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 Lemon Rage's Aggro-Gator

 sparenamelaptopdied: "Never Moore"
 Matricii: Oh crap the 80s were right.. here come the Space Invaders
Image 234104   02-23-18 4:31pm   Views: 30129   Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 SpaceCow: Ever moment is pain, Jerry.
 redmonkey3: Mr. MeSeeks !
 Yurishiro: Look at me!
Image 234000   02-23-18 12:07pm   Views: 41115   Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Dr Awkward: Pizza hat
 well duh: Your children have been placed in the custody of Coral's Jr.
 redmonkey3: Weedy's! fir whan minchues strake
 2Berries: I likw the it too
 Mr. Shine: Old Fashioned Hurgusburgus gets me every time
 Mr. Butt: Im laughing way too hard at this.
 dobbiesdoogs: conveniently located by the apple cabin foods store
 Peter Pantsless: Horduurs: No with lies for food eat
 dangerkeith3000: tinkle outside the binkle - taco baco
 Sadbot: ARRRburrs: We have meet
Image 233960   02-22-18 7:58pm   Views: 54025   Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Himesama: Both cute!
 UltraBeverly: If the obese baby's boots are made from the dog's mother, what did the human mother get made into?
 Christina: Double Rad for pupper and baby.
Image 231567   02-09-18 12:07pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Zarathustra: Tl: rd
 Robespierre: "Somebody chop off his big toe!" #231358
 ThoughtlessGentleman: right. group chat. and all those times i gave a shit. about other opinions.
 tib gubb: ha, totally
Image 231365   02-08-18 08:32am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Robespierre: Innuendo. Haw haw.
 glenalec: @dangerkeith3000 - I'd say any rooster that can fit those hats is pretty large, yes!
 dangerkeith3000: It's a hat for your rooster.
 charlemagne: compensating
 Mr. Butt: Big Cock Hat's Halfway On.
 Peter Pantsless: Where Big Dick goes when he's not in town
 Ulillillia: That means two things.
Image 230209   02-01-18 7:32pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Teechur: @Kaviri Your cat probably wonders about that, too. Much like my dog probably does....
 Kaviri: classic of a classic aside, why do I feel compelled to do this every time my cat walks by?
Image 228828   01-25-18 12:07pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 square44: if yours makes the same noise though, you should head to the ER right away
Image 227842   01-19-18 8:00pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Mr Bleak: I turned it into a jigsaw for you!
 Kaviri: Ah, mission accomplished.
 Side Boob: "I didn't do it"
 sparenamelaptopdied: "AKITA, AKITA, UNDERLAY, UNDERLAY, YEEHAW!" .. besides the fact it's probably not an akita and Speedy Gonzales was probably a bad stereotype, growing up in England with no other spanish language stuff on TV (apart from the odd bit in Sesame Street) this is kind of like what we thought he said. Though I don't think akitas had been invented when I was little
 tib gubb: "i smelled something. thought it might be dangerous. you're welcome."
 karmakat: you said you wanted to change the carpet...I thought I would start helping...right?
Image 226540   01-13-18 01:10am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 wolfpk: Maybe they are saying they won't put out unless there is reform?
 Robespierre: Sounds like a Thai sentiment.
 Dr Awkward: @dangerkeith3000 A hand job?
 dangerkeith3000: YOU HAD ONE JOB
Image 226419   01-12-18 2:07pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Kaviri: If you see something, say nothing. And drink to forget.
 Not A Bot: So it's no longer befriend fruit then?
 HairyNips: Outside count Olaf's house?
 MabelSyrup: That bark design is a common trait of beech trees. Maybe this is a European beech Fagus sylvatica.
 mickeyd: *Fuck you Bran!*
Image 225330   01-06-18 7:10pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Felicity: Mythbusters, in dog form?
 2Berries: Yes!
 a robot: "We have no idea what we're doing!"
 Teechur: According to Ohm's Law, you have to pay us in bones.
Image 224755   01-03-18 6:21pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Air Biscuit: Were gonna need a bigger living room.
 Felicity: Shark Sandwich
Image 224629   01-03-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 sirgallium: @Felicity Yeah when we got out the pickup truck's hood was folded double and all dented in from the front. The bus hardly had a scratch let alone any kind of dent.
 sirgallium: @Felicity Yeah when we got out the pickup truck's hood was folded double and all dented in from the front. The bus hardly had a scratch let alone any kind of dent.
