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 RiderFan's Aggro-Gator

 whcvgre78: You! Yes, you. You are a good dog.
Image 243296   04-19-18 06:47am   Views: 34466   Uploaded by    georgerino
 Science: What kind of lonely, sad, pathetic idiot would ever watch an anime
 FabricMan: What kind of lonely, sad, pathetic idiot would ever watch an anime for the plotline or animation quality?
 Side Boob: Anime is cartoons
 Shay: My waffle.
 Yurishiro: Shut up and kiss already
 Sadpygmy: They seem nice
 dangerkeith3000: i swear she ain't staring at me
Image 242604   04-15-18 12:47pm   Views: 147287   Uploaded by    Korrok
 Prostata: Christmas is coming
 lecj07: @Mad Collager From that pose, I think she's pining for the fjords.
 lazySolver: @addend shit is fucked yo, call 911
 addend: "Ms. Tannenbaum, is everything alright? ...Hello?"
 Yurishiro: 8/10 I would put balls on
 dangerkeith3000: @Minnesotan *slow clap*
 RiderFan: Ho, ho, hose?
 Mad Collager: Aww, she's pining for me!
 Kaviri: I feel like sprucing up a bit.
 WTF: It's Mary Christmas
 Shay: I'm the Ghost of Christmas depression.
 Minnesotan: not normally a bush directly under a tree like that
Image 242415   04-13-18 9:47pm     Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Mad Collager: A rare Red rhino is captured.
 lazySolver: @Yam good for your boss
 Yam: I know how you feel, but Im still going to work
Image 242383   04-13-18 5:58pm     Uploaded by    nimbus
 RiderFan: I wish to know the artist of this image, so that I might give them praise for her stylish outfit.
 Kaviri: You go girl, shed that lining!
 addend: Have you considered the various hemorragic fevers?
 Felicity: There you go. Theres always hope!
 Peach: We're ALL dying.
 dangerkeith3000: If you were so lucky
 grizzly: Buttperiod...eww.
Image 241260   04-06-18 9:43pm     Uploaded by    maura
 Passive: A sturdy ruffle bag
 Lantry: dogio
Image 241395   04-07-18 5:58pm     Uploaded by    99.9 Percent
 Not A Bot: Wow, I had no idea the guy who ran the laundromat was running for president!
 Ulillillia: Name of the strip club by the airport
 tib gubb: somebody gets it
 Minnesotan: me too
Image 240913   04-04-18 7:37pm     Uploaded by    ratwa
 Mr. Shine: "Sorry, Officer, I just got my license!"
 ignatz: Floofally foofsters in mirror may be falloofier than they appear
Image 240700   04-03-18 1:40pm     Uploaded by    matos
 Butcherboy: Those angry eye brows. I love this dog
 Christina: Listening.
 wolfpk: Someone just unwrapped some cheese.
Image 240249   03-31-18 6:54pm     Uploaded by    Drunk Orc
 savvoy: For some reason, my first thought was 'platypus'
 some guy : Free hugs.
Image 238819   03-23-18 01:07am     Uploaded by    androbot
 Shay: Who's a good lawyer?
Image 238427   03-20-18 5:58pm     Uploaded by    rory
 Ironass: I'm only half listening to you.
 Himesama: Love those heavy paws
 Christina: A nice pupper is always nice.
Image 238041   03-18-18 10:58am     Uploaded by    watwatwat
 Yurishiro: Oh hello honey! This not what it looks like
 Felicity: Relp
 Christina: Agh! A 'roach.
Image 238105   03-18-18 6:58pm     Uploaded by    amputator
 Skaalar: @Side Boob Oh, put it back in the deck.
 Side Boob: Who let Fido play with the Race Card?
Image 237806   03-16-18 10:58pm     Uploaded by    twisty
 Yurishiro: Hey! My eyes are down here!
 VeeKay: I told him! I said 'sketch out the model before you start painting and make sure the perspective works' but oh no, ha ha I'm just a stupid art teacher and deserve to be ignored. Well, fuck him, he's getting an 'ungraded' for this shit.
Image 237695   03-16-18 08:37am     Uploaded by    randomhobo
Cmon. Leave a comment. Don't be afraid.
Image 236595   03-09-18 6:58pm     Uploaded by    FarmerWalk
 Aufziehvogel: Sweet
 DrNinjaman: Leela, that's real velour. Let yourself go.
 wolfpk: Part of the Fruit of the Loom.
 Spazstatic: They seem happy though, do I don't guess they'll wine.
 Spazstatic: What a bunch of goofs.
 Teechur: The Grapes of wRads.
 Robespierre: Diverticuli
 glenalec: @VoR - why settle for hemorrhoids when you can get whole-roids.
 VoR: I hate piles
Image 235884   03-05-18 3:26pm     Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 charlemagne: @Robespierre they do it on the sofa, and on the patio, and when the fun is over watch themselves on video
 Robespierre: There Will Always Be A Perverted England
Image 234062   02-23-18 11:26am     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 jazzjunkie: "Those of you who volunteered to be injected with praying mantis DNA, I've got some good news and some bad news. Bad news is we're postponing those tests indefinitely. Good news is we've got a much better test for you: fighting an army of mantis men. Pick up a rifle and follow the yellow line. You'll know when the test starts."
 mexican: How about no.
 Robespierre: Whoa, this image is just CRAWLING with artifacts!
 Greifer: @Peter Pantsless first she will cut off your head!
 BavidDowie: Prey tell, who is this stunning creature?
 Captain Marsupial: Damn, scyther got curves
 Mr. Butt: Zorak, write this down: no.
 Peter Pantsless: Watch out boy, she'll chew you up
Image 233254   02-18-18 9:26pm     Uploaded by    Rhombo Dimple
 FireBreathingMarmot: I likes my hair like I likes my cars...
 toolbag: What John Waters movie is this
 well duh: "A" for effort on how long it took to poof that hair, she needs some hips to fill out those shorts, and I'm sporting a grande plate of Mopar nachos over that sweet, sweet chocolate machine. Are those traction bars peeking out from under there?
 ping: [Contemplates drawing a 'This is a FAD' button surrounded by yo-yos, tamagochi and fidget spinners. Realises that the pay-off is not worth the effort. After all, @fanny has already made the joke. Goes back to lurking.]
 VeeKay: Imagine a time when the young walked round in silence and didn't have a computer in their pocket!
 fanny: This is FAD
 Captain Marsupial: Really Bad Janet
 Side Boob: @Ihminen this is from the 70s, an even weirder time :P
 Ihminen: there's 80's hairstyles and then theres... this
 Robespierre: Bad girl, a new bad girl, who get on my block / I gave her my key, I said don't bother to knock / I said c'mon, ya got what I need / I said come on, don't make my heart bleed / She's a baaaaaad girrrrrl...
Image 233159   02-18-18 10:31am     Uploaded by    Robespierre
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