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 Never AFK's Aggro-Gator

 Felicity: Sliderburger
 Dr. Bathroom: This has Japan written all over it.
 lecj07: *heavy breathing*
 Spazstatic: @Prostata all the carbs, all of them.
 Mr. Whiskers: Yo dawg...
 Prostata: this is really just a lot of bun
Image 205479   09-24-17 8:46pm   Views: 25320   Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Winterneuro: @Prostata it doesnt matter. The person this was made for is color blind.
 Prostata: children's toys have gone to hell in a handbag, I tells ya
 Prostata: who fact checked this shit?
 Felicity: No horseshoes?
 Robespierre: (Where's Mean Gene Otterpop when you really need him?)
 Robespierre: @crunchymush It looks more like the legendary "squared circle" to me.
 crunchymush: That's a hexagon, not an octagon. Way to go, buddy!!
 Soy Peso: It's a Rhombus. Diamond is a mineral.
 gorilla: Wait a minute... THIS LESBIAN BAR DOESN'T HAVE A FIRE EXIT!
Image 205057   09-22-17 5:40pm   Views: 84408   Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Hosebag: Just saying, I think you look better without the makeup.
 Mr Shifty: Someone's fetish
 wolfpk: This wouldn't fall under the banner of plushie, but it must be somewhere in that category.
 El hefe: I like it with the mask on
 Butcherboy: Is that the alien from tommyknockers?
 Shay: @jochenau Pffff, yea right. And you're gonna say Zelda is a girl.
 jochenau: Samus is a girl?!
 WTF: My dates always ended with the opposite, I'd pull off my human mask revealing the alien underneath.
 Knice: "I'll be right out; just need to finish putting my face on!"
Image 204186   09-18-17 11:07am     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 funny in the wall: @a robot i guess i'll go to fart college
 petepuma: Ernest Borgnine approves
 DrinkMixMan: Tonight's game against the Cleveland Steamers!
 El Barto: Whilst under the covers lift a leg or two then drop it quickly and you can achieve a fan forced dutch oven. Enjoy!
 E. HONDA: Is their mascot a blond kid with a bowl cut?
 Shay: Just whatever you do, don't light a match under the covers.
 a robot: @funny in the wall I read that in Homer Simpson's voice…
 funny in the wall: Farts are funny
Image 203298   09-13-17 8:27pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 jazzjunkie: This info graphic is just chocked full of bad information.
 FabricMan: But then there's that 37th time...
 iatemyhomework: Does this make me an accomplice?
 Yurishiro: But if you walk time traveled? *stoner look in the void*
 Air Biscuit: @Amy Housewine *36 times per murderer
 Amy Housewine: The same murderer?
Image 202382   09-09-17 04:37am     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 savvoy: SUVs carry those as lifeboats. The car, I mean.
 Teechur: Found it!…
 Rat-Butt: That scooter is from the crap fest known as the Go-Bots...uhg, at least that scooter is better the Scooter in the show...and, yes, he was called "Scooter"
 Teechur: I remember reading an article 30+ years ago about a car (Honda City?) that came with a small motorcycle instead of a spare tire, if I'm not mistaken.
 Felicity: Le Car has been hitting the gym!
 well duh: This is a pic of a model kit. I wanted this so effing bad when I was a kid.
 Wet farts: That motocompo is rad as hell
 Rat-Butt: I. Want. That. Car. And. Moped. Combo. NOW, I WANT I WANT I WANT
 BavidDowie: Is at least one of these solar-powered?
Image 200954   09-01-17 10:37pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Otterman: @Off Topic Canada only.
 Snowta: *triggered*
 Off Topic: She was immediately arrested for not responding back with a proper "Hello"
 Donut: "Police duly arrested the woman and charged her with second degree triggering."
 Air Biscuit: A homeless looking man mumbling and "acting strangly"? I think we have patient zero for the zombie apocalypse.
 Scoo: Maybe he said it all super-creepy, like Hannibal Lector
 El Barto: The horror!
Image 200552   08-30-17 10:07pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Mr Bleak: Tetris for men!
 Felicity: The earthquake-proof brick, as applied to agriculture
Image 200513   08-30-17 6:49pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Sadbot: @PenguinBartender I think it might not have been in some versions...and holy crap were there a lot of versions of MGS3
 PenguinBartender: @Sadbot I...must have missed this camouflage?
 Sadbot: MGS 3 is also my favorite Metal Gear game
 karmakat: you are FAJITAS girl!
 addend: 14 stripes? Commie!
 ignatz: George W Bushbaby
 necronomicon: She must be the majesty of the purple mountains.
Image 199409   08-25-17 02:41am     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Scoo: Boredom, uh, finds a way
Image 199022   08-23-17 04:48am     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 SomeCanadian: True but some dogs are just food vacuums. I had a shepherd that just grazed out of a big bowl all day. But my BF at the times beagle would eat everything. Even inedible or frankly dangerous things. @Science
 Science: @SomeCanadian: Well, if you only feed them what they are supposed to eat, rather than just putting a bowl out, you tend to have a leaner dog.
 piranharama: @SomeCanadian I know right? Labs are like that too... why do I love dogs with food obsessions?
