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 RiderFan's Aggro-Gator

 RiderFan: Her legs are nice though.
 Mad Collager: "The Ring" remake looking pretty lame.
 Teechur: You have a tiny bear face.
Image 168537   03-20-17 01:27am   Views: 128202   Uploaded by    MylesX
 ping: Remake of The Thing looking remarkably low-budget.
 AverageJoe: vade retro satanas
 Ironass: #168275
 Dreforian: C'mon man, I've been in optimal scritching position for 1 minute and 37 seconds already, what's the hold up??
 A duck: Aww, they told me this dog was crumple proof!
 piranharama: Morph-ball acquired.
 Lestrange: Free passed out goat
 sparename: German Shatherd
 a robot: Your dog is broken.
 Sandor: IKEA dog
Image 168441   03-19-17 3:31pm   Views: 145701   Uploaded by    Ironass
 enfanta: Carl is soooooooooooo tired of Frank's shit.
 Hokie333: [This animal sleeps its whole life away]
Image 168470   03-19-17 6:26pm   Views: 138577   Uploaded by    Red
 WaffleIron: @carpwoman : Try this but include a box of Claritin as a gift. Everyone likes getting gifts.
 carpwoman: God made all my best friends allergic to cats so I won't be tempted to hit on them. Well, almost all....there is one that isn't...hmmm...
 werterland: I tried once in high school. I still miss her sometimes.
 copunter: see also: the complementary tutorial on How to Rebuff your Friend's Persistent Advances
 Himesama: @dobbiesdoogs Just one?
 dobbiesdoogs: i saw a movie on the internet like this
 Aemuli: The closer I look at this picture, the less clear I am on the expression of gender and sexuality of anyone depicted. I no longer know if this is the sign of art that is terrible or great. So I guess 'rad'.
 Telkwa: This ESL class looks fun.
 Peach: WikiWhy
 tritium: @kinggheedra Basically all WikiHow
 kinggheedra: If i was in this situation, i would read this article and be no better off.
 Robespierre: Colour her dubious
 Albatross: Just for once Rhonda!
 duchaschmeremol: with a frogmouth like you? hell no
 EvilOtter: There needs to be softball or mojitos involved.
 SomeCanadian: WikiHow is the new YahooAnswers
Image 167304   03-13-17 3:03pm     Uploaded by    Himesama
 SpaceCow: "The tracking page said it was already delivered but I haven't heard a thing!"
 AverageJoe: I miss the mailman...
 tib gubb: aaaaany time now... yep... aaaanytime now.
 Jaunty Shrimp: OK who snuck into my house and took a picture of my Snooty aka Zelda?
 tokyopig: When your dog is waiting for you to come home but you're already behind him taking a picture.
 KrazyKat: Ar dey home yet? Ar dey home yet?
 sparename: Dog Door Afternoon
Image 166428   03-08-17 8:26pm     Uploaded by    Bob
 raditzu: and then it was pffffrrrrrttttt!
 tokyopig: 90s rascals why are you black and white? Do you know how many times this movie reel was used to babysit hundreds of children at a time? Whoopie. The answer is whoopie.
 Teechur: Laverne and Shirley have been friends for a long time.
 BavidDowie: "It's a TUTU, not a toot-toot!"
Image 165904   03-06-17 01:10am     Uploaded by    PornoPedler
 yev: they know that it's too late for you to run
 Beeble: One of them didn't get the memo.
 Knice: I don't what's up and they seem happy; rad.
 a robot: @Coolguy Yeah I like that part that goes "No TV and no beer make Homer something something."
 Coolguy: Is this a remake of that move where the family is stuck in the mountains and some guy goes crazy?
 Mr. Butt: I fucking love Ghost World
 Theta Zero: Come play with us
Image 165493   03-03-17 8:41pm     Uploaded by    froggyfresh
 whiplash: Meet my trophy bitch. What? That's what we dogs call our wives, it's not pejorative.
 tokyopig: The police might pull you over for looking baked. Better let the dog drive on the way home.
Image 165337   03-03-17 12:04pm     Uploaded by    Bacon Train
 RiderFan: I swear this was an advertisement for tights.
 CastleBravo: @dobbiesdoogs .....too late.
 KrazyKat: Umm, the fourth pair apparently have no feet.
 XLY: Looks like i've got a new fetish now
 Beeble: She's gonna need more hands if she wants to be all the way modest.
 mwoody: I'm trying to imagine what her butt looks like, and I can't do it.
 enfanta: @fakeusername Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, it seems.
 fakeusername: Lady got gams for days
 tokyopig: This woman literally has no butt.
 ignatz: Spidey senses tingling..
 dobbiesdoogs: stop trying to make undertale sexy
 AstoriaBum: Too many choices, thank you.
 a robot: I can't even walk in ONE pair of high heels without falling over!
