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 majorchamp's Aggro-Gator

 Peter Pantsless: @fanny How did you get this pic @majorchamp
 fanny: return #211726
 grizzly: I do this all of the time before long flights. Just keep drinking.
 Science: Suck it out of your pants - switcherinoing your beer through denim will get you drunk faster, bro. That's a lifehack.
 fanny: and that's how he became @Peter Pantsless
 Felicity: Should be enough time for it to dry
 Knice: BFD it'll be dry when you get there.
Image 210157   10-18-17 2:26pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 waaaaaat: Thanks for saying it's the one on the right, I kept looking but I had no idea which one was supposed to be a parody
 gorilla: Molten lava really does look delicious though
 boomboomboom: I'm glad you pointed out "the one on the right," because without that, I'd probably be farting sulfur right now. Oh wait, I AM farting sulfur right now...
Image 209330   10-14-17 09:07am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Whatever: I wonder if they remembered to plug it in?
 ThoughtlessGentleman: how does this happen? ive been drinking and therefore am curious and stupid.
 Hokie333: Low-budget version of #175469.
Image 206299   09-28-17 10:46pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Science: Wlp, there's the next cartoon to get pulled from streaming services.
 Spazstatic: Fairly high parents
Image 206113   09-28-17 12:03pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Mr. Shine: My first apartment had these in the living room. I went and got static-cling decal sheets, downloaded life-size photos of stained-glass windows. Printed them on an inkjet printer, cut them to match the blocks, and now had stained glass windows in the living room.
 Felicity: Rad for glass bricks
 Rembo Rompus: congrats on your bad post...
 Robespierre: That living room says "drop dead" to me.
 mrdiron: Wow I always wanted my bedroom to look like a dentist's operating room
Image 206033   09-27-17 4:58pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Robespierre: The Shadow Knows...
 a robot: *X-Files theme*
 SomeCanadian: @DarkTeddy We are Legion.
 DarkTeddy: I am now two
 Felicity: OMG, its my first two cats!
 Sparkplug: That is a strikingly bright shadow. But why are the eyes...Oh shit. That's another cat.
Image 205429   09-24-17 4:03pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Felicity: @Science I radded it anyway on spec, but if it is not cosplay it is less rad than if it is cosplay :-)
 Science: @Felicity: And if it's not?
 Felicity: Rad if cosplay
Image 204289   09-18-17 8:59pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Crispy Liquid Taquito: Perfect @SlapDaddy72!
 Yurishiro: @Rat-Butt I got it!
 Rat-Butt: @Yurishiro well, that's what the fox said
 SlapDaddy72: hangs on the wall of the cat lady
 Not A Bot: Ruined a perfect picture of paw bump :(
 Rat-Butt: @Yurishiro well, that's what the fox said
 Yurishiro: Look at all the fox i give.
Image 203383   09-14-17 08:07am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Not A Bot: I did a half marathon actually, because I gave up halfway through season 2
 Yurishiro: Modern art = I could do that + Yeah but you didn't
Image 203310   09-13-17 9:33pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Yurishiro: Gentlemen! We shall paint this with a slightly brighter shade of gray! For good spirits!
 Dr Awkward: @grizzly @WaffleIron I was just going to say "NewJersey.jpg"
 grizzly: @WaffleIron it's the worst.
 Robespierre: "32 Seconds Since Last Industrial Fatality - Keep Up The Good Work!"
 WaffleIron: This reminds me of working in Elizabeth, New Jersey,
Image 202807   09-11-17 11:45am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Wooden Spoon: @Air Biscuit: I'm still happy they make you turn them off. I've spent enough time overhearing people describe in public, in great detail, the butthole surgery they had last week when I'm on the ground. I don't need to hear it while flying too.
 Air Biscuit: Pretty sure everything on an aircraft operates well below cell phone/wifi operating frequencies.
 SharkysMachine: @Bu7Z I remember this too... They used the filings inside to make thermite
 Mad Collager: @fanny Only after drawing a dirty picture of the flight attendant.
 fanny: so, did he turn it off?
 Bu7Z: @Koopa wait.. What was the to show... Or movie... Where they opened up a whole bunch of etchasketch... To make a bomb... Or was it breaking bad, making meth... Or that bomb he made... Dammit... Memory... Something...
 Koopa: I don't blame him, the material in that thing could probably spark up an explosion if lit in the right way.
 Zampano: I can see how in the 1970's this may be confused with a device, but in 2017 when everyone has ipods and other "super-computers" in the palm of their hands?
 Bu7Z: Plot twist, the kid is an android and his electromagnetic emissions fuck up the planes auto pilot and everyone dies.
Image 199262   08-24-17 12:07pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Rat-Butt: @a robot it's not quite bare back, I see fur...
 Felicity: Amazones
 a robot: Riding naked on a horse has got to chafe something terrible, regardless of genitalia
 piranharama: @piranharama Ah hell that was meant for the previous image...
 piranharama: Shukraan Obama.
 tib gubb: this is what karate experts actually believe
Image 197966   08-17-17 8:05pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 SomeCanadian: My dog would have wandered off between panel 1 and 2
Image 197103   08-13-17 1:38pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Warrax: Yep, tagging. That's the first thing I think of when I think of vegans.
Image 196597   08-10-17 9:08pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 XLY: ditch the shades and get some fart clouds and I'm in whole hog
 Mr. Shine: Her headquarters are at the Cool Ranch.
Image 196567   08-10-17 6:37pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Teechur: @scribbs @Niels Bohr We always had big dogs (Black Lab, German Shepherd/Dobie mix, Irish Setter, etc) until my wife came home with Bella the Wonderdog (Yorkie-Poo). Changed our lives.
 Ihminen: Yea always wanted a dog that I would need to get a 16 wheeler to haul it around in
 scribbs: @Niels Bohr :-)
 Niels Bohr: @scribbs they're almost always mellower and nicer. I have a big pretty pittie who is infinitely more patient than my ma's westie terrierist mix.
 Cami: When a dog this big tries to hump you, it will get its way.
 scribbs: I like big dogs better than small ones. They seem more real, for lack of a better word.
 Shay: Roll that beautiful bean footage.
 Peach: [as he crushes entire cities in his excitement] "GIVE ME SNUGGLES!"
Image 195379   08-04-17 6:07pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Felicity: Hes responsible for the good part of Supa Emcees
 PushyWebsite: The Psycoanalisis album has a fantastic UCLA joke on it.
 Dan Tagonistic: Needs a haircut
 bug: I refuse to listen to his music, simply out of PrincePaul.
 Dr Awkward: Ah, this must be that "Fresh Prince" I've heard so much about. He must be "Getting Jigging With IT"
Image 195358   08-04-17 4:21pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Teechur: I was looking for the D. Found it! Bottom left.
 The Frito Bandito: Spot the penguin.
Image 193887   07-28-17 04:43am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Felicity: When gods get lonely
 dangerkeith3000: bye!
 Robespierre: Now, that's what I call a Howdy Hand.
 SunWukong: Take your high-handed attitude out of here.
 karmakat: hand of god?
 ThoughtlessGentleman: kung fu hustle hand of Buddha.
 Meow: really high-five
 SomeCanadian: *SFX: Reading Rainbow Song* Uruk-hai in the sky...
Image 193321   07-25-17 11:07am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Psymon: Gateway to Narnia?
 SpaceCow: Spaceballs 2: Dimensional Shenanigans.
 Aemuli: Same?
 Catcat: Now leaving Detroit
Image 190933   07-13-17 09:27am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
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