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 pleasing's Aggro-Gator

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Image 253227   06-18-18 6:40pm   Views: 99050   Uploaded by    pleasing
 Warrax: Yes. That is a mouse in my pocket , and I am happy to see you.
 sparename: "Fuckin' 'Ell It's Fred Titmus"
 Nope: @ignatz Dog or leg is the new yanny/laurel
 ignatz: @Nope I think that's a dog..? Anyway, this reminds me of one of my best friends, best despite her many affectations..
 Nope: @ignatz I dunno that leg is pretty suspect, short shorts or naked?
 2Berries: Titmouse...someone had to say it
 Otterman: They seem nice.
 ignatz: Quite a lot of RAD in thus picture
 Robespierre: She looks as natural as Formica(R). That mouse, tho...
 Kevin II: His name is Pineapple because I crocheted him a pineapple house and thats what stuck lol
Image 252470   06-13-18 12:12pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Wooden Spoon: @Mr. Shine: that sucks and Im sorry. Im hearing a lot of good things about CBD for pain management, and not just from the usual people who jump on the bandwagon ever time a new snake oil comes out.
 Mad Collager: @Dreforian Well, he at least had one bone for Mary Magdalene.
 Dreforian: @Dr. Bathroom Well the Grim Reaper is skeletal and Jesus has to have bones, right?
 Mr. Shine: Daily I am about 4-5. Before my SCS implant, I was 6-7.
 Amy Housewine: Hey you with the black eyes, tell us how much pain you're in.
 Dr. Bathroom: I think you're confusing Jesus with The Grim Reaper.
 barfolomew: Hyperbole and a Half.
Image 251790   06-09-18 08:48am     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Ironass: So much coke!
Image 251529   06-07-18 6:14pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Robespierre: "An example of somebody who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more."
 Ironass: Bob Ross Painting a house? I thought he mostly did trees.
Image 251440   06-07-18 03:47am     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Robespierre: Musta been one heckuva decree, doggo
 Air Biscuit: *doggy excitement wee
Image 251404   06-06-18 10:54pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 jochenau: It's a good thing it's red because if it was yellow it would too closely resemble a minion.
Image 250920   06-04-18 12:07pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Teechur: @Air Biscuit Long story short, it's an aluminum Jeep meant to be air-dropped for the USMC. American Motors only built about 4500 of them between 1959-1963. Air-cooled V4. Riveted body was built like an airplane. While I have seen pics of them in Vietnam, I don't think many saw action. Considered a 1/4 ton like other Jeeps, the cargo area was tiny. In the pic, you can see the PRC-10 backpack radio connected to an AM-598 power supply. My father and I used them on the 6-meter Amateur Radio band.
 Air Biscuit: @Teechur @Air Biscuit gonna look up thehistory of the mighty mite now.
 Air Biscuit: I totally forgot that was even a thing. Sweet lookin jeep. Headlight somehow look different from what ide imagine.
 Teechur: @Air Biscuit For crying out loud! My third attempt has been rejected! Mascot AND a red hula hoop! See if you can see any of those on my userpage. You might not be able to comment on the image, but let me know here what you think.
 Air Biscuit: @Teechur i believe in you.
 Teechur: @Air Biscuit That would seriously stretch my MSPaint skills. I'll see what I can do!
 Air Biscuit: @Teechur maybe draw a mascot on it. Maybe give the mascot a jarhead haircut.
 Teechur: @Air Biscuit I have tried to upload it twice now. I put text on it the second time. Nancy probably only likes fly boys, not jar heads.
 Felicity: @Robespierre A truck urinates by my pillow
 Air Biscuit: @Teechur i would like to see that.
 dangerkeith3000: That is a truck.
 Robespierre: There's a haiku in here someplace
 Teechur: Yet my USMC Jeep picture was rejected?
 Micro Jackson: Is new American sports car
 Not A Bot: Nice slushy. Thank you, come again!
Image 250497   06-01-18 12:40pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Mr Bleak: @jochenau You can buy pens / nibs specifically for lefties - a quick google will find you loads.
