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 Not A Bot's Aggro-Gator

 Zochrot: Moloch would never allow this!
 hajjpodge: Her Presidential ambitions certainly are!
 well duh: Weekend at Hillary's? I just thought it was bright out, and her security escorts were just being over protective.
 Mr. Whiskers: @Whatever Obama
 Whatever: She cant die! Who would conservatives blame and investigate to distract people from asking about the real problems they cant solve.
 Side Boob: Just on the inside.
 WTF: That's right, dead... tired of constantly being attacked of Fox News even though she lost and is a private citizen.
Image 250879   06-03-18 7:27pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 DrNinjaman: Elijah Wood must have had a bad break up recently.
 Teechur: #250764
 Bohab: No, we just get everything else
 Side Boob: James Brown wouldn't lie to me!
 sparename: "You want sympathy? Look in the dictionary between shit and syphilis!"
 Jabberwikket: What makes this insufferably entitled whiny piece of shit, think he qualifies as a man ?
 Jabberwikket: What makes this insufferably entitled whiny piece of shit, think he qualifies as a man ?
 tib gubb: i get all of those things sometimes; less often if i'm being a dick.
 charlemagne: I don't get a fancy glass ceiling
 Knice: You can get a badvote, though.
Image 250768   06-03-18 01:42am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 LurkedMoar: Obvious plant
 Passive: Oooo look it Mr. Ivy League over here
 Mr. Shine: @Mexico but then again, who ever does?
 Mexico: Surprisingly didn't vote for the Green Party.
Image 250715   06-02-18 7:18pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 DrNinjaman: Fresh Mex to the MAX!
 hajjpodge: OH NO!
 Korrok: No! You can't make me...
 Bohab: *ends here
 Air Biscuit: Its like they knew we were going to start a conversation about tres leches.
Image 250607   06-02-18 02:15am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 redmonkey3: Birds do have excellent peripheral vision...
 Air Biscuit: Took me a few mintes to realize the focus was not thepainters tape mirror.
 Robespierre: Questions answered, but no fears allayed
 Bluetocracy: I didn't notice the chicken at first.
 arcticfox12x: no
 phil: LA aqueduct chase scene!
 San DoDo: The chickens are going home to roost I guess
Image 250546   06-01-18 6:48pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 drtofu: interns can quit.
 hajjpodge: Experience being a slave to know how to fight the economic system that holds you in slavery.
 Prostata: must be really nice to be so wealthy you can afford to work as an unpaid intern in London.
 Sadbot: @Sadbot I mean, other people, I'm definitely a centrist shill. Capitalism sure works for me, I can afford an apartment in an urban fortress and love to gentrify. Let's all go shop at Whole Foods and avoid vandalizing Ink Coffee in RiNo
 Sadbot: @Side Boob True, but anarchists are all for signal boosting but also not narcing on themselves
 Side Boob: @Sadbot The same could be said about posting on the internet too :v
 Sadbot: All charity is the leisure class admitting that capitalism doesn't work while also pretending to do something about it
Image 250443   06-01-18 02:26am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 a robot: I'm definitely feeling low on "ink"
 tib gubb: so it's come to this
Image 250385   05-31-18 7:22pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Teechur: Getting ready to play some pocket pool?
 Bohab: Now you're playing with power
 Dobly: I had that controller. It sucked
Image 250277   05-31-18 02:19am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 crazymothaofa: Saw it from the bottom, now I'm here... Saw it from the bottom, now the whole city metro force here
 Mr. Shine: Just . . . . Give it back . . . .
 Warrax: You're in a hole lot of trouble now.
Image 250219   05-30-18 7:05pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Mr Bleak: @Side Boob I do ---not--- want to go near the "pile of pooh" room.
 Side Boob: Here at the Acme Emoticon Factory...
 Teechur: Piles of smiles
Image 250108   05-30-18 01:45am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Telkwa: Aloha sailor!
 inthrees: What happens when you push the hotel elevator button
 sparename: "Beavis, shut up you buttmunch!"
 Warrax: ...orted jelly beans.
