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 Never AFK's Aggro-Gator

 Hyphae: "Look at this ugly dog, I bet this one get one single Rad"
Image 236616   03-09-18 9:26pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 hajjpodge: @VoR Would you say fascism is all tapped out here?
 VoR: Not necessarily a tap of fascism.
Image 235614   03-04-18 12:26pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Peter Pantsless: Do not animals
 wolfpk: I think that is the "demon possessed" doll that inspired the movie "Annabelle." They changed it from a Raggedy Ann doll in the movie to make it creepier. It is on display at Warrens Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.
 tib gubb: absolutely no
 Ulillillia: Whatever you do, don't!
 Hyphae: @addend but do not as positively as possible
 Mr. Shine: I didn't!
 addend: Do not ask "Do not what?". Just do not.
Image 235408   03-02-18 9:47pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Yurishiro: No it's called immaculate conception you ignorant fuck
 addend: They were all out of "You're dead to us".
 dangerkeith3000: It's a cake celebrating God shooting his Jesus jizz into Mary's holy hole.
 hajjpodge: I have no idea what's going on right now.
Image 234862   02-27-18 8:58pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
Image 234307   02-24-18 6:47pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 SpaceCow: Inspired by HG Wells, the Invisible Basketball Center.
 tib gubb: juke game on point
 Side Boob: There can be only one!
 BavidDowie: The Headless Courtsman
 Teechur: I've hear of a faceoff in hockey, but this is ridiculous!
 addend: "That's why the rule was added."
 Sadbot: And I would've scored this 3 pointer if it weren't for you meddling kids!
 Peter Pantsless: Get your head in the game!
Image 233455   02-19-18 11:37pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 glenalec: @Nope - I was working in a developing country at the time. Just having a retro-fitted sit-on toilet was a rather big deal! My next place there was a brand new dormitory for 12 with plenty of mod-cons, and I had it all to myself!
 Nope: @glenalec And you moved?
 zrj235: it depends on the urgency and texture tbh.
 Aufziehvogel: Comme ci comme ca
 glenalec: @Nope - I lived in a place where that was exactly the case for a few years!
 Nope: I have a toilet installed in my shower stall.. Wtf is this amateur bullshit
 tib gubb: don't poop in the shower. wtf.
 jochenau: dafuq is wrong with you
 Coolguy: Def poop before showing. Pooping after showering feels gross
 Sadbot: Neither, I'm all tubgirl.jpg
 Peter Pantsless: Get a garbage disposal put in
 glenalec: I'd get out of the shower, poop in the toilet, then get back in. Or even poop before getting into the shower! Amazing, I know!
Image 232713   02-15-18 8:58pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Teechur: Mommy needs some "me" time... for the love of God, Mommy needs some "me" time!
Image 230110   02-01-18 06:37am     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 jazzjunkie: I approve of this musical selection.
 Skaalar: It must be very nice in the tiny box that separates you from the rest of the experiences in the world.
 Chest Rockwell: Better than being at a shopping mall.
 Robespierre: Than doing what?
 Dr Awkward: I'm pretty sure this guy is Rob Thomas.
 Zukero: I don't.
 VeeKay: Highly specific, if true.
Image 227554   01-18-18 10:37am     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Teechur: Dogwood? Can't tell by the bark.
Image 226667   01-13-18 6:59pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 apoxia: Surely the purchaser can burn their own pizza post delivery. Unless this was a prank pizza.
 Ulillillia: urat?
Image 226665   01-13-18 6:49pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Wooden Spoon: Wait, are the lap dances gluten free or are only gluten free couples allowed?
 dangerkeith3000: Harry Sachs
 Mad Collager: Okay, but please don't give me a dancer with a package.
Image 225080   01-05-18 1:09pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Robespierre: This trailer for "Wilford's Dream" is Rad.
 Greifer: Diabetes in 2...1...
 Ulillillia: It's pretty big...I guess...
 WaffleIron: We're gonna need a bigger knife
Image 224219   12-31-17 9:40pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 DrinkMixMan: *Sai*
 jazzjunkie: The sai is an effective deterrent to anyone sneaking tastes or hovering around without actually helping.
 Mr. Skeltal: Don't even lie, you know you couldn't resist getting some immediately after this picture
 crunchymush: She's a keeper!
 Mord Tingies: What am I seeing here? She shits bacon, so that's where the spatula is?
 livelovebarf: Then she should be cooking it in the oven.
Image 224041   12-30-17 10:09pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Kaviri: Op, stab!
 Felicity: That looks like a Red Robin restaurant
 Ulillillia: Oh snap
 flowers: It's even pronounced stahp in Dutch.
 Soy Peso: FYI to non-Dutchies it means something like "on the go" or "going out".
Image 223876   12-30-17 12:09pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Mr Bleak: @Teechur I prefer "Crazy Killer" myself.
 Mr Bleak: @chemical It will, eventually. When the last backup of the last font file is ritually destroyed by fire, and mankind can finally be free.
 Teechur: @Fiveninety There's a ransom note typeface for that.
 Felicity: And notice that these are mistakes *not* made by the person who used Comic Sans.
 Felicity: Please dont use a hyphen instead of an em-dash, and please dont use Random Capitalisation for Emphasis. You are a nationally-chartered trust company, not a taco stand.
 Fiveninety: this is actually an acceptable use of Comic Sans.. unacceptable uses would be: company policies, complaints to HR, press releases, legal documents -- you know, official stuff.. it's perfectly ok for a note, personal sign or death threat.. although for death threats, i really prefer the ol cutting letters out of magazines and pasting them thing
 FabricMan: Please don't font-shame your coworkers. They can make their signs in any typeface they like
 chemical: The Anti-Comic Sans circle-jerk is never going to end, is it?
 Kevin II: Fuck the person who left the bottom note. Some people are so stupid.
Image 223237   12-26-17 5:40pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Felicity: Palms are sweaty, arms are heavy
 tib gubb: to enhance your regretti
 Spazstatic: Maybe get a microwave safe bowl
 SpaceCow: "You could stir it and continue heating but you won't. I hold all the power here, human!"
 Dresdenkeogh: There is vomit on my sweater already
 Air Biscuit: Shame if some of it were to... BUBBLE OUT OF YOUR CONTAINER AND MAKE A LITTLE MESS!
Image 223127   12-26-17 02:07am     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 CheezGrater: If you cover her mouth, she looks like she's seconds away from stabbing someone.
 apoxia: Dynamic.
 Nope: nailed it tho
 Scoo: Spend hours making your hair look like you just woke up on a stranger's couch
 sergeant: "Say no more"
 Capital: In the UK and other places as well she's the driver.
Image 222917   12-24-17 11:35pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 blendedtwice: I love the smell of commerce in the morning!
 Rev80: Back when the only item in the International Food aisle was saurkraut
 Knice: @bug Eh, its a living.
 bug: *ahem* I mean, uhh, welcome to Trader Joes!
 bug: You evolved as hunter-gatherers, but this is your life now, citizen. Consume. Work in order to consume. Run the race. Run until you are dead.
Image 221751   12-18-17 8:03pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
 ThoughtlessGentleman: "I wish you were beer!"
Image 219530   12-07-17 12:03pm     Uploaded by    Never AFK
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