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 mrmaestro's Aggro-Gator

 XLY: those are some good effin pups
 a robot: No matter what color your clothes are, they're going to be covered in dog hair
 Prostata: the BORKFast club
Image 257481   07-15-18 12:45pm   Views: 31268   Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 raditzu: Playing sick guitar riff.
 Shay: Robert: Smells like updog in here...*sniff sniff* was that you David Arquette? Why are you even here? I didn't invite your ass to my party, get outta here.
 Mr. Shine: Photoshopping?
Image 256883   07-11-18 5:58pm   Views: 172509   Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 Felicity: They won me over with "Diddle Earth"
 itskando: Backyard Sluts 9
 Mr. Shine: @Science with over 120 minutes of "Bone-us" footage.
 Science: Uncut edition. Hee hee.
 petepuma: And only an R rating... this horse was dead before it ever had a chance
 Zukero: And the Throbbit Dildo...
 Knice: Shoulda called the wizard Glandalf. *sigh*
Image 256619   07-10-18 12:54pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 FireBreathingMarmot: When they open a new Ikea store, this is the full set of tools that comes in the box to assemble the whole foundation, structure, decor, and model merchandise.
 Side Boob: This picture is a powerful hex.
 addend: The size you need is the size you can't find.
 Teechur: @WTF It's an Allen wrench and its friends.
 DrinkMixMan: What a bunch of tools
 WTF: Is it Alan Wrenches or Alans Wrench?
 VoR: Alan. Key me now.
Image 256224   07-07-18 4:42pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 Felicity: It's called Thailand now
 addend: Also, consult an attorney for legal advice.
 Mr. Shine: @Warrax *absent-mindedly scratches second butt*
 Warrax: Usually.
 KnowLifer: mayonnaise clinic is the best source
Image 256203   07-07-18 2:13pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 Spazstatic: The tree makes it look like he's got green hair
 Yam: This is me. The added humour is that after 2 years of underemployment, Im looking at getting into locksmithing.
Image 254781   06-28-18 5:58pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 Robespierre: Guard dachsie
 dangerkeith3000: His ancestors were mighty wolves.
 Sandor: I wish everywhere I went had a dog greeter
Image 253583   06-21-18 07:39am     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 BavidDowie: *barbaric yawping intensifies*
 WannaBee: Aww look at these cuties!
 VeeKay: but they cannae tak awa oor FREEDOM!
 chelseachels: You orange prisoners anymore!
Image 247263   05-13-18 03:26am     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 ThoughtlessGentleman: @wolfpk huh all right well i saw a genius song on youtube about toast which is hilarious. thanks!
 wolfpk: @ThoughtlessGentleman No, not that important. G1's are fans of Game Attack. GA is a YouTube gaming channel. It is more comedy because the guys are complete smart asses. "Yeaaahhh toast" is one of there favorite catch phrase. Probably a let down, but that's the answer.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: @wolfpk nope. but now theres a mystery and im intrigued. military reference im guessing?
 dangerkeith3000: "Yeah? You and what toaster?!"
 Dreforian: Can't tell from the still but that Iguana is actually booking it because she's late for school.
 wolfpk: @ThoughtlessGentleman By any chance are you a G1? If you are, you will know what that means and why I ask.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: YEAAAAHHHH TOAST!!!!
Image 243884   04-22-18 8:07pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 Whatever: If they find oil under that castle, the conservatives are going to want to invade and subdue the inhuman inhabitants of the place
 wolfpk: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?
Image 243710   04-21-18 6:58pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 Chinese Buffet: Cut it skrrt! Cut it!
 glenalec: That's somewhat angry!
 Teechur: Do you wish that you hadn't made the sign?
Image 243480   04-20-18 10:37am     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 Robespierre: "I can see your cock from here!"
Image 242923   04-16-18 11:34pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 Science: @wolfpk: No - you want "Angel Dust" in aisle 5
 glenalec: Popular gift for nieces and nephews if you hate your siblings. Or grandkids if you are seeking revenge on your own kids.
 well duh: Glitter should be required by law to be called "arts and crafts herpies".
 lolenyManiac: @sparename Duhh, youre not supposed to put it in yo eyes
 sparename: Clogs Hoovers, won't come off pets, serious eye irritant. Enjoy
 lolenyManiac: i'm gonna dip my johnson in it
 barfolomew: Ruins everything in your parent's house!
 jochenau: Sticks to anything forever!
 wolfpk: Does it come with a straw?
Image 242856   04-16-18 3:37pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 HatStand: I see
 Alaskan: Well, it should be a very good blowjob, then
 Robespierre: Mike Pence visits the Oval Office
Image 242568   04-14-18 8:07pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 lecj07: @itskando Mug sized shots are how he got so drunk in the first place.
 addend: Let the poor guy lie down, and move the camera.
 dangerkeith3000: @Shay ABC isn't channel 7 in Dallas.
 itskando: @itskando definitely not a mug sized one
 itskando: Noooooooidunnwannmoshotss
 boozer: @Shay I was just about to say! :-)
 Shay: Diamond Dallas Page?
 sad face: Florida Man has some competition!
Image 242403   04-13-18 8:13pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 piranharama: Either way, I want it inside me
 Uncle Phil: Weeo!
 ignatz: 3EED
 dingding: Dear Elizabeth, wanna go out?
 Christina: Doesn't look like a dick, it's your mind that is totally dirty.
 Coolguy: @Scoo totes magoats!
 Scoo: Emma is the #1 Dick 'n Weed lover so this is totes apropos and thoughtful
Image 242261   04-12-18 10:58pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 Big Bong Theory: The cover painting makes it look like pegging is involved
 Mr Bleak: @Teechur Unnatural Acts.
 Teechur: What was Anal on trial for?
 funny in the wall: The lady on the cover looks remarkably like one of the moms spaceship apparently wants me to date shown in the add just below it
 Science: @glenalec: Then you're doing it wrong.
 Commodore 64: A tale of high hopes and ultimate disappointment.
 VoR: Don't be shy you're always trying to get in there..
Image 240964   04-05-18 01:47am     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 Kaviri: Amorous Laetitia.
 dangerkeith3000: He pissed because he only likes molesting babies that are alive.
 funny in the wall: at least they're not prefacing everything with "that awkward moment" anymore
 Robespierre: Lose that halo, slacker
Image 240845   04-04-18 10:40am     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 addend: The new Mummenschanz.
 carpwoman: The eyes are on the wrong sides.
 when so: Doctors Klein, Dala, 0, 8, Borous, Mobius, and finally, the little-known Dr. Circle
 Ulillillia: Hey Bubbles
Image 239275   03-25-18 8:40pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
 kristy: @Beef Supreme - in reality it is a toridal mobius.
 Beef Supreme: Does it even matter whether the Earth is round or flat? We are lied to about everything else, after all.
 Whatever: Obviously having family around is a drag, or so the kids tell me
 Sadbot: What is relative velocity? I wouldn't know, I learned science from memes
 barfolomew: I bet this is a flat-Earth thing. The best thing about the flat-Earth movement is the memes. (The worst thing is the inexplicable antisemitism.)
 Donut: When you go beyond the speed of sound, Shutterstock owns the rights of your picture. Got it.
Image 239074   03-24-18 4:09pm     Uploaded by    mrmaestro
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