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 jazzjunkie's Aggro-Gator

Image FNG   03-30-17 08:03am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
Image FND   03-30-17 08:03am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 itskando: Dat follow up post
 enfanta: @sparename took me a minute. :)
 Scoo: Bee-rito
 Dr Awkward: @Shay Oh, yeah, totally just for bees [frantically escapes flower petal sleeping bag]
 Shay: For bees, this is the ultimate fetish.
 Mad Collager: Nom, nom, nom, nom...
 sparename: Bee bum, tsssss
Image 170373   03-29-17 7:54pm     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 Robespierre: Where can I find me a cock whisperer?
 Dr Awkward: If I did this with my rooster, he'd gouge my eyes out. Then at least I have an excuse to kill the ornery bastard.
 tokyopig: Where's my blue footed booby? I have an idea for a shirt!
 Bu7Z: @Mr. Butt as any lady with an evolved dinosaur perched on her shoulder should!
 Warrax: You laugh, but it's the best way to hunt worms.
 Bu7Z: The term cock whisperer is thrown around a lot these days, however...
 piranharama: Fly my pretty!
 Mr. Butt: Also, this lady looks cool as hell.
 Mr. Butt: @Knice Thanks for bumping an old upload above 300 points :D
 kinggheedra: If she's a hen whisperer, why is she so proficiently handling that rooster?
 Knice: Before things got weird. #61397
Image 170091   03-28-17 10:26am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 LKoroton: Mickey Mouse and his dog Pluto
 raditzu: Don't play with your food
 Prostata: ooo... you has a FLAVOR... doggo LIKE!
 LurkedMoar: Melm
 enfanta: A little amuse bouche before the Alpo...
 Amy Housewine: Dog: "GERMEH MUH TONN BAK." Rat: "no it's my tongue"
 whiplash: Mmm...tastes like garbage!
 Knice: Wow, that dog is beautiful!
Image 166911   03-11-17 11:47am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 jochenau: The rare Hippo-Headed Opera Frog.
 hearsegirl: poison arrow water horse....of course
 Spazstatic: All glory to the HippoToad!
 piranharama: Hippofrogamus?
 tib gubb: AAAAAA
 Dr Awkward: @Mr. Butt Hoppapotamus?
 Mr. Butt: @SomeCanadian Froggopotamus?
 SomeCanadian: ... frippo? A hippog? Either way it does me a frighten.
Image 165258   03-02-17 4:31pm     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 jazzjunkie: @BavidDowie Linsey Pollak is one of my faves! :-D
 BavidDowie: YouTube "carrot clarinet"
 Knice: @Lestrange Hey-yo!! *finger-guns* :-D
 Lestrange: @Lestrange Yeeeeaaaaaarrggggghhhh!!!
 Lestrange: @Knice You sure? You might get... A bit chilly!
 SomeCanadian: @Knice At first I thought this WAS you. But then neither of them are wearing corn hats, so I discarded the notion.
 Science: Those are some fruity motherfuckers, right there.
 Knice: No shit: I want one of those shirts.
Image 165234   03-02-17 2:09pm     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 Rat-Butt: Dune got tripy
 Beeble: Definitely from Naya.
 VoR: Thread worms if left untreated
 whiplash: Well there's your problem sir, you've got tapeworms.
 hearsegirl: "we are herbivores. No need to fear."
 Annoying Vegan : Natalie Dee cartoons are getting more realistic.
 Aemuli: These Q-Tip commercials are getting really weird.
 AgentView: "Hey kid, wanna see a dead body?"
Image 165195   03-02-17 09:09am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 Shay: Fallout 5 is coming along nicely.
 Jaunty Shrimp: How do you like my M.R.S.S? (Marshmallow Roasting Safety Suit)
 Warrax: Time to fight the clan invasion.
 illBilliam: "So this is going to protect me 100% from the radiation in the reactor core, right guys?"
 Micro Jackson: Kim Jong Nam could have used one of these
 a robot: Nice robot costume, dork
 Lestrange: Buoy, I say, buoy
 Knice: *waving wrench-arms* "PREPARE. YOUR. ANUS."
