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 leia's Aggro-Gator

 ignatz: @sparename never mind, have a plus from me anyway..
 sparename: Starship Trumpers! .. (As has happened many times, I thought I was being clever and original but a quick internet search shows that I'm not, apparently)
 Sadbot: You mean the OPA? The Expanse isn't a documentary, duder
 WaffleIron: SPISIS? Spices? How much does this guy love Mayonnaise?
Image 271211   10-08-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    leia
 sundragon: Nobody recognizes where this is from?
 tib gubb: kitty, that wasn't nip
 Not A Bot: Pounded In The Butt Quickly and Furiously By The Fast And The Furious Scandal ( + 5) ( reply )
Image 270705   10-05-18 10:03am     Uploaded by    leia
 nuke em: @Chest Rockwell come on
 Dreforian: Because the Tiny Vets for Homes thing didn't go well.
 Chest Rockwell: Vets deserve a normal size house.
 Skinr: Not much space for an animal doctor.
Image 269846   09-29-18 10:45pm     Uploaded by    leia
 bubbles: Sup, Chuck?!
Image 269607   09-28-18 2:13pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Psymon: Camouflage activate!
 fanny: that is a beautiful color on kitty!
Image 267411   09-14-18 9:40pm     Uploaded by    leia
 dangerkeith3000: I eat at my desk.
 Mr. Skeltal: Relevance to #267209
 SuedeOxford: You know. To go boat shopping.
Image 267202   09-13-18 4:35pm     Uploaded by    leia
 WTF: I have DD/DD vision.
 Greifer: Zoom and Enhance!! 1!
 Passive: *spacebar*
 Jack Daniels: @a robot If only
 Amy Housewine: Maslow's hierarchy of thirst.
 a robot: Wow, this is so sad. If only there were some place on the internet that you could look at pictures of naked women.
 Spazstatic: Zoom and enhance. I said zoom and enhance!
 Knice: Degeneration, macular and otherwise.
 Winterneuro: How to be cruel to old men
Image 265975   09-05-18 11:58pm     Uploaded by    leia
 addend: So, how deep is the snow?
 Scoo: I'm a cactus
 Knice: Frosty the O-man.
 Surprising: Thats incredible! Didnt even leave an imprint of your body!
Image 265653   09-04-18 12:13pm     Uploaded by    leia
 the snark: Fifth wheel
 Gentleman: Good boots at left
 Air Biscuit: OUT OF NOWHERE!! Bigfoot appears to pet that dog!!
 Not A Bot: cats like to lie in sinks
Image 265290   09-01-18 7:34pm     Uploaded by    leia
 withak: Bes frenz
Image 265100   08-31-18 4:26pm     Uploaded by    leia
Have a good caption for this one?
Image 264854   08-30-18 01:39am     Uploaded by    leia
 Air Biscuit: Yeah but was it prepared in a seperate facility from all of those things?
 Robespierre: No gusto
 dangerkeith3000: @fanny "unflavored for me!"
 fanny: reminded me of one of my favorite Flanders moments:…
 iamthewalrus: Gotta stay hydrated
Image 264731   08-29-18 11:15am     Uploaded by    leia
You can be the first to comment. Make up a name and slam the Post button!
Image 264566   08-28-18 10:47am     Uploaded by    leia
 DerKirche: it me
 Mr Bleak: I don't understand - I used to fit through here easily ... our cats have all had that moment, mostly at high speed.
 FabricMan: u no c me!
 Nope: how did you find a visual representation of my last poop
 toad: don't tread on me
 Robespierre: This is how I roll
 Knice: Looks tired.
Image 264148   08-25-18 6:26pm     Uploaded by    leia
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Image 262771   08-17-18 08:43am     Uploaded by    leia
 sparename: "Open to offers, notwithstanding the hidden reserve, up to and including the over-estimate from the Parker's Guide plus the percentage that we'd lose to Webuyanyfuckingshed dot com, add a bit to take the kids for some 'Joyous Meals' while we're waiting and I'll fill the tank for an extra hundred"
 Ihminen: also love it when they just say "call me to know more about it" when in the thing they have told fuckall about the car ...but then again that is probaply just a sing that tells to not bother with it because it's probaply just a miserable rustbucket that just happens to look good in the photos
Image 261985   08-12-18 11:38am     Uploaded by    leia
 addend: (Begins to vacuum the carpet.)
 Annoying Vegan : Someone left a few beans on the rug.
 Minnesotan: doggo gets it
 tib gubb: natural environment
Image 261615   08-10-18 12:40pm     Uploaded by    leia
 petepuma: Not enough lasagna
 a robot: WEDNESDAY
Image 261548   08-09-18 4:54pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Mr. Whiskers: Klevuthar the Death Eagle of Xlegulax
 Fiasco: He attak. He protek. But mor important: He Kwak.
 tib gubb: would you like some wife insuwance?
 dangerkeith3000: Always wins at duck duck goose.
 Cory Trevor: Duckie has a Moomin Troll for a nose.. (I know, I should probably seek help..)
 randomhobo: I love ducks. My Dad's nick name for me is Duckie.
Image 261191   08-07-18 1:07pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Not A Bot: JB in two pics in a row, odd
 drilldo: This is the cutest pup Ive seen!
Image 260572   08-03-18 4:13pm     Uploaded by    leia
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