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 jochenau's Aggro-Gator

 FabricMan: @DrNinjaman It's Becky
 well duh: Taylor who?
 DrNinjaman: I don't think that's Taylor Swift.
 Shay: @Skinr Or she's formulating another scheme to date another guy and break up with him to make him the bad guy.
 Bohab: @Skinr yeah, why do people think of that as a love story? It's about a 17 year old trying to fuck a 13 year old then 3 days later 5 people, including themselves, are dead
 Skinr: This image could also represent her trying to figure out why "Romeo and Juliet" isn't a good allusion for a happy, successful romantic story.
Image 267886   09-17-18 8:40pm   Views: 51242   Uploaded by    westerner
 Felicity: Gibt
 Not A Bot: This is the second renaissance styled picture with Guy in it, and I still approve
 WannaBee: They all floss down here.
Image 267860   09-17-18 5:54pm   Views: 50915   Uploaded by    east bay
 tib gubb: i think your view of human anatomy might need a review
 DrNinjaman: I love to sing-a / About the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a...
 Annoying Vegan : @Mr. Butt My dad used to drink Hamms beer when we were kids. He used to refer to it as his Preparation H. I think thats what you need? (The ointment, that is, not the beer) And to drink plenty of water if its related to constipation.
 Beeble: @Mr. Butt Just keep squeezing until the face pops out. The hands grow naturally from there.
 Mr. Butt: Somewhat related...Does anybody know what to do about a hemorrhoid? I've never had one before, and I'm not sure if should go to the doctor. It doesn't hurt, I just don't know if I will get worse without medical attention.
 jeffrey: I should have kept practicing everything. I'd be better by now
 Knice: Don't skip torso da-- um... buncha days.
 Scoo: Jazz hands!
Image 267415   09-14-18 10:03pm   Views: 134211   Uploaded by    fanny
 Scoo: I still can't beat level 7
Image 267299   09-14-18 08:40am   Views: 132601   Uploaded by    dope
 jochenau: Mmm, minty fresh beef lasagna with fluoride.
 Korrok: You win this round, Friendly Spaceship....
 sparenamelaptopdied: *Made with meat from cows with lovely t33th
 static xyz: It whitens as you chew!
Image 267351   09-14-18 3:03pm   Views: 132680   Uploaded by    Sydney
 qweenlaqueefa: i ducking love this
 dangerkeith3000: Rufio! Rufio! Ru-fi-oooooohhhhh!
Image 266835   09-11-18 11:37am     Uploaded by    Gazden
 Throwbot: If Moana keeps mowing in that direction, someone's gonna get "Mu-angled"
 Hyphae: Song List: True to Your Tulou Tagaloa, An Innocent Reflection, Where You Honor Us All, How Far I'll Reflect, We Know the Way (to) Make a Man out of You, You're Welcome Girl, Shiny Haircut, I am Mona- ATAK!!, And more...
Image 266679   09-10-18 12:21pm     Uploaded by    Soviette
 weirduncle: Woooooo @fanny
 barfolomew: Every day we drift further from God's light
 fanny: @jochenau I was watching two young bunnies, they needed to be cleaned out every day, ate a ton (expensive) and couldn't really be picked up without scratching you. they were kinda stinky and omg were constantly pooping and peeing.
 MrBoffo: Pug Life gone rural
 jochenau: @fanny I've been thinking on and off about getting rabbits someday, but maybe I should reconsider. What kind of problems did you have?
 fanny: I never knew i hated bunnies until i bunny sat this summer. what little shit machines.
 wolfpk: A bug
 Scoo: Pugs Bunny
 LurkedMoar: Punny
Image 265901   09-05-18 3:40pm     Uploaded by    froggyfresh
 UnknownSample: Wheeeere aaare youuu
 dangerkeith3000: @Jabberwikket Oh! The floating Troi episode!
 Jabberwikket: @dangerkeith3000 this pic is from Night Terrors, S4E17
 Side Boob: @dangerkeith3000 She was fucking around with Worf on the firing range in another episode. Related:…
 whaleshark: Maybe this is why Q is afraid of her
 dangerkeith3000: She only shoots a gun in one episode I think, but my the life of me I can't remember which one this is from.
 Dresdenkeogh: Ladadadadada laser whoopie Ladadadadada laser whoopie.
 Side Boob: Stop making fun of my hats! *pew pew*
 Bluetocracy: Just taking care of the rat infestation in the bar.
