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 RiderFan's Aggro-Gator

 Scoo: Das scheint gruselig, auch nach deutschen Massstaeben
 Lestrange: "You're not Father Christmas, you dirty old bastard".
 Peach: Gerber Baby
Image 156708   01-16-17 4:44pm   Views: 1270   Uploaded by    RiderFan
 SkidSolo: Jinkies, Grizzly, it's Velma!
 Skaalar: It's probably Shaggy having night terrors again.
 Pizza: @WaffleIron With the ghost involved too.
 Lestrange: Rad for silly damn kids
 ThatGuy: @grizzly not so much a fan of Louise?
 grizzly: I was always a Thelma fan.
 Scoo: @WaffleIron I think it's the only thing with lower production value: a Student Film
 WaffleIron: I hope this is a porno.
 Derp Herpigan: Zoinks!
Image 156700   01-16-17 4:44pm   Views: 1557   Uploaded by    RiderFan
Image EAY   01-16-17 2:01pm     Uploaded by    RiderFan
Image EAX   01-16-17 2:00pm     Uploaded by    RiderFan
 addend: (Checks whether index finger is longer than ring finger.)
 whiplash: Hello wealthy American blogger, looking for a waifu?
 fumbduck: @ChubbyBuddy That's a plus.
 LaeMi: Lovingly crafted.
 AverageJoe: el psy kongroo
 ChubbyBuddy: her dick is bigger than yours is
Image 156633   01-16-17 04:26am   Views: 8153   Uploaded by    RiderFan
 ClockworkJackalope: Weird porn
 Lestrange: Serial killing just got even weirder.
 Jotun: It looks like Christmas is coming to Santa this year!
 Borkf: Old man power fantasies.
Image 156615   01-16-17 01:09am   Views: 10107   Uploaded by    RiderFan
 petepuma: "A date." [buzz] "Dinner with friends." [buzz] "Dinner alone." [buzz] "Watching TV alone." [buzz] "All right! I'm going to sit at home and ogle the ladies in the Victoria's Secret catalog." [buzz] "Sears catalog." [ding]
 whiplash: Can also be used as a coat rack.
 Headoftheclass: Woman on left: "Help me Obi-Wan Schwinnobi. You're my only hope...of getting rid of thsee saddlebags."
 Thurb Grunombies: Do you get a free poop brown onesie??
 Warrax: 'Bike ride' in quotes because it's a euphemism. For masturbation. Because of course it is. Where else could I have possibly gone with that?
 Scoo: Username/upload sorta combo
Image 156578   01-15-17 9:09pm   Views: 27792   Uploaded by    RiderFan
Image EAU   01-15-17 8:18pm     Uploaded by    RiderFan
Image EAT   01-15-17 8:18pm     Uploaded by    RiderFan
Image EAS   01-15-17 8:18pm     Uploaded by    RiderFan
Image EAN   01-15-17 8:17pm     Uploaded by    RiderFan
 White Rice: Neat image, and I guess if we count all the crossover games it's a decent matchup (main series only, not so much). Still, I think Sequential Normal Punches might beat the classic Lightning Kicks.
 Dreforian: One kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!
Image 156355   01-14-17 5:26pm   Views: 57869   Uploaded by    RiderFan
 yev: don't get it. is it napoleon impersonation? centurion evident, where are you?
 LaeMi: @Lestrange - I could use one of these any time of year. All year even.
 FLAG BOT: One comment by @Bast Relief has been removed for the reason: sexism
 sparename: Need shadowy googly eyes to look like Mangalores
 Scoo: Self-kidnapping Hostage gear
 Whatever: Useful for power naps I suppose...
 Hiddentigerma: @Lestrange So you can live in your own little world while outside? The dream is real.
 fanny: from the spring 2017 buttonhorn collection
 Lestrange: Just noticed the username/upload serendipity.
 Lestrange: I could use one of these this time of year.
Image 156294   01-14-17 10:26am   Views: 72556   Uploaded by    WTF
 addend: No, seriously, is your girlfriend a horse?
 Cami: Robert Crumb would approve.
 Sadbot: single male looking for sturdy single female to run Bartertown with
 wolfpk: She's a keeper.
 Scoo: Payback for #155977
 whiplash: What? I wouldn't trust *her* to take a photo of the parade.
 wolfpk: She's a keeper.
Image 156173   01-13-17 5:47pm   Views: 83265   Uploaded by    RiderFan
 raditzu: Artificial eye in 3...2...
 Headoftheclass: @Scoo it looks pretty straightforward. Or, actually, straightbackward.
