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 macrocosm's Aggro-Gator

 White Rice: Hey, only 1 of those should have fire! Where's the water, earth & wind on the other 3?
 BavidDowie: Multi-pass
 a sedated moose: @tib gubb she is... Perfect.
 tib gubb: oh cool, i hope mila jovavich shows up ;)
Image 272124   10-14-18 12:40pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 duckybox: Sorcery
 Sthenolaidas: How about you avocadon't
 Air Biscuit: Avocado-no!!
 ThoughtlessGentleman: unbelievable ron!! halfabitch!!!
Image 269946   09-30-18 4:03pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 tib gubb: wild derpwolf
 White Rice: Damnit moonmoon!
Image 269795   09-29-18 5:03pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Aspirin: Sure, lets stuff it into the Gulf of Mexico, that thing is mostly junk now anyhow, itll be real nice.
 AlexDeLarge: Australia is already the merger of the UK and Alabama
 frankie: @Mad Collager Ow. OW. OW!!!
 Mad Collager: @MrBoffo They jumped at the chance!
 Air Biscuit: Finally, we can sell utes here.
 Hippitus Hoppitus: Signed by three so far, and two are joeys
Image 269146   09-25-18 4:58pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 obboma: Wtf is this
 Scoo: Love is like a fart, if you have to force it, it'll probably turn out shit
 when so: Laximander the Pungent
Image 265534   09-03-18 10:39am     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 raditzu: iBabe!
 Solemn: 2B or not 2B, that is the question.
 apoxia: Seems a little provocative
 Scoo: @WTF "Do Not First Android Girls"
 WTF: I read it as 'Safety Fist'.
 WannaBee: I think this sign is needed. #262756
 SuedeOxford: Watch me
 Nope: Cosplay is not consent
Image 264274   08-26-18 2:40pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 a sedated moose: @Nope yeah, a wise choice.
 Nope: @Nope in the script I mean, oh god...
 Nope: @a sedated moose I was going to quote the transcript to window licker but mannnnnnnnnnnn there are a lot of n-words
 a robot: window cleaner cat is slow but thorough
 a sedated moose: Windowlicker.
Image 263994   08-24-18 7:21pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Dr Awkward: @GTA VII Solid username / comment synergy.
 GTA VII: I worked nights at Oreilly part time for about a month just so I could get cool with everyone. so now when I need something I walk right in, jump on a computer and find what I need, pick my own parts and then get cashed out. Its just so much easier when you work on old/random shit all the time.
Image 263901   08-24-18 08:12am     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 FabricMan: Now that you've stripped off the bark, that tree's as good as dead. Yay art.
 Scoo: I-tree-A
 Whatever: Nice highchair
 Zarathustra: "Sit on me" the old haunted tree whispers with the wind every night.
 sparename: "Be careful with that chair, do you think they grow on trees?"
Image 262991   08-18-18 3:40pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Mr Bleak: Mjunir
 Double-Munched Tacotito: Mehjolnir
 Sthenolaidas: @Magdra because the movie hammer (and real world merch) is obviously plastic and everyone alive has accidentally hit their finger with a metal hammer at least once
 Magdra: for some reason, i find that more intimidating
Image 262877   08-17-18 8:54pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 BavidDowie: Where else would it be
Image 262606   08-16-18 08:03am     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Nope: Costco?
 Mr. Shine: This is gonna be a family reunion to remember!
 Whatever: No firearms or fireworks? Pass.
 Scoo: Shut up and take my money!
Image 260683   08-04-18 10:06am     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Unicorn: Stop Think Look- Are you eating yourself?
 addend: Mmm... cinnamon roll.
 PenguinBartender: "No snek here. Just rock."
 Mr. Whiskers: Wrapped so neatly!
Image 259207   07-26-18 06:43am     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 waffles: No mushrooms?
 Jaunty Shrimp: Its not delivery its Dinuclear
 Robespierre: Pizzanado looks promising
 VoR: Beware of fallout.
Image 258151   07-19-18 4:40pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Phum Munts: Luka usually destroys toys within a day, but she got this shark 3 years ago and refuses to be rough with it. If someone picks it up shell go grab it from them and either take it to her bed or lay like this.
Image 257056   07-12-18 7:09pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Chest Rockwell: Dekotora!
 Mr. Shine: Is this one of the ones that transforms into a robot at Monster Truck shows?
Image 255025   06-30-18 08:26am     Uploaded by    macrocosm
No one else has dared to comment. Will you?
Image 254974   06-29-18 9:21pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 kazzy94: @Ironass have you read the entire quote?
 Laree: So is it Communist church or Dank Meme church?
 WTF: @ChubbyBuddy But Joel Osteen told me Jesus wants me to be rich. He couldn't possibly be lying! I'm a busy man and don't have time to check the Bible myself.
 Ironass: Kind of an oxymoron. "Religion is the opiate of the masses."
 Side Boob: @ChubbyBuddy Sadly, the church would have to listen first.
 ChubbyBuddy: if christians actually bothered to listen to what jesus had to say, every church would be communist
Image 254613   06-27-18 5:21pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Shay: Took a stroll through the marshmallow fields.
 charlemagne: the planets are in alignment, the change has begun
 mission2mars: Cocker snowpants!
 a robot: Thank you doggo, for definitively answering that pants question
 dangerkeith3000: Looks cancerous.
 Side Boob: Someone's been in the snow for a while!
Image 253587   06-21-18 08:36am     Uploaded by    macrocosm
Have a good caption for this one?
Image 252969   06-16-18 9:58pm     Uploaded by    macrocosm
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