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 Science's Aggro-Gator

Image JYZ   06-21-18 10:31pm     Uploaded by    Science
 Micro Jackson: I live next door at 668
 Shay: I'm still waiting, kiss now.
 Amy Housewine: Godammnit Eddie, leave those people alone.
 a sedated moose: I enjoy the fact that you didn't go with the obvious choice of Metallica's Master of Puppets.
 VoR: I am not a number! Im a free man, puppet.
Image 253621   06-21-18 1:54pm     Uploaded by    Science
 Robespierre: Your dog Cletus's jaw isn't nearly as slack as I though it would be.
 Wooden Spoon: I vant to suck your blood, ah hyuck hyuck.
Image 253228   06-18-18 6:47pm     Uploaded by    Science
 Astanapan: Looks more like a duck than a ghost.
 Shay: I knew this place was haunted by doggos!
 Peach: Booooooooooo!...rkf
Image 253220   06-18-18 5:47pm     Uploaded by    Science
 piranharama: I'll have the crab burrito
 Bitcoin Burglar: See the sign back there? Yeah? Get the fuck off mah property then.
 Jeffrat: Great now I got to go find my Ween albums.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: dont be seeing me back!!! no!
 Amy Housewine: My eyes are down here.
Image 208130   10-08-17 07:26am     Uploaded by    Science
 happier: DEVO's video for "Satisfaction". RAD!
 Religion X: "If another coommercial interrupts my show...." "wwwwwrrrrrrennennnnnnnnnnn"
 WTF: @a robot I dare you to be!
 a robot: We can be stupid all night!
 mission2mars: Wendy O. Williams' father, spending a relaxing evening at his suburban home in the VHS Format subdivision.
 Hosebag: @Donut Oh, that's where you are wrong. So very wrong.
 Sage: Put down the chainsaw, and listen to me.
 Donut: That's not the remote control, honey.
Image 204594   09-20-17 12:09pm     Uploaded by    Science
 AverageJoe: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe
 Annoying Vegan : Yes, it's true. You ARE a good boy.
 Skaalar: "???"
Image 202208   09-08-17 09:47am     Uploaded by    Science
Image IVI   09-08-17 08:26am     Uploaded by    Science
Image IRL   08-28-17 5:09pm     Uploaded by    Science
 Amy Housewine: I use 'reckon' (particularly "ah reckons" at the end of a sentence) and 'yonder' all the time.
 Catcat: *slow jazz plays in the background*
 Teechur: @Niels Bohr It would behoove us all to reintroduce these archaisms into the vernacular.
 Scoo: @Niels Bohr I reckon I use "reckon" all the time
 Borkf: @Niels Bohr I've been called out for using yonder in casual conversation before.
 fanny: @a robot ah! thanks :)
 a robot: @fanny #194293
 Bohab: A rare photo of the original, steam powered "friendly spaceship" being prepared for its debut at the 1893 Chicago world's fair.
 Niels Bohr: Welp. This'll hit a grand before lunch I reckon. Reckon, reckon and yonder are words we need to bring back in to the modern lexicon.
 fanny: I don't know the reference, but I like it!
Image 194496   07-31-17 09:09am     Uploaded by    Science
 Science: I have holes all over my yard, thanks to these two fleabags.
 a robot: Dogs R great
 redmonkey3: Laying in the dirt - being cool doggos!
Image 193369   07-25-17 4:09pm     Uploaded by    Science
 SpaceCow: Now he's an anime character who goes around trying to convince every one that it's the Jojo family's fault.
Image 191779   07-17-17 4:03pm     Uploaded by    Science
Image HQZ   06-06-17 7:04pm     Uploaded by    Science
 Spazstatic: :
 DarkTeddy: Your pupper needs to be washed
 Wet farts: Gooby plz
 fisto: Breaking bad dog.
 KrazyKat: Your dog is still broken.
 Life Whacker: Bork/Off!
Image 165246   03-02-17 3:26pm     Uploaded by    Science
Image DIP   10-21-16 6:32pm     Uploaded by    Science
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Image 137627   10-13-16 3:14pm     Uploaded by    Science
 Micro Jackson: @LaeMi ex-ACK-ly
 generic: @Micro Jackson - Ack ACK ack ack!
 Air Biscuit: Hmph, i thought they just really didnt like birds.
 SpaceCow: "Don't run, we are your friends."
 Micro Jackson: Ack Ack!
 ch: here it comes we were warned
 Amy Housewine: Nah man Martians have tripods and say "Ulla". You've got it all wrong.
 Ulillillia: I'm club fucking footed you asswipe
Image 134505   09-28-16 12:03pm     Uploaded by    Science
 Joseph: Rad for Kuwahara bike.
 Borkf: @ch Going to school is also rad. And listening to your parents.
 chhumphrey: The 80's called, they want their meme back
 ch: do you know what else is rad it is staying off of drugs is rad
 Thyming: red*
 Thyming: Someone decent at photoshop, please make the read portion of his helmet the proper purple color.
Image 134086   09-26-16 11:09am     Uploaded by    Science
 SpaceCow: I'd say take the apple, it's much harder to play but that much more rewarding once it's mastered.
 Grandmas Ghost: Twenty minutes later: #133065
 Grandmas Ghost: Twenty minutes later: #133065
 tess: WTF. I fixed my comment and now it's showing up like three times.
 flying sheep:
 vape station:
 fatman: @ch = pineapple or knife?
 Micro Jackson: That's exactly what I was thinking
 ch: lo que es mas macho ... un platano o un acordeon
 a robot: I've seen Weird Al three times in concert, the third time he finally did this song and I was so happy, it's one of my favorites!
 macrocosm: Squeeze box for scale
 Soaps Pierre: nice name and post combo
 Peach: After hours of deep thought, normal Al was ready to choose. "The accordion! I'll take the accordion!" And that's when things got... weird.
 Bacon Train: this is a good one
Image 133063   09-21-16 11:09am     Uploaded by    Science
 WaffleIron: Now it's "100" with two lines underneath.
 Shay: Big Bird was dealing some serious drugs back in the day. Thankfully he's clean now.
 dobbiesdoogs: i miss trippy sesame street
Image 123457   08-05-16 7:03pm     Uploaded by    Science
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