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 Side Boob's Aggro-Gator

 dangerkeith3000: @Mr. Butt Yeah, that's kinda weird. IT would take me a little while to get used to that.
 Mr. Butt: @dangerkeith3000 @Warrax In Canada, milk comes in bags.
 dangerkeith3000: In Japan, they have square Watermelons! @Warrax
 Warrax: Square cones? What a world we live in.
 Micro Jackson: Fight me!
 WTF: Yeah, it's pretty big... I guess.
Image 249175   05-24-18 3:34pm   Views: 2512   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Ironass: He'll be getting a pair of cement shoes in a minute!
 wolfpk: Chickens are assholes!
 Side Boob: What a cock
 Knice: No clucks given.
 ignatz: I'd leave it like this..
Image 249012   05-23-18 1:47pm   Views: 28065   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 itskando: Huehuehuee
 dangerkeith3000: I'll haunt your dreams.
Image 249009   05-23-18 1:26pm   Views: 28335   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Dresdenkeogh: I am confused. This is not a nasty dirty wet hole filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat. I don't know what kind of hole this is and I don't know what it means.
 raditzu: 100% CGI, you can't trust shit you see in tv nowadays
 Joseph: Yo mamma's door is pretty.
 Felicity: One of the more scenic exits to the Ninja Turtle lair
 Demon Universe: Break out some of that high grade pipe-weed, Gando!
 WannaBee: Sneaky little hobbitses!
 glenalec: Hobo holes are often round.
Image 248886   05-22-18 7:03pm   Views: 58948   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Zukero: Even though graphics designer can photoshop good
 Joseph: How do you install a rivet without a rivet gun though Lady?
 Air Biscuit: What is it?
 glenalec: Even person with poor English and out-dated gender concepts can installing good! :-)
Image 248884   05-22-18 6:54pm   Views: 55173   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Felicity: Must be a big fan of the movie /Millennium/ (1989)
 Teechur: Strangers taking flight..... Dubai Dubai Duuuu.....
 Side Boob: I hope he doesn't learn a painful lesson about wing vortexes.
 Mad Collager: That's not flying. That's falling with style!
 glenalec: That looks like a nice safe violation of air-space. Yes it does!
Image 248883   05-22-18 6:47pm   Views: 53210   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 brian greene: kardashian family tree
 raditzu: Buttree
 Mr. Shine: Baby got bark
 bug: Check out the burls on that guy.
 Christina: Tumors.
 barfolomew: Damn, that's some junk in the trunk
 Yurishiro: Dat trunk tho
 Peter Pantsless: Dat ash tho
Image 248834   05-22-18 12:47pm   Views: 57532   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Teechur: @Derp Herpigan FTW!
 UltraBeverly: Mmmm, the ol' steamy buffalo, yes please!
 Air Biscuit: @mwoody because they're in the mist?
 Derp Herpigan: @Teechur Bison?
 Yurishiro: @Teechur "Roooooooooooooo"?
 Dr Awkward: @Teechur "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo"
 Teechur: What did the buffalo say to his kid when he went off to college?
 mwoody: "My bad, I thought they were gorillas."
Image 248829   05-22-18 12:03pm   Views: 56369   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Air Biscuit: What medusa calls "collateral damage"
 itskando: Prehensile
 Not A Bot: Cash only! No soup for you!
 Telkwa: PUNCH HIM!
 dangerkeith3000: Time to stroke the one-eyed snake...
 sparename: Not quite Salma Hayek
 Demon Universe: Get ripped with this one workout the gyms dont want you to know about!
 charlemagne: it's a metaphor
 San DoDo: Snake, I'm too glam to give a damn
 fanny: sssssssssssselfie
 glenalec: I demand bunssssssss.
Image 248691   05-21-18 3:54pm   Views: 97676   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 fanny: @DrNinjaman mmmmm delicious with a brackish dip!
 Robespierre: Stargazy aspic looks rather grim
 dangerkeith3000: @DrNinjaman CELLO
 DrNinjaman: Chum flavored Jello
 Yam: I'm torn because the western side of me is saying that looks gross, and the Japanese side of me is saying it looks delicious
Image 248661   05-21-18 12:03pm   Views: 84456   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 DrNinjaman: @Robespierre Timex the tiger? Works for me.
 Robespierre: Kept on ticking
 Side Boob: This is the opposite of a cow-lick
 Annoying Vegan : My mom would do this too when my hair was messed up.
 Mr. Shine: This tastes liek smol.
 Yurishiro: @Knice Never saw it coming. ;)
 Knice: Side Mlem
Image 248638   05-21-18 08:26am   Views: 83045   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Science: If you have a vanity plate that says "B Humbl," you ain't.
