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 Lemon Rage

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 Lemon Rage's Aggro-Gator

 Flarmie: So this is how the world ends. Not with a "MOOOOO" but with a "moo"
 Ulillillia: how is calf formed
 BavidDowie: Mootosis
Image 204494   09-19-17 9:33pm   Views: 84438   Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Bubo: Numbers bully me!!!!
 grace: yup @savvoy
 BavidDowie: mathorn
 savvoy: Angsty birds
Image 203284   09-13-17 7:09pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 AverageJoe: 15 of 43 stunt jumps completed
Image 202388   09-09-17 06:07am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Felicity: Clickety click
Image 200264   08-29-17 2:22pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Micro Jackson: He hed too big for he face
 Flarmie: Jock O' Lontorn
 ThatGuy: @Bu7Z check out 'the Hellbenders' series on youtube.
 Bu7Z: @Ihminen Zach and Miri?
 Ihminen: zach and chris make a jack o'lantern
Image 199055   08-23-17 11:07am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Robespierre: That's one cute bolla koala.
 Christina: So cute... and so probably infected with Chlamydia.
 Not A Bot: and then you can deep throat satan?
Image 198848   08-22-17 09:59am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Mr Bleak: It's so the assassin knows to hit just the one in the middle.
 tib gubb: fuck off greg
 Shay: Alllllllllllright.
 El Barto: That's sweet.
 Spazstatic: I'm young Greg!
 WTF: But tell me, who is the REAL Greg?
 ignatz: Greg's mom and dad's son
Image 198826   08-22-17 05:37am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Robespierre: Ant-Knee, thinking about tomorrow, because "Wednesday Is Prince Spaghetti Day."
 duckfarts: looks like it's halfway done charging
 Bluetocracy: Whatcha doin' up there, Bill? Satellite troubles?
 SpaceCow: "I hate Tuesdays and could go for some manicotti."
 Dr Awkward: When a cat finally catches the laser pointer, it absorbs its power
Image 197457   08-15-17 08:27am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Not A Bot: Mavis Beacon teaches hashtags.
 FabricMan: No, this was not a sign distributed by U.S. government during the red scare. It's an out-of-context passage from a letter from Queen Victoria to a distant cousin, advising her who not to marry.
Image 197159   08-13-17 7:03pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 jochenau: An oak tree of 18 years.
 Theta Zero: This perspective makes my brain hurt.
Image 197028   08-13-17 01:04am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Wooden Spoon: That clam has one hell of a beard
Image 195020   08-02-17 9:42pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 tib gubb: round one... fight!
 bug: Take 10 paces, turn, and fire.
 Scoo: Ready, steady, go!
 Knice: SFX: [Dueling Banjos]
Image 194749   08-01-17 3:37pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Kraken: Einstein in lion form
 dobbiesdoogs: now that's a bad hair day
 Rev80: What you get when you cross a frilled-lizard with a liger??
 piranharama: Majestic af
 El Barto: Show off.
 Ulillillia: That liger was spooked.
Image 194381   07-30-17 6:04pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Ihminen: Now I notice that this is a bass... i should go to sleep! (Glenn still has a guitar like this so im not totally off lol)
 Ihminen: Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton has one of these... He said that it was supposed to be made into a lamp of some sorts but liked it's sound so much that decided to not do it and use it in the studio when recording the latest Priest album
 Jeffrat: Isn't this missing like, all the circuits?
 Skinr: RAD as hell. As a bass player, this thing makes me really fucking happy.
Image 193590   07-26-17 5:59pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Prostata: can we not go there, plz
 Beeble: Manneqhorn.
 Felicity: Kyle MacLachlan as Sarah Palin
 dangerkeith3000: Hang in there!
 fanny: oh god, like Palin is our biggest problem now
 Sage: Hanging in effigy is not an appropriate response to anything. Understandable, but not appropriate.
 RiderFan: Peggy Hill?
Image 192463   07-20-17 11:26pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Jeffrat: I am unable to not read this in the voice of John Hurt (Kane).
 Dresdenkeogh: I don't see a bowl of petunias...
 VoR: I need to use my words!
 VoR: Oh yes. Agan and agan. Tim after tim. Always on repat.
Image 189013   07-03-17 4:55pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 tib gubb: sometimes life gives you lemons, sometimes it gives you the ugly stick
 Sadbot: Brundoon Frasser, in Mummy. Am Encino Man. Very Airheads. Yus.
 Nopetology: Marco keeps one eye on his food at all times
Image 188906   07-03-17 01:47am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 duchaschmeremol: at least he's more credible than santa claws, cheesus or the tooth ferry
 Dr Awkward: @Dr. Bathroom @Peter Pantsless True, but that doesn't negate our assertions. Fuck you Ether Bunny!
 RalphyNoPants: The Senate healthcare bill has a few interesting ideas on cutting costs, including paying some employees in carrots.
 sparename: Ether Bunny *does* make a noise, if you give him a light he goes 'Woooof"
 Peter Pantsless: @Dr Awkward @Dr. Bathroom You guys are just mad that that patients think he's cuter
 Dr. Bathroom: Ether is no longer used as a practical anaesthetic. Fuck you, Ether Bunny!
 Dr Awkward: So is this an educational pamphlet from "Health Care Logistics"
 Rat-Butt: Screw this guy...he puts me to sleep every time he comes around!
Image 187363   06-25-17 09:28am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 illBilliam: I feel like I'm being prompted to give a "yo dawg..." response, but I'm not going to do it. Nope, not this time.
 Rat-Butt: You've been framed!
 Rat-Butt: You've been framed!
 Yam: Rustic neoplasticism.
Image 187304   06-24-17 11:11pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
Cmon. Leave a comment. Don't be afraid.
Image 185136   06-14-17 12:54pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
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