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 luxbu's Aggro-Gator

 savvoy: "Here is your grade ballot. All four team member's names are on it. Secretly assign points to each member, including yourself, and drop the cards in the ballot box." And the I give them whatever grade I want, and they blame each other.
Image 272223   10-14-18 5:35pm   Views: 134018   Uploaded by    luxbu
 Not A Bot: A Brangelina joke in the year of our lord 2015. Lord.
 Shay: @Peter Pantsless Looks like that Comet cult leader back from '99.
 Peter Pantsless: Pictured: someone's dad
Image 271419   10-09-18 5:58pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Prostata: tl;dr whatever
 Osiris: @Nope for real
 a robot: I, too, write letters to my spouse that describe the furniture we have in a room in the house we live in together. Letters that are totally for my wife to read and not for purposes of interweb karma.
 ignatz: Those? They're just beer that's gone flat..
 Nope: please be assured that the "poop sock" is completely normal and will be cleaned with in two (2) weeks
 Sage: Alliance scum.
Image 271086   10-07-18 4:58pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Not A Bot: This is the training ground for baby super heroes and villains. Catwoman was always one of the best on this piece of equipment
 Annoying Vegan : Chip bag detected
Image 269106   09-25-18 12:26pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Theimposter: Potato Bone is my dancing name.
 humanfog: Mm! All meat!
 MasterTwig: bone-in potatoes are better. Much richer flavor.
 White Rice: God, finally!
 WTF: Thanks Monsanto!
Image 267928   09-18-18 02:41am     Uploaded by    luxbu
 KingTrebek: I drive a 2002 and relate heavily
 l0dan: Speaking of Alf, MALF means "Moms Alf'ld like to fuck."
 twitter: How could a '99 list Alf as its favorite show?
 DrNinjaman: 1999 Chevy Prizm: Same, but without the flashy brand name.
 Side Boob: The actual ad if you want to see it…
 Side Boob: "In the owners manual, oil is listed as "optional"
 Knice: Not worth the eyestrain.
 catsanddogs: The Nokia of cars.
Image 267286   09-14-18 04:42am     Uploaded by    luxbu
 gggina: @some guy hahahahah
 redmonkey3: Latest Daft Punk shows look brutal
 some guy : @Shay They always get the blame and back press lol. They actually had very little to do with the riots and overall badness of that festival.
 DrNinjaman: Franks?
 Teechur: Groundnet became self-aware on.....
 Shay: Wish this actually happened during Limp Bizkit's set at Woodstock 1999.
 Throwbot: "20 minutes into the future..."
 some guy : This looks like a rad concert until you realize it's a rad cotton harvester.
 SpamSpamSpamSpam: Cotton being whack offped?
 daver: They look like giant trucks about to feed on the people
Image 267190   09-13-18 3:07pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Stumpwiz: No perforations. How do you know how much to use?
 dobbiesdoogs: still better than the stuff at work
Image 267112   09-13-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 jazzjunkie: Chicken nuggets are pretty much a reconstituted slurry of scrap meat and offal. Boneless wings are often solid chunks of meat.
 Not A Bot: Royal flush.
 FrustratedFuk: False, chicken nuggets are made 100% of ground baby chicks. That's why they are so delicious
 SuedeOxford: The premise is correct, it's the shame associated with it that I don't get.
Image 266910   09-11-18 7:58pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 WTF: He was going for the Harpo Marx hair.
 FabricMan: The average bank robbery nets about $4k, and most are caught same-day
 Shay: My name is Mark, but most of my friends call me Marc.
Image 265572   09-03-18 3:03pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Hyphae: It's ok, kid, I kinda thought dinos were played out, too.
Image 264264   08-26-18 1:49pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Mr. Whiskers: Holy crap look how much that girl shrunk!
 E. HONDA: Is the dog getting bigger or is she getting smaller?
 Shay: Beethoven the...Fifth? Hard to keep up with these direct-to-video movies.
Image 264067   08-25-18 08:47am     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Robespierre: The lure of the box was too strong for this one
Image 263796   08-23-18 3:21pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Air Biscuit: Why does PEDESTRIAN X have the wrong sign and is no longer wearing the crossing guard vest? I dont like the new costume as much.
 aristocat: Coneman
 wolfpk: I'm favoring tuba man. With that much metal, he must a have really high defence. I am a bit worried about his accuracy, because I'm not sure he can see.
 Shay: Tuba Man is my main.
 illBilliam: Coors Man for drunken master style kung fu
 FabricMan: Stopsign Man looks like a good all-around fighter. Coors Man is quick, but takes damage easily. Tuba Man is the tank. And Cardboard Man has projectile attacks.
 El hefe: I used the special code for Natty Ice Warrior
Image 263671   08-22-18 7:26pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Bohab: @Dang Cremumple same, or if I'm shopping at a store wearing something they sell or have something in my pocket I bought elsewhere that'll do it too
 jochenau: I get nervous if I leave a store without buying anything, it's really stupid.
 WTF: They false alarm so often even employees don't seem to care anymore.
Image 262370   08-14-18 6:41pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Mr Mumble: CGA PacMan
Image 262061   08-12-18 8:03pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Side Boob: Comcast is the devil.
 smusher: Happy new year mufugger!
Image 261776   08-11-18 12:40pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 kayjay: Seen that, radded it, but not this time.
 abrahamx: Been there, done that.
Image 261718   08-10-18 5:47pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Mr Bleak: @a robot Didn;t even know there was a movie coming out - thanks for that. The trailer looks good.
 Winterneuro: Yeah...Fraisers style, maybe!
 a robot: "Johnny Depp sucks ass and I wish almost anyone else were playing Grindelwald in the movies" is something I could never have imagined thinking 15 years ago when the book came out, but here we are
 grizzly: Love me some Shacklebolt.
 Not A Bot: that cat has some class
Image 261399   08-08-18 6:21pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
 Passive: Jurassic World: Fallen Canadian
 Bill Rye: Hey I know where that is! On hwy 6 near Hamilton, Ontario!
 wolfpk: Jurassic Park Canada
 addend: They found this piece of amber, you see, encasing a mosquito that had fed on a Quebecois...
 bug: ...and that's how Canada lost the war.
 raditzu: It has begun! Dinosaurocalypse!
 Dr Awkward: Armageddon, Eh?
 let it go: It's been a rough week in Canada
Image 261115   08-06-18 10:46pm     Uploaded by    luxbu
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