 Felicity: @sirgallium I was on a city bus once when a car rear-ended it. Didnt feel a thing!
 sirgallium: I was in a bus crash once as a student. I saw the truck coming and braced my hands against the seat in front of me and was fine. A lot of people didn't see it coming and smashed their bodies / faces into the seats in front of them but they were pretty much ok, it was padded.
 Air Biscuit: @hapi papi Ever wonder why there is no pudding on the bus? Its because someone hasent eatn their meat.
 Robespierre: Facts. Can be painful for some. Ask our president about that sometime.
 hapi papi: Just another brick in the wall...
 minimum max: Thanks, Arthur.
Image 224150   12-31-17 2:47pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 PushyWebsite: ...a reverse order call-back to the movie "downsizing."
 Cami: Both are important.
 Kaviri: Fuck, love!
 Skaalar: Seriously.
 addend: Bob Marley's first draft.
Image 223333   12-27-17 05:26am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Amy Housewine: @Mr. Shine That was the joke, wight.
 Mr. Shine: @Amy Housewine You mean Jonathan Woss, right?
 toolbag: This is right by "The Big G Mart"
 toolbag: @Mexico @adeadcrab hello fellow cincinnatians
 Mexico: @adeadcrab Yeah, it is. I've never heard of this place despite living in Cincinnati my whole life.
 Demon Universe: @booger Lord of the Fries is pretty good tho.
 Amy Housewine: Jonathon Ross' Lord Of The Wings.
 addend: One does not simply walk into Mario's.
 booger: Better than Lord of the Flies. Would never eat there.
 adeadcrab: Hey, I think this is near my house too. Montana exit off 74 in cincinnati?
 Cami: The one small wing plate of a something something was all his need and due, not a platter swollen to a realm; his own hands to use, not the something something to something.
 BabyVaccine: Would eat there just for the name.
 Soaps Pierre: Obligatory One Wing to Rule them All.
Image 222374   12-22-17 01:39am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 addend: (Runs from Dunkin'.)
 Mad Collager: @Peter Pantsless I actually think I might start a band called the Genocidal Doughnuts.
 BlarfyB: @Peter Pantsless You know it! But those poor doughnuts.
 Peter Pantsless: @BlarfyB Sexy at any size, dog.
 BlarfyB: @Peter Pantsless Now I'm picturing a fat Peter P in his later career, not a thinner, younger Peter P. in the early days of touring.
 Peter Pantsless: Doughnut Genocide is the name of my third metal album
Image 220781   12-13-17 5:21pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 addend: @trumpet Yes. :)
 Hokie333: @pirate True, but dietary calories are actually kilocalories (AKA capital-c Calories), so really only 31,000. Vegetable oil, which can be used in a diesel engine with some modifications, gets 31,744 kcal/gal.
 Felicity: The Diet Coke label is gold, which makes me suspicious that its decaf.
 aeroaero: I have done the opposite at work using a "This flavor is out of service." Sticker on gas pumps.
 trumpet: Am I the only one freaking out because there are two Coca-Cola dispensers right next to eachother?
 beyardo: This is taken from the near future, where gasoline has become so expensive an scarce that motor companies have converted engines to run on soda. Simultaneously solving both the fossil fuel *and* obesity crises.
 Robespierre: Many questions have been answered...
 Derp Herpigan: Is petrol okay? All I have is diet.
 pirate: Good choice. A gallon of gasoline has around 31,000,000 calories.
Image 220715   12-13-17 10:07am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Hosebag: Las cucarachas entran pero no salen.
 Dr Awkward: TL:DR, Mr. Christopher is a pathetic American man who doesn't speak Spanish and you should probably keep your children away from.
Image 220509   12-12-17 07:26am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Mr Bleak: @Lemon Rage Everybody.
 dope: Poor bastard forgot to clear coat to protect the paint....wait what? I don't know anything about painting nerf guns! That's stupid!
 Chest Rockwell: The hat wasn't enough?
 Whatever: Transformers would work too
 Lemon Rage: ... Protect it from what?
 WaffleIron: The best way to get shot by police on your trip to comicon.
Image 215934   11-17-17 10:40pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
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