 Side Boob: We can smell your breath...
 trelyate: Stacy please put out
 tib gubb: can't fault him for honesty
 thecraftywolf: yell heah
Image 250054   05-29-18 7:04pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Demon Universe: Kill me, Elliot. It hurts to live.
 FireBreathingMarmot: You're killing him!
 dangerkeith3000: I've seen this. ET the porno.
Image 249945   05-29-18 02:01am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Robespierre: What; no weejuns?
 Gomi Day: where does choad fit into this scale?
 a robot: So is it the term I use the most, or the term that I find the most hilarious, that determines my alignment here? I mean my favorite coffee mug is the one with the Wang computers logo on it, so I guess that answers that
 Sadbot: No gods, no masters, wanglords
 White Rice: @Derp Herpigan nah, just referencing the fact they said "dick jokes" instead of any of the other terms on the chart here (fortunately for all parties involved, they weren't referred to as "weenus jokes")
 Derp Herpigan: @Entertainmentalist I'm getting a vibe that says there's an insult buried in that comment if you know how to look.
 Entertainmentalist: @Side Boob Spoken as someone who is Neutral Good, I see.
 KingTrebek: Weenus means elbow
 dobbiesdoogs: landerig
 Side Boob: Dick jokes will never be unfunny. There; I said it.
Image 249890   05-28-18 7:11pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 catsanddogs: Note this is just one possible pizza distro
 Entertainmentalist: Why infringe on only one trademark, when you can hit two at once?
 Mad Collager: Ironically, "Hut" is "hat" in German.
 Christina: Looks like Red Hat logo.
 tib gubb: delicious
 Peach: Where in the world is pizza sandiego?
Image 249782   05-28-18 02:07am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 WTF: "This is my true form"
 sparename: Needs a squeeze from the dogzitter
 Yam: help i am marshmallow
 Not A Bot: Not everyone in the 90's was stereotype grunge dammit.
Image 249724   05-27-18 7:04pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 redmonkey3: @Robespierre - my bad
 redmonkey3: @dangerkeith3000 - Eeeeks @ Pence presidency... just saying
 Robespierre: @dangerkeith3000 The really weird thing is that every time I have opened a newssite over the past year or so I have hoped that it has already happened.
 dangerkeith3000: I'm am extremely happy in knowing that within 20 years Trump will be dead.
 WTF: ...but only monster trucks. They are the biggest and best!
 VoR: Trump Rads trucks, but had to be banned for trying to upload the same truck 500+ times.
Image 249617   05-27-18 01:56am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Zukero: There's nothing I have to do to stop you.
 a sedated moose: @Mr. Shine I'm really not sure whether or not @Not A Bot is, in fact, a bot
 Telkwa: Gonna get me a tractor feed dot matrix printer too.
 DrNinjaman: Since when are computers immortal? The Timecube website has been down for 3 years, and I have no illusions about being more interesting than that.
 a robot: Beeping sure is nice.
 Air Biscuit: @Mr. Shine not a bot... yet.
 WTF: God I hope I'm not put in Grandma's old ePC.
 Mr. Shine: Also, username/upload comboooooo!!
 Mr. Shine: Go 'head.
Image 249560   05-26-18 7:02pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Not A Bot: This is not the service I ordered.
 Ihminen: damnit i've been using mustard all this time and it has not been as effective as this! thanks ketchup!
 WTF: Heinz loves him!
 Amy Housewine: I was dragging behind in my reading, but I've tried to ketchup.
 Mentos Pormer: That's a huge paper cut
Image 249455   05-26-18 02:33am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 raditzu: Quato has to work for his living too
 wolfpk: The big guy is head of the delinquent payments department.
 Dr Awkward: Y he so smol?
Image 249396   05-25-18 7:24pm     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Mr Bleak: @Demon Universe I have achieved nerdvana.
 VeeKay: Urgent need for state run child and family psychiatry.
 San DoDo: Now what?
 Demon Universe: I have achieved nirvana.
 Colbo Mundus: This seesaw rocks
 Air Biscuit: "I wish it was july 15th.."
Image 249282   05-25-18 01:45am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
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