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 Kim's Aggro-Gator

 Kim: @Jayfu It's a can of paint that's just had the pigment added and yet to be mixed.
 Frank herbert: @Bile a glass window on a spaceship with too much condensation.
 Jayfu: @Bile It's a can of latex paint that's been sitting long enough for the pigment to separate
 AdaMan: @Bile the fish tank from Capt Picards ready room?
 AdamBomb286: Stargate: PPG1
 DrinkMixMan: Cool toilet
 Bile: What am i looking at
Image 121164   07-25-16 01:03am     Uploaded by    Kim
 Lil Buddy: Back-up cameras, of course! What a great Idea!
 Bile: @Kim because cameraphones add info encoding image orientation, which iit uses when you view it but is lost when uploaded. I think.
 flowers: Yeah, my bad. I have no idea why this is flipped sideways. :/
 duckfarts: oh, so that's what they meant by ol' one eye
 savvoy: An eye on the back of a neck that is inexplicably sideways
 a robot: I have no idea what I'm looking at here???
 Frank herbert: soul edge?
 hnnngh: Not sure about this sequel to Pan's Labyrinth.
Image 78943   01-25-16 6:00pm     Uploaded by    Kim
 CrustyDusty: Puff-puff-gas! wheee!
 Red: hehehe nobody vote the score is 69 hehehe
Image 77718   01-19-16 11:17pm     Uploaded by    Kim
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