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 Peach's Aggro-Gator

 piranharama: Gee wizz, looks like rain, hope those pink ninja have umbrellas.
 jochenau: Wushu ladies = awesome.
 Scoo: The elusive Black-ranked user with her army of Purple minions
Image 162806   02-17-17 4:03pm   Views: 83761   Uploaded by    Peach
 Peter Pantsless: "I'm never going to Subway again."
 ughjeez: Pish, posh.
 Lestrange: Jug feet. Also birds are flying out of his ass. Obviously wasn't purged properly.
 Mr. Butt: Same.
 Warrax: "What instrument to you play?" "The Assravens."
Image 162798   02-17-17 3:26pm   Views: 86889   Uploaded by    Peach
 deeeeeeeez: Fishy Rourke
 Warrax: It all turns to dick after midnight.
 Peter Pantsless: "I AM NOT AN ANIMAL! Oh, wait, yes I am."
 Mr. Whiskers: Something something Jay Leno
Image 162789   02-17-17 2:31pm   Views: 101124   Uploaded by    Peach
 bug: Forging Final Fantasy weaponry is not an easy job.
 Mexico: Jin! Jin! You forgot your underwear again!
Image 162788   02-17-17 2:26pm   Views: 87087   Uploaded by    Peach
 AdaMan: Death before a second trip
 sparename: He deserves a Yorkie
 SomeCanadian: @WaffleIron Spaceship timely is the best timely.
 WaffleIron: ba da badada daAAAAA! Spaceship timely! *Jazz hands*
Image 162773   02-17-17 12:47pm   Views: 103609   Uploaded by    Peach
 FatTigerWoods: Might be their weak spot. I don't know.
 Skaalar: I try my best not to, breaks my immersion.
Image 162770   02-17-17 12:26pm   Views: 88007   Uploaded by    Peach
 Lestrange: These new pokemon are weird
 enfanta: Someone finally caught one! Sweet!
Image 162763   02-17-17 11:31am   Views: 85302   Uploaded by    Peach
 Bu7Z: God hates figs
 Wet farts: What if I was born there?
 ch: what if it's a clerical error
 Lestrange: @Ulillillia Well at least there's a bar! Driving would be fun too.
 Mexico: @Mr. Butt God is a tender pervert, and the angels are voyeurs.
 Mr. Butt: @Noremak Then I'd like to know why the mastermind of the universe wants me to jack off so much.
 Noremak: What if determinism is true and our free will is ineffectual or nonexistent?
 SpaceCow: I mean, unless you were tricked. Then its the devil's fault but it sucks to be you.
 Ulillillia: @Lestrange There is, it even froze over…
 Fancy Clown: @Peach Fair point.
 Peach: I had to post this because you wouldn't expect a "you're going to hell"-type sign to use the correct forms of "it's" and "your".
 Lestrange: How can I go to hell if there is no such thing
 Mr. Butt: (in b4 some dork explains why that joke is wrong)
 Mr. Butt: See, this is why I'm a Manichean.
 Mexico: The devil made me do it!
Image 162756   02-17-17 10:31am   Views: 109233   Uploaded by    Peach
 tib gubb: in a perfect world, the tamale lady would be above the law.
 WaffleIron: @Scoo : She's not welcome if she doesn't bring enough for everyone.
 WaffleIron: @a robot : English consumes all, banalizes all. Paninis shall be added to the dictionary.
 a robot: @Scoo If we're going to be pedantic about foreign words, can I chime in how much I hate when restaurants say they have "paninis?" PANINI IS ALREADY PLURAL, DAMN IT
 Scoo: It's "tamal," singular, or "tamales," plural. Geeze.
 WaffleIron: I need this sign, maybe then I will get visits from the tamale lady too!
 PenguinBartender: She gets double-underlining. The rest of you, GO!!! AWAY!!!
 chhumphrey: Holy frijoles they're strict!
 Annoying Vegan : Someone has their priorities straight.
Image 162755   02-17-17 10:26am   Views: 88677   Uploaded by    Peach
 Bu7Z: How does this represent 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000?
 RiderFan: Terrible legs AND fishnet stockings? No thank you! I'll try heptillion.
 Peter Pantsless: Saga is a weird comic
 a robot: How does.....any of this work?
 Knice: I'm looking for a woman with a good head on her pelvis.
 Derp Herpigan: Another unrealistic beauty standard for women.
Image 162751   02-17-17 09:47am   Views: 90432   Uploaded by    Peach
 carpwoman: Dramatic.
 DarkTeddy: Stunning. Actually.
 chhumphrey: If continues on this path she does, on the dark side will she be.
 DoctorTwo: Harvey Dent's twin sister.
 Warrax: She's got half a mind to stand in odd lighting.
