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 johnnyc's Aggro-Gator

 well duh: ELC*ME
 PenguinBartender: "Nope. Car isn't under here either. Where the hell...?"
 dangerkeith3000: Slartibartfast isn't done yet...
 Amy Housewine: Casualties of the turf war.
 VeeKay: Got roots in this neighborhood
 Derp Herpigan: Thus you find all the dirt swept under it.
 Yurishiro: And that's where hills come from.
 wolfpk: That astro turf lawn sounded like a good idea at the time.
 Peter Pantsless: Oh, sod it all
Image 233893   02-22-18 12:35pm   Views: 68623   Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Mr Bleak: Nice! Instructions for when you are high as fuck and get the munchies.
 glenalec: Universal
 UltraBeverly: For more information, please re-read.
 Teechur: @Felicity Over the Hedge is a great movie!
 wolfpk: You read "Do not consume raw cookie dough" as you are holding a spoon and an empty container.
 grizzly: Your altitude has no affect here.
 Felicity: But I like raw cookie dough...
 Scoo: Just means these cookies are high in fat, low in hydration
 Dresdenkeogh: I can't see the part that tells me how to just EAT IT OUT OF THE TUB WITH A GIANT SPOON
Image 232988   02-17-18 11:31am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 barfolomew: All right, this is okay, because it analyzes the meme format and presents interesting information. I'll let it go. Just this once!
 dangerkeith3000: Haters gonna hate, but I like this one.
 Robespierre: Send this to the Snore Zone, where it belongs
 Side Boob: Death to all memes.
 copunter: metamemes. available NOWWWWWWWwwwww ask your metadoctor about metamemes NOWwww
Image 232455   02-14-18 12:32pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Skaalar: @Nope I think it literally means a useless packet of information. Id put that in quotes, but any punctuation above letters disappears for some reason.
 Ulillillia: I have a meme, and I must scream
 Nope: The word meme has lost all meaning... meme? meme! MEME. MEme. MEMEMEMMEMEMEMEMEEMM Memmmemme Breme SCREAM memes are now screams thanks for reading.
Image 231681   02-10-18 12:44pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 ping: @ASTER Agreed. I think this just playing with the idea of Moses parting the Red Sea. I don't see anything beyond that.
 ASTER: @funny in the wall It strikes me more as just a joke about a famous biblical scene but maybe I'm giving too much credit.
 funny in the wall: @ASTER i would argue that this can be seen as a depiction of jewish exceptionalism which is related to the rabid nationalism and being god-appointed. on the other hand it could just as easily be an antisemetic cartoon (jews cheat, etc.).
 ASTER: @funny in the wall Doesn't Zionism only have to do with rabid nationalism and claimed God-appointed ownership when it comes to the state of Israel? Just showing a Jewish biblical figure isn't that, I think.
 ping: Technically within olympic rules.
 Robespierre: I've got a C-note riding on Moses here.
 funny in the wall: i'm not sure which reason i should choose for to be offended: blatant antisemitism or blatant Zionism?
Image 230117   02-01-18 08:07am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 a robot: @Knice *internet robo-hugs*
 Yurishiro: @Knice stay strong! *crossing fingers*
 Teechur: @Knice I feel for you both. It tends to put everyone through the wringer, not just the patient. Good thoughts and prayers to all.
 Dr Awkward: @Knice Best of luck and health to her!
 Annoying Vegan : @Knice Very sorry to hear that. :( Sending good vibes to Mrs Knice through the interwebs!
 Knice: @Annoying Vegan I've missed you guys. Rough sailing around these parts lately; my Sweetie's in medical trouble. Halfway through the first course of infusions. Keep your fingers crossed. :-)
 Annoying Vegan : @Knice Hooray! Weve missed ya.
 Knice: Schlitzer
Image 228985   01-25-18 9:48pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Yurishiro: Gravity is a social construct.
 Christina: This is not going to end well.
 VeeKay: @sparenamelaptopdied Can you turn this into a 50,000 word doctorial thesis about how YOU WON THE INTERNET!
 sparenamelaptopdied: This barn belongs to my Auntie Grav
Image 228338   01-22-18 12:48pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 VeeKay: My lawsuit pertaining to the Dyson Ball Cleaner will be heard soon.
 Robespierre: A bit too powerful, I'd say.
 Side Boob: meanwhile, in Sisyphus' back yard...
 Teechur: Nature obviously abhors this.
Image 228283   01-22-18 02:37am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Mad Collager: Boy: "I bow to you." Dog: "I bow-wow to you."
