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 jochenau's Aggro-Gator

 apoxia: That my always my favourite card back. It was like being on holiday.
 Queeblo: @Scoo It's rated 1/300
 Scoo: 10/10 if I can toss them in perfect arcs at the end!
Image 169217   03-23-17 5:22pm   Views: 30067   Uploaded by    Largehand
 Zukero: That's the S controller. S for Small. Get your references right godammit.
 Wooden Spoon: This is almost as good as the Penny Arcade comic about this controller. Look it up folks.
 jochenau: @Randlarr The N64 was fantastic on so many levels but the controller will forever be a mystery to me.
 Himesama: I loved this controller. I beat many high school boys at many games with it.
 funny in the wall: My god, it's full of um... planets
 tokyopig: Well yeah, but is it a rapping duke? (If you get that reference you're fucking OLD)
 thecraftywolf: @Peter Pantsless yeah i got it
 Randlarr: I could use the original controller. That is a testament to my now known odd grip of the N64 controller: full length side to side.
 Peter Pantsless: @Peter Pantsless Shit, VY. Why is a typo, ah, fuck it, you know what I mean. Goddamn
 Peter Pantsless: @thecraftywolf There were a few more steps and it blew out to YV Canis Majoris, a star nearly 15 billion (with a B) miles across, one of the largest stars known
 thecraftywolf: @Peter Pantsless what was it originally
 Peter Pantsless: Arrrgh! I was all "This is one of my favorite images; I can't believe it got posted!" and then you fucking BLEW IT.
Image 168761   03-21-17 08:31am   Views: 93401   Uploaded by    XLY
 raditzu: Watersport!
 enfanta: Do they move as a group? Because if not, there's going to be a lot of torn paper and poked eyes.
Image 168782   03-21-17 11:37am   Views: 89300   Uploaded by    greg
 afroking: Chemistry is all around us, unfortunately.
 Borkf: @SomeCanadian If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.
 SomeCanadian: This is by far the worst science joke I've ever seen.
 tokyopig: Water is the universal solvent.
Image 168553   03-20-17 04:27am   Views: 160796   Uploaded by    zoso
 Starky15: Still can't breath properly. Even with pupper gills
 Air Biscuit: (Underwater nose dribbling)
 Jaunty Shrimp: Only a very special creature can be seen alternately as a manatee or a croissant
 Sandor: Pugatee
 Ironass: It's a seal pug.
Image 168290   03-18-17 6:47pm     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Robespierre: Splendid creature.
 AutoDisaster: Finding Deery
 jochenau: Finding Bambi
 Telkwa: Seldom witnessed Magicarp/Gyarados evolution.
 Wooden Spoon: I wonder if these will leap out of the water to smash your motorboat windshield like their land cousins do?
Image 168222   03-18-17 11:26am     Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 scribbs: This made me laugh out loud. F'realsies.
 tokyopig: you do any serious web dev you learn to hate them all.
 DarkTeddy: Edge isnt even that bad
 Whatever: Never forget that Internet Exploiter is still great for downloading a browser that actually works!
Image 168157   03-17-17 11:54pm     Uploaded by    Lestrange
 Noremak: Strong words are better than weak words.
 Robespierre: Ah. 10-4, Eleanore.
 Hosebag: @Robespierre My childhood was typical, summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring we'd make meat helmets. When I was insolent I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds, pretty standard really.
 Robespierre: @Hosebag Are you telling us that "Hosebag" is a step up from that? Discuss.
 Hosebag: I used to be called Lorde Hate in high school.
 apoxia: @Bu7Z Being from NZ myself, this was the first time I've seen her described as International. Here in NZ she's always referred to as "Lorde, real name Ella Yelich-O'conner".
 Mr. Shine: It started in English then rapidly turned into pidgin.
 Lestrange: Music critic from the University of Hawaii?
 tritium: @Bu7Z I think they just can't figure out if they're talking about Lorde or Lordi, and are hedging their bets.
 jochenau: Two posts in a row making my little linguist heart happy! My guess is that this is a Caribbean dialect?
 grizzly: Y'all'll all
 Bu7Z: 'International' because what the fuck is a New Zealand...
 KrazyKat: My superpower is the ability to age paper with the power of hate.
 winwolf: Gwaan from ya.
Image 168033   03-17-17 11:31am     Uploaded by    gutwheat
 Kess: The Thing sequel is looking a little... weak.
 Micro Jackson: Turchilducken
 Mr. Shine: You've been meddling with things Man was meant to leave alone!, etc.
 fanny: 10/10 Would attend your thanksgiving again.
 funny in the wall: that's... unsettling
 Sandor: Kill it. Kill it with fire. Or really hot oil.
Image 167854   03-16-17 12:59pm     Uploaded by    Brain
 Suburbanmom: That skirt is cute
 brian greene: basket case
 raditzu: Wrong shoes for tennis.
 jazzjunkie: I feel this way too, some days.
 coffeeblack: When you just can't get enough of that smell that comes from a new tennis ball
 Wookiee: Something something face first into balls.
