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 Sadbot's Aggro-Gator

 DrNinjaman: ACHOO!
 antipatterns: I know I'm human. And if you were all these things, then you'd just attack me right now, so some of you are still human. This thing doesn't want to show itself, it wants to hide inside an imitation. It'll fight if it has to, but it's vulnerable out in the open. If it takes us over, then it has no more enemies, nobody left to kill it. And then it's won.
 Greifer: the head spider still gives me nightmares
 Winterneuro: @Ihminen it prefers The Thing Also, this is Kurt Russell
 Otterman: Teeth whiteners very effective on this fellow.
 Ihminen: this is THING
Image 253743   06-22-18 10:03am     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 Side Boob: "That doesn't scare me. Work on it!"
 dangerkeith3000: "What are you? Some kind of joker?"
 Science: "Two thin coats, Private Pyle! Two thin coats!"
Image 253734   06-22-18 08:47am     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 FatTigerWoods: Bad!
 redmonkey3: @Side Boob - YES! (always examine image fjrst? i didn't)
 NoRagrets: @PenguinBartender can I have a seat? I brought beverages.
 Side Boob: Also, there's no fucking bumper sticker on that car.
 Side Boob: @Sadbot Shitty actions are still shitty, regardless of the reasoning. We've had bad presidents before, we'll have them again. Everyone needs to calm their tits and stop using "the other guys" as a blanket justification for whatever shitty thing they say/do. Be the change you want to see.
 Sadbot: @Side Boob Troy here a black man, I think it kind of rude, at best, to think he should be associating with people who used their vote to marginalize him. And all behind that sort of thing as a matter of solidarity. "Both sidesism" only works for checkers and chess, whereas the real world has vast differences in power dynamics and circumstance. Opposing politics are rarely symmetrical, you can't really fault the underdogs for punching up
 PenguinBartender: @Sadbot @Side Boob *eats popcorn while hitting refresh on image comments*
 Side Boob: @Sadbot Lead by example, maybe? The whole "Someone has different views so they must be EVIL and vehemently opposed" thing is bullshit on both sides.
 Sadbot: "She contributed to what will be a hellworld of horrible Supreme Court rulings for decades to come and an uptick in racial violence over the past three years, but don't be mean to her!"
 antipatterns: This is good.
 Otterman: Maybe they borrowed the car from the racist uncle.
 Science: "I had the opportunity to change someone's mind, but I'm a douche too!"
 Side Boob: Way to be a dick, I guess.
Image 251446   06-07-18 05:26am     Uploaded by    topcity
 Wooden Spoon: So THATS where shes been!
 Not A Bot: More work than setting up correctly. Couldn't be a mistake.
 WTF: The replicators are more life-like than Melania.
 berlin: Stargate to the world of the Jacqueline Kennedy keytar women and Rita Repulsa prison
Image 251143   06-05-18 10:47am     Uploaded by    Side Boob
Image JTR   04-05-18 3:21pm     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 Korrok: Kinky....
 Sadbot: @AlexDeLarge you are my brothers and sisters, shining lights, even in death I will carry you into battle.
 Sadbot: @AlexDeLarge Words that kill, is what you speak to me.
 AlexDeLarge: @Sadbot Whoa-HAAAAAAAA
 Sadbot: I won't scatter your booze to the heartless sea. We're all Diamond Hops
 Not A Bot: Nah, they're really chill. Except the cat. The cat is the Devil. (Literally, her name is Lucifer)
Image 234227   02-24-18 08:47am     Uploaded by    twisty
 Himesama: I like her.
 tokyopig: This is what I miss when I'm browsing 4chan. And by that I mean women.
 Robespierre: Go for the gusto, lads.
 mrdiron: I herd u liek mudkips
 Darmstadtium: It is Friday my Dudes
 Capital: No take, only throw
 redmonkey3: @Spazstatic - did you catch it ? Her ? Them ?
 kshoxx: she seems nice
 tib gubb: yggh
 Spazstatic: *throws pokeball*
 majorchamp: Okay, I'm starting to see a pattern here!
Image 232759   02-16-18 02:03am     Uploaded by    franktank
 wolfpk: Do you mind if I smoke?
 Donut: I'd Voight-Kampff her. Wait, no, that came out wrong...
 funny in the wall: so I saw this movie again a few months ago because my wife hadn't seen it. rapier than I remembered it
 tokyopig: @Chest Rockwell Ashtray heart, You picked me out, brushed me off, Crushed me while I was burning out, Then you picked me out, Like an ashtray heart, Hid behind the curtain, Waited for me to go out.
