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 p nut's Aggro-Gator

 jochenau: @Otterman @petepuma You guys, they spelled it Gllde! That's hilarious!
 Otterman: Sale price and regular price are the same. It's sort of like humor.
 Solemn: You'll save a ton with this nothing-off sale!
 petepuma: i... don't seeit.
Image 258121   07-19-18 1:21pm   Views: 6125   Uploaded by    p nut
 Mr. Shine: Did they take this picture at Fight Club?
 BavidDowie: 8-)
 VeeKay: Plot twist: The cat us his dad.
 140bpm: This boy has literally found his spirit animal
Image 256646   07-10-18 09:11am     Uploaded by    p nut
 Micro Jackson: Borxar
 Amy Housewine: No Nipper you're doing it wrong.
 Yam: Some of you feel bad for this lamp.
Image 256502   07-09-18 11:26am     Uploaded by    p nut
 Spazstatic: Squad goals
 Munkybut: Both are depressing
 antipatterns: LARRY FLYNT
 Ironass: @DrNinjaman I'll bet Hugh was hard, too.
 DrNinjaman: It's hard out there for a Pope
 Ironass: @Mr. Shine Yeah, but for which side.
 Prostata: who did it better?
 Mr. Shine: This ad for Heaven vs. Hell is pretty compelling.
 well duh: Popein' ain't easy.
Image 256208   07-07-18 2:47pm     Uploaded by    p nut
 Felicity: @brutal What?
 brutal: Come on @Felicity
 Felicity: Barrier Cat
Image 255379   07-02-18 12:40pm     Uploaded by    p nut
 Micro Jackson: Oh yeah, smell that marker
 VeeKay: Whitey holding him back.
 Mad Collager: Boy, cheaters are really getting aggressive these days.
 fanny: would be better if he was drawing one of those Ss.
 Whatever: Im waiting and watching to see if you do something I can tattle on... bro.
Image 254879   06-29-18 10:45am     Uploaded by    p nut
 SuedeOxford: I caught him slippin'.
Image 252884   06-16-18 11:14am     Uploaded by    p nut
 PenguinBartender: Do not fuck with Betty White.
 tib gubb: catty old ladies is kind of my thing
Image 252506   06-13-18 4:54pm     Uploaded by    p nut
 Not A Bot: Yeah, no. What? Who ate the other half of her dog that she has to pretend to take a bite from the other end? Man this image raises so many questions...
 Not A Bot: He is Flopsy, Destroyer of Worlds.
 Butcherboy: Daisy daisy...
 Knice: No dogs.
 TurkeyVulture: Teamwork makes the dream work.
 Mr. Shine: A bicycle built for 1.45
Image 252001   06-10-18 3:40pm     Uploaded by    p nut
 Sadbot: @Shay @TurkeyVulture I click on this crap knowing it'll be Badded into the dirt...and also to rag on Confederate apologists
 Shay: @TurkeyVulture I just click it because I enjoy the satsifaction of hiding an image with a low score.
 TurkeyVulture: I don't click bad because the content is morally reprehensible. I click it because it's not interesting. And this is not interesting the same way all my neighbors' racist bullshit is not interesting.
 Amy Housewine: Misclick, sorry - meant to 'Bad'.
 Sadbot: "It's not about slavery" Narrator: "It was"
Image 251971   06-10-18 11:40am     Uploaded by    p nut
 DrinkMixMan: The Chair Man of the board rises for motion.
 savvoy: (HR frantically looking up workplace liability regs)
 Butcherboy: No thats not how YOU surf the internet @Annoying Vegan
 Air Biscuit: The floor between me and my salad is hot lava.
 Annoying Vegan : Thats not how you surf the Internet!
Image 251885   06-09-18 9:14pm     Uploaded by    p nut
 Donut: This is MY bearded human. Get your own.
 Kaviri: Einstien and his dog, Weenie.
Image 251584   06-08-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    p nut
 jochenau: dis berreh mine
 Knice: HAWMP
Image 250732   06-02-18 9:07pm     Uploaded by    p nut
 tib gubb: not even once
Image 250430   06-01-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    p nut
 Bert Bertbert: Tromb Sadbone
 Mad Collager: @Fiveninety Actually, "Cathy" is funnier, since she is one big ball of anxiety.
 SomeCanadian: Nobody wants to. But somebody has to go first.
 Fiveninety: oh so b.u.t.t.h.o.r.n. becomes Cathy.. alright then
 Fiveninety: @a robot wouldn't that just be Cathy?
 Peter Pantsless: "Fine, I'll get 'em on the (butt)horn."
Image 250370   05-31-18 5:37pm     Uploaded by    p nut
 Air Biscuit: @WannaBee same.
 dangerkeith3000: post-punk
 Teechur: More importantly, has this dog seen me?
 WannaBee: I have now.
Image 250137   05-30-18 07:37am     Uploaded by    p nut
 Kaviri: Gucci Mane.
 VeeKay: Sir Sheds-A-Lot
 fanny: aww holy crap this kitty looks just like my Famous did :(
Image 250009   05-29-18 1:40pm     Uploaded by    p nut
Have a good caption for this one?
Image 248372   05-19-18 6:03pm     Uploaded by    p nut
 glenalec: So that's why their eyes light up!
 jochenau: *bzzt* Every now and then I fall apart!
 barfolomew: @barfolomew I just noticed that it's "Dreamstime." I'm as embarrassed as if I had spelled "gets" with an apostrophe.
 barfolomew: It's like it's... Dreamtime
Image 247618   05-15-18 07:26am     Uploaded by    p nut
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Image 247548   05-14-18 8:40pm     Uploaded by    p nut
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