 Bluetocracy: Visual evidence #1 - As you can see, her black eye did not come from physical abuse, but improper use of a firearm.
 wolfpk: Trust me that is exactly how you are supposed to hold it. (Try to keep from laughing)
 wolfpk: Trust me that is exactly how you are supposed to hold it. (Try to keep from laughing)
 wolfpk: Trust me that is exactly how you are supposed to hold it. (Try to keep from laughing)
 whiplash: I'm bored. I think I'll go play with my Barbie dolls while she shoots the stupid gun.
 SomeCanadian: Storm trooper boot camp.
 RimLickinGood: I hope she doesn't pull the trigger
 Scoo: You'll shoot your eye out! (in a roundabout sort of way)
 yev: my sister's gonna be a pirate. as planned.
Image 156167   01-13-17 5:09pm   Views: 100078   Uploaded by    RiderFan
 wolfpk: They are actually standing up straight, it's the room tbat is tilted.
 Ulillillia: funny off the wall*
 funny in the wall: @Ulillillia no thank you..
 Robespierre: I see they've spruced up The Mystery Spot a bit since I was last there.
 Radstarboom: THE SHOOOES-A!
 Science: She's acute. I think the kid's just being obtuse.
 sparename: "Beat It, Eileen"
 whiplash: I don't like our new teacher, she's too rigid.
 SomeCanadian: I miss Prince.
 Ulillillia: "Meet our new teacher's aide, Mr. Jackson."
 Scoo: Annoyed girl looks like my cousin
Image 156116   01-13-17 12:03pm   Views: 86624   Uploaded by    RiderFan
 Radstarboom: Why are these pages all sticky?
 SpaceCow: The source material for the Farrel/Hart vehicle.
 a robot: @dobbiesdoogs You've given me flashbacks of listening to that album 100,000 times in college, so rad for you
 rasmodeus: AH AH AH AH Staying hard! Staying hard!
 SomeCanadian: Some girls have D. I'm glad this book is acknowledging this.
 whiplash: Young Bill Nye wasn't ashamed of his body.
 LaeMi: @dobbiesdoogs - LIES!
 dobbiesdoogs: how many reps can you do? i guess you could only do one, really. yeah well one is all you need
 Peter Pantsless: Just give me 10 pages of these two people and it won't be a problem
Image 156054   01-13-17 01:07am   Views: 95952   Uploaded by    Drunk Orc
 well duh: What a gentleman that Andre was.
 2Berries: Hows he not full torque right now? Must be really uncomfortable boots.
 Ulillillia: @DrinkMixMan Broadway play, orgy with 10 hot gals, tough call. (Not really)
 wolfpk: @DrinkMixMan Broadway play, orgy with 10 hot gals, tough call. (Not really)
 wolfpk: @DrinkMixMan Broadway play, orgy with 10 hot gals, tough call. (Not really)
 grizzly: I am the dwed piwate wobaaatttss!!!
 dobbiesdoogs: good guy andre
 DrinkMixMan: So he just stayed home and had sex with ten women instead.
 Scoo: Sit in the back row then
Image 156028   01-12-17 10:09pm   Views: 140393   Uploaded by    RiderFan
 scribbs: "Honey, when did you grow a six-foot tail?"
 whiplash: OMG, I never saw her butt before--the wedding's off!
 Mexico: I'll just wipe my nose on her train. No one will know.
 Peter Pantsless: "How do you lose a garter THAT YOU'RE WEARING, anyway?"
Image 156023   01-12-17 9:47pm   Views: 112066   Uploaded by    RiderFan
 Peach: @dad :D
 dad: lolllll @Peach!!!
 SpaceCow: "I sense something, a presence I haven't felt since..."
 whiplash: Joe Biden dances with Kim Kardashian at his retirement party.
 Peach: You can make me grind, but you can't make me enjoy it.
 Frank herbert: When your paud 'date' wants to dance
 Yttermayn : I'll give you five minutes to stop, then I'm going to get mad.
 2Berries: You know his wife killed his last urge a decade ago, it's just plain mean to tease the man.
 Teechur: My username makes me feel uncomfortable about this picture.
 dobbiesdoogs: forget it sister, it doesn't work anymore
 grizzly: That is a very awkward O face.
 Bast Relief: That's the look of a man who is missing Matlock and falling asleep in the LaZboy at 8pm.
 ChubbyBuddy: young lady, please cease your "twelking" im just trying to get to the bathroom
 a robot: "YOUTHS!"
 Peter Pantsless: Old Man:"Goddamn kids. Doesn't anybody do the Charleston anymore?" @Peter Pantsless: *fist bump*
Image 156019   01-12-17 9:31pm   Views: 109912   Uploaded by    RiderFan
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