 Whatever: The early version of R2-D2 was immediately scrapped for good reason...
Image 164841   02-28-17 12:47pm     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 Peter Pantsless: @jazzjunkie It''s so beautiful *wipes away tear*
 Robespierre: A friend's cockatoo, CoCo (of course), had imitating the vacuum cleaner down pat - ultra-annoying.
 jazzjunkie: @Peter Pantsless Magnificent enough for you?
 Sandor: Nature abhors a vacuum
 fanny: and holy fuck that cabbage patch picture in the back should be a post of its own.
 fanny: no amount of vacuuming will get that stain out.
 Ulillillia: "Awwk, this sucks"
Image 164469   02-26-17 1:03pm     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 wolfpk: There is one in every group
 Dan Tagonistic: Intergalactic planetary
 Albatross: It's not the Stig... but it is the Stig's wacky communist cousin@sparename
 sparename: A new Red Stig?
 Aemuli: ...but not too much of one.
 Dresdenkeogh: Be an individual
Image 164076   02-24-17 10:31am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 jazzjunkie: Special care must be taken so your pups' claws don't rip the bottom of your tent or damage your oh-so-fancy sleeping bag...
 Teechur: @Niels Bohr Bella the Wonderdog is a 9# Yorkie-Poo. First small dog we've ever had. We're converts now.
 Niels Bohr: @Teechur I have a pibble mix that slept in my sleeping bag when he was a puppy. He's 80 lbs now but still thinks down in my sleeping bag is where he belongs.
 Annoying Vegan : 30/10 snuggly AF
 Hosebag: It was a three dog night.
 Teechur: My dog sleeps in my sleeping bag with me. Not fun when she was wearing a cone of shame.
 ignatz: Rad with a view
 Lestrange: So much love in this pic.
 Bu7Z: @a robot not everything, every time I get cuddlie with my partner the doggo wants to get involved...
 a robot: @Bu7Z Most things are!
 Bu7Z: Camping is so very improved with doggoes
 Knice: I want to be there.
Image 163891   02-23-17 11:09am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
Image ERK   02-23-17 10:49am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 VoR: It didn't say to take!
 WaffleIron: *opens zippo* sorry, it's me, not you
Image 163513   02-21-17 11:31am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 DoctorTwo: @bug So does the German version...but it's all one word.
 Micro Jackson: Now, get off my lawn!
 bug: The French version goes on for three more signs.
Image 163512   02-21-17 11:26am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 Micro Jackson: Hey, that's where I left that thing! Oh, tequila!
 Warrax: Think of the children!
 Urn BooUrn: Real roads have curves.
 Derp Herpigan: thanks, Barbara.
Image 163508   02-21-17 10:47am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 Warrax: Is that ever not true?
 VoR: Bad attention..
 SunWukong: Something something your mum something.
 Scoo: I can think of quite a few places like that
 Knice: Paging Peter. Will @Peter Pantsless please pick up the white courtesy phone?
Image 163505   02-21-17 10:26am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 jazzjunkie: @Ulillillia This dates back to about 1970 when Boeing laid off over sixty thousand people. Let's just say, it caused quite a stir.
 tib gubb: back when seattle was less weird
Image 163501   02-21-17 09:47am     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 Moe Burt: For a couple years, these guys were my closest friends.
 NonRhetorical: @Hosebag You got me
 Hosebag: Hey Butthead, this chick has 3 boobs! Uh, how many butts does she have?
 Hosebag: Huh huh, settle down, dumbass.
 SomeOtherCanadian: I never knew Beavis was so god damn terrifying in real life
Image 162999   02-18-17 4:31pm     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 M Fication: Beyonce tha Lion.
 Prostata: *DERP*
 AverageJoe: endogamy is not funny...
 yev: it's monday for me as well, kitty.
 RalphyNoPants: Such FLOOF!
 addend: "C'mon, put 'em up".
 Ulillillia: He still got fries on there.
 Mr. Shine: My, what an ugly lion.
Image 161895   02-12-17 9:47pm     Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
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