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 Prostata's Aggro-Gator

 dangerkeith3000: I saw this on an episode of south park.
 Hosebag: Bring your dog to school day!
 wolfpk: This is what happens when you let the kids overfeed the class guinea pig.
Image 213175   11-03-17 11:26am     Uploaded by    AFanOfSprite
 Felicity: Max Wright had much better hair when he was young
 Robespierre: It's all HIS fault!
 tib gubb: "technically correct, but you should have stopped at Facebook"
 mrwiffler: This is assuming bullshit makes people stupid. Isn't it the other way around?
 bubbles: good shitpost
Image 212504   10-30-17 8:31pm     Uploaded by    Mextreme Enchirito
 Mr Bleak: Have they got a bacon version?
 Ulillillia: Daddy would you like some?
Image 212144   10-28-17 9:54pm     Uploaded by    winwolf
 Skinr: It said it would print the document correctly this time, but 'never again' is what it swore the time before.
 Fancy Clown: It's connected to my Own Personal Computer
 Air Biscuit: The paper slips and slides as it falls in line.
 Ihminen: @dobbiesdoogs It's a bit of a Violator tho
 dobbiesdoogs: it's one of our quietest models. you'll enjoy the silence
 Ihminen: Oh so that's why my printer's been all like "Let's have a black celebration tonight" all the time
Image 209067   10-12-17 10:47pm     Uploaded by    Robespierre
 isosceleswaffle: God... those pigs are all over her. For shame!
 Air Biscuit: @Chocolate Pain thats because theyre trusting you to keep watch over them in their vulnerable moments.
 Hosebag: You lie down with Jeigermeister, you wake up with rodents. Happened to me too.
 VeeKay: Peruvian food porn.
 RiderFan: @Chocolate Pain Yeah, but enough about that girl. What about the Guinea Pigs?
 kazzy94: I'd wake up swinging. I friggin hate guinea pigs.
 Greifer: @Chocolate Pain true, drunk girls, on jaegermeister, are mean!
 Urn BooUrn: @Chocolate Pain Which, the guinea pigs or the drunk?
 fracking: Looks like they are scavenging the kill of the Majestic Jgermeister. You can clearly see it has a death grip on her inhibitions, lulling her in to a false sense of security. It has her right where it wants her.
 Chocolate Pain: Yea it's cute until they start pissing and shitting everywhere. They look you right in the eyes too.
Image 211687   10-26-17 2:07pm     Uploaded by    leia
 wolfpk: I think the guinea pig in the middle is on steroids.
 White Rice: I want to go to this location. I dont care where it is, but with multiple capybaras & all those other fuzzy things its got to be good.
 Ulillillia: @Yurishiro Time to upload 500 capybara pics
 bug: Fun fact: every living thing likes capybaras.
 Christina: A capybara in his playground.
 Yurishiro: Really? Capybara pics EVERY SINGLE DAY???? yaaaaaay!
Image 210523   10-20-17 10:26am     Uploaded by    Prostata
 beyardo: They poop a LOT. Luckily they are HIGHLY potty trainable so get on that
 Yurishiro: I'll kill batman! Heads or tails?
 shwoarty: Bunnies are amazing pets! You can litter box train them so he doesn't have to stay in a cage. Hi Taco!
 Beerarchy: Should have named him Slade Wilson.
 elmstreet: Your rabbit is a guinea pig
Image 209730   10-16-17 11:07am     Uploaded by    Lorm Bembo
 Shay: I bet that donkey fell into a pile of sugar because that's one sweet ass.
 Prostata: this one never gets old. the doggo is SO HAPPY
 Yurishiro: Correct.
 buds420: Donkey: Hear that? Sounds like a bitch
Image 207392   10-04-17 2:47pm     Uploaded by    boomboomboom
 Jabberwikket: @werterland , uh not to imply that what you are talking about isn't a serious problem, but I kinda thought they were going for increased libido and poor decisions about birth control....
 werterland: Men raping drunk women is such a great joke! Haha, it's the woman's fault, get it?!
 Not A Bot: I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
 Micro Jackson: See? I told you you it's not caused by fucking
 grizzly: @WetWilly double pregnant.
 WetWilly: But if I'm already pregnant I'm good, yes?
 potato: They found the one on translator that works. Not a single fuck up.
Image 207168   10-03-17 11:58am     Uploaded by    mark64
 Bagels: I have a vibrating fuzz dog
 MasterTwig: They are all good doggos. Except that last one.
