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 majorchamp's Aggro-Gator

 a robot: Dem paws!
 Peter Pantsless: I like pet pictures but I can't think of anything funny to say about them
Image 252297   06-12-18 10:58am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 redmonkey3: I volunteer to date and violate T B-C / for justice.
 tib gubb: is it too late to switch sides?
 DrNinjaman: You should be blaming your parents, Tyler Baines-Cadbury. Try changing your name to Hercules Rockefeller.
 Fiveninety: try not being a total d-bag all the time and maybe your opinion on this subject will change
 Teechur: We'd better sue all the birds then. The whole "brightest plumage" and "awesomest song" smacks of speciesism and should be stopped. Sounds like someone didn't get asked to Prom.
 Mr. Shine: The first time I saw this turd of an idea being floated about, it was credited to a woman. I disbelieve such people exist. If you know one, give them a hearty slap.
 Scoo: I think the Moonies might be right up your alley...
 lecj07: I really wish I could believe this was trolling. I really, really wish it was.
 Prostata: die a virgin, asshole.
 Yam: Ohhhh inceldom
Image 251380   06-06-18 7:58pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 DrNinjaman: That's why Einstein wasn't an engineer.
 Air Biscuit: But then what am i gonna do with all my solutions?
 Mr. Butt: And those negative people? Albert Einstein!
 tib gubb: so true.
Image 250751   06-02-18 11:38pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 funny in the wall: Prius smug is nothing compared to Tesla smug @Fiveninety
 Fiveninety: is it possible to just own and drive a Tesla? like, without being smug about it and without getting a stupid vanity plate? or are those two things part of the terms and conditions of the sale of a Tesla? sometimes i wonder..
 WTF: Electricity kills as many people as it saves.
 Air Biscuit: (referring to medical grade nitrous oxide)
 jochenau: @VeeKay @Knice Also, electricity doesn't need to be bought from other countries and mailed across the entire ocean in a spill-prone boat, then carried in giant trucks to electricity stations. Also also, pollution controls can be focused on a very small number of plants/factories instead of individual vehicles that outnumber actual humans living in the country.
 VeeKay: @Knice Depends where you are. Here we can run a whole country of 56 million people entirely on renewables (as many other advanced countries can).
 Ihminen: @Knice yeah the source where it comes from is magic i hear
 Knice: Fun fact: Electricity is free, and its production has no effect on the environment.
Image 249544   05-26-18 5:03pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Mr Bleak: @a robot Really? "Fuck fucking fucked fucker fucking fuckups fuck fucking fucked fucking fuckup fucking fucker's fucking fuckup." --- Lewis Black. So we can ...
 a robot: You can say "fuck" here, it's ok.
 Telkwa: Wouldn't hurt pop a breath mint while you're at it.
 Peach: Because sometimes it directly affects my ability to earn money.
 hoobleton: I give a f why I hate myself
 Scoo: Wise words from a man who seems to give none
 Jaunty Shrimp: I give a frog about lots of stuff.
 bug: funk? frog? What were you trying to say Keanu!?
Image 248903   05-22-18 8:58pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 itskando: Melissa Joan Hart?
 VeeKay: I had Malaysian noodles
 raditzu: same here, but more like supper
 glenalec: That's my breakfast too!
Image 248766   05-22-18 12:46pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Yam: I mean, it's kinda funny, but it's not making me feel good.
Image 248406   05-19-18 10:03pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 addend: At least someone gets a little use out of it.
 glenalec: Attack-dog training starts with early weak-point familiarization.
 Knice: Eat a dickf.
Image 248092   05-18-18 12:46pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 charlemagne: prisoner 4755, you have some post waiting for you
 Telkwa: p.s. - Can I use the car this Friday night?
 Knice: Very sweet :-)
 Teechur: Pay day came early!
Image 248067   05-17-18 9:54pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Kaviri: The punchline is ruined because it's in the second panel.
 Shay: The punchline is ruined considering he's dressed up as the devil.
Image 247987   05-17-18 12:07pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 VeeKay: Future burger source
 Not A Bot: Just at the right moment
 Mr. Shine: I wanna hug that cow!
Image 247086   05-12-18 02:26am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Christina: Snob dog.
Image 246740   05-10-18 01:26am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
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Image 246352   05-07-18 7:26pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 fink: Taste the sadness!
 dangerkeith3000: MOIST
 VeeKay: Cheese moist 35% is my latest record label.
 bug: I too am approximately 35% moist, 28% bad-ass mothafucka. (May contain 37% Cathy)
 funny in the wall: moist MF is my dancing name
 Zarathustra: Exhibir detalles.
Image 245790   05-04-18 11:37am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Kaviri: Same.
Image 244766   04-28-18 03:37am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Science: @Entertainmentalist: Yep. This is the split second just before "I leap at your face and snap at your nose, just missing it by about a millimeter" look
 Entertainmentalist: Pupper is plotting something.
 Not A Bot: I truly value what the Spaceship brings to my life, like getting to read the phrase "tromping through piss"
Image 244178   04-24-18 3:58pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 titular role: @a robot we don't even have a word for 'pizzle' in my language! Chewing stuff for dogs like that is made mainly from skin and ears or something like that.
 a robot: @Yurishiro If you've ever bought "bully sticks" for dogs, the ingredients say something like "steer pizzle" and one time I wanted to know what the hell that meant so I looked it up
 rachel: @a robot How did you find out?! Asking for a friend.
 champeen: @a robot haha!
 Ulillillia: @Yurishiro fo shizzle
 Robespierre: Klee-ish
 Prumbo: Pizzle
Image 242936   04-17-18 01:03am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 IM AN ASSHOLE: Of Chihuly & Jones fame!
 Robespierre: He write good
 WTF: I'm more of an oob man.
 dangerkeith3000: i, too, love ass
Image 242616   04-15-18 02:05am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 UnknownSample: We're living in an illusion.
 Whatever: Front runner in Trumps border wall plan
 lecj07: Seems Microsoft branched out into home security.
 Warrax: The hedges are full of poisonous snakes and spiders.
 Zukero: Should be enough to keep the mormons out.
 Robespierre: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?
 androbot: Uploader/design combo.
Image 239357   03-26-18 09:40am     Uploaded by    majorchamp
 sparename: This represents my underminedfulness
 Christina: @Robespierre No, erosion is degradation of the environment.
 Robespierre: Erosion is cool
 pewdiepie: The riverbed is lava
 itskando: Orgy!
 Rhombo Dimple: Tree split!
Image 239233   03-25-18 3:40pm     Uploaded by    majorchamp
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