Image 265846   09-05-18 09:03am     Uploaded by    UnknownSample
 Warrax: dammit Q
 jochenau: Riker looks pretty okay there actually, maybe he could play Abe Lincoln in a movie or five.
 Air Biscuit: Tea earl grey not.
 dobbiesdoogs: abrapat frakecoln
 Peter Pantsless: O'Brien needs to stop showing up to work hung over
 a robot: holy fucking shit
 ignatz: Stek Trar
Image 265280   09-01-18 6:26pm     Uploaded by    windows96
 sparenamelaptopdied: How to have a Stag Do'n't
Image 265113   08-31-18 5:54pm     Uploaded by    Porm Munties
 norgu5: lolllll @Robespierre
 Robespierre: @Shay No kidding - they use cabers for toothpicks ... and that's just the women.
 Shay: SHIT, we're fucked if we go to war with Russia...
 Robespierre: (R) from Babushka Babes 2019 calendar, coming soon.
Image 264724   08-29-18 10:21am     Uploaded by    Extreme Locorito
 Off Topic: Skynet could have been prevented if captcha was invented earlier.
 Yam: Heh. That's pretty good!
Image 264599   08-28-18 2:47pm     Uploaded by    gutwheat
 Sadbot: Become as gods
 Air Biscuit: Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
 Knice: Annie is most definitely not okay.
Image 264504   08-27-18 10:03pm     Uploaded by    Mexico
 Butcherboy: Thank you for that. Good laughs@Teechur
 WannaBee: @Butcherboy no name is higher.
 Teechur: @Teechur…
 Annoying Vegan : We should probably review Daves credentials.
 Butcherboy: -Dave
 Teechur: I like the video versions of True Facts better.
 NoRagrets: I plan to live for 300 years if I dont die first.
 Shay: A Violent Balloon Covered in Feathers would make a good album title.
 Sadbot: Solidarity with my anger and knowledge-filled brothers and sisters.
 WannaBee: Ordinary Wizarding Level. They are exams for fifth years at Hogwarts.
Image 264317   08-26-18 7:26pm     Uploaded by    Nope
 MineMine: effing WPS
 wolfpk: "Get lost bitch!"
 Dresdenkeogh: Biych keeps whistling right in my ear
 fumbduck: That would piss me off too.
Image 264222   08-26-18 07:47am     Uploaded by    dragon horn
 Whatever: Seems accurate
 Robespierre: My wife works for the state. Too much sanity detected in this image.
 WannaBee: My state can only afford one grabber per person.
 Mexico: I work for my local government. Can confirm.
 trelyate: sooo... it's awesome?
Image 264122   08-25-18 3:40pm     Uploaded by    virtualman
 jochenau: Someone please do that to him irl.
 Mr. Butt: @Knice I do my best :D
 Knice: @Mr. Butt, you are a treasure.
Image 263920   08-24-18 10:47am     Uploaded by    Mr. Butt
 Mad Collager: @ I know, right? He could only be worse if he were smart.
 Scoo: Looks like some floofy early-19th century noble
 addend: Fake news.
 jochenau: Mere words cannot capture the horror.
 Yam: I prefer TRUCKERBERG!
Image 263870   08-23-18 11:36pm     Uploaded by    DOW
 FabricMan: Correct me if I'm wrong but is this a CHALLENGE?!
 ChubbyBuddy: Dee DeeI Get Out Of My Labor-A-ToryI
 Side Boob: Consummate Vs!
 tib gubb: BURNINATION
 White Rice: You cannot grab ye flask.
 Skinr: At this rate, I'll be a thousandaire! ...or at least a hundredaire.
 a robot: The 'S' is for 'sucks'
 Dr Awkward: Dead air, um, dead air.
 DrNinjaman: You could buy a lot of hot jones with that kind of scratch
 FormerLurker: Limozeeeeeen!
 tib gubb: i was raised by a cup of coffee.
 jochenau: Crn is no place for a mighty warrior!
 Mexico: I'm sad that I'm flying.
 some guy : Good jearb!
 BavidDowie: Should be fulla Steak-umms
 Yam: Man, if I had a nickel for every email I get, I would throw them at people in the food court. From that railing, like up above
 Knice: Valentimes is serious times.
Image 263539   08-21-18 10:44pm     Uploaded by    Lemon Rage
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