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 johnnyc's Aggro-Gator

 mammal883: The Balrog looks a lot like Sweet P from Adventure Time!
 electrode: Gandolf wanted everyone else to leave so he could get all teh xp and loot
 jokertothethief: I never thought a Balrog could be adorable.
Image 215840   11-17-17 1:47pm   Views: 183004   Uploaded by    johnnyc
 PenguinBartender: Class-ay.
 Dan Tagonistic: Apart from Item three we've a similar schedule
 VoR: Welch on society. Freeload for life.
 Urn BooUrn: Now that's livin'.
Image 215254   11-14-17 11:58am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Bohab: Why is it such a big deal every time they unveil a new star gate?
 Mr. Shine: *arch comment*
 SpaceCow: The other Big O.
 Bluetocracy: O mi cron!
 VoR: Ah there it is
 Mr. Butt: The miracle of birth.
Image 215022   11-13-17 04:26am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 ThoughtlessGentleman: is that a mullet? and a gold chain? shiiiitttt.
 redmonkey3: He just wants to be hugged!
 addend: @Liar tuck Care to rephrase that? ;)
 Teechur: And THAT'S why I love my 8# YorkiePoo.
 Liar tuck: I have 3 cats & I end up sleeping in the oddest positions to accommodate those ass holes.
 Soy Peso: The problem is that you try to get away from him. He wants to get close to you, but you try to avoid him. So he will get closer again and you will try to move away again. He doesn't try to get your spot he wants to be with you.
 time is wastin: Mine seems to work on the assumption that if he doesn't make eye contact there is no problem.
Image 213492   11-05-17 12:47pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 addend: 9th best captioned screenshot ever.
 Wooden Spoon: Tori's mom has got it going on
 grizzly: Ayee
 Whatever: What happens when the cellphone tower is destroyed?
 a robot: Classic Tori's mom?????
Image 213098   11-02-17 10:40pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 someguynameded: DAVEGROHL! So hot right now!
 huskyboy: There goes my hero.
 doindabs: Showing Dad how to use Photoshop was a mistake
 Peter Pantsless: Grohler bear
 wootman: That bear has been hibernating Everlong
Image 212125   10-28-17 7:58pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Sadbot: Cancer sticks
Image 211962   10-27-17 10:08pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 kazzy94: I love big hair. I wish mine did that.
 Micro Jackson: Ladies! Let me show you our fine selection of leg warmers and shoulder pads!
 Yam: Rad for hair. Everyone should enjoy their hair.
 Side Boob: I work with a woman that still has this hair.
 fanny: bottom left but blonde, that was me
 Warrax: Real shame about the fire. Very sad.
 VeeKay: And now! Sponsored by Hot Tools 1" Professional Marcel Curling Iron, in association with L'Oriel Glam Waves Mousse, we are proud to present tonight's elimanation to determine the finalists in throwback girl hairstyles!
 Felicity: Rad for eighties hair
 Knice: The most aqua of nets.
Image 211295   10-24-17 12:58pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Bubo: I like the sound of you...
 sparename: But I like pina colada and getting caught in the rain?
 Felicity: I like pineapples on pizza, and I have survived more winters than you
 Robespierre: She's right, you know ... but not about her hair colour.
 copunter: Your husband will have twenty pies, but you will have three. Three pineapple crowns, three golden shrouds
 Hokie333: But pineapple chunks are okay, then? Cool.
 Knice: I like pineapple on pizza. And corn.
 Shay: I like this girl's attitude.
 VoR: Pineapple me!
 seahawks: The nigh I have ever been to getting in a bar fight was when I insulted pineapple on pizza and refused to concede the point to this asshole who hadn't even ordered the pizza.
 Gonzo: Does this reference something because personally i didnt think it was funny.
 ignatz: Fair and proportionate
 PlzPlzMe: Boooo
Image 208916   10-12-17 05:47am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Felicity: And what did Tee Wreck?
 well duh: Prehistoric dad jokes.
 Yurishiro: I don't get this, weirdly cut and weirdly drawn. WHY DO I LOVE IT
 a robot: "I printed out a Dinosaur comic, cut off two thirds of it, held it up, took a photo of it, then posted that photo on the internet!" What a time to be alive.
 San DoDo: A for arm work
Image 207761   10-06-17 11:09am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Dreforian: I remember having one of these at the local pizza joint, in the before times. People sometimes forget that we had touch-capable fully 3D controls for our vidya games back then.
 Ulillillia: You have to use your hands? That's like a baby's toy.
 Mr Bleak: :blush: I do the same thing on my desktop, after using my Win10 tablet for a while...
Image 207309   10-04-17 01:26am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Felicity: From Chindogu
 DangitBobby: The only aid for verbal diarrhea
 Side Boob: Sign me up!
 The Turks: need.
 White Male: Allergies got me like...
 fracking: Can it be attached to a belt buckle?
Image 206778   10-01-17 12:09pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 omgpro: @piranharama this made me vote rad
 piranharama: Suplex in 3, 2...
Image 204690   09-20-17 9:07pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 a robot: Dads gonna dad.
 Yurishiro: BOW before Thoden King of Rohan!!!
 WaffleIron: @DangitBobby : "I reckon the friendly drive is all snuggled out, we're gonna have to load up on cat pics at the next planet, ayup"
 DangitBobby: Is this a crew member on the Friendly Spaceship?
Image 204053   09-17-17 5:32pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Dr Awkward: @Science Right, that's where my confusion was.
 Science: @Dr Awkward: Obviously not - he's @SomeCanadian
 Dr Awkward: @SomeCanadian Hmm, did you grow up in the American health care system?
 SomeCanadian: I drank a thing of this once as a kid. My mom refused to take me to the hospital and said it would be my own damn fault if I died.
 Uncle Phil: The cool kids had the purple kind. Pun intended.
 Dr Awkward: Ice Ice, Maybe?
Image 203276   09-13-17 6:32pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Skaalar: Damn, Evil-Lyn. You do something different with your hair today?
 Felicity: Why are wicked queens always the sexiest
Image 202517   09-09-17 9:09pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Robespierre: Everybody knows this is nowhere.
 Felicity: Paint me like one of your French Mon Calamaris
Image 199845   08-27-17 11:08am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 addend: "It's for yOU..."
 Hosebag: It maces people when they video in portrait mode!
 Lantry: Maybe it automatically maces you when you take a selfie
 VoR: @Knice Ah. I assumed Mace
 Robespierre: Samsung? The new 8 Note?
 Mad Collager: @Knice Oh! I thought she was masochistically macing herself!
 Bu7Z: Vapenatio just came up as an autocorrect and rendered any comment I was trying to mave irrelevant because... Vapenatio
 Knice: Do you get it? iVape.
Image 199269   08-24-17 1:05pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Snowta: There is nothing better on YouTube than How To Basic ... NOTHING
 Christina: Only Kimmy Schmidt want to play Game Boy games.
Image 198518   08-20-17 5:04pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Air Biscuit: Do they deliver pizza to the ocean?
 Scoo: Wow, I'm like an anti-octopus
 trelyate: my spirit animal
 Ulillillia: butttopus
 a robot: That's not a sad fact. Being able to live alone and only leave when it suits you? Sounds AMAZING
Image 197171   08-13-17 8:07pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
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