 Larp Belb: Which came first: this or Sean Young? (real question)
 Chest Rockwell: I bet she smells like an ashtray.
 tokyopig: Rachel, so beautiful.
Image 228664   01-24-18 02:26am     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 Mentos Pormer: This feels like its a reference to something
 Snow Plow: Adventure unfolds ... isn't that Steve Bannon over on the right?
 Theimposter: @tib gubb They are Cinese waters and it is reckless capitalist imperialism to claim otherwise. Boots forbidden.
 charlemagne: the a team have lost their way
 tib gubb: in international waters, a monkey can wear combat boots
 Whatever: And this is how the Planet of the Apes got started
Image 228647   01-24-18 12:03pm     Uploaded by    Sadbot
Image JNT   01-12-18 2:40pm     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 Greifer: @jochenau Snaaaake!
 Mr. Butt: Snake-snake-girlfriend is the Spaceship version of duck-duck-goose.
 Ulillillia: @jochenau @Greifer Girlfriend.
 jochenau: @Greifer Snake?!
 Greifer: Snake?
Image 226183   01-11-18 09:26am     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 antipatterns: Lol Peter Daou tweeting
 aristocat: They all look a little wired tbh
 Ulillillia: The dry boys are calling, on their way back from the fire
 AlexDeLarge: I got excited thinking that was big boss, then died a little when I realized it wasn't.
 Donut: 4 out of 7 cartoon character prefer BEARDS!
 Shay: Coming to a Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or YouTube near you.
Image 204855   09-21-17 5:26pm     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 Stoner: Cloaca cuddling looks ... disturbing.
 Tiny Butt: This is almost a scene from my life
 Borkf: Come to pregnant Drew in next 48 mins if you want an ass licking.
 Air Biscuit: "Im pretty sure men shouldent have wine while pregnant either" "what would you know about it colonial doctor? Your beard is not as big as mine." "Shhh both of you. I think i heard the baby burp."
Image 204853   09-21-17 5:09pm     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 LKoroton: Why, you @Sadbot
 taxKilla: Count me in...
 DangitBobby: Dat Batman font
 Side Boob: Hi Dawn! You look lovely today!
 a robot: Yay!
 Pikachu: I kind of preferred "Bob Of The Robots" myself.
 Scoo: Soon, please
 Knice: Domo origato, sad roboto
Image 197860   08-17-17 09:09am     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 Bohab: They're jeaning as hard as they can
 Horatio: 29th best is still pretty good.
 mrmaestro: @WaffleIron it's hard to revolt when someone else has your genetalia in a vie grip. Good memories!!
 WaffleIron: @Dr Awkward : No jeans or hats in grad school? Did you guys revolt?
 Social Vegan: My Doctoral advisor did not allow jeans or hats in our clinical research facility. She was jeanist AND hat-ist
 White Rice: Best Jeanist really is the best superhero.
 addend: "It's the 29th contest of 2012, and we're only halfway through the year."
Image 195390   08-04-17 7:03pm     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 tib gubb: birb style
 Rev80: Get Vertical, Brah
 RainbowTornado: Ranch it up
 WaffleIron: It's the code word, no matter where you say it, you know that you'll be heard.
 Side Boob: I have heard about the bird
Image 192534   07-21-17 11:09am     Uploaded by    Sadbot
Image IEH   07-15-17 5:04pm     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 tib gubb: nice plane, brah
 Horatio: Snoopy snooper
 Side Boob: The original U2: 100% less Bono
 Mr. Shine: Hell Yeah @Sadbot
 Gallifrasian: Dragon Lady's a big Snoopy fan.
 Butcherboy: There was also a lot of snoopy regalia associated with the space program
 Butcherboy: "Snoop"y on a spy plane is kinda funny
 Sadbot: for @Mr. Shine re:#190971
Image 191012   07-13-17 5:47pm     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 Sadbot: @WaffleIron Kinda, but that's what aerobraking is for
 grizzly: Jeremiah representing.
 WaffleIron: Amazing! Did you bring enough fuel for a return trip?
Image 166562   03-09-17 3:09pm     Uploaded by    Sadbot
 Peach: @smarkles exactly
 smarkles: @Peach That nasally man is making me feel things again.
 Peach: I get too emotional when I listen to The Mountain Goats.
 Scoo: More like 'Nameless Dork', amirite?
Image 155058   01-07-17 9:26pm     Uploaded by    Sadbot
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