 Ihminen: And remember: pupper = a small doggo, doggo = big ol' pupper
Image 206692   09-30-17 10:45pm     Uploaded by    John Blender
 Prostata: big ol' cup o' floof
 BavidDowie: Why are you setting the microwave?
Image 206682   09-30-17 9:47pm     Uploaded by    Amy Housewine
 Prostata: For best results view this picture while listening to this music…
 VoR: Does this hat make me look less intense?
 Amy Housewine: Yo dawg
Image 206011   09-27-17 3:03pm     Uploaded by    phil
 Robespierre: The Spine Tunnel - I loved that show.
 tib gubb: "actually, this is a special design whose purpose is to make your boobs look real big"
 Bolt Vanderhuge: I'd like to block radiation from only my torso, please
 Sadbot: I like my women like I like my maps; topographic
Image 205497   09-24-17 10:26pm     Uploaded by    Prostata
 Robespierre: The Charles Atlas course ... with DYNAMIC TENSION ... can turn you into ... a BEAST of a capybara!
 SoyUnPerdedor: "Remember me? I'm that little hamster that you used to pick on and bully...well guess what? I've been training and drinking milk! And now time for revenge! HAHAHAHA!"
 Prostata: capybaras just love everyone
 Robespierre: Is that a capy-cat trying to imitate that feline?
Image 182441   05-31-17 6:12pm     Uploaded by    Mr Mumble
 tib gubb: ever heard of the beast of antioch? i made him cry like a little bitch.
 Scoo: Do you even run on a wheel, bro?
 Yurishiro: #182441 if you want to see the results.
 Yam: How I feel when I set up for bench press and it feels like everyone in the gym is watching...
Image 204360   09-19-17 06:38am     Uploaded by    On Spec
 Ulillillia: You've never heard a sound like the fart band, man
 Bubo: Feck it, fart band celebrates everything in our house.
 DrinkMixMan: brown notes
 Robespierre: The Booty Band! I LOVE them!
 jochenau: Hey maybe those are bosoms wearing pants backwards.
 Spazstatic: I didn't realize @Mr Butt had his own band!
 Prostata: how i feel every day
 Air Biscuit: TOOT!!
 Teechur: Whatever they play should become my new ringtone.
 Yurishiro: Ok I warn you in advance for this. THEY HAVE SHEET MUSIC. ROFL
 Amy Housewine: Oh I just got the Spacehip reference. Heh. I'm just not that quick.
 Amy Housewine: 'Ass Band' is what the youngin's call a belt, nowadays.
 Yurishiro: Don't be an ass.
Image 203559   09-15-17 02:54am     Uploaded by    square44
 piranharama: Kewpie mayo, cutie mayo!
 Dr Awkward: Your fez is quite fetching
Image 201568   09-05-17 01:49am     Uploaded by    livelovebarf
 let it go: ummmmmm @hajjpodge
 Knice: I hope they're bendy. [KRRRRKK-KKRRK-KRRKRKK]
 hajjpodge: "No one else has dared to comment. Will you?" Why yes, I will suck your ass. Thank you for the opportunity!
Image 201218   09-03-17 09:59am     Uploaded by    WetWilly
 Zampano: story of my life
 Felicity: @Sadbot Although you cant see them, or hear their breathing sounds
 wolfpk: *but she is pretty slutty, so your chances are good
 Prostata: i wouldn't buy a guinea pig there if I were you
 Cami: Trying stuff until it works.
 Sadbot: I can always guarantee sex* *based on that there are billions of people and at least two of them are sexing at this very moment
 Not A Bot: You're doing sex wrong.
 tib gubb: keep it to your okcupid profile
 cenecia: Story of my life.
Image 197977   08-17-17 9:04pm     Uploaded by    Jak
 Mr Bleak: My comment is Buffying...
 Otterman: Maybe put the Rad button on the bottom-left, Bad on bottom-right, put score in middle? That would prevent my jittery coffee induced mistaken clicks.
 Otterman: @WaffleIron Thanks, you're a hoopy frood.
 WaffleIron: @Otterman : I got your back space-fam
 Otterman: Shit, accidentally Badded instead of Radded. It's Rad, Rad I tells ya!
 Prostata: every day I'm bufferin'
 karmakat: buffy is buffering SNORT
 Bu7Z: She seems so sad about having to wait too...
 SomeCanadian: @ignatz Buffy is a gay hero.
 ignatz: A lot of people "buffed" to this
Image 196456   08-10-17 04:08am     Uploaded by    happier
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