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 pleasing's Aggro-Gator

 Mr Shifty: More of a sphere
 Robespierre: Now I'm hungry.
Image 204559   09-20-17 06:37am   Views: 60137   Uploaded by    pleasing
 a robot: They're cool dogs, Brent.
 Yurishiro: Hot dogs is better though.
Image 204043   09-17-17 4:43pm   Views: 139885   Uploaded by    pleasing
 Yurishiro: Cool turkey
 ignatz: This must be Hand Tracy, cos Dick Tracy.. well..
Image 203963   09-17-17 05:27am   Views: 146239   Uploaded by    pleasing
 Felicity: Longdog
 Robespierre: Damndest dachshund I ever did see, I'll tell you hwut.
 Otterman: I am conflicted. Otter, but poorly portrayed.
 Teechur: I would rather NOT see otter, thank you very much.
 Nopetology: Your dog is broken.
 Yurishiro: A LIVING hot dog!
 Amy Housewine: Ottgrrrrrr.
Image 203946   09-17-17 02:04am   Views: 192483   Uploaded by    pleasing
 Mr Bleak: Prosthetic noses are almost unnoticeable these days.
 SomeCanadian: That guy is such an asshole @savvoy
 Felicity: Nasal Ranger
 savvoy: Senator Inhof uses science to disprove the global warmings
 Fiveninety: wait.. the Smell-O-Scope is real!?
 Yurishiro: Pro cocaine abuser.
Image 203278   09-13-17 6:41pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Yurishiro: This reminds me of archimedes in the sword in the stone, awesome character.
Image 203218   09-13-17 1:07pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Dr Awkward: I'd thank a moose more than once if it held a door for me. Just sayin'
Image 202942   09-12-17 12:27pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Ulillillia: Mila Kunis is: The Falconer
 Coolguy: Uh, seem equals see. I got so excited for a brief moment
 Coolguy: When this baby reaches 86 miles per hour; you're gonna seem some serious shit!
 Dr Awkward: Dis betch is all about that pumpkin spice latte
Image 202939   09-12-17 12:04pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Robespierre: @Felicity She's not putting enough into it. I can't HEAR you - LOUDER!
 Felicity: @Robespierre The mannequin in the neck brace appears to be shouting
 Hosebag: Oh, my date is here.
 AverageJoe: stupid mannequin challenge...
 Robespierre: Hopital scenes like this remind me of "Maalaala mo Kaya", the long-running Filipino teleseriye ... except that it doesn't look like anyone is crying, there doesn't appear to be any shouting going on, and nobody's thrown a punch yet. And to be truly reminiscent, the mannequin in the bed would have to die soon, if it hasn't died already.
 DangitBobby: I had already read the "mannequin lady" story; are you trying to give me a heart attack?!
 dangerkeith3000: Group sex bots
 Micro Jackson: We'll have you back in the window in no time
 Minnesotan: we shouldn't be devoting such resources to helping dummies like this who deserve their fate
Image 202031   09-07-17 1:03pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 ThoughtlessGentleman: i too prefer my meths to be crystalline in structure.
 Christina: *looks for 3D glasses*
Image 200669   08-31-17 3:05pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Mr Shifty: @Christina A Brazilian guy. Bit fruity.
 Stom Premben: going to need my glasses for this
 Christina: @Mr Shifty Who is Hugo Lucas and what has he to do with this picture?
 Christina: This is a painting by Alexander Ross.
 Mr Shifty: @Christina Hugo Lucas? Yeah, I know him.
 Robespierre: This was inspired by the artist blowing his nose after a very windy day in Autumn.
 Christina: @a sedated moose Why do you say that?
 a sedated moose: @Christina that's ignorant!
 Christina: This was inspired by some Brazilian fruit.
Image 200451   08-30-17 1:03pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Prostata: your mouth is writin' checks your ass can't cash!
 sparename: "Big Black Thruster" Company... Supposedly UK small ad for (non-existent) dildoes, when you applied you got a nice note back saying "Out of Stock, please accept this (BIG LOGO'ed) cheque of the full paid amount" - they gambled on some people being too embarrassed to bank them...
 Scoo: When I was in college and lived in a house with 4 other people, we all wrote our rent checks out to one roommate, and she then wrote one to the landlord. I *always* made sure to put things like "your mom", "bar bathroom sex", etc on my checks. Good, clean fun.
 Wet farts: Oh wow I'm really glad they put an arrow there or else I'd have no idea what I was looking at.
 WaffleIron: Dick, Deck, whatever. It got laid so you got paid.
Image 199773   08-26-17 11:06pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Felicity: When I was in high school we learned that the French word for window-shopper translate literally to window-licker. Upon Googling this to confirm it, I am saddened to see that window-licker has a new meaning.
 Air Biscuit: Same.
 El Barto: Why does the Barkery sell donuts?
 well duh: The snozberries taste like Windex
 duckfarts: v good signage at this place
 duckfarts: if you keep licking, you'll get through that window eventually
Image 198755   08-21-17 8:37pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Mr. Shine: Meri$$a was last seen in a selfie posted noon today. . . .
 Cami: Hover paw.
 UltraBeverly: Claws for scale.
 Donut: "Flannel? Really? I'm all for nineties retro, but come on..."
 wolfpk: I really wish bears would stop posting selfies of what they are having for dinner
 El Barto: @Mr. Butt If real the woman is still stuffed.
 Mad Collager: No! I wanted a selfie with a bare BEHIND!
 SomeCanadian: It's called a MANICURE, bear. Look it up
 Mr. Butt: Fake. The woman is stuffed.
 Side Boob: russia.jpg
 dangerkeith3000: Beary nice.
Image 198673   08-21-17 1:08pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Cami: He's OK, ladies and gentlemen!
 Air Biscuit: This is fine.
 Teechur: No more maple bacon frosting for you!
 Nopetology: Nailed it! Looks like he even stuck the landing..
 square44: #198143 did not end well but I'll be ok
Image 198144   08-18-17 6:21pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Spazstatic: Simon
 Ulillillia: *pours cat food in gas tank*
Image 197713   08-16-17 3:33pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Not A Bot: Calvin without Hobbes is legitimately freaky.
Image 196475   08-10-17 08:32am     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Bu7Z: Username / upload combo!
Image 195486   08-05-17 07:27am     Uploaded by    pleasing
 Felicity: On /Stranger Things/ it would be right-side-up cake
 Not A Bot: Well, at least your cheerful after getting peppersprayed.
 Ihminen: @Bu7Z crikey! where did those come from?!
 Bu7Z: @Ihminen Eh you still got more +1 then me...
 Demon Universe: What until you try to pour it in the bowl.
 Ihminen: gah! i screwed that up *jumps in a hole*
 Ihminen: umop apsidn
 Bu7Z: uwopep!sdn
 jazzjunkie: ...using this one simple trick bakeries DON'T want you to know!
 Wet farts: Crocker Betty
Image 194456   07-31-17 01:10am     Uploaded by    pleasing
 piranharama: Which one shall I be photographed squatting in front of my car in today?
 Jennerator: Russian mafia dilemmas
 illBilliam: All about that taste life.
 Shay: He tasting life.
 Dr. Bathroom: He better pick something, he's going to be late for caviar and vodka for breakfast.
 Knice: This dude has his life on-track.
 ChubbyBuddy: All Day I Dream About Shirts
Image 194409   07-30-17 8:42pm     Uploaded by    pleasing
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