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 Lemon Rage's Aggro-Gator

 dope: Poor bastard forgot to clear coat to protect the paint....wait what? I don't know anything about painting nerf guns! That's stupid!
 Chest Rockwell: The hat wasn't enough?
 Whatever: Transformers would work too
 Lemon Rage: ... Protect it from what?
 WaffleIron: The best way to get shot by police on your trip to comicon.
Image 215934   11-17-17 10:40pm   Views: 140476   Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Not A Bot: "...I think I finally feel happy. Wanna see my boat?"
 dobbiesdoogs: i have no mouth and i must eat
Image 215894   11-17-17 6:47pm   Views: 138919   Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Science: This appears to be from around 1966. $24.95 in today's dollars would equate to $185.78 today.
 Felicity: Seems too good to be true
 Mr. Shine: Do ya think this offer is still good?! I saved all my boxtops!
Image 215517   11-15-17 7:07pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 dangerkeith3000: @Knice Hahahahahaha
 Shay: It's the Shingle Dingles.
 Knice: Jusht like your mother, Trebek.
Image 215272   11-14-17 2:03pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 nerdhulk: The best part is thinking of the intern that had to make all those clown icons. "Jimmy we need clown emojis to get the point across, and not just one of the same picture. I want happy clowns and sad clowns and scary clowns. This is KBLQT Dallas/Fort Worth and not some grabass station in Amarillo for God's sake!"
 chelseachels: This is my nightmare.
 Felicity: Wait a minute, Plano is a mime
 Hokie333: vvv Clown Ground Zero? Clownd Zero?
 Hokie333: Their center of operations: #164375
 Derp Herpigan: It may look like zombie clowns destroyed it, but that's just Garland.
 Musician: Turns out it was not a threat, just a Plano clown.
 BlarfyB: Clowns forced to take police threats seriously.
 Shay: But who's forcing them???
 BlarfyB: Clowns welcome!
 professional: What's with all the clown shit
Image 214552   11-10-17 4:54pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Felicity: The pipe is a nice touch
 Ulillillia: Now throw your hands up in the sky
 Shay: Roll that beautiful bean footage.
Image 213809   11-06-17 6:47pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Big Baby: Oh yeah? I'd like to see anyone else try to build a spaceship with just two legos.
 deadwombat: I make Battlestar Galactica Vipers with three 2x4 blocks just like yours but with one as a T at the back to make the wings. Lego should hire me.
 rockkstar: Hey its your imagination that matters
 Air Biscuit: I would have guessed an invisible clowns visible left shoe.
 Skinr: Holy crap! You mean you can't make intricately detailed models and sculptures out of Duplo blocks?! THIS IS BLOWING MY MIND MAN!!
 glenalec: If you were only given those two bricks, you get 11/10 for imaginative skill!
 Uncle Larry: SPACESHIP!!!!!
Image 211596   10-25-17 11:40pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Teechur: @ignatz thewalls Nope. No I's
 ignatz: The walls have eyes
Image 211551   10-25-17 7:09pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Korrok: Korrok approves....
 Christina: Aww. A little borkfer.
 Dr Awkward: Is your cat a dog, or is your dog a cat
 clayjar: When do you bring him in to get the eyes installed?
 BoiledEggs: Get lots of pix in the next few weeks. He won't stay that way. Our good friends have one that is 10 months old- and 110 pounds.
 Popsicle Dream: Remember this moment for you will not be able to do this much longer unless you start lifting or something
 GiveMePlus: This dog will grow to the size of a well-fed manatee.
Image 211255   10-24-17 06:42am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Christina: Albino peacock.
 piranharama: It's the David Bowie of peacocks
 Yurishiro: Who needs colours??
 Psymon: Hey baby, check out my plumage
Image 209865   10-16-17 11:58pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Mr. Shine: Later, fishlords!
 Rat-Butt: That's no's a flying shark! Run! Run for your lives!!
 necronomicon: So long and thanks for nothing.
Image 209476   10-15-17 12:09pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 dangerkeith3000: I'm soluble in Hydrochloric acid and SO ARE YOU!
 DeeeeeeeezNutz: I'm glad that I'm not soluble. That would be quite bad.
 Lemonator: This is a common problem in my hometown
Image 208554   10-10-17 12:07pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Amy Housewine: The man with the pointiest head.
 dangerkeith3000: Good ol' Huell.
Image 207694   10-05-17 11:47pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Flarmie: So this is how the world ends. Not with a "MOOOOO" but with a "moo"
 Ulillillia: how is calf formed
 BavidDowie: Mootosis
Image 204494   09-19-17 9:33pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Bubo: Numbers bully me!!!!
 grace: yup @savvoy
 BavidDowie: mathorn
 savvoy: Angsty birds
Image 203284   09-13-17 7:09pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 AverageJoe: 15 of 43 stunt jumps completed
Image 202388   09-09-17 06:07am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Felicity: Clickety click
Image 200264   08-29-17 2:22pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Micro Jackson: He hed too big for he face
 Flarmie: Jock O' Lontorn
 ThatGuy: @Bu7Z check out 'the Hellbenders' series on youtube.
 Bu7Z: @Ihminen Zach and Miri?
 Ihminen: zach and chris make a jack o'lantern
Image 199055   08-23-17 11:07am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Robespierre: That's one cute bolla koala.
 Christina: So cute... and so probably infected with Chlamydia.
 Not A Bot: and then you can deep throat satan?
Image 198848   08-22-17 09:59am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
 Mr Bleak: It's so the assassin knows to hit just the one in the middle.
 tib gubb: fuck off greg
 Shay: Alllllllllllright.
 El Barto: That's sweet.
 Spazstatic: I'm young Greg!
 WTF: But tell me, who is the REAL Greg?
 ignatz: Greg's mom and dad's son
Image 198826   08-22-17 05:37am     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
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