 SomeCanadian: They're vacuums with stomachs at the ends. It's hard to find a fit beagle. @piranharama
 Felicity: Hedgedog
 piranharama: @SomeCanadian As a kid, my friend had two rather portly (and awesome) beagles. I thought that was how beagles were, so imagine my surprise the first time I saw a fit beagle.
 tib gubb: onward, to my destiny!
 Dr Awkward: "So anyway, I told this dumbass hedgehog that if he thinks he's so fast he should..... He's right behind me, isn't he?"
 Robespierre: I'm goin' to Chicago; that's the last place my baby stayed (Hitch hike) Hitch hike (Hitch hike baby) I'm packin' up my bags, gonna leave this old town right away (Hitch hike) Hitch hike (Hitch hike baby) I've got to find that squirrel if I have to hitch hike 'round the world (Hitch hike) Hitch hike (dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum...)
 SomeCanadian: Fat beagles are funny.
 Christina: Ahead, my ride.
Image 198867   08-22-17 12:33pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Science: For the price of that car, I can buy a $30K vehicle and 35 YEARS worth of gas, assuming current market prices AND my 2 hour commute.
 Science: @Robespierre: At $100K per car, you don't say?
 UltraBeverly: Which makes the Koch brothers rich, so they can buy people to take away your civil rights! Ha indeed.
 UltraBeverly: LOL COAL (Is where most electricity comes from)
 Robespierre: @grizzly Really? Whose girlfriend?
 grizzly: It's actually being horse-drawn.
 Ulillillia: Laugh Out Loud Oh I Laughed
 karmakat: until it HAPPENS!
 Robespierre: Another Fun Fact: People who own and drive Teslas are 99-44/100% more likely to be overly-smug wealthy people with a superiority complex.
 tib gubb: lol the metal used to make the battery in your car caused no small amount of human suffering
 Knice: Fun fact: Electricity is free, and its production has no effect on the environment.
 WaffleIron: It's a good thing all the plastics and lubricants in that car were made from hemp and clay.
Image 197489   08-15-17 12:59pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Mr. Butt: From my Mascot/ Akira fanfic.
 Ulillillia: Mascot x-ray
Image 197337   08-14-17 5:22pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 duckfarts: holy shit, junji ito was writing the truth
 Coolguy: Thos gainz tho
 2Berries: Git sum!
 fanny: too afraid to not rad
 Jennerator: Aussie Olympic mascot busted for doping
 Ulillillia: Kangaroo Jacked
 FabricMan: Do you even hop, bro?
 WaffleIron: I have some smoked kangaroo and it's delicious.
Image 197177   08-13-17 8:47pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Rat-Butt: No, Pepe, just the douches who use you...
 kornisjon: @Ihminen A million times agreed.
 Ihminen: @kornisjon Yea it's a shame since it's not the character's fault if some idiot edgelords use him in their garbage
 kornisjon: Rad vote for Pepe, because Boy's Club is great and the alt right doesn't own him.
 Ihminen: @sparename YES! I'd give more +'s if I could
 sparename: " # Advertising lies that are whiter than yours.. # "
 Catcat: The door is racist
Image 194472   07-31-17 03:49am     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Robespierre: My patent's gonna make me BILLIONS.
 Mad Collager: Put brain in dark, think of nothing, to achieve optic Nirvana.
 Warrax: Eye'm gonna sit right here.
 Dr Awkward: Eyes-fishing.
 dobbiesdoogs: dammit, i lost screw k, fucking ikea abominations
Image 193269   07-25-17 01:27am     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 jazzjunkie: That is a dangerous mushroom to try to get high on
 a robot: I want that briefcase
 Donut: Trip?
Image 193218   07-24-17 8:27pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 redmonkey3: @Ulillillia - at least it wasn't the one with flashing lights that can be towed around
 Ulillillia: I regret getting Dad that changeable letter board.
Image 192637   07-21-17 8:59pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Mr Shifty: Not ethically you can't. Treat or gtfo.
 a robot: I could use some happy pills.
 Meow: not if you can't catch me
 Skaalar: I wanna be...
Image 189536   07-06-17 07:38am     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 dangerkeith3000: @Felicity yeah it does. I loved that show.
 piranharama: Is that Trump getting splashed over there next to the hot tub?
 Felicity: Reminds me of Tom Goes to the Mayor
 Bluetocracy: @dangerkeith3000 It's kind of like the human centipede, only with cocaine.
 Otterman: @dangerkeith3000 Having fun, apparently.
 dangerkeith3000: Uhh...what is that guy doing to the chick that's bending over?
 Robespierre: The new Twenty'teens version of Splashwater Falls.
 SpaceCow: Deep down, Ted suspected this was the beginning of the end for Lehman Brothers.
Image 187007   06-23-17 2:09pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
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