 Robespierre: @Side Boob If there were a Confederate flag visible there would be even more whingeing in here.
 Side Boob: If this was a pickup truck, there would be a lot more whinging in here.
 FireBreathingMarmot: We need this guy for the grading curve.
 Minnesotan: some cars are just asking to get flipped over and set on fire. preferably with the owners inside.
 Air Biscuit: Haha(clicks picture and then gets back in car and parks properly)
 El hefe: DUSH PRK
 Christina: How to park like as asshole.
 Telkwa: Humility: (noun) A self-congratulatory free ticket to park wherever the hell you like.
 Lantry: sit down!
 Nope: If I put my wipers up no one can ticket me! Hey, who keyed my car?
 ignatz: What? I'm parked perfectly on the line..
Image 248338   05-19-18 1:58pm   Views: 134108   Uploaded by    bbbrandon
 Springbok: mraaaooo.
 glenalec: The cat downstairs likes to behave like he wants you to pet him, but when you reach out he will scratch rents in your hands.
 Micro Jackson: Yes you could trip on that
 Christina: "Feed me if you can."
 petepuma: HE WILL EAT YOU
 Air Biscuit: Gaze at my belly and behold last visitor not to heed my warning.
Image 247984   05-17-18 11:47am     Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Kaviri: Someone handed that to him on the street; he was too polite to refuse.
 Christina: @Scoo Yes.
 Scoo: Greg Sestero or Keanu Reeves?
Image 247977   05-17-18 10:47am     Uploaded by    Side Boob
 whcvgre78: I know my rights ya fackin pig!!!
 Felicity: Audi--probably deserved to be pulled over
 Micro Jackson: You show me your license and registration first, asshole!
 Side Boob: Don't say anything until you speak with the law firm of Ernie & Bert.
 Derp Herpigan: Do you know how adorable you were going?
Image 247804   05-16-18 10:26am     Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Felicity: How many arms does he have?
 Robespierre: @Side Boob ...and there's the rub.
 Side Boob: @Robespierre How does that work in a car with no seatbelts?
 Robespierre: Click it or ticket, jackass
 dangerkeith3000: Get your ass the Mars.
 Yurishiro: Arnyoung.
 Not A Bot: Long boobs, long butts, or thighs?
Image 247793   05-16-18 08:26am     Uploaded by    Side Boob
 FireBreathingMarmot: "Okay! Your hair isn't that bad. It looks great."
 SuedeOxford: Nice gams!
 wolfpk: @glenalec I don't know; Kirk wasn't to into the chic in "The Devil in the Dark." (A Trekker joke)
 glenalec: @DrNinjaman - They had to be sewn into their costumes (GR didn't think zippers were the future) so an emergency seam ripper would make sense!
 glenalec: @wolfpk - Half the galaxy? (the female half)
 DrNinjaman: Fixing his collar with the largest seam ripper in the galaxy.
 wolfpk: Who knew Kirk was into BDSM
 Shay: Don't talk to me or my man-slave ever again.
Image 247692   05-15-18 5:47pm     Uploaded by    Side Boob
 raditzu: Dumbass should focus more on wearing something than on weed.
 Felicity: This year*s Halloween costume: sexy ghillie suit
 charlemagne: hey adam, heh, let's go eat a whole load of apples
 sparename: "Are there any women at this stoning??"
 Yurishiro: Damn treehuggers
 Warrax: The 70's, before personal grooming was invented.
 Not A Bot: Mmm....that is some sweet looking mutual regard. Cut me a slice of that cake.
 OldKentuckyShark: Seeds can settle anywhere they find water Sun and air
Image 247687   05-15-18 5:03pm     Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Robespierre: Warranty terms violated
 CaptainCatbreath: Nylon Belted Radials
 dangerkeith3000: That is a unique solution, I tell ya what.
 Micro Jackson: He's just going through a bad patch
 hajjpodge: If women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.
Image 247644   05-15-18 11:47am     Uploaded by    Side Boob
 violentwrath: This made me vote rad @Yurishiro
 FireBreathingMarmot: Mr. Coiffe in the back: "Is this for the yearbook?"
 glenalec: He's a bird-dog.
 Annoying Vegan : I rad dis every tiem
 Prostata: he's doing his capybara imitation
 Prostata: he's doing his capybara imitation
 Yurishiro: He's playing live action angry birds
 Micro Jackson: Thinking about perch. Yummy perch
 Christina: Too many birds on doggo.
 Robespierre: Patience dogsonified
 Whatever: A bird on the paw may be worth two in the bush, but this is ridiculous!
 Knice: Birbkf
 Warrax: Did the dog sort them by size and type, or did they do that themselves?
 Teechur: Don't move. Don't even budgie.
Image 247637   05-15-18 10:47am     Uploaded by    Side Boob
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