 WaffleIron: I'd be this depressed if I showed up for a match in those shoes too.
 XLY: I have this fetish now
 sparename: Extreme Teabagging
 scribbs: Same, only mine is a bunch of white cedar and in my hand is a work order that had been typed up incorrectly. Thank heavens the customer is cool.
 Scoo: Oh, balls
Image 167732   03-15-17 7:26pm     Uploaded by    SunWukong
 questionable: makes it super ez to get the lushest leaves from the tops of trees
 SomeCanadian: Damn it Monsanto...
 SpaceCow: DDT use wiped out the bald giraffes.
Image 167636   03-15-17 09:14am     Uploaded by    phonk
 raditzu: Shut up and take my money!
 Air Biscuit: @tokyopig if you own at least one drinking cup or bowl. You can use that to transfer water from the tap to whereever you need it. Common houshold items cannot replicate the effects of this movie.
 Bu7Z: Super Cool Story Bros.
 tokyopig: I only have enough money for either the dvd of this movie, or a length of garden hose, and I need to buy one of them... Does anyone have some sage advice for me?
 Dr Awkward: This is why you never see an only child become a plumber. Look it up.
Image 167584   03-14-17 11:37pm     Uploaded by    gorilla
 Dr Awkward: So I guess the Gig is up... how did you know what my doctorate was in, @yawgmoth?
 wolfpk: He's working on his Masters.
 a robot: Seeing this image has made my life complete.
 Teechur: Oh, I HATED that class! Stupid general studies....
Image 167515   03-14-17 4:59pm     Uploaded by    yawgmoth
 wolfpk: Charge laser eyes.
 Himesama: Kitty....did you eat the goro-goro fruit I left on the counter?
 Wet farts: Meeeeeeeooooooooooooooooooow
 XLY: just radded this to 420% rad
 Mr. Shine: Dark Souls boss right here.
 grizzly: Raiden was a cat.
 San DoDo: Death ray charging
 SunWukong: Literal catseyes.
 jochenau: Is your cat a storm elemental?
 Donut: Low rider
Image 167477   03-14-17 1:09pm     Uploaded by    hat thrab
 a sedated moose: My favorite level was Other Mike's Driveway.
 Zampano: 2 unlockable highschoolers, 5 unique driveways and a snacktime mini-game. Where was I when this was released for PS1?
 WTF: The dead body Jerry's brother claims he saw behind old man Miller's place last summer.
 Knice: Ooh, swears!
Image 167428   03-14-17 05:09am     Uploaded by    HenryVIII
 enfanta: Sharknado doesn't need meteorology anymore.
 Bu7Z: We're gonna need a bigger box of chips
 Warrax: Well, we're done. Nice knowing you all.
 hearsegirl: gullsqualus
 Skaalar: Someone been booping that nose too hard.
 AverageJoe: has humanity gone too far?
 Wet farts: Sharkgull
 WTF: I think SyFy has it's newest idea for a remake of the birds...
 SoyUnPerdedor: Take that Creationists!
 Amy Housewine: @SunWukong Not yet, but just give me time and a sharp scalpel.
 sparename: "Wattoo Wattoo calls his friends"
 SunWukong: @Amy Housewine that's no Labrador?
 Amy Housewine: Someone has been going through my lab notes.
Image 166924   03-11-17 1:26pm     Uploaded by    hat thrab
 AverageJoe: That was not nice! he'd rather be called "special in his own way" truck...
 tokyopig: SD stands for super deformed. Tell that to the morons who localized SD Valis to Syd of Valis!
 Sheikhjahbooty: If the truck reforms as well as deforms, it might be a fun toy.
Image 166775   03-10-17 5:21pm     Uploaded by    daisy picker
 a robot: I had a notebook with the ballerina bunnies on it in 4th grade, that was the SHIT right there
 Bu7Z: What is my porpoise in life? I DONT KNOW?!?
 tokyopig: Lisa Frank is my jam. Also the baby woke me up almost immediatley.
 questionable: I too experience constant existential dread
Image 166698   03-10-17 08:26am     Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Mr Bleak: "Highlander V: There can be only Bun!" looking low budget.
 Borkf: @Whatever Betrayed by his love Wendy, to the Five Guys.
 sparename: "Crouching Thai Food, Hidden Burger"
 enfanta: @Whatever And as they devoured each other, they became Wendy-goes...
 drtofu: Monument Valley was pretty great
 tokyopig: You've heard of Alcatraz? Well... this is Icanhaz.
 Whatever: It was a tragic day when the Burger King's White Castle fell before the onslaught of the clan McDonald
 tib gubb: the ghost of the hamburger wizard
 Aemuli: 500 years and as fresh at it every was. Causes the same amount of diarrhea too.
Image 166457   03-08-17 11:10pm     Uploaded by    grandma
 tokyopig: His bark is worse than his beak.
 Warrax: Let freedom butt-scoot all through the land.
 Kim: Sniffs out Freedom
 Mr. Butt: Look at those low rates!
 sparename: Beagle
Image 166383   03-08-17 4:09pm     Uploaded by    Minx
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