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 Not A Bot's Aggro-Gator

 Otterman: Suddenly, feeding someone into a wood chipper doesn't seem so horrific.
 funny in the wall: This was a plot on a third rock from the sun episode. And it was a joke for good reason. I hope you die of smallpox
 Knice: Also, "the wife?" Fuck you, Imaginary Internet Guy.
 WTF: The waiter works at a restaurant where the average bill is $80. See what kind of service you get when they see they're maxed at a 6% tip.
 piranharama: One burger, extra spit
 Sadbot: @Yurishiro I disagree, he probably is working-class with bougie-like affectations towards "the help", so like @ChubbyBuddy suggested...
 Yurishiro: You have no class.
 ChubbyBuddy: Get in the gulag bicth
 Sadbot: Having worked server/bartender jobs, I'm thinking the next meal this guy should have is my fist
Image 246746   05-10-18 02:24am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Dr. Bathroom: @BavidDowie Did it at least make it easier to poop?
 BavidDowie: It didn't DOUBLE
 a robot: Mmmm, a billion slices of American cheese.
Image 246684   05-09-18 6:43pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Greifer: Restaurant owners hate that one wierd trick
 dangerkeith3000: The stains are harder to get out than tomato sauce!
 hajjpodge: Same.
 Greifer: Restaurant owners hate that one wierd trick
 a robot: That's nice, dear.
 Yurishiro: Containers love it!
 Dobly: Yeah but in my office we do not allow you to microwave that
 some guy : Meal planning is more difficult than it seems.
 glenalec: Nobody needs to know that!
Image 246576   05-09-18 01:56am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Winterneuro: Hash oil dispenser?
 jochenau: Is this a public bathroom soap dispenser?
 Yurishiro: We'd
 funny in the wall: Does that mean it will fail a drug test? Pass a drug test?
Image 246518   05-08-18 7:02pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Kaviri: Borkf!?
 Yurishiro: @Science No calories but all that dog taste?
 Science: Zero!
Image 246409   05-08-18 02:25am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 WTF: Made you look
 funny in the wall: Crickets and chill?
Image 246350   05-07-18 7:04pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 lecj07: @petepuma He's such a sweet man nobody had the heart to tell him
 Nothing: Is that Dale Earnhardt?
 petepuma: Mr. Churros has a weird walking stick, but who am I to tell a blind person what to do?
 Yurishiro: Churrow
 Yam: this isn't my nine iron
 Knice: ChurroMan, the hero we dessert.
Image 246240   05-07-18 02:29am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Passive: I'm assuming red means they could afford to retire?
 Felicity: @Felicity Those must be the seven major surveys
 Felicity: No wonder I*m always scared and depressed. But what do the different colours mean?
 Side Boob: @Christina 'Happiness' and 'communism' have never gone together.
 Christina: @wolfpk Red represents communism!
 wolfpk: I want to know who red represents? After mid fifties, they start rocking!
 WotGives: I dunno, any one day of my thirties has been better than any whole year of my twenties
Image 246176   05-06-18 6:50pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 E. HONDA: I mean there's some people who would, except that they probably don't have conversations with others
 tehghost: @funny in the wall Of course!
 funny in the wall: Dos with norton commander was the perfect OS. Out of the later stuff, windows 7 and OS X are tolerable
 Snix: Yeah, not randomly but if people know you have a new OS and they are thinking of upgrading they may ask. Especially with Win 10 because they were giving it away free.
 Korrok: Korrok approves....
Image 246074   05-06-18 02:41am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 WannaBee: She's looking for a different vitamin D
 Whatever: Sos mirmosa if you use the right orange juice
 Yurishiro: D stands for depression.
Image 246014   05-05-18 7:01pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Felicity: Always
 El hefe: You don't have a choice Starman
 dangerkeith3000: "The Martian"
 Amy Housewine: We can never go back to Arizona!
 VoR: ...Ah I missed the save point!
Image 245909   05-05-18 02:35am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 a robot: Art imitates life imitates art
Image 245848   05-04-18 6:57pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 SpaceCow: Why do people wearing this keep asking be about the way? Do they not have google maps?
 Not A Bot: At least we know oil interests will be protected.
 Volwen: Damn millenials
 Yurishiro: Silly cowboy.
Image 245743   05-04-18 02:20am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 UnknownSample: Thirsty bitches
 glenalec: Being trained to deal with flashers.
