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 jochenau's Aggro-Gator

 apoxia: Carnivores ruin everything
 Robespierre: Orange velociraptor gonna wake up with a stomach ache.
 Annoying Vegan : @Teechur I dont have youngsters myself, but I take aunthood very seriously indeed. ;)
 Teechur: @Annoying Vegan I hope your children grow up just like you. (Funny, I usually use that as a curse for my stoodints, and not high praise!)
 Yurishiro: Vegan dinosaurs made a run for it.
 glenalec: Peace and love
Image 240477   04-02-18 02:54am     Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Not A Bot: Rectal bleeding, according to the color scheme
 dangerkeith3000: After 'to make it better' it should give you the option of to straight to the beginning again instead of to 'better better better' part everytime.
 Mr. Shine: @Mr. Whiskers That's my favorite bit!
 Mr. Whiskers: With a side path for JUDE JUUDE A JUUDYJUDYJUDAAAAY at the end
 Mad Collager: As sung by Flo.
Image 240373   04-01-18 1:58pm     Uploaded by    Porm Munties
 Robespierre: @VeeKay What are you talking about; it's the Conserv-O-Trons who refuse to send anything but Hopes & Prayers.
 Felicity: Who knows, in the Star Wars universe, that might actually help
 VeeKay: Fucking snowflake kids, where the hell is a suicide bomber when you need one
 Not A Bot: Dangdang should have posted this.
 Not A Bot: What's the difference between this image and all the rest on here? You can see the others.
 Ulillillia: spoilers
Image 240213   03-31-18 2:26pm     Uploaded by    Crispy Liquid Taquito
 Teechur: @jochenau The note just slides flat a bit. Here:…
 jochenau: @Teechur I'm not familiar with the downward arcs to right of some of the notes. What do they mean?
 Teechur: @dangerkeith3000 @jochenau I sing. I read music. I understand taking artistic liberties with songs. She didn't take liberties. She Cosby-ed this.
 dangerkeith3000: This is a good transcription tho, so I'm gonna write it in my Guitar Pro and see how bad she sang it. By the looks of it she wasn't too of key...except she sang in the key of A instead of D.
 dangerkeith3000: The song sucks even normally. It's based on a drinking song tune that is so hard to sing that if you can sing it it means you are sober enough to get another drink. The US anthem should be changed to something better...Like "America the Beautiful"
 jochenau: I finally went and listened to this performance. This engraving should get whoever made it a free A+ on a test grade in music class.
Image 240150   03-31-18 03:03am     Uploaded by    PlzPlzMe
 Teechur: @wolfpk ...maybe.
 wolfpk: I would eat that; in the middle of a zombie apocalypse when all other food is gone!
 Yurishiro: *HYUUURK*
 barfolomew: If you look closely, you can see the "Obvious Plant" logo.
Image 239996   03-30-18 05:26am     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 a robot: @DrNinjaman Could be Peach and Daisy if they are girls. Or maybe Wario and Waluigi if they are evil
 DrNinjaman: 50 buck says those cats are named Mario and Luigi
Image 239831   03-29-18 05:26am     Uploaded by    waterudoin
 Felicity: @Yurishiro I agree. Something about this is better than it deserves to be. :-)
 BavidDowie: Could be Dead...uh, Person, Storage
 Mr. Shine: *muffled cursing*
 Yurishiro: For reasons unknown, I love this.
Image 239352   03-26-18 08:47am     Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 Otterman: Perhaps third frame should be trash cans touching
 Suburbanmom: Children of the cans?
 Unbathed: @Mr. Butt Fin de Partie
 jochenau: And thus, Oscar the Grouch was conceived.
 a robot: What a romantic date!
 tritium: Same
 Mr. Butt: Nag and Nell
 msmstud: This work exudes ambiguity to the extreme. Must be art.
 SomeCanadian: We are trash. This is where we belong.
Image 171452   04-04-17 3:26pm     Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 Beeble: Canadian, eh?
 Captain Marsupial: Did anyone tell him this isn't WWE?
 tib gubb: we get it, you're scottish
 Amy Housewine: There's the weirdest strobing effect whenever he straightens his tie.
 Robespierre: "No Canadian curlers were eliminated for doping. Their coach, on the other hand..."
 Mr. Shine: "Legalize it!"
 Yurishiro: The most elusive canadian pimp.
Image 239174   03-25-18 05:47am     Uploaded by    ineedhepl
 Scoo: Hi, Loki. You're my favorite customer.
 E. HONDA: what a story
 jochenau: *throws water bottle lamely*
 Christina: It's his home, he didn't invade.
