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 shay's Aggro-Gator

 antipatterns: Wick Needs Winks 40: Please Let Me Sleep
 Science: "John Wick 2: All Beards Must Die!"
 Side Boob: "Here I go! Killing again!" -John Wick
Image 253603   06-21-18 11:26am   Views: 4921   Uploaded by    Shay
 piranharama: That got dark
 Joseph: Kids are whimpy for a long time, then one day they'll suddenly be cooler than you and you'll feel old but also proud.
 tib gubb: someday i hope to be this good a father
 Knice: Fuck this.
 a robot: @FabricMan I looked it up, and yes. Also, what the fuck
 FabricMan: Is this the original?
Image 253384   06-19-18 8:03pm   Views: 54560   Uploaded by    Shay
 WTF: Every day I read the news about the U.S.
 Robespierre: HA-HA!
 wolfpk: @Shay I've been say it since about two-thousand.
 trelyate: you're invited to suffer
 Shay: That's my reaction whenever they announce a new season of The Simpsons.
 Theta Zero: Each new Terminator sequel past 2
Image 253356   06-19-18 4:47pm   Views: 53239   Uploaded by    Prombom
 Jaunty Shrimp: And I also like this weird Seussian pet. Jib would be a great name for him/her/it/they.
 Jaunty Shrimp: @Otterman And I like people who like the cuts of other peoples' jibs.
 Robespierre: I'll be doggone...
 WannaBee: It's Kyle, Gru's dog.
 redmonkey3: @AlexDeLarge - brilliantly beat me to it!
 Micro Jackson: (poops dark matter)
 AlexDeLarge: Next up on VH1..The sootballs from spirited away: where are they now?
 Otterman: @forkbear I like the cut of your jib, forkbear
 forkbear: I kinda hope he only has two legs and is just a fluff-ball that bounces around.
Image 253321   06-19-18 12:13pm   Views: 55275   Uploaded by    I Hate The Beatles
Image JYV   06-19-18 07:21am     Uploaded by    Shay
 Air Biscuit: @charlemagne yep. Never forget.
 NoRagrets: @Knice indeed #84679
 Knice: Good times... #82362
 charlemagne: so this is where it came from
 charlemagne: so this is where it came from
 Ihminen: a classic
Image 252704   06-15-18 01:03am   Views: 164622   Uploaded by    Shay
Go on. Leave a comment. Just a short one, even.
Image 252324   06-12-18 2:47pm     Uploaded by    Shay
 charlemagne: this man was pivotal during the egyptian spring
 sparename: Edward Laserhands?
 Scoo: Space Knife!?
Image 251518   06-07-18 4:54pm     Uploaded by    Shay
 raditzu: 5 mins of laughs, 20 years of therapy. Still worth it.
 Sandor: RIP Oderus
 Amy Housewine: That looks a lot like my friend's daughter several years ago. The one on the left.
 WTF: Madeline Max and the Road Warrior
 Science: You can always make a new best friend. It's like I always say, you can make a new best friend because at any moment your old best friend could be killed and burned horribly in a wretched car fire. And then you would have to make a new best friend and also make sure that the new best friend didn't make the same mistake that the old best friend made and wreck his car while he was driving it while high on cough medicine that was filled with codeine.
 jochenau: Is that little Amy Pond?
Image 251488   06-07-18 1:03pm     Uploaded by    Shay
 Scoo: # Put a lid down on it and everything will be alright #
 jochenau: Nedroid Picture Diaryyyyy
Image 251387   06-06-18 8:54pm     Uploaded by    Shay
 Robespierre: When does Charles Manson get pardoned?
 a sedated moose: @Not A Bot that can't be accidental.
 PenguinBartender: Too easy. *scroll.*
 a robot: "I'm a big boy now!"
 Not A Bot: Cthulpitalism
Image 250398   05-31-18 8:47pm     Uploaded by    Shay
 Jaunty Shrimp: @Mr. Shine Happy birthday!
 Flam Dangler: @Mr. Shine. Happy 40 trips around the Sun!
 Mr. Shine: Today actually is my birthday! I turn 40.
 dangerkeith3000: Bidet, mate!
 VoR: Happy Bidet
Image 250320   05-31-18 10:47am     Uploaded by    Shay
 Mr Bleak: @Tremayne "Next comes the realist phase ('after all, from a purely geometrical point of view a cat is only a tube with a door at the top.') You take the pill in one hand and the cat in the other Er You take the pill in one hand and in the other you take a large kitchen towel with one angry cat head poking out of the end. With your third hand you prise open the tiny jaws, insert the pill, clamp the jaws shut and, with your fourth hand tickle the throat until a small gulping noise indicates that pill has gone down. You wish. It hasn't gone down. Because it's just gone sideways." The late, great pTerry.
 Tremayne: You think that's dangerous, try to give kitty a pill!
 Nothing: Gladly
 redmonkey3: Real Russian effect = maybe loaded up on catnip, maybe not
Image 250244   05-30-18 10:03pm     Uploaded by    Shay
 Telkwa: Gulliver's Travels: North Pole edition
 tib gubb: seems about right.
Image 250234   05-30-18 8:54pm     Uploaded by    Shay
 tib gubb: classic beartato
 barfolomew: Rad for Nedroid.
 Air Biscuit: Gonna be going to the throat doctor if you dont get that outta there.
Image 249715   05-27-18 6:03pm     Uploaded by    Shay
 Slerzy: huehuehuehue
 Mr. Whiskers: Not sure if this reminds me of a meme...or actually a meme
 tib gubb: omg i need that dog
Image 249353   05-25-18 2:03pm     Uploaded by    Shay
 Warrax: Just switch puppeteers.
 Micro Jackson: It's coz they don't have ankles
 sparename: Wrist monitors would surely chafe..
 Passive: "All we had to do was saw off our foot!"
 tib gubb: "let's have a drink... on the plebs!" "you're such a shit, ernie"
Image 249335   05-25-18 11:47am     Uploaded by    Shay
 BavidDowie: dooglie-eyes
 itskando: My eyes are u-- oh you found them
Image 248736   05-21-18 9:03pm     Uploaded by    Shay
 San DoDo: @Shay it ain't so, I will not go. Turn the lights off. Carry me home. Na na na na na...
 Annoying Vegan : *waves back*
 wolfpk: Ok, if you want
 2Berries: You look like the mental picture i have of myself. RAD AF
 Dr Awkward: Hello @Shay!
 Mr. Whiskers: Whether you vote yourself a Rad or a Bad...youre right.
 Peter Pantsless: Wrong sticker, buddy!
Image 248163   05-18-18 1:03pm     Uploaded by    Shay
 funny in the wall: Pretty much true if you add hangover
Image 248126   05-18-18 06:47am     Uploaded by    Shay
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