 DrNinjaman: I remember playing Dog, Dog, Dong as a kid. Good times...
 Kaviri: This photo sucks.
 charlemagne: it tastes of shame
 wolfpk: It makes a good chew toy and better than the alternative #245579
Image 245689   05-03-18 7:40pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 sparenamelaptopdied: You'll need cream for your dick-mould
 OldKentuckyShark: This ashtray is weird
 Yurishiro: @Chest Rockwell Steely dongs
 dangerkeith3000: I thought these were bullet casings at first.
 Teechur: That would make one hell of a chess set!
 Prostata: lol dongs
 winwolf: 71 gallons.
 Chest Rockwell: I want to listen to Steely Dan for some reason.
 Yurishiro: Recycle your used wang!
 glenalec: Latex-products factory went out of business and sold its molds for scrap?
Image 245579   05-03-18 02:27am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Side Boob: Politics.bmp
 GoGo Robotto: What this vicious circle needs is some drugs or alcohol! Maybe he'd be more chilled then.
 Felicity: Same
 ChubbyBuddy: GunControl.png
 Not A Bot: These crackas lackin' coolness.
 Christina: *powerless
 Astanapan: real men can go from "do nothing" directly to "do nothing"
Image 245520   05-02-18 6:48pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Felicity: Momf fpaghetti
 Wooden Spoon: Reverse Everythings Jake episode
 tib gubb: deez my noodles
 WannaBee: Oh look, an Ood!
 Not A Bot: The Sirens in the distance is a nice touch.
 duckfarts: man hes takin his time eatin those
 brian greene: noodles what noodles
 Yurishiro: Tries to use hypno powers but fails.
 Bagels: Houndthulu
 Zarathustra: Mistakes were made
Image 245411   05-02-18 01:46am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 dangerkeith3000: @fanny Skeetball is more slippery.
 Jaunty Shrimp: @fanny It depends if you want it Lil Jon style or not
 Beeble: Actually, Bitcoin can pay for skeetball too.
 fanny: skeetball? isn't it just skeeball?
 WTF: Unfortunately, Chuck E Cheese has gone to a card system and no longer have the coins.
 wolfpk: #2- you can with Bitcoin #3- You just don't know the right dealer
 Nope: @Donut I get my crystal meth at Chuck E Cheese, you gotta get that dirty heroin stuff at a pinball place.
 Donut: Wait...Chuck E Cheese has heroin now? I thought that was just barbecue sauce.
Image 245358   05-01-18 7:25pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Austin: Thank you!
 Side Boob: Vandalism! But it's totally justified!
 Teechur: Some pig
 AdaMan: Nice car
Image 245250   05-01-18 02:14am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Felicity: @glenalec The next question, then, is whether your goal is immortality or just a painless death
 Side Boob: Oh yeah? I'll install WINDOWS VISTA!
 Dr Awkward: @jochenau Porkchop Sandwiches!
 a robot: Beeping sure is nice.
 glenalec: @Felicity - yes. Though you are tied to an ongoing technologically-capable civilization. Also the copy-isn't-transfer-in-forward-time dichotomy.
 Felicity: @glenalec On the plus side, you can transfer yourself from body to body as needed
 Skinr: @glenalec According to Richard Garriott, they used the very first version of Windows on the ISS for that exact reason. A bit troublesome to reboot it every morning, but no crashes.
 jochenau: Hey kid, I'm a computer! Stop all the downloading!
 barfolomew: @dobbiesdoogs Beep.
 dobbiesdoogs: on all levels except physical, i am a computer. (… )
 glenalec: When you hear about NASA putting a 486 or a 68040 in a modern probe, they aren't being cheap. That CPU will likely have been etched into something like a germanium substrate, which can't handle the fine-pitched etching used for a modern Core or Power cpu, but is orders of magnitude more rugged. Also, those old CPUs have been around long enough that pretty much all the bugs are known in advance.
 glenalec: vv There are, of course, alternatives to silicon and other tricks that can significantly extend this, as used by NASA on deep space probes and Militaries for Rad-hardened circuits, but even then I think we are just reaching human-life-span timeframes. And the sorts of prices that wouid make even an over-clock-obscessive reconsider their life choices!
 glenalec: Silicon micro-circuitry degrades about 5x faster than organic neurons under continuous use (10-15 years is doing unusually good at today's circuit pitches)
Image 245196   04-30-18 7:40pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
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