Image 165269   03-02-17 5:31pm     Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
 redmonkey3: Jordan used Leaf Blower - it was super effective
 AverageJoe: John dropped to his knees crying, as he realized the woman he loved was actually a scarecrow
 CastleBravo: *WASTED*
 LKoroton: Paleolitic love
 piranharama: I'm leafing you!!
 scribbs: "TAKE THAT, LOVER!"
Image 165283   03-02-17 6:47pm     Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 Benana: EOS looking for holiday companionship. Into light bondage.
 Niels Bohr: @fanny There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
 XLY: Scariest halloween costume i've ever seen
 grizzly: I watched a documentary called 'Men in Rubber Masks' last night. I have no issues whatsoever about what these fellas were into, they just all looked super nightmarishly creepy. This reminded me of it.
 fanny: jesus and i thought the real elf on the shelf was creepy. is this a sex thing?
 Borkf: @Knice Doing this again #140222
 Science: Nightmare on a Shelf
 Mr. Butt: [Michael Scott's "please god no" sounds in the distance]
 Knice: How about a game? #73905
Image 165201   03-02-17 10:07am     Uploaded by    KickassHellyeah
 E. HONDA: Back when the future was envisioned to involve a lot of single purpose push buttons.
 TFChicken: "The Future!"
 Hosebag: AT&T picture phone, the FUTURE. This will be the future in 1980!
 Knice: "Yes, that's right: Five HUNDRED. Five hundred pictures of God-damned alligators. These people get all bitchy when I let something through that's been posted already; but I tell ya, Moonmoon, they have no idea *what* I have to put up with."
Image 164856   02-28-17 2:26pm     Uploaded by    Dan Tagonistic
 Scoo: I'm reading that in my head to the tune of 'Jungle Boogie'
 a robot: Everything about the '70s just seems so unfortunate
 tib gubb: seems like a good time
Image 164380   02-25-17 10:47pm     Uploaded by    Warrax
 Radstarboom: Dreaded shadow harem technique.
 whiplash: "See, because of me the Hooters waitresses now have to wear groin protectors!" Trump.
 CastleBravo: Full props for owning it.
 tokyopig: Which one is the real ninja? Damn this ninja magic, they all look the same!
 Mr. Butt: Why does Hooters?
 SomeCanadian: Real ninja cannot be photographed
 tib gubb: that one hooter girl is really small
 Knice: Why so glum? They run out of chickie tendies?
Image 162924   02-18-17 06:08am     Uploaded by    conner
 itskando: Heeeeeeeeere's Doggo!
 hearsegirl: that doggo's being polite. could totally jump that gate, but obeying the law. as you do...
 WaffleIron: Trained to take down the most dangerous crims, foiled by a waist high baby gate.
Image 162458   02-15-17 8:33pm     Uploaded by    Life Whacker
 KingTrebek: My friend from Nepal told me they also have a festival for crows.
 Side Boob: I still maintain that we should have this dog festival everywhere.
 Ulillillia: Borkdi Gras
 Nope: Would party with them dogs!
Image 162068   02-13-17 7:55pm     Uploaded by    crappypants
 Quackzy: That gal on the couch might need help enjoying the party, she looks pretty bored
 AverageJoe: 90's kids will remember...
 tokyopig: Everything checks out but your young-people-with-beer to filthy, disgusting-living-space-ratio is wayyy off. Oh! you're super rich you say? Well never mind then.
 Bu7Z: Don't show me this again
 Skinr: getting punched in the dick: a beginner's guide
Image 161912   02-12-17 11:32pm     Uploaded by    HighCactus
 Whatever: That explains the thunder of paws when I fill to supper dish...
 trelyate: bjorkfnir
 thebiglutovsky: Shit. Run, mailmen! Hide! Ally yourselves with the frost giants!
 White Rice: Who's a worthy boy? Is it you? IS IT YOU? IT IS; you're a worthy boy! *tail wags*
 San DoDo: @sparename that was a stretch, you should be thorry
 sparename: A Labrathor?
Image 161688   02-11-17 7:32pm     Uploaded by    Bumbo Lungys
 enfanta: Spot's balanced meal.
 Kohapi: That dog is dead.
 logono: My dog would not get through the first item before eating it.
 SomeCanadian: Good boy level = INFINITE.
 PenguinBartender: Will level = iron.
 tib gubb: borkfast
 tritium: Such dignity, even during what is, let's face it, a pretty humiliating situation.
Image 160830   02-07-17 08:47am     Uploaded by    Musician
 Urn BooUrn: They have really cut the budget for the next Suicide Squad.
 Lestrange: @Knice She does look fun but very tiring
 Headoftheclass: "You can take our Deer Park water, but you can't take our freedom!"
 msmstud: @Knice -- I see what you did there.
 Knice: She looks fun, but that yard looks really stabby.
Image 160666   02-06-17 12:47pm     Uploaded by    Robologna
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