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 savvoy's Aggro-Gator

 conner: Rob Schneider did this for a living once
 White Rice: The free wifi is what really sells the Elvis aspect of the place (in all seriousness, I'd check it out, sounds fun)
 Catcat: I miss Japan...
 Jennerator: black velvet everywhere
 afroking: cool japanese bar?
Image 193066   07-24-17 01:03am     Uploaded by    savvoy
 Side Boob: Let's play "Spot the Ticks!"
 Mr. Shine: Where's the face swap?
 apoxia: Who photobombed who?
 divad: Deer me: deer selfies
 originaluser: Hellboy 4
 tib gubb: woodland creatures!
 rinaldi1337: Red neck city
Image 193051   07-23-17 11:26pm     Uploaded by    savvoy
Image IHI   07-23-17 11:08pm     Uploaded by    savvoy
 archanon: I can friend to that eyelid.
 Scoo: Sleep tight, puppers
Image 141246   10-30-16 10:03pm     Uploaded by    savvoy
 Dreforian: minimum belly rub requirement not met, shifting to standby mode
 msmstud: Sometimes the funniest thing about pets and children is a beautiful lack of shame.
 satoshi: lmaoooooo
 Christina: "I die for you."
Image 126876   08-22-16 07:47am     Uploaded by    savvoy
 whiplash: What an eerie photo.
 msmstud: Delicious ear marmalade, just like grandma Van Gogh used to make.
 tib gubb: oh heck yes. the new tales from the city is looking good.
 ignatz: WTF is it with all the body parts recently?
 sparename: "That's Luigi, with two 'i's but only one ear - doesn't matter where he lost the ear or where I hid the knife..."
Image 126874   08-22-16 07:31am     Uploaded by    savvoy
 lecj07: Ugh, peta. Still kinda cool.
 Turts: I love the new Cronenberg fashion line!
 duckfarts: carrion luggage
 Derp Herpigan: A gift for the next unlucky TSA agent...
 Korrok: This will certainly be going on Korrok's holiday gift list.
 tib gubb: do you want face huggers? because that's how you get face huggers
 Janston: This kills the Gucci.
 Nope: *looks at list of pick up lines* *eyes "Yo I want my dick up in your flesh purse"* *Crosses off*
Image 126823   08-21-16 11:09pm     Uploaded by    savvoy
 Jeannie C: English is not for sissies.
 WaffleIron: And this is one of the reasons my wife hates english.
 Slamajama: My carrot is pointing to a 24 karat blond
 Fiasco: This is the Dark Souls of pedantry.
 savvoy: homophones homophobes hoboprobes
 savvoy: homophones homophobes hoboprobes
 Scoo: And yet, I don't care at all...
 depression: Really
Image 124750   08-11-16 10:28pm     Uploaded by    frenk
 savvoy: I am intensely curious as to the wildlife that will be seen on a highland safari. "Shaggy cattle- check. Pert lassie- check. Trout- check. Ghillie... I know there's one around somewhere..."
 Fishy: Drive safe? How borrinnnggg.
 SunWukong: @DrinkMixMan I'm not sure I'd want a thrilling Safari.
 DrinkMixMan: Somehow I don't have high hopes for the safari.
Image 121959   07-29-16 01:09am     Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 savvoy: Posted inside the toilet stall, in a charter bus, in Oklahoma.
 skillet: Damn foreingers.
Image 72903   12-27-15 1:17pm     Uploaded by    savvoy
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