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 Mexico's Aggro-Gator

 tib gubb: where the fuck did it come from?
 Micro Jackson: Have these cats never heard of rope?
 Amy Housewine: @Sadbot I was just obliged to Google that one.
 Sage: @Sadbot You mean I didn't imagine that?
 Sadbot: This is weirder than the Family Circus that was about Warhammer 40K
Image 270570   10-04-18 1:26pm     Uploaded by    Mexico
 ignatz: (blossom)
 ignatz: MAD RAD. Also, my Mum will love this- she has a cat called Bloosom..
Image 270542   10-04-18 09:47am     Uploaded by    Mexico
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Image 270500   10-03-18 11:47pm     Uploaded by    horny horn
 Passive: New Silent Hill looking good
 Mad Collager: No! You're supposed to eat the ears first!
 Warrax: *whispers* Who did this to you?
 Shay: Bad Harvey, bad!!!!
Image 270246   10-02-18 1:26pm     Uploaded by    Mexico
 AlexDeLarge: Dick butt's brother?
 KingTrebek: Modern Heathcliff has a reputation for being weird as hell.
 DrinkMixMan: Fuck yeah, poop butt!
Image 269754   09-29-18 12:26pm     Uploaded by    Mexico
 Science: Step 4: Slam kettlebell into testicles
 drilldo: @lecj07 Agreed!
 KingTrebek: i wish i had pants that had different widths for each leg
 lecj07: Step 3, realize you have just tweaked your back. Step 4, drop kettlebell on your foot, never work out again.
Image 269334   09-26-18 7:47pm     Uploaded by    Mexico
 UnknownSample: What sad eyes you have.
 Air Biscuit: The sun is hot lava.
 a robot: It's true.
 charlemagne: keep to the dark just stay out of the light
Image 269307   09-26-18 4:54pm     Uploaded by    Mexico
 dangerkeith3000: Upon first meeting Jean-Claude, Stephanie did have her doubts. Yet she thought to herself, Well technically he wasnt lying on his tinder profile about not being a furry since birds have feathers, not fur. Wubba lubba dub dub, baby proclaimed Jean-Claude. Oooohyour accent is so sexy! Im so happy I swiped righter! she responded endearingly. Wubba lubba dub dub cooed Jean-Claude once more as they began their sweet, passionate embrace Stephanie couldnt wait to lick his cloaca.
 dangerkeith3000: Wubba lubba dub dub
 Side Boob: It has been a challenging mating season for Bird Person.
 trelyate: what are the balloons for?
 some guy : Bird Up!
 dangerkeith3000: "I guess he wasn't lying on his tinder bio. He's technically not a furry."
 Passive: The Shining 2 looking good!
 ignatz: My Uber driver's so cute idk what to say
Image 269297   09-26-18 3:47pm     Uploaded by    Mexico
 Amy Housewine: Dig, Lazarus, dig the garden.
 a robot: I looked it up and they are a real business, but the important thing is that they are located in a town called Wagga Wagga. Oh Australia, you're so silly
 DrNinjaman: The Green Right Thumb
 AlexDeLarge: their new album drops this fall
Image 269126   09-25-18 2:47pm     Uploaded by    Mexico
 Mr Bleak: @Mr. Butt "I don't remember what happens next." A total absence of sexual contact if you share it with the girlfriend? A friend of mine had a porno featuring a guy havign his dick nailed to a plank. He was always surprised when ladies dumped him after he shared it with them.
 Teechur: @Mr. Butt one does
 dangerkeith3000: @Mr. Butt Sounds like Weird Al is really broadening his horizons.
 Mr. Butt: It's still on PornHub, if anyone feels inclined to watch it. I showed my girlfriend a month or two ago; she wasn't as amused as I'd hoped.
 Mr. Butt: The weirdest porn I ever saw went like this: a man teaching a woman to play accordion; she attempts to play Bohemian Rhapsody on the accordion; she messes up, so they get naked (as one does); then the guy starts peeing on her; then the woman starts peeing in a fancy teacup and drinks it...I don't remember what happens next.
