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 jochenau's Aggro-Gator

 Yurishiro: @Annoying Vegan How is it that everything you upload is rad?!
 Robespierre: Recycle ... for the common good of the Kingdom
 Dick Inspector: It could also have been a roll of toilet paper.
 Scoo: @FabricMan Oh come on, it's not a Blockbuster receipt
 Coolguy: LOL, thats pretty good
 FabricMan: Unrealistic. Not long enough
Image 248728   05-21-18 8:03pm   Views: 57360   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Felicity: @Air Biscuit I aggro-gate from my desktop computer. In this case, I had been tossing and turning and got up to check the spaceship or a few minutes while I waited for the trazodone to kick in
 Air Biscuit: @Felicity have you tried turning on the blue light filter on your phone when aggro-gating right before bed time?
 wolfpk: Refer to #248622
 Felicity: I*m having trouble sleeping right now as I type this
Image 248614   05-21-18 03:03am   Views: 66557   Uploaded by    FunkyDrunk
 Korrok: Convenient...
 Mr. Butt: Xenocorn
Image 248194   05-18-18 4:54pm   Views: 141227   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 BavidDowie: Our work here is done. *distant snoring*
 Air Biscuit: The sheeple are awakening.
 jochenau: It's raining sheep, hallelujah!
 grizzly: Raaaaaaaappture
 Christina: The baahpture.
 Micro Jackson: I's an android's dream
 Scoo: Later, shitlords!
 Teechur: Later, sheeplords!
 sparename: "They don't so much fly, as plummet!"
Image 247998   05-17-18 1:47pm     Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 jazzjunkie: Hello Johnny, you are a good boy. (Yes?) Yes. (Yes?) Yes. [S'alright?] You be quiet. (Okay) Not you, him. (Sorry) [S'alright]
 Ironass: ... And still smarter than the current administration.
 tib gubb: "cheer up mister president; give us a kiss"
 petepuma: "This is Senor Pepe"
 dangerkeith3000: Biden memes are the best
 Side Boob: Taco taco burrito. Jennifer Lopez needs kisses
 azazel: *sigh* sometimes i forget just why you are here Joe... but you remember me, thx
 Christina: Gimme a kiss.
Image 247461   05-14-18 09:40am     Uploaded by    Pront Remp
 sparename: "Bite my shiny orange ass!"
 barfolomew: @jochenau I think it's glorious, but I also totally understand why people are badvoting it. It's the human butt on Garfield I think. It's amusing to watch the score go up and down.
 Felicity: @trelyate AISS, it looks like
 jochenau: I'm probably missing something that's making everyone downvote this but in my sad, sheltered little mind it's magnificent.
 Air Biscuit: This Monday is weird.
 antipatterns: Real culture
 WannaBee: So he's wearing a catsuit?
 trelyate: I... uh... not sure what I'm not supposed to be thinking of
 Shay: Jim Davis: Leader of the Crips
 ThoughtlessGentleman: i am unsure of the message. is he removing his skin?
 tib gubb: unsee! unsee!
 Warrax: I am so totally not.
 Peter Pantsless: Fuck
Image 247506   05-14-18 3:47pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 Yurishiro: I have a thing for patches.
 Air Biscuit: I need this.
 BavidDowie: ssssssourdough...
 Warrax: Spread some cheese on this cracker.
Image 247515   05-14-18 4:54pm     Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 BavidDowie: I bet it smells great in there
 Volwen: OwO notices your Battle of the Bulge
Image 247256   05-13-18 02:08am     Uploaded by    toaster
 Mr. Shine: *When pizza's on pineapple, you can eat pizza anytime!!*
 redmonkey3: Too much core!
 Psymon: Pineapple pizza? Yuck. Now, Pizza pineapple, that I like.
Image 247148   05-12-18 1:26pm     Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 UltraBeverly: Creationists mistakenly believe this!
 Otterman: Filthy. But genuinely arousing.
 antipatterns: @Amy Housewine You wanna start on the mouth end, and move ass-wards as you eat.
 Zarathustra: @Amy Housewine you mean the same thing but with a snake and a donkey right?
 Amy Housewine: On other websites, there would already have been ten comments about eating ass by now.
