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 leia's Aggro-Gator

 glenalec: It took a lot of preparation to get his body in the right shape for this photo.
 well duh: Alfred Hitchcock's "The Beach"
 Winterneuro: How were they able to get that mountain in the shape of the chunky dude?
 Micro Jackson: It's been done
 VeeKay: Apt, if true.
 Joseph: That's amazing.
 Side Boob: Same.
Image 247484   05-14-18 1:12pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Amy Housewine: Birb forgot to caw-caw-cawrry the one.
 Yurishiro: Better than being breaking bad at meth
Image 247285   05-13-18 08:37am     Uploaded by    leia
 athiest: @brian greene Roly loly
 VeeKay: A true artisan.
 dangerkeith3000: Pluto is no longer a planet.
 Yurishiro: Baaaaalls! Come try my baaaalls! I have big balls small balls! Feel them!
 brian greene: free miniature snowmen (some assembly required)
Image 245091   04-30-18 03:07am     Uploaded by    leia
 Not A Bot: Hershey Highway.
 barfolomew: @WotGives no, this is a dog.
 WotGives: This is unremarkable
 Christina: We're never out of dogs.
Image 245023   04-29-18 6:47pm     Uploaded by    leia
 DrNinjaman: #244752
 WTF: I got fired for looking at this.
 Scoo: Ever gotten a sandwich... on weeeeed?
Image 244734   04-27-18 11:07pm     Uploaded by    leia
 glenalec: They're doing a live-action Big Buck Bunny?
 Darmstadtium: Why is that butterfly eating that rabbit's eye?!?
 karmakat: butterfly having a conversation with a very fluffy bunny.
 Yurishiro: Is this from the dictionary under 'cute'?
 mrdiron: That's a weird fluffy dog
 Teechur: Bunnerfly
Image 243790   04-22-18 06:47am     Uploaded by    leia
 Korrok: Korrok refuses.
 Micro Jackson: Sheri won't go away. How can I miss her if she won't go away?
 Kaviri: Oh Sheri, our love holds on, holds on.
 Side Boob: Sheri was mean :(
Image 240979   04-05-18 04:07am     Uploaded by    leia
 Robespierre: Californa and Fillmore, eh? Our old neighborhood, right around the corner from Dino's Pizza - we called it Pacific Depths.
 Dr Awkward: @Annoying Vegan There's a pretty tasty beer from Bell's brewing called Oatsmobile
 Knice: Don't talk about my girlfriend like that.
 Shay: Quakers love it.
 WTF: I'd call that company "Oatwheels"
 Annoying Vegan : Oatomobile
Image 240428   04-01-18 8:40pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Teechur: @dangerkeith3000 It says, "I'm 72 in beer years."
 dangerkeith3000: This beer really speaks to me, dude.
Image 240139   03-31-18 01:26am     Uploaded by    leia
 Yurishiro: @Ulillillia don't give them flat earthers fuel!
 Ulillillia: @Yurishiro Minnesota is exactly like this, only flat
 Yurishiro: So..this isn't Minnesota?
 Greifer: @Robespierre well my mom had a Renault... So this could be the austrian alps
 Robespierre: @Greifer @Ulillillia Or the French Alps - that IS a Renault
 dangerkeith3000: RICOLA!!!!
 Greifer: @Ulillillia or the swiss alps
 Ulillillia: Beauty of Bavaria.
Image 239767   03-28-18 8:09pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Mr Bleak: @Felicity This might persuade me to buy an apple product.
 Captain Marsupial: I'm going with the 4.5 inch iCat. Maybe later I'll upgrade to the 12.7 in iCat Pro
 Felicity: This might get me to upgrade
Image 239469   03-27-18 12:03pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Annoying Vegan : You are so gorgeous that I can barely stand it
Image 238959   03-23-18 10:07pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Robespierre: You're going to lose this debate, squire.
 tib gubb: your parents spent their entire adult life to put you through college, you shit.
 Yam: I like the Wu Tang, and I like math. This just seems like its trying too hard to be quirky
Image 236028   03-06-18 12:07pm     Uploaded by    leia
 toolbag: This is giving me vertigo
 Robespierre: Meanwhile, at the Mystery Spot...
Image 235214   03-01-18 8:11pm     Uploaded by    leia
 kornisjon: This must be Adam Devine's sister.
 Felicity: Oh *no!* Ive got *Hitler* hair! *Now* what do I do?!
 Shay: Nice...uhhh....faceswap?
 barfolomew: That's a lot of face all at once.
 DrNinjaman: Star Trek: Next Generation reboot: Into the Uncanny Valley.
 Robespierre: So, are you trying to tell me this one is also a Sim?
Image 235002   02-28-18 4:54pm     Uploaded by    leia
 dangerkeith3000: @Side Boob He's white, so zero.
 Side Boob: How many times did the police shoot him?
 Tiny Butt: His mistake was not wearing a suit.
Image 234719   02-27-18 12:54pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Felicity: @glenalec Probably folds out from the wall, maybe from that rounded rectangle to the left of the orange chair
 FireBreathingMarmot: Lunar quarters are made from lead in order to approximate the weight and feel of Earth quarters.
 addend: "The extra chair?" / "Oh, let me introduce your roommates..."
 charlemagne: @glenalec just nip over to the dark side, no one will mind
 Scoo: I'll build my own Lunar Quarters! With hookers and blackjack! In fact, forget the Lunar Quarters...
 Mr. Shine: I couldn't even afford lunar nickels.
 boozer: Where's the loo?
Image 233776   02-21-18 7:37pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Snix: I liked the original American Version better.
 GoGo Robotto: I'm confused. Should I vote Bad? Or is it something Rad that I just don't get...
 tib gubb: i don't get it
Image 232334   02-13-18 7:00pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Felicity: Basic Spice
 Soviette: Please! Send them back to Arrakis!
 Scoo: Are they all on some sort of Spice Channel?
 a robot: Sporty is the best. Fight me.
 Warrax: tag urself im pumpkin spice
 Shay: Old Spice, All Spice, Extra Spice couldn't make it tonight.
 charlemagne: old spice
Image 232175   02-12-18 8:58pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Kaviri: To me, it tastes like McDonalds.
 badger: God, those old radio ads: "I've got a song in my heart and a spring in my step, and it's all because of McRIB!"
 RiderFan: The McRib patty is just a generic microwave dinner meat product.
 NoRagrets: Fun fact: it only shows up when there is an excess of meat byproduct on the market.
 Felicity: I like the rib part of it but the sauce is too sour
 Dresdenkeogh: @wolfpk @charlemagne @funny in the wall To me it tastes like soylant green
 wolfpk: I think it has the consistency of the Banquet "ribbed shape patty" frozen dinner. It's sauce does taste a little better though.
 funny in the wall: @charlemagne but some people might be into that
 funny in the wall: @charlemagne i had it once. it tasted like bad meatloaf with a lot of bbq sauce
 charlemagne: is that a good thing or a bad thing? I can't tell
Image 231217   02-07-18 1:38pm     Uploaded by    leia
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