 Sadbot: "It's really nice to meet you" "You say that to all the dogs" "And I mean it"
 tib gubb: "please, sir. i beseech you to deliver our plea of mercy to the queen."
Image 228085   01-21-18 01:09am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Felicity: She looks like Bart that time he was in Fat Tonys mafia family and the man who came to pick up the cigarettes said: Hey kid, you look good with that cigarette! Kind of sophisticated!
 Ulillillia: u look like a ten year old with a cig in her mouth in this pic XDD
 a robot: Kids are so stupid.
 Peter Pantsless: I think the Bieber poster makes it. Still bad, though
Image 227804   01-19-18 4:41pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Teechur: I just saw a video of a soccer league that does not use a ball so that nobody feels shamed. It was satire, as I hope this is.
 Felicity: This better not be a joke
 jochenau: Even if I acknowledge "phantom fat" as a "real psychological state", the judgment as to whether that state is pathological, a normal variation, or a core element of your identity is an ideological one.
 Sadbot: Metal Gear Solid 6: The Phantom Fat
 Side Boob: Someone needs to join the fitness relocation program
 dangerkeith3000: Didn't they ban transfat like 15 years ago?
Image 227769   01-19-18 1:10pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Dreforian: dBase II: Electronic Boogaloo
 drtofu: Still waiting for him to drop it
 DrinkMixMan: Wanna grow up to be, be a dBaser
 VoR: All your dbase belong to dus
 tib gubb: that guy looks way too legit for the modeling business
 Ulillillia: You know he's all about dBASE, about dBASE, no treble
Image 226975   01-15-18 11:28am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 VeeKay: That's just my pet owl and me but, yeah, thanks, I think.
Image 226151   01-11-18 02:48am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Derp Herpigan: @Amy Housewine it says "Characters Blur-" *crashes*
 Amy Housewine: Can't see the billboard to read it, what does it say?
 Whatever: I have visions of him using a drill to do the exam
 a robot: @Hokie333 Or proctology
 Hokie333: Could be worse. Dr. 'Bore'ing could've gone into dentistry.
Image 224802   01-03-18 10:54pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Air Biscuit: Today car learns "Distress".
 Peach: I thought this car was submerged in water initially.
 Felicity: UH URA
Image 224258   01-01-18 02:07am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 WaffleIron: The boner crime to end all boner crimes
 Robespierre: @gorilla Congratulations That's one of the Top Four New Year's activities of highly successful people!
 bag o bones: I read this in cells voice from DBZ abridged
 gorilla: I just went swimming in raw sewage.
Image 224126   12-31-17 11:58am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 White Rice: I dont remember his name, or where hes a leader from, but apparently he has full on walnut crushing handshakes that leave those on the receiving end changed for life. He still hasnt crushed glorious leaders tiny man-paws.
 a robot: He could have Raynaud syndrome
 antipatterns: I mean, the royal family has the same muscle mass as custard.
 WTF: It all started with a delicate touch...
 El hefe: I didn't know he had the G.I. Joe Kung Fu grip
 Amy Housewine: The secret Illuminati handshake.
 karmakat: what kind of handshake or he is so WHOOZY?
Image 223136   12-26-17 03:43am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 VoR: If it was to scale, maybe.
 Yurishiro: @Obama Have u tried Greenland with whipped cream though?
 DogsRGreat: One melts in 10,000 years and the other in 10 minutes. Hrmmmm...
 obama: I was going to argue this, but ice cream is much tastier than Greenland. It's a fact.
Image 221634   12-18-17 06:08am     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 blendedtwice: Well now I'm feeling fat. And hungry. Fungry? Idk.
 MasterTwig: Making nachos using waffle fries instead of chips is pretty much the best thing.
 2Berries: Potachos
 a robot: *heavy breathing*
 Felicity: Waffle fries! They had these at McDonalds last year
 trelyate: worth the clogged artery
 BlarfyB: Needs more cheese. Or Cheez.
 Derp Herpigan: I dunno what this is, and I'm feeling my arteries dying just by looking at this, but I bet it would be rather tasty.
Image 220791   12-13-17 6:09pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Side Boob: I wanted to do this to the bushes in my yard on Halloween, but :effort:
 Knice: Or, you know, don't litter.
 a robot: Oh good, finally a use for my collection of old toilet paper rolls I have laying around my house.
Image 219408   12-06-17 12:03pm     Uploaded by    johnnyc
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