Image 268952   09-24-18 1:26pm     Uploaded by    Mexico
 Mr Bleak: @Side Boob The one on the blue bit?
 Side Boob: Which one of those is in penguin?
 Not A Bot: Lifetime virginity, I choose you!
Image 268832   09-23-18 6:03pm     Uploaded by    Mexico
 dangerkeith3000: My parents always told me this is what happens when god takes a dump.
 Mr Bleak: Cloudy with a chance of meat... what's that smell?
 Sadbot: "I can't wait to bomb some dodongos! What the..."
 Shay: Those better be turkey legs...
Image 268287   09-20-18 11:03am     Uploaded by    Mexico
 Spazstatic: Blessed by his noodley appendage
 Side Boob: I seem to have misplaced my monocle!
 E. HONDA: Call Liberty Medical
 Psymon: Looks like he has a damsel tied to a railroad somewhere
 Peter Pantsless: Sir Fluffins is displeased
Image 267722   09-16-18 8:26pm     Uploaded by    badger
 cthulhu: @a robot He does indeed!
 a robot: @VeeKay Sorry your dad sucks (and sorry for saying your dad sucks but it sounds like he does)
 FormerLurker: This Sphinx looks like the girls at the parties I went to in high school.
 ironmaiden: This is what my dad looks like when he jabbers on about why there will be a civil war if Donald Trump is impeached and booted out of office,
Image 267477   09-15-18 10:47am     Uploaded by    Mexico
 E. HONDA: so if they cooperate, they can still participate in all the evil
 Micro Jackson: Sew much for that.....
 dangerkeith3000: Friendship! Friendship! It's the perfect plan ship!
 charlemagne: @KingTrebek just be glad they didn't show you do no evil
 Side Boob: Anime must be stopped.
 sparenamelaptopdied: If Tim Burton made proverbs. Or sayings. Or stuff
 KingTrebek: Creepiest see no evil hear no evil speak no evil I've ever seen
Image 267301   09-14-18 09:03am     Uploaded by    Mexico
 bug: When a cat falls asleep on your lap, this is the only appropriate way to stand up.
 ignatz: As things were, so shall they always be..
 Donut: "Goddamn tanuki ruining my favorite kimono. You want to lie on it so badly? There! THERE! TAKE IT!"
Image 267150   09-13-18 10:26am     Uploaded by    Mexico
 DrNinjaman: Masters of Magic Eye
 McBomalds: Hi! Welcome to the Pallas!
 Shay: Derp! Derp! Derp!!! "Please excuse my children, they're radioactive."
 magicmormon: Welcome to the Claw Zone
Image 266831   09-11-18 11:03am     Uploaded by    Mexico
 KickassHellyeah: @Amy Housewine Ha! I was just thinking that!
 Air Biscuit: S.O.S.! (Send out somebody)
 Amy Housewine: Oh you didn't know? You better call somebody.
 tib gubb: "I only answer to god" *proceeds to fall down a hole*
 drhilljack: Or don't. I'm a sign, not a cop.
Image 266191   09-07-18 11:47am     Uploaded by    Mexico
 Off Topic: The true face of a killer.
 PenguinBartender: "WHO'S NEXT? (tee-hee!)"
 tib gubb: I TOLD YOU I'D DO IT DESU
 a sedated moose: Live action Psycho-Pass looking blah blah blah blah...
Image 266030   09-06-18 11:47am     Uploaded by    Mexico
 MyPasswordAintPassword: Probably the finest thing on the internet.
 fanny: I love this more than I love any of my kids
 Nothing: Toe to tip, that's a Bart
 trelyate: the, the bartt, the
 FabricMan: Bort Sampson
 Micro Jackson: Simpsons, North Korea style
 dangerkeith3000: Simpsons: Season 1
 Side Boob: Consume my pants
 tib gubb: WE LIKE ROY
 Yam: You're an odd fellow but I must say, you steam a good pants
 White Rice: Do not posses the bovine.
 a robot: what the fuck *votes rad*
Image 264900   08-30-18 12:03pm     Uploaded by    Mr. Butt
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