 Robespierre: @jochenau Pulitzer nomination seconded.
 Mad Collager: @jochenau @WTF ...aaaaand, they write in any language, and even draw!
 WTF: @jochenau Try one of the Fisher Space Pens. They use compressed nitrogen to make the ink flow instead of gravity. They can even write upside down.
 jochenau: I loathe ballpoint pens but most of the ink pens I've tried intermittently stop flowing. I've read that it's because I'm left-handed and consequently have to push the pen across the paper instead of pulling it :( This has been another installment of Pointless Blather with Jochenau.
Image 250143   05-30-18 08:40am     Uploaded by    pleasing
 SuedeOxford: Dayman uses KarateAndFriendship! No, Antonio! It's super effective!
 Minnesotan: Nightman has evolved into Dayman!
Image 249210   05-24-18 5:07pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Warrax: What a talented bunch of guy.
 piranharama: Begin, the clone wars have.
 Scoo: There is no logic if limit
 Yam: When you hate your coworkers but there's no escaping them.
Image 248878   05-22-18 6:03pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Telkwa: This is Fine.
 Hokie333: Public libraries are something that we couldn't create today if they hadn't already been an institution for centuries. They're bad for bizness.
 Nope: Thats a good idea
Image 248553   05-20-18 7:40pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 FireBreathingMarmot: "You're my favorite customer."
 Annoying Vegan : @Scoo That sucks. We are all rooting for ya.
 Scoo: @Christina Hopefully. Right now I'm fighting my health insurance company who doesn't seem to see the "medically necessary" part of the surgery I'll (hopefully?) have.
 Christina: @Scoo Sorry to hear that. Is it treatable?
 Scoo: I was diagnosed with cancer last week. I tired to make a riff on the "I got the results of the test back - I definitely have breast cancer" line but none of my friends got it :(
 jochenau: There needs to be a large pile of water bottles for him to throw listlessly.
 Skinr: #247695 "Hi doggy!"
Image 247694   05-15-18 5:58pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 glenalec: My work has AC, which my home doesn't. They have trouble making me take leave!
 tib gubb: @Nope maybe on planet bizarro
 Coolguy: @Nope nope
 Nope: @dobbiesdoogs Municipal government, unlimited sick time! woo!
 dobbiesdoogs: @Nope depends on how much sick time you have
 Nope: Is that an option?
Image 247054   05-11-18 10:49pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 ChubbyBuddy: @Zaxxoff everybody says its nice
 Zaxxoff: That was a great Lords of Acid song
Image 246384   05-07-18 11:03pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Telkwa: I had a pet jackelope once too!
 Yam: This is making me want to pile a bunch of shit by my basement window
 Shay: Soon.
 Side Boob: Yup, we got squirrels. Or really small cows.
Image 245650   05-03-18 2:54pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Donut: My butt is cold, and yet I am happy.
 Kaviri: Cuba Gooding Jr.
Image 243389   04-19-18 7:58pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Robespierre: This fold is bold
 Butcherboy: Dont give me that look. You know what you did to the car toonces
Image 242730   04-15-18 8:03pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
No one else has dared to comment. Will you?
Image 241256   04-06-18 8:58pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 PlzPlzMe: @E. HONDA I lolled irl at this
 E. HONDA: Thou shalt turn the holy television set to channel three. Not one, not two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out.
 PlzPlzMe: The Vu-Age Church
 jochenau: A marvel of aesthetic and acoustic engineering that's served perfectly well for hundreds of years and you go drilling holes in it unnecessarily. Urg.
 itskando: @Whatever I kno. Ftfy.
 Whatever: Brother Tim, when I said that this place needs more Gargoyles, I was not referring to the tv program
 WTF: Wow a CRT! They date back to the 1500s right?
 barfolomew: Don't you hate it when the priest is hungover and instead of a service, shows a movie?
 ignatz: Ouch!
Image 240683   04-03-18 11:07am     Uploaded by    pleasing
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