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 Peter Pantsless

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 Peter Pantsless's Aggro-Gator

 a sedated moose: THE EIGHTH PASSENGER.
 Science: OBCY means "foreign" or "alien" in Polish
 Darmstadtium: @barfolomew Yes, because your real home is in your chest!
 fidelcastro: Why not zoidberg? The prequel.
 Zukero: @barfolomew Nostromo, 8 "something", Ridley Scott, Sigourney Weaver... everything hints at star wars dude.
 barfolomew: Oh, Polish movie posters! This one is for "Home Alone."
Image 232784   02-16-18 07:26am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 when so: puts the stimulated in the light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
 Shay: Tits McGee circa 1983
 tib gubb: "tit lasers"
 chemical: The '80s were a super-hot time for unmitigated silliness. And for Mike Ness, too.
 DerMantis: Booblasers are always RAD (just wear the special protective glasses, please!)
Image 232480   02-14-18 3:31pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 bug: Almost made it to the cherry center.
 Captain Marsupial: Last Jedi test helmet for rehearsing the throne room fight scene
 Dr Awkward: The person who was wearing this still probably severed their spinal cord. #NegativeNancy
 barfolomew: Um. Congratulations on still having a skull.
 Big Baby: That's why they're called 'Skid-Lids'
Image 232432   02-14-18 08:47am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 a robot: The party don't start till kitty walks in!
 barfolomew: Is this the club? I think this is the club
 Side Boob: Everyone wants to pet the kitty
Image 232430   02-14-18 08:31am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Mr Bleak: @bug You have the right to arm bears now?
 Science: Kendo Corgi
 Science: Wing Chun Chicken
 Science: Jiu-jitsu Jellyfish
 Science: Karate Cat
 Science: MMA Mouse
 Bad Dad: Semper Feline
 2Berries: Drunk duck
 Teechur: Ninjutsu Nutria
 FabricMan: Aikido Akita
 Shay: Tae Kwon Doe
 charlemagne: enter the dragon
 charlemagne: chess boxing chipmunk
 charlemagne: wu tang clam
 charlemagne: broken bottle bandicoot
 charlemagne: umbrellabird ultras
 charlemagne: queensbury rules quail
 Ulillillia: Bottom-left would be an instant hit on A-G.
 bug: I'm still waiting on Gun Bear.
 l0dan: Why not kung fu kangaroo
Image 232149   02-12-18 6:31pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
Image JQW   02-12-18 4:53pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Dreforian: @Teechur I really hope that somewhere in the world there is truly a capybara named Capoeira
 Prostata: proud momma
 beep: How you bean?
 Teechur: The mighty Capoeira and her younglings are off to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda.
 wolfpk: Future employees of #231487
Image 231492   02-08-18 11:26pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 apoxia: That fox should be wearing a seat belt.
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny @wolfpk noooooo
 Shay: Look at me! I'm a miniature orange wolf!
 fanny: @wolfpk Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding
 Ulillillia: I find this so cute, I'm afraid I might be furry.
 wolfpk: What are tou saying?
Image 227780   01-19-18 2:26pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 grace: Just planning planet things
 Peter Pantsless: @Peach She also kicks butts :D
 usernamee: That planet is winking at him
 Shay: "Sorry hun, indigestion kicked in. Got any Tums?"
 Gomi Day: @Peach galactus knows to just chill, right now. she could totally beat the heck out of him.
 Dresdenkeogh: I like it when it's just you and me. Just galact-us
 Peach: Is that Unbeatable Squirrel Girl? She's nuts.
Image 226776   01-14-18 09:47am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 WaffleIron: Later, while the SIU interrogates the constable about accidentally shooting himself in the foot, he passes a signed affidavit reading "WORTH IT" across the desk and demands his union lawyer be present.
 Cami: No helmet?
 Amy Housewine: It was a very elaborate chase sequence.
Image 202428   09-09-17 12:31pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
Image IVU   09-09-17 08:43am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
Image IVT   09-09-17 08:43am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
Image IIT   07-28-17 08:23am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
Image IDT   07-14-17 10:55am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 HermwoodLitmajor: So that's where snowmen are kept in the summer..
 apoxia: WTF is happening here?
 Nopetology: A vast frozen field of xenomorph eggs begins to thaw.
 Air Biscuit: Little rockses on the hillside, little rockses made of ticky tacky...
Image 191074   07-13-17 11:09pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
Image IDN   07-13-17 10:50pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
Image IDM   07-13-17 10:50pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 raditzu: Gross but awesome!
 XLY: eXisTenZ remake looking good
 XLY: That's not how this works, thats not how any of this works!
 duckfarts: Proud member of the Necro Rifle Association
 duckfarts: this gun really bites
 duckfarts: I'm here to chew bubblegum and shoot teeth, and I'm all out of bubblegum
 duckfarts: [ka-chack] i chew chew choose you [BRRRRRAAAAAPPPP]
 Peter Pantsless: "Dammit, Peter, we warned you about this! Apparently our previous attempts to reprimand you were not enough. You may want to make peace with your loved ones. I don't think I need to remind you that even Safe-Class objects are not to be used outside of the established containment protocols. I don't care if nothing came of it, and you should know better than to use SCPs for recreational purposed. That is all. Please proceed to the next room."
 Side Boob: I knew HKs were made with some dark magic, but this proves it.
 Mr. Whiskers: Don't shoot shoot shoot those teeth at me. You know you've got my sympathy but don't shoot shoot shoot those teeth at me.
 Sadbot: The only way to kill a Cronenburg is with a Cronengun, Morty
Image 191020   07-13-17 6:31pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
Image IDD   07-13-17 4:33pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
Image IDC   07-13-17 4:33pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
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