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 Peter Pantsless

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I like things.



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 Peter Pantsless's Aggro-Gator

 Korrok: Korrok approves.
 piranharama: Purrito
Image 272690   10-17-18 3:26pm   Views: 167004   Uploaded by    chemical
 Michael Tripe: @jochenau I think youre right; the paragraph at the bottom left stars with wrist calendar
 jochenau: @Christina I can't read much of it but the second line says "Bambira Karendaa Bando", so a wrist calendar thing I guess?
 Robespierre: Shout! Bamalamalama...
 Mr. Shine: Stylish!
 Christina: What is this about? I can't speak Japanese, can't even type what is written into translator software.
Image 236515   03-09-18 08:26am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Kikari: These always make me smile, they are pretty! Also neat.
 Nope: @Peter Pantsless i knew i seen them before!
 Peter Pantsless: Okay last one, I promise. As @when so pointed out, these are DJ Okawari album covers and I just really like them.
Image 236417   03-08-18 6:03pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Hyphae: @addend he's actually thinking: I should get a Wonder Woman outfit for Robin, I bet they wear the same size...
 addend: For a fleeting moment, no thoughts of Robin.
 WTF: "Batman, my Bracelets of Submission are up here!"
 Catcat: To be fair, Batman isn't the child of a Norse god.
Image 236288   03-07-18 10:54pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Robespierre: Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
 Not A Bot: lol he's screwing himself
 Christina: Sloth smile.
 ping: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy cheeeeeeeeeeeeese...
 dragon horn: Just got his braces off
 barfolomew: The service here sucks.
Image 236167   03-07-18 06:47am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 DrNinjaman: Patrick Nagel's not dead, he's just really into gardening now.
Image 236165   03-07-18 06:26am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 when so: dj okawari btw
 Not A Bot: Off topic, anyone want to play correspondence chess on the friendly spaceship?
 addend: "A-choo!"
 DrNinjaman: Too much "Herbal Essences"
Image 236129   03-07-18 12:03pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Korrok: Korrok approves...
 Mike Michael: I felt a bit sick* this morning, but in the end I'd rather potter about half-arsed at work than sit bored at home. (* nothing contagious, that will keep me home no matter how boring!)
 Psymon: If only real life worked like this
Image 236120   03-06-18 11:03pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 DrNinjaman: Does this make me look fat?
 Shay: Hello allergies.
 hajjpodge: This kitty is too damn sassy.
 barfolomew: This thing takes four double-a batteries, right?
 jochenau: It's Nearly Easter: Time to get fluffy! [Yes] [Hell Yes]
Image 236092   03-06-18 7:47pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Robespierre: HiDef Homer looks disconcerting
 bookcase: @Dr Awkward Let Milhouse have his moment!
 Magic Bullets: Flanders looks even more like the DJ from the Politics of Dancing video
 Robespierre: @Dr Awkward They've always lusted in their hearts
 Dr Awkward: Why are Lisa and Milhouse holding hands? They dated for like a single episode.
 Skaalar: @tokyopig Im with ya on that first one, but one can never look ENOUGH like Mr. Sexbang.
 Cory Trevor: flanders oh my god
 GiveMePlus: Also Bart is totally Knives I didn't notice at first!
 Zukero: IIRC, that drawing got its author a job in the Simpsons' animation team.
 windows96: Is Lisa Vash the Stampede? Is Krusty the Joker?
 tokyopig: Lisa looks way too much like Cloud from FFVII and Otto looks too much like Danny Sexbang.
Image 235975   03-06-18 02:26am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Kikari: This is very pretty and makes me happy.
Image 235948   03-05-18 10:47pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Albo Grungus: Cat.exe crashed. Please reboot your cat.
Image 235841   03-05-18 09:31am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 shadebane: Does that say Computopia?
 Robespierre: Tron for beginners
 obboma: Bite my quasi robotic metal ass!
 Mr. Shine: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!
 UltraBeverly: That's not how screwdriver works.
 barfolomew: Are we not men?
Image 235837   03-05-18 08:47am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Not A Bot: Feh, takes 'em thirty minutes to get into place.
Image 235810   03-05-18 03:03am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Mr Bleak: I *told* you smallcocks has been eradicated.
 ping: Don't make eye contact. And whatever you do, don't mention the giant chicken.
Image 235808   03-05-18 02:47am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Side Boob: @RiderFan Prosthesis don't get rejected by the body
 Hokie333: @tokyopig @Hokie333 Pick your own nose! (carefully)
 RiderFan: This is neat and I do not wish to take away from it, but it would be cheaper to harvest the arms off of a recently deceased person.
 Hokie333: @tokyopig Scratch your own ass!
 Beef Supreme: 400 foot-pounds. He can crush every bone in your hand.
 tokyopig: drink your own beer! smoke your own cigarettes!
 Demon Universe: @Yurishiro If we can break away from all this ****, we are actually living in some amazing times!
 gumble: Lee Majors is aging quite well. That matte black steel really suits him, the grey fox
 caesar: Thats fucking awesome
Image 235795   03-05-18 12:54pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny I mean it was asking for it, really. Also I'm glad you're still alive and fidlin'
 fanny: haha @Peter Pantsless #229496
 grizzly: @Peter Pantsless This post is just like how I enjoy my steaks... Well done.
 Mr. Whiskers: The Aggro logo makes it
 Not A Bot: The applications of this technology in bank heists alone are staggering
 canada: Always a classic :-D
Image 234492   02-25-18 7:47pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Wooden Spoon: @sparename: Trash Panda?
 Korrok: Korrok approves....
 sparename: "We're not certain who your Daddy was.."
 Christina: Smarty four-eyes.
 dangerkeith3000: Hungry eyes.
Image 234069   02-23-18 12:26pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 redmonkey3: Needs a mustard cloud; perhaps caper hails ?
 Teechur: Mmmm...meatsicles....
 a robot: Mmmm, the land of meat.
 Prostata: mmmmmmm.....
 Robespierre: Looks like something you could order from Wisconsin. Marshfield, maybe.
 Slerzy: Atkins Hansel and Gretel
 sparename: What a nice Diorparma
Image 233948   02-22-18 6:54pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 tib gubb: bork speed, activate!
 wolfpk: This is why I never run. (Ok, I'm also lazy)
 Teechur: Having surpassed Derp level, Barney was approaching Glurp.
 XLY: Facit sejam
 Robespierre: Looks like one of those rocket sled photos
Image 233947   02-22-18 6:47pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
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