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 jochenau's Aggro-Gator

 DrinkMixMan: I was so hungry, Jon.
 DrinkMixMan: hue hue hue
 addend: Pet. Food.
Image 252200   06-11-18 7:44pm     Uploaded by    pirate
 DrinkMixMan: A talking cat? What sorcery is this?
 PenguinBartender: If they got Keith David to play the main character, I would give this a shot.
 wolfpk: Sleeping all day,"guarding" lasagna by night.
 dangerkeith3000: I hate Mondays.
 Warrax: Garfmannipples
Image 252159   06-11-18 2:47pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 WannaBee: That's adorable :) I want to see a TsumTsum one now.
 Annoying Vegan : Im just gonna leave this right here: #237612
 Peter Pantsless: Move over, Gumby!
 Jorp Lulter: This looks friendly. I want to be friends.
Image 252122   06-11-18 09:18am     Uploaded by    earl
 piranharama: Is this what peak performance looks like?
Image 251498   06-07-18 2:26pm     Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Robespierre: It's Beaky and Floof!
 wolfpk: I want one!!
 itskando: 5 points for Griffindoog
Image 251178   06-05-18 3:40pm     Uploaded by    Father Goose
 jochenau: @dangerkeith3000 All blue, for the ocean of Snape Jr.'s emo tears.
 dangerkeith3000: I guess you can color in the background.
 raditzu: Not offensive crayons? So disappointed :(
Image 250924   06-04-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    cannabis
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Image 250929   06-04-18 01:26am     Uploaded by    Mister Beef
 jochenau: Rad for Art Nouveau.
 VeeKay: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Or, if you will, Printemps ete automne hiver.
 Mr. Shine: Neat!
Image 250800   06-03-18 08:26am     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 Air Biscuit: You will be judged rad or bad.
 a robot: Oh Blissey, why are you so mean :(
 trelyate: this isn't planet fitness?
Image 250774   06-03-18 02:38am     Uploaded by    Jack Daniels
 Felicity: A little tootski
 El hefe: Doctor Toom doots as he pleases
 tib gubb: doctor doom at the height of his coke addiction
 Robespierre: NOW you've REALLY asked for it, Doomy - here they come!
 Side Boob: I'm with Doctor Doom on this one.
 wolfpk: Everyones a critic!
 BavidDowie: horn.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: scuse me mistah do she got a sistah?!
 dobbiesdoogs: that's why he's a villain
Image 250432   06-01-18 12:54pm     Uploaded by    Punt Numbles
 Air Biscuit: This defaces the toucan.
Image 250121   05-30-18 03:37am     Uploaded by    wordjones
 wolfpk: Attention teachers: If you gave Dexter in you class don't turn your back on him, or let him get a hold of sharp objects
 Annoying Vegan : @bug Is it a good show? Haven't watched it yet.
 Mumbles: @XLY Yes! YESSS!!! FEED THE BLOOD GODS!!!!
 bug: @Scoo Their first mistake was naming their kid Dexter.
 fanny: @bug what if you are a creative writing teacher?
 jochenau: I'm curious as to how cutting a diabetic can be beneficial.
 itskando: @itskando i wan mI snak bek. i won took i prumiss
 itskando: @bug Utnshn tEEttyers off ur stoodens r ths frikken sum its ur fallt cuz u tuk mI snak awy
 bug: Attention teachers: If your students are this frikkin dumb: quit.
 Lestrange: This is what happens when you defund an educational system.
 itskando: That first one doesn't even ... Ahh screw it
 KrazyKat: Snarky bunch of smart-asses.
 SomeCanadian: Frankly, I'll just take a quick death over these kids.
Image 167658   03-15-17 12:07pm     Uploaded by    sylveon
 Not A Bot: HAH! wow.
 Robespierre: Those lands don't look at all bad
 jochenau: Beauty of North Dakota.
Image 250027   05-29-18 3:54pm     Uploaded by    jochenau
 Mr Bleak: @addend Budget cuts: it used to be Storks, but they couldn't keep up with the productivity requirements.
 tib gubb: okay
 Jak: Careful, Gandalf hawks will save your kids.
 Warrax: @addend First the latter, then the former.
 addend: Dropping off or picking up?
Image 249926   05-28-18 11:38pm     Uploaded by    ethernet
 Mr Bleak: "The turtle moves!"
 AlexDeLarge: See the TURTLE, ain't he keen? All things serve the fuckin' beam.
 Lantry: his thoughts are slow but always kind, he holds us all within his mind.
 celebgate: Turtles all the way down
 El hefe: Finally, a scientific model I accept
 Air Biscuit: "May i hold the skoldpadda?"
 redmonkey3: always AutoRad! for discworld
Image 249793   05-28-18 04:07am     Uploaded by    Pikachu
 iCEy: Can I have fried gluten without peanuts?
 Annoying Vegan : I want those
 Vinochet: need Epipen, stat!
 funny in the wall: that stuff can be really good
Image 249680   05-27-18 1:47pm     Uploaded by    Nope
 tib gubb: yall done fucked up!
 Shay: Watch out GOR-GOR, you got some stiff competition.
 Mr. Shine: @Vinochet One, maybe two?
 Vinochet: I wonder what mileage it gets
 raditzu: Sweet mother of God, i want that!
 Christina: That send a message to the enemies. If the army can afford this guess what else they can afford?
 San DoDo: Triceractor
 White Rice: @Jennysaurus why not both?
 filthylaw: Trump's plan to beat ISIS.
 Jennysaurus: Can't decide if this is overly large and unnecessary, or friggin sweet
Image 249488   05-26-18 09:18am     Uploaded by    logono
 Lemonator: @Annoying Vegan How is it that everything you upload is rad?!
 Robespierre: Recycle ... for the common good of the Kingdom
 Dick Inspector: It could also have been a roll of toilet paper.
 Scoo: @FabricMan Oh come on, it's not a Blockbuster receipt
 Coolguy: LOL, thats pretty good
 FabricMan: Unrealistic. Not long enough
Image 248728   05-21-18 8:03pm     Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 dad: @Air Biscuit I aggro-gate from my desktop computer. In this case, I had been tossing and turning and got up to check the spaceship or a few minutes while I waited for the trazodone to kick in
 Air Biscuit: @Felicity have you tried turning on the blue light filter on your phone when aggro-gating right before bed time?
 wolfpk: Refer to #248622
 Wolfy21: I m having trouble sleeping right now as I type this
Image 248614   05-21-18 03:03am     Uploaded by    FunkyDrunk
 Mr Bleak: I'm fairly sure that one doesn't fart rainbows...
 Korrok: Convenient...
 Mr. Butt: Xenocorn
Image 248194   05-18-18 4:54pm     Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
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