they wanted to.
 hnnngh: @mypasswordispassword I will apply that same logic to you.
 mypasswordispassword: @hnnngh if warrax isn't the guy that made them then I don't care what he has to say about it.
 Warrax: @mypasswordispassword I was never rude about it. Just letting people know.
 hnnngh: @bobby That's as stupid an argument as, "Don't like cyber-bullying? Don't use the internet." Seriously.
 hnnngh: @mypasswordispassword Maybe because you guys never listen and stop posting the comics. Plus, how are people unfamiliar with it supposed to know where the comic is from without a watermark? It's stupid that you don't think credit should be given where it's due.
 mypasswordispassword: @Skaalar don't pay any attention to @Warrax, he posts that on every oglaf. its stupid
 Skaalar: Honestly, I never thought of posting these as wrong. I just wanted to share something that I thought was absolutely hilarious. I just assumed that spreading this comic around would create more foot traffic for oglaf's main site. If it is an issue, I'll abstain from posting any more of these.
 Agamemnon Triforce: @bobby that is a bullshit argument. You'd change your tune if people were stealing your work.
 Fishy: Don't snitch.
 Warrax: @bobby No, no it's not, though I doubt they'd get lawyers and courts involved for something as small as this site. If they did find out and sent a cease and desist letter, that would create a lot of extra work for the friendly spaceship mods to try and keep the comics off the site to avoid getting sued. But, if you're actually a fan, it's probably cooler to respect their wishes and not spread their stuff around.
 bobby: well, then @Warrax they should not post them online. That's how the internet works, is we share what we like...
 Warrax: I've heard the oglaf people don't like their stuff getting posted in other places. Just sayin'.
 Sadbot: Oglaf is love, Oglaf is life
 SomeCanadian: Oglaf is rad.
Image 86346   02-26-16 12:47pm     Uploaded by    Skaalar
 White Rice: @duckfarts we can only hope.
 Korrok: I don't remember the Clap emitting heavenly beams of light, but then again I never had the Clap so, hey, what do I know.
 windmill78: My god, it's full of stars!
 CrustyDusty: So... we've sunk to classicing doujin? I'm not having a happy.
 Dobly: Previously, on Peter Radcock
 DrinkMixMan: Now I know what was in the "Pulp Fiction" briefcase: dick.
 duckfarts: @White Rice To be continued...
 Frank herbert: goldmember
 White Rice: And, for the sake of killing any speculation, this was a filler bit from a fictional series in QC. It's called "Magical Love Gentlemen". This was as much as we've ever seen of it (save for an in comic cosplay and some in comic merch)
 White Rice: Someone's been posting all the webcomics these days. At least the Oglaf one retained its source (though I think the filler stuff from QC [this & the Shame Orb crapping burritos] didn't have them to begin with)
 queezy farm: The Pulp Fiction Manga
 A Post Office: Well gosh I wonder what he keeps in there. Maybe his Yugioh card collection? Or a dinosaur? A whale, perhaps?
 morakdais: not even a kiss? you a hoe
 Blimpet: when I burst in your face, I invade your personal space!
 professional: nice McGuffin
 Lousy AI: The Unsolved Mysteries magna is... different.
Image 86236   02-25-16 10:55pm     Uploaded by    Skaalar
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