 GoGo Robotto: @funny in the wall I got so tired of the superhero genre, it's just not for me I guess.
 San DoDo: You are tearing me apart!
 funny in the wall: so... i guess he did, then? i watched those movies. they were not memorable.
 glenalec: Well, no he didn't. He infiltrated it.
Image 238916   03-23-18 5:03pm     Uploaded by    sandwiches
 some guy : Now do Hot House!
 Mr Bleak: And that's not even his final form.
 hajjpodge: I'd like a slice of them.
 Kaviri: I mean, you didn't have to give the tomato men penises. I would still get the joke.
 BavidDowie: Big Boy are pretty good. We used to grow JetStar, don't know if those are still around.
 XLY: Me me big boy
 tib gubb: stupid sexy tomatoes
 sparename: Hip, Hip, PUREE!
 Butcherboy: Try and ketchup @fanny
 fanny: this upload is too saucy for me!
 Mr. Shine: Bush Goliath all the way. That used to be my dancin' name.
Image 238454   03-20-18 9:03pm     Uploaded by    Mr. Pepper
 Mad Collager: "I dropped my toothpaste", he said, crestfallen.
 Spazstatic: Cocker Spaniel.
 ignatz: Wattle they think of next?
 Yurishiro: borkfadoodleborkf!
 tib gubb: ba-BORK!
Image 238502   03-21-18 03:14am     Uploaded by    sir toke a lot
 VeeKay: Those clowns in congress amirite
Image 237666   03-16-18 02:26am     Uploaded by    square44
 Kaviri: Musical rats.
 dangerkeith3000: @Dr Awkward Oh yeah, it was ShowBiz until the early 90s then the name changed to Chuck E Cheese but they kept all the characters and theme so I didn't really notice. It even says ShowBiz Pizza on signs on the inside, but on the outside it says Chuck E Cheese's.
 Dr Awkward: @dangerkeith3000 oh, cool. I thought they were all bought out by Chuck-E Cheeses
 dangerkeith3000: @Dr Awkward There's still a Showbiz Pizza in my city. They are headquartered here. I went there about 5 years ago...still cool to go with kiddos.
 Dr Awkward: I'm pretty sure this is from the now defunct "Showbiz Pizza." I went as a really little kid, and it was both terrifying tome and amazing.
 Ronick: Sex dolls are getting too real
 Yurishiro: Early designs for Mickey mouse were not well accepted.
 karmakat: isn't where you scream before you realize WTF happened?
Image 237502   03-15-18 03:07am     Uploaded by    demonius
 Mr Bleak: Curling: lawn bowls on ice with a little light housework.
 dangerkeith3000: Men with Brooms is a great comedy movie about curling. I recommend watching it instead of this one.
 Prostata: The Curler: Two in the house, One on the button.
 Prostata: the shocker on the sheet!
 glenalec: With that pun, they are clearly all dads.
Image 237494   03-15-18 02:03am     Uploaded by    turtled
 Christina: @sparename You can say "bitch" in friendly spaceship.
 sparename: Well. YOUR girlfriend's a bit of a dog
Image 237196   03-13-18 09:47am     Uploaded by    gumble
 dangerkeith3000: I laughed.
 Mr. Shine: @camellia Speaking of which, it's about time for some!
 camellia: No bills! Only AG swag will be accepted!
 melted plastic: FILL ME WITH YOUR JUNK
 fracking: FEED ME A STRAY CAT
Image 236350   03-08-18 09:18am     Uploaded by    dad
 DrNinjaman: Litany about Beer I'd like some beer. Beer is the mind-killer. Beer is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my beer. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the beer has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain
 dangerkeith3000: You know, for kids!
 Robespierre: Hm. Apparently it was a doomed colouring book - I've not seen one before
 Yam: You were supposed to use Piters Lip Purple for that part, not Sandworm Skin Sepia
 VoR: What colour is spice
 Micro Jackson: Color me spice
 Beef Supreme: The Spice must flow.
Image 236041   03-06-18 1:54pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 Uncle Phil: I don't get this loss edit.
 jochenau: Oh ho, well played!
Image 235447   03-03-18 02:03am     Uploaded by    steve
 Ulillillia: *hiss*
 ping: @Annoying Vegan They look so much better when you put the icing on.
 Annoying Vegan : @ping This is actually a cake.
 ping: Is this a snat or a cake?
 Skaalar: Pretty sure Cat Snake refers to ferrets.
Image 235486   03-03-18 09:47am     Uploaded by    habbekratz
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