Image 162748   02-17-17 09:26am   Views: 88142   Uploaded by    Peach
 Jotun: Psst hey kids. Wanna buy some drugs?
 Annoying Vegan : Danger Birb
 BavidDowie: Jaunty!
 Ironass: Are you looking at my butt!?!? How dare you!
 scribbs: Faret sinis.
 hearsegirl: Behold the Bluebird of Burning Resentment
 hearsegirl: Look at my cloaca. LOOK at it!
 yev: my name is indigo montoya...
Image 161106   02-08-17 6:09pm     Uploaded by    Peach
 SpaceCow: This cat is why Anakin hates sand planets. He's always leaving surprises next to the moisture farm.
 Sheikhjahbooty: @a robot I was already a teenager when I heard Paul Reubens portray one of the coolest starships to grace the silver screen.
 Scoo: @a robot I don't leak, you leak!
 a robot: @Sheikhjahbooty @hearsegirl @Scoo Any love for Flight of the Navigator? That was one of my favorites in my youth
 WaffleIron: Isn't this the plot of Men In Black?
 Sheikhjahbooty: @Scoo @hearsegirl Don't forget about Pete's Dragon.
 hearsegirl: @Scoo same. along with the doberman gang and escape from witch mountain
 Scoo: I freakin' LOVED this movie as a kid
 Knice: vv I am Dad; these are my jokes.
 Knice: More like Meowter Space, amirite??
Image 161084   02-08-17 4:09pm     Uploaded by    Peach
 AverageJoe: no thanks, I had sex yesterday
 WaffleIron: *unsexy
 Jennerator: I want to read Boomhauer's Amazon review
 well duh: Either propane is a very lucrative business, or Bobby's dealing weed.
 Scoo: That boy's alright
Image 158664   01-26-17 8:09pm     Uploaded by    Peach
 well duh: "Something something, Someone Babaganouj!"
 hat thrab: THIS MAN.
 Mr. Shine: "Right you are, Ken!"
 SomeCanadian: *lowers back down into plants*
 Radstarboom: Takeshi's hat of paradise.
 Shay: Hey! It's Vic Romano!!!
Image 158642   01-26-17 6:09pm     Uploaded by    Peach
 hearsegirl: @a robot the emotional state here in some of socal is similar to what we had after 9/11.
 Science: @a robot: Good. Dead inside is the last thing you want to be with this administration. Stay angry and push back.
 WTF: @a robot It's nice to know I'm not the only one. This administration's incompetence is only matched by their ignorance, racism and stupidity.
 Beef Supreme: @Lestrange I think of presidential regimes as pendulum swings. If America swung this far to the right in 2016, we'll probably swing so far to the left in 2024 that the evil George Soros becomes president.
 a robot: @hearsegirl @Lestrange I thought I would be dead inside by now, but even listening to the dry, bland news reading on NPR today made me so angry I yelled at the radio and started crying. "Upset" is a constant state of being at this point
 Lestrange: @hearsegirl @Niels Bohr At least you guys managed to retain the right to bear arms. (Mmmmmm grilled bear arms *drools uncontrollably*) You'll be okay
 Niels Bohr: @hearsegirl over half. Grrrrrr
 Greek Fire: *Saints Row 4 Hail to the Chief remix*
 hearsegirl: @Lestrange how could you upset half of us any more than we are already?
 SkidSolo: Diana Hussein Prince?
 Scoo: They must have amended the constitution to allow non-natives.
 Lestrange: Don't want to upset any American friends but I think you might be on your final President at the moment.
 werterland: Never skip hips day.
Image 158634   01-26-17 5:31pm     Uploaded by    Peach
 Wookiee: Is he fucking the world or is that the worst case of blue balls ever?
 Fancy Clown: @Peter Pantsless Bravo!
 Coolguy: Trump aside, this has been happening for centuries. Yada yada absurdity of existence blah blah...
 fakeusername: makes more sense than most creation myths
 funny in the wall: @Peter Pantsless fuck 'em all to death
 Peter Pantsless: This is also the title of Trump's presidential portrait
Image 158622   01-26-17 4:26pm     Uploaded by    Peach
 Telkwa: Tangerine piranhas
 Mr. Whiskers: No need to be coy, poi
 Lestrange: Beautiful
 LaeMi: I want a pond of bloodfish!
Image 158616   01-26-17 3:54pm     Uploaded by    Peach
 Noremak: Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! Come inside, come inside!
 Robespierre: That, my son, is an armoureddildo
 WaffleIron: Armordillo
 Micro Jackson: This is the stuff of acid flashbacks, kiddies
 Micro Jackson: OMFG ELP!
Image 158605   01-26-17 2:54pm     Uploaded by    Peach
Image EDK   01-26-17 12:12pm     Uploaded by    Peach
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