 Zarathustra: Whybthe elephant gets happier in each picture?
 bug: @lecj07 Which is closer to being evolutionarily accurate...
 lecj07: If you read bottom to top it's about a dinosaur shedding it's skin to become an elephant and a snake.
Image 246305   05-07-18 1:54pm     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 Zarathustra: @DrinkMixMan that pun is fantastic.
 arcticfox12x: *you're
 E. HONDA: *the pink side of your mom
 DrinkMixMan: Did he do that song Jung Lust?
 Yurishiro: No, YOUR mom.
Image 245940   05-05-18 08:47am     Uploaded by    mrwiffler
 Not A Bot: This car has a bad motivator...
 itskando: Yass
 carpwoman: OK now this is funny.
Image 245687   05-03-18 7:37pm     Uploaded by    Bumbo Lungys
 Mr Bleak: But ... but ... it's not organic!
 jochenau: foodnetwork.jpg
 Felicity: Way to make it sound gross
 Mad Collager: You can't really call it a bun if the crust doesn't go all the way around.
 UltraBeverly: That's not brioche, foo
 Teechur: Pairs nicely with a mocha leche.
 Telkwa: Should've toasted it over an artisinal campfire.
 Bluetocracy: PBJ = Pure Bullshit Justification Your marketing is impeccable. You win!
 Not A Bot: I totally do that. Gotta get it just right!
Image 245117   04-30-18 08:47am     Uploaded by    Vanna
 Mr Bleak: @glenalec Not a big fan of green beans, peas, or broccoli. Prefer bacon.
 glenalec: Not a big fan of green beans. Prefer peas and broccoli.
Image 245086   04-30-18 02:31am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Whoompf: The pox
 sparename: Cheetacabras
 wolfpk: Trust me Chester; those rams won't suspect a thing.
 ping: Cross-species dressing.
 karmakat: now we know what cheetah do in their free time.
Image 244923   04-29-18 02:26am     Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 VeeKay: Now pee on each other
 Scoo: Now if there was only a virtual penis...
 DrinkMixMan: 2017 called, they want its... this back.
Image 244744   04-28-18 12:37pm     Uploaded by    Call Of Pooty
 Yurishiro: @Coolguy neither.
 Zaxxoff: That's not how you wear a wolf mask
 Shay: I'm gonna settle calling it a platypus and call it a night.
 Coolguy: @dobbiesdoogs well, this is ducking with me.
 jochenau: So do I hunt these in rabbit season or duck season? Both? Neither?
 dobbiesdoogs: this is fucking with me
Image 244733   04-27-18 11:03pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 Jaunty Shrimp: Servo likey
 Science: "Girl with a Pearl Onion Earring"
 Warrax: This was the wallpaper on all my devices for several months. My daughter thought it was weird, I told her not to talk that way about her sister.
 barfolomew: I get it, because it's a pearl onion.
 dangerkeith3000: The hero we all need.
Image 244328   04-25-18 2:03pm     Uploaded by    Scoo
 Yam: @Yam Oh, checked my account, posted it there two years ago. Time makes fools of us all
 Yam: Hahahha like Im not even joking, I made this in ms paint last year
 Yam: @Yam I m g ur
 Yam: What the fuck, I MADE THIS for ron paul
 jochenau: Silly Hillary.
 Beer 30: Haha, current political joke with a clever photo edit. I rad this.
 waynelord: Let's be fair, he's not even in her line of sight.
Image 244270   04-25-18 03:35am     Uploaded by    violentwrath
 dangerkeith3000: I feel sorry for everyone who has to deal with Trump on a daily basis.
 a robot: @Scoo The Sims call it "woohoo"
 WannaBee: @Scoo you put them in a pool and delete the ladders. Oh wait, that'll kill them. Close enough.
 fanny: @WTF hey! that's an insult to assholes!
 Scoo: How do you tell a Sim to go fuck themselves?
 Mad Collager: @funny in the wall In his case, they're hate handles. Just sayin'.
 funny in the wall: He can only eat through a straw for he was born with no human teeth or lips. What passes for lips were grafted from his love handles and he has limited control of them @WTF
 WTF: Is that asshole's mouth ever closed?
 ignatz: Funny caption for a change
Image 244202   04-24-18 6:54pm     Uploaded by    pawsies
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