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 Seven Eight Nine

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 Seven Eight Nine's Aggro-Gator

 Side Boob: Google Glass is still stupid
 Kaviri: Who filed this?
 Mr. Shine: Well, THAT figures.
Image 234112   02-23-18 5:11pm   Views: 30175   Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 Dr Awkward: Better than a halo.
 Ulillillia: Acattin Sane
 a robot: Rainbow cat club! #203796 #197507
 Yurishiro: Catscan
Image 230841   02-05-18 11:27am     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 Uncle Phil: The wasabi ones are pretty nice too.
 Dr. Bathroom: @White Rice Agreed, Matcha KitKats are amazing.
 tokyopig: Ah the elusive rum raisin kitkat. I was asked to buy some these but I've never seen them in stores myself.
 White Rice: @ping there are countless varieties of KitKat bars out there. While America gets the original, white chocolate, and sometimes a seasonal one (pumpkin, because everything needs pumpkin flavoring) Japan (as an example) gets dozens, if not hundreds, of different flavors & types (the matcha ones are really good)
 ping: KitKat, you say? Contains alcohol you say? Tell me more.
Image 230522   02-03-18 2:59pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 kornisjon: I don't think I'll ever not love this. But this theory will be tested.
 Robespierre: @DrinkMixMan Ah, yes ... Mountain Stranded Time.
 Prostata: I have yet to see one of these on a weds
 DrinkMixMan: *Checks time: 11:10pm, Mountain Time* You got lucky.
 glenalec: It's Thursday afternoon here, slow froggie!
Image 230067   01-31-18 11:33pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 tokyopig: If at first you don't succeed, you suck.
 raditzu: the fish is not amused
 dangerkeith3000: That fish is literally frowning. Hahahaha....awww...
 Yurishiro: FATALITY!
 karmakat: STUCK! same here...fucking stupid bird.
 FabricMan: Frownie face
 sparenamelaptopdied: A Fish Kebab
Image 228545   01-23-18 2:27pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
No one else has dared to comment. Will you?
Image 228455   01-23-18 12:11pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 Spazstatic: You misspelled "son", son. *Bashes with typewriter*
 Felicity: Multivac will save us
 DrinkMixMan: Not as fast as the earth
 addend: And little Emily is learning about the polio vaccine.
Image 227496   01-18-18 12:04pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 Prostata: bet i can squeeze my car in there right next to the drivers side door...
 Yurishiro: I'm glad you've given me a reason to hate you other than pure envy.
 Shay: Though I can still read that it says "TRNSFRM GP", I'm badding this because of the principle of the Michael Bay version of Transformers.
 ignatz: Well, it took up 2 spaces before transforming so..
Image 225850   01-09-18 3:09pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 gorilla: im dead @jazzjunkie
 thrilhouse: Dumb but funny
 Whatever: This is actually encouraged by politicians to ensure police dont make it to enjoy their pensions
 glenalec: What type of stereo do you have?
 jazzjunkie: And then, after waiting in line for twenty minutes, I finally reached the window -- only to see a whole parade of Dalton's finest roll up to the back with their lights on making us get out of their way...
 Callahan: I don't blame them. Krispy Kreme is fucking delicious.
Image 224316   01-01-18 12:40pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 Peach: Cheaper than therapy
 Robespierre: Perfect allegory for middle class life in Trump's America.
 Scoo: Your alien looks sick
Image 223789   12-29-17 3:58pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 dirtstick: Tryin to make a change -
 a spider plan: That's not Bushman! How many people in this world need to work out their difficulties by dressing as plants? Two is more than I expected.
 McMuff: As a decorative shrub myself, I'm tired of all this cultural oh fuck it I'm tired of this comment already.
 Skaalar: @Callahan I just wish we could get to the root of his problem..
 Sadbot: I wish I could find a better quality version, but this:…
 Callahan: Well looks to me he's got his life all plant out.
Image 223650   12-28-17 8:40pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 wooden boy: I like the color of Snuffles fur, I think its pretty.
 Robespierre: This face puts Goofy to shame.
 Felicity: I take it there is some layer that doesnt show up on my version of friendly spaceship that says this dogs name is Snuffles
 Prombom: Snuffles is the kind of name that just makes me happy. Pair it with that face and it is almost too much cuteness.
 trepanation: Snuffles is my slave name. I prefer to be called snowball now because my fur is white and fluffy
Image 223576   12-28-17 1:47pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 jazzjunkie: Moon Moon is good with kids
 Air Biscuit: Oh my grandmother. Look how much hair you shed!
 Micro Jackson: Hurry up and take the picture so i can eat the kid
 Robespierre: Borkf looks dubious at best.
 charmander: Fabulous!
 hammy: This is awesome. My husky would never let me do that to her though. Little kids say she is a werewolf all the time which makes me laugh.
Image 222239   12-21-17 11:47am     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 Not A Bot: This looks a little different since the last time I watched it. Slightly more formal.
 a robot: Emo doesn't know how to use a table saw…
 Felicity: @DeeeeeeeezNutz *(depressed animal grunt)*
 Shay: *mutter*whuh....*mutter*
 fanny: the lawn cuts itself
 Yurishiro: Nah I fix it later. Got so much going on with my art right now.
 sparename: Most of the materials just fall to pieces and the paint watches itself dry
 Pikachu: Now that's clever.
 DeeeeeeeezNutz: Starring emo Tim Allen.
Image 222121   12-20-17 7:03pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 El hefe: Man-o-lantern
 Felicity: One thing I can tell you is: dont use Nair on an area where you had a Band-Aid or a piece of Scotch tape
 Science: Oh, Raymond - this is why everyone loves you
 blendedtwice: This is why I don't drink anymore
 Aufziehvogel: Yes, and my retro Scifi painting of women in spacesuits fighting an alien kraken was refused because of "nudity"... WTF GATOR
Image 220927   12-14-17 12:58pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 furneim: @funny in the wall I have a whole list of awesome animals I will be getting when I hit the jackpot. Only ones that can happily live domestically, though. Good luck!
 furneim: @funny in the wall I have a whole list of awesome animals I will be getting when I hit the jackpot. Only ones that can happily live domestically, though. Good luck!
 funny in the wall: im seriously debating getting a fox from that russian fur farm that domesticated them a few decades ago. you know, once i am a millionare.
 Niels Bohr: bOOp
Image 219436   12-06-17 3:08pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 Felicity: In the last panel that cat looks like a nauga
 zrj235: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuc
 Ulillillia: buttcat
Image 218366   11-30-17 8:40pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 Dr Awkward: @ASTER I stand corrected regarding the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders definition of narcissism. I still don't think it should be viewed as normal to be "totally" at ease when "all" eyes are on you. I am a college professor, and I still can sometimes get nervous when "all eyes are on me"
 Mr. Shine: "We have to find SOMETHING to treat."
 ASTER: @Dr Awkward This is generally patently untrue! As I understand it, narcissistic personality disorder has more to do with anxious, compulsive social image upkeep than flat vanity.
 Dr Awkward: Only a narcissistic is "totally at ease" when all eyes are on them.
 WaffleIron: Well they're not lying to you.
Image 218083   11-29-17 11:31am     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
Go on. Leave a comment. Just a short one, even.
Image 217135   11-24-17 10:26am     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
 Skinr: Nintendo 6420
 Felicity: Andy Dick is eccentric
Image 216